Saturday, November 26, 2011

Defence Secretary Highlights Threats to the Nation

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15:00 - 30:00 Eelam war 2005-2009, post war prospects and development
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Tactical Surrender

[Translated from my sinhala blog]

It happened during the height of war. War had extended its destruction beyond the best of imagination. Death was everywhere. The leaders responsible for the death were in hiding.

There is an expiry time for everything. No difference for hiding too. Victorious armies were surrounding the hideout. There was little to none hope of escape. Suddenly an enlightenment of "Peace" tingled the otherwise dogmatic minds of the leaders. It was a feeling that never rose until the death loomed over their heads - the very death they prescribed for many others.

Evading an inevitable death they came out. They thought of surrendering, which was their last option, in order for them to live for another day to lead the same war.

Victorious armies shot the leaders dead. They were unarmed.

"These deaths of leaders... Are they war crimes?"

We asked the elite panel of judges comprising USA, EU, Canada, Australia etc.

"Nop. These are fair killings. By all means these chaps are murderers. They have killed thousands. So it is fair. Therefore, we do not consider the killing of Gaddafi as a war crime"


We were confused.

"We're not talking about Gaddafi killing. We're talking about the killing of Tamil Tiger leadership, whom you allege to have come out to surrender, after sacrificing thousands, including kids in forced conscription, as cannon-fodder."

The communication channel went blank.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Poor little Eelam boy who found religion in the slammer

Former head of a well known LTTE front organization, the Tamil youth organization (TYO) in Toronto, Sathajhan Sarachandran has had a sudden jail house conversion recently, five years after he was caught red handed trying to buy IGLA 9K38 man-portable surface-to-air missile systems and 500 AK-47s for $900,000 from an FBI informant and sentenced to 26 years in prison. In a letter written from his jail cell in New York expressing remorse for his dastardly acts of trying to prolong the death and destruction in Sri Lanka, the terrorist says he was misled by many 'so-called Tamil community well-wishers' in Canada aka evil terrorist Diaspora. He goes on to say there was much hate injected into him during his time as the president of TYO. The fellow, after having apparently seen the light belatedly, is appealing to LTTE followers to "just sit down and think about how much hate they have within them and try to admit to the amount of hate they have with them". He is in fact begging them to think freely and not to get trapped in the extremist ideologies.

Anybody with an ounce of sense would have realized what he goes on to explain in great length instinctively, because, if you will pardon the pun, it is what is commonly referred to as common sense. This fellow might have had a genuine conversion or more likely is trying to play up to his parole officers to secure an early release. However, what is important to us patriots keeping an vigilant eye on the hate mongering terrorist Diaspora is the way terrorists seem to have these conversions only after having been swept up by the long arm of the law and having gotten their just deserts, be it this fellow, KP, or any number of repentant 'former' terrorists. I do not recall ever any terrorists in the midst of their blood thirsty rampages or providing material/political support to such dastardly acts of terror, suddenly coming to terms with common sense stated above and helping authorities to apprehend fellow travelers of death and destruction.

When we look around the landscape of LTTE evil-doers today, such as David Poopalapillai of the Canadian Tamil Congress piously claiming ignorance while preaching verbatim from LTTE field manuals, veritable hate factories like TYO churning out future terrorists at a rate while claiming to promote 'Tamil Cultre', former high flying terror financiers like Raj Rajaratnam pretending to be philanthropists, or political proxies of LTTE like TNA pretending to be working towards reconciliation while claiming Tamil homelands, all we see is covert plans to reach the goal that LTTE failed to achieve overtly. Ironically only people who may be trying reconcile with us are none other than rehabilitated LTTE members who carried guns on the ground, not the shadowy mafia capos, though our superb military intelligence is keeping an watchful eye on them following the 'trust, but verify' principle enunciated brilliantly by our Russian friends with the proverb "doveryai, no proveryai". We cannot afford the luxury of giving the benefit of the doubt to any member of the evil terrorist cabal because they will never stop hating and planning death destruction of Sri Lankan people, unless of course they are caught and sent to jail, because hate is ingrained into their DNA. The price we have to pay for our blessed peace is eternal vigilance.

I do not think any of us patriots need to be reminded how these terrorists came so close to dissolving the fabric of civilized society in our beloved Lanka, and how we were terrorized each and every day for past thirty years by these cruel terrorists. But will the next generation of Sri Lankans remember our awful ordeal and how we heroically, as a nation united, finally put down the many-headed terrorist Medusa on our sacred soil by giving no quarter to the evil-doers? We sure do hope so because nothing less than our survival as a great ancient civilization with a fantastic future will depend on it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tamil Tiger and Khalistan Terrorist Link is a Grave Threat to Both India and Lanka

Now it is open. Until recently Tamil Tigers managed to keep secret their very close link with Khalistan terrorists mainly the Khalistan Zindabad Font (KZF) - another banned terrorist group like the LTTE in USA and elsewhere - but not anymore. Today the two groups openly interact with one another, participate in protests of each other, join forces in their Diaspora camps, share terrorist links and synergies across the world and jointly breed hatred.

Khalistan movement is a violent campaign aimed at establishing a separate nation for a group of Sikhs who follow a particular teaching. Their fight is against the nation of India. As in the case with Tamil Tigers, it is not a race or ethnicity related issue but a political movement within a small percentage of people of a particular ethnic community. Like Tamil Tigers, support for the Khalistan movement is found mainly in the Diaspora today as most locals have rejected their separatist agenda.

The following details out the extent of similarities and therefore the avenues for synergies between the two groups. Diaspora Involvement In Insurgencies: Insights From The Khalistan And Tamil Eelam Movements by C Christine Fair, United States Institute of Peace, Washington, D.C., USA

Very strong coordination between Tamil nationalists and Khalistan nationalists in the past

Coordination is key to all terrorist activity. That is what differentiates a terrorist group from a band of robbers or serial killers. It also differentiates a terror group from a national army. All acts of a terror group are very well planned and coordinated. Timing is everything when it comes to coordination. Terror attacks are perfectly timed for maximum impact. Selecting targets to build upon a prevalent atmosphere of terror is the next strategy used by terrorists.

There is enough circumstantial evidence to indicate very strong coordination between armed Tamil nationalists and Khalistan nationalists. Khalistan nationalists are the pioneers and Tamil Tigers have been following them very closely building upon the channels to advance terror. In 1985 KZF blew up an Air India plane killing hundreds of civilians. It was one of few outright bombing of passenger airplanes without any hijack attempt. Tamil Tigers closely followed. In 1986 Tamil Tigers bombed an Air Lanka passenger craft just before take off. It is not about the closeness of the two events or the mere similarity of the two events but the coordination. Following the 1985 attack against the Air India plane, the Sri Lankan government was terrorised by Tamil Tigers of a similar attack which was eventually carried out in 1986. Tigers built upon an existing terror campaign targeting passenger planes.

KZF connected groups were involved in the killing of Indira Gandhi in 1984. LTTE copied it and killed her successor who happened to be her son, in 1991. President Premadasa killing was a copy of the 1984 attempt that used explosives instead of guns. Interestingly Rajiv Gandhi came to an agreement with Khalistan nationalists recognizing their traditional homeland claims just as he did with Tamil Tigers. In both cases those who were party to this agreement were killed by their respective terror groups. Another similarity was the Indian attempt to form new armed rebels sympathetic towards India. Tamil National Army (TNA) was a flop as both security forces and Tamil Tigers hunted them down. A similar thing occurred with the Khalistan movement when terrorists wiped out the parties to the agreement.

New ties between the two groups

It is no secret Tamil nationalists are disoriented today without their iconic leader whom they called Thalaivar. He managed the entire outfit through his trusted lieutenants. Secrecy was maintained at the highest order. But the current Tamil nationalist leadership has already blundered. In an unprecedented development Khalistan campaigners called upon the Indian government to release a Khalistani terrorist on death row along with three Tamil terrorists on death row.

Following this, the prominent Tamil nationalist mouthpiece – TamilNet – ascribed to this view which attracted attention of The Hindu.

TamilNet was quick to “clarify” the matter but in vain. By then it had already established the strong interrelationship the Khalistan campaign.

Recently the Indian police arrested three terror activists of the KZF in Tamil Nadu triggering fears of collusion which is now established beyond doubt. After the decimation of the LTTE, Tamil nationalists in the Diaspora not only followed the KZF Diaspora tactics but also joined forces with them. It is a very unlikely marriage but common misfortune has made strange bedfellows.

Following the recent New Delhi bombing, Indian security establishment stated the need to particularly investigate KZF and LTTE.

It is a step in the right direction. These two groups may reciprocally target each other’s enemies to avoid and mislead investigations. Sri Lankan authorities must be aware of this possibility.

India and Sri Lanka have divergent geopolitical interests as with all other countries. There are no two countries with identical geopolitical interests. Therefore, Sri Lanka and India should cooperate with destroying Tamil nationalists, Khalistan nationalists and Islamic fundamentalists as they pose grave national security threats to both nations.

These three instances are a few matters on which both countries agree one hundred percent.

Western interference must be perceived in the broader context of this triple terror threat facing the region. In other words, the region has more enemies than the west and not all enemies of the west are friends of the South Asian community. Western interferers manipulating the enemies of the region that cause no threat to the west is a strong possibility which should be kept under watch. Despite banning them, the west is not doing enough to cripple the LTTE and KZF for obvious reasons. They can be punished only through regional cooperation.

Only such a cooperative approach to common enemies work today. Noncooperation between nations is the best safetynet terrorists have. The strategic defence challenge is to identify specific partners for specific terrorist threats. After all, there are no long term friends or enemies in international relations; only strategic interests exist. These terror groups may attack Indian and Lankan interests overseas as well. Both countries should immediately clamp down on these triple terrorist groups and their inter-relationships.

Friday, September 2, 2011


Courtesy: Dream's End Blogspot

Having studied the techniques of the C I -A and related organizations, I am pleased to announce the following simple steps in overthrowing a democratically elected government.

1. Find some opposition...ANY opposition in the country. Your best bet is some rich members of a former oligarchy or former military. Begin giving them funds, and, start training some of them in case you need to move in the direction of military action. I understand there is a nice training facility in the Florida Everglades that is available as all the Haitian death-squadders who trained there are now busy destroying Haiti.

2. Come up with some reasons that the current government must go. The reasons could be true or not, that is irrelevant. A popular one to use would be economic issues, which goes well with number 4, below.

3. Buy and/or infiltrate significant media outlets. Use these outlets to whip up a broader backlash against the leaders.

4. Meanwhile, use overt and covert means to destabilize the economy. In Haiti, Bush simply held back 500 million dollars in aid already earmarked for that country. There are other ways to destabilize currency, including working with rich elites within the country who will be happy to help. A last resort would be an actual embargo of the country, though that's a tad obvious. Still, most Americans won't notice. We had economic sanctions on Iraq for over 12 years and yet when the second Gulf Massacre ended, news media were still talking about how Saddam had ruined the economy.

5. Infiltrate some unions. You'll need some protesters in the streets. You can pay protesters to come. That's fine.

6. Stage some opposition rallies. If possible, shoot some of the protesters and blame this on the government. This worked well in the first Chavez coup attempt. Obviously, do not tell the protesters of your intentions.

7. Ramp up the anti-government rhetoric from the media outlets you control. Be completely outrageous. Call for demonstrations. Slander government officials. Do whatever it takes. The goal is now not just to spread negative information about the government but to force a response, such as having one of your outlets shut down. Then, violation of free speech gets added to the list of grievances. You can then have some "moderates" come along and say, "Well, I wasn't really that sympathetic to the opposition, but when the government began shutting down opposition media, I realized (insert name of leader here) had to go." If you need to, pay some moderates to say this. Or some actors. This is primarily for U.S. consumption anyway.

8. Go to the CIA rolodex, and find out who the Agency controls in domestic media and get them to begin reporting on the opposition movement in ways that make it look legitimate. Be sure these media outlets blame all violence on the current government. The New York Times, FOX and CNN are good places to start. A good example of this in action is the case of Haiti. Despite the fact that the "opposition" are made of U.S. trained former Haitian military and death squads with horrible human rights records, they are called "rebels." Aristide supporters are called "armed thugs." This never fails. Don't worry that some other media will find out the truth and report it. Just make sure your headlines are bigger and get out first. Plant some stories called "The Truth about (insert name of leader here)" and make a lot of shit up. My favorite example was the "voodoo room" they found after they overthrew Noriega. It had "black magic paraphernalia AND drugs".

9. Don't actually kidnap the leader. He should be killed, as was Allende in Chile. Otherwise, they will talk. You see how much trouble Aristide was causing before they found the cell phone someone had slipped him. If it is a Caribbean or African state you are overthrowing, you might want to make sure Reps. Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel are out of the country while it's all going on.

10. Keep your own military involvement to a minimum. Some special forces in local dress is fine, but make sure there is alot of chaos before sending forces in overtly. Usually, the best approach is to wait until the leader is deposed and then send in "peacekeeping forces." Make sure you wait until the leader is actually deposed, though. It would be awfully embarrassing to be keeping the peace for the leader you are trying to get rid of.

11. Be sure to, at least at first, condemn the coup attempts, as Powell demonstrated in the opening weeks of the Haiti operation. You can switch sides later and no one will question you.

12. It can get messy, but know that, once it's accomplished, any talk that it was a U.S. orchestrated coup becomes a "conspiracy theory" and will be relegated to irrelevant blogs and leftist or conspiracy websites.
alt.conspiracy cannot hurt you.

Well, that's it. Simple. If you want to study how it works, read about Haiti and keep watching in Venezuela. Chavez is tough, but just about anything he can do from now on will simply "prove" how anti-democratic he is and how he "really brought the coup on himself".

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Factual Analysis


Monday, June 20, 2011

Channel Four Doctored Video Shows Tamil Terrorists Wearing the Uniforms of Captives Killing Captured SLA Soldiers

Posted on June 19th, 2011

Geoff  Wickrema

How many adults cry watching a sad or sentimental movie? After all, the movie is a commercial production of actors playing their part. It is not real. However, it can stir emotions in viewers. Gravity of emotions created by the Channel Four video is no yardstick to measure its authenticity. What Channel Four harps on is a video that has been doctored. Contrary to their claims that it was taken from a mobile phone, expert opinion has it that it was in fact recorded by a video camera. Did Sri Lanka defence forces use video cameras in the battle field? No. Who used them? Well, here is undeniable proof of a well established video recording operation in action by none other than the LTTE.

 Tamil Tigers regularly used camera crews to record their battles, execution of captives, terrorist attacks and violent propaganda events.

 The Channel Four video is about Tamil terrorists killing captured Sri Lanka army soldiers wearing the uniforms of captives. That is why the fairer victims (Sri Lankan soldiers) are naked. The darker shooters (Tamil Tigers) are wearing them! It is no secret Sinhalese are fairer than Tamils and conversely Tamils are darker than Sinhalese. Most Sri Lankan soldiers are Sinhalese and all LTTE cadres were Tamils. This fact goes perfectly well with the video. Most Tamil Tiger terrorists were children and young adults. In the video the shooters look younger than the victims. Army soldiers are a disciplined group of men with neat haircuts and proper attire. Victims in the video have neat haircuts. In wide contrast, the shooters have overgrown hair which is distinctive of LTTE cadres. Victims seem much older than the shooters with their fat bellies and heavy build.  It further proves the victims were in fact security forces members rather than LTTE cadres.

 LTTE terrorists killed scores of captured SLA soldiers and robbed their belongings from uniforms to boots. A careful look into the Channel Four video reveals the uniforms worn by the two shooters are too large for them! No disciplined army wears shaggy uniforms that loosely hang as shown in the clip. It is further proof of LTTE cadres wearing army uniforms that are too large for them. Following is a sensational case of a famous Tamil terrorist supporter wearing the Sri Lanka military uniform possibly robbed from a captured and executed army soldier.

 This is indisputable proof that LTTE was capable of robbing captured Sri Lanka soldiers’ uniforms and wearing them; and they actually did so. Misusing enemy uniforms is a war crime in itself. Under the Statute of the International Criminal Court, “making improper use … of the flag or of the military insignia and uniform of the enemy” constitutes a war crime in international armed conflicts when it results in death or serious personal injury. [ICC Statute, Article 8(2)(b)(vii) (ibid., 633] []

 LTTE cadres misused enemy (Sri Lanka army) uniforms and hence committed another war crime in addition to shooting the captives from whom they robbed the uniforms. Other terror groups have since copied it from the LTTE. An instance of Taliban fighters wearing US uniforms attaching a US military base in Afghanistan is found in the following link.

 Now hideous Tamil terrorists unashamedly use the very same video of them committing war crimes to implicate their victims of war crimes. Once they exploited their victims and killed them; now they use it to discredit their victims. Typical of terrorist groups!

 However, a large number of LTTE cadres perished in the war. Probably all the LTTE shooters in the video clip are no more or untraceable. As a result a meaningful investigation into the alleged war crimes committed by them is not possible.

Special thanks to K Samarakoon [ invaluable input. 


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Doublespeak of ICRC?

Credibility of ICRC officers who worked in Sri Lanka during the last phase of the war is highly dubious following their obvious doublespeak. The foregoing are examples and irrefutable proof of their manipulation of facts to suit the agenda of external interested parties who wish to see disintegration of the island nation.

ICRC sources claimed Sri Lankan troops shelled the PTK hospital during the final stages of the war. These sources claim according to the Sri Lanka Panel of Experts report page 25, that even the operating theatre was hit! These allegations are contained in ICRC Press Releases No.09/26 of February 1, 2009 and No. 09/29 February 4, 2009. In the latter press release ICRC officials have stated that, “We are shocked that a medical facility has against sustained direct hits”.

In addition ICRC also laments that the Sri Lankan government prevented them from evacuating people trapped in the No Fire Zone (NFZ). It has also complained that the Sri Lankan government, Basil Rajapakse in particular, refused to extend the three days allowed to ICRC to evacuate trapped civilians. Citing various reasons, the ICRC didn’t evacuate anyone during these three days and then demanded an extension! Obviously the ICRC was playing its part of LTTE cowards who wanted to extend the temporary truce as long as they could.

However, on February 14, 2009 the ICRC Geneva office sent the Sri Lanka Navy Commander a letter in which Head of Delegation of ICRC, Geneva, praises the noble role played by Sri Lankan security forces. Please read the copy of the letter in this article.

An excerpt of the letter is reproduced here.

In ICRC letterhead
Colombo 14 February, 2009
COL 09/485/PCA

Dear Sir,

Following the successful medical evacuations by sea that took place on 10 and 12 February, on behalf of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) I wish to express my sincere thanks to you and to the Navy for your valuable and effective collaboration, which helped to save many people’s lives.

I know that it was a complex operation, which proved to be extremely demanding for all. Your men, either at sea or on land, succeeded in an exemplary manner to carry out their essential task to protect the State and its citizens and simultaneously care for the sick and the wounded. They displayed a strict discipline and respect of rules of engagement and at the same time a very respectful and kind attitude to help those in need.

In that regard in addition to all others who contributed to this medical evacuation, we wish to express our special thanks to the Director General for Operations, at the Navy HQ, the Officiating Commander Eastern Navel Command, in Trincomalee, and to the Deputy Area Commander North, in Jaffna. They spent many sleepless hours coordinating the operation and played a crucial role to make it a success.
These days demonstrated that soldiering is a noble profession.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Castella
Head of Delegation

Adm. Wasantha Karannagoda
Navy Commander
Sri Lanka Navy Headquarters
Colombo 03
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Saturday, April 30, 2011

First hold the racists who voted for the Vadukodai Resolution in 1977 to account for crimes on 20 million people over 32 years, and then consider accountability for alleged wrongs to 40,000 in Vanni for six months

First hold the racists who voted for the Vadukodai Resolution in 1977 to account for crimes on 20 million people over 32 years, and then consider accountability for alleged wrongs to 40,000 in Vanni for six months!

(Photo courtesy:

Accountability is a two way process. All the parties that have wronged must be held to account. The Tamil separatist campaign that started in early 20th century before independence failed to achieve its objectives through democracy, through satyagrahas, external interventions and by cunning illegal pacts with the nation’s rulers. Having failed all these, Tamil Elamists turned to violence in the 1970s.

On May 14, 1976 the Vadukoddai Resolution was passed by the collective of all Tamil race-based political parties. It openly called Tamil youth to “fight for Tamil Elam”; and that’s exactly what they did. At the 1977 general election, Tamil voters in the north and the east overwhelmingly approved the Vadukoddai Resolution.

The fight that started in 1976 ended in 2009 in Mulaitivu with the total decimation of the armed Tamil Elamists. For 32 years since the Tamil voters of the north and the east approved the Vadukoddai Resolution, there was a ruthless war in Sri Lanka that affected its entire population adversely. Scores were killed, displaced, terrorised, trillions of rupees worth property destroyed, the economy was destroyed without letting it flourish following the introduction of the open economy, the nation’s democractically elected leaders were killed and other horrendous crimes were committed on the entire population. All because of the Vadukoddai Resolution for which the LTTE and many other Tamil armed groups fought hard.

Had there not been the Vadukoddai Resolution, there would not have been an armed separatist campaign. The separatist campaign would have been peaceful. All those who engineered and voted for the Vadukoddai resolution must account for the crimes committed in its name on the entire population of the island by Tamil armed groups. They must accept their culpability, account for the crimes committed in the name of achieving the objects of the Vadukoddai Resolution and those directly involved must undergo a rehabilitation process.

That should be the start of the accountability process. There is nothing called selective accountability.

Unless and until that happens, no one has the moral right to demand Sri Lanka to initiate an accountability process into the alleged deaths of a mere 40,000 people in the last stage of the war.

Over 20 million people, which is more than 500 times of 40,000 alleged Tamil deaths in the last stage of the war, suffered not for a few weeks but for 32 long years. Surely it is a bigger accountability issue. It must be addressed first. If the engineers of the warmongering Vadukoddai Resolution and the voters who overwhelmingly approved it are not willing to accept their culpability and account for their crimes for 32 years on the entire population of the country, Sri Lanka should not allow any accountability process on matters alleged on Sri Lanka. It is time the leaders of the nation stood up to external pressures and stated this in no uncertain terms.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

(UN-Unauthorized) "Panel Report" By Three Stooges Of Ban-Ki-Moon

(UN-Unauthorized) "Panel Report" By Three Stooges Of Ban-Ki-Moon

Malin Abeyatunge

The irony of the report is that the Panel found credible allegations that comprise five core categories of potential serious violations committed by the Government of Sri Lanka: (i) killing of civilians through widespread shelling; (ii) shelling of hospitals and humanitarian objects; (iii) denial of humanitarian assistance; (iv) human rights violations suffered by victims and survivors of the conflict, including both IDPs and suspected LTTE cadre; and (v) human rights violations outside the conflict zone, including against the media and other critics of the Government.

by Malin Abeyatunge

(April 18, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian)The three stooges have completed the report against Sri Lanka and handed over to UN Secretary General (UNSG) Ban-Ki-Moon. The Executive summary of the advisory panel appeared in the print media which gives various allegations against the Sri Lanka Government. Firstly, this is a panel arbitrarily appointed by current UNSG without the approval of the UN Security Council or UN Human Rights Council. Hence it will have no legal binding on Sri Lanka but yet a worry of having a completely flawed report of this nature on record staining country’s good image. Secondly, the report is compiled with hearsay, bits and pieces of unsubstantiated biased information gathered from so called human rights organization like HRW, AI, ICG, LTTE websites like TamilNet, Chanel 4 etc. Adding insult to injury the credibility of the panel members namely former AG of Indonesia Marzuki Darusman, South African Human Rights Lawyer Yasmin Sooka and an American Lawyer Steven Ratner is in doubt as they have vested interests in their own field working with their own agenda. I do not want to reiterate the fact as who they are, what their background, who funds them and their ideologies as they are very well known to the world.

Even before the report is out, it was a forgone conclusion that it’s going to be flawed and biased and against Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Government immediate response was that the report is flawed and biased. All Sri Lankans irrespective of party politics will stand by the Government’s response. The ultimate goal of the western world is to see that this small country is broken into ethnic enclaves and destabilize the Indian Region and also to propagate Christian hegemony. They were successful in Yugoslavia, East Timor, Sudan and in the past India and Korea. To achieve a division of the country, they are ready to sleep with the remnant devils of LTTE which is rampant in the western world. LTTE terrorists out fit was nurtured and fondled by the western countries, various UN Agencies, INGOs like HRW, AI, ICG and continue to do so and this report is another result of one of those subtle schemes to divide Sri Lanka instead of promoting reconciliation between the Sinhalese and the Tamils.

The irony of the report is that the Panel found credible allegations that comprise five core categories of potential serious violations committed by the Government of Sri Lanka: (i) killing of civilians through widespread shelling; (ii) shelling of hospitals and humanitarian objects; (iii) denial of humanitarian assistance; (iv) human rights violations suffered by victims and survivors of the conflict, including both IDPs and suspected LTTE cadre; and (v) human rights violations outside the conflict zone, including against the media and other critics of the Government.

The Panel’s determination of credible allegations against the LTTE associated with the final stages of the war reveal six core categories of potential serious violations: Ii) using civilians as a human buffer; (ii) killing civilians attempting to flee LTTE control; (iii) using military equipment in the proximity of civilians; (iv) forced recruitment of children; (v) forced labour; and (vi) killing of civilians through suicide attacks.

Now, will the panel be able to tell us how they are going to bring charges against the LTTE to face the allegations they have made. Is it Rudrakumaran who is running a non-recognized TGTE (USA), or Emannauel Pillai of the Global Tamil Forum (UK) or the head of the Tamil Forum in UK, Australian Tamil Congress or LTTE leaders in Norway, France, Switzerland ? The six core categories of allegations (conveniently evaded to include massacre of villagers, ethnic cleansing, bombing of religiously sacred temples, mosques, kovils, assassinations of Sinhalese and Tamil political leaders, destruction of public buildings and transport) against LTTE shown in the report is just an eye wash to show the world that the Panel is unbiased knowing very well that the top LTTE terrorists who were creating mayhem are now dead and gone and cannot lay any charges on them. The panel is trying to fool whom?

The Panel has alleged Sri Lanka on 5 core categories. Let us examine one by one.
  • Killing of civilians through widespread shelling; This is a completely unsubstantiated statement. I have read these type of unsubstantiated statements in various reports submitted by HRW, AI , ICG, UNICEF and in the Tamil Net Websites and also Channel 4. The Sri Lankan Army was and is a very disciplined army and instructions from the high ups were to strictly maintain zero causalities in their war operations not only during the last stages of war but since the inception of the fight against LTTE terrorists. I would like to reiterate the fact that the Sri Lankan forces defeated LTTE and captured Eastern province from LTTE without a single civilian death. The report appears to be hesitant to mention about it. “Killing civilians of widespread shelling’ is a very vague statement that cannot be quantified and shouldn’t have come from a so called expert Panel. Let me remind an incident that when Sencholai women tiger training centre was precisely identified and was bombed by SL Air Force, various NGOs and LTTE came with lots of theories like it was a school, it was a training camp for students , it was an orphanage and so on. When Sencholai training camp was bombed, without any proper investigations, UNICEF head ms Joanna Van Gerpen (at that time) immediately came with a media release saying that Sri Lanka Air Force has bombed an orphanage/ two day training camp for girls; First Aid camp (all these were as interpreted by LTTE and Tamil Net) and many more likely names. It was learnt that the person who was sent to investigate was Penny Bourne intimately called by LTTE as Penny amma for LTTE who was a staunch supporter of LTTE. However, LTTE did not make a big ha ho or challenged the SL Government which implies admission of the fact that it was actually a training camp for LTTE women fighters and not an orphanage or first Aid Training camp. Like USA lead NATO, Sri- Lanka never used DRONES and killed thousands of Afghan civilians in wedding houses, festivities and schools etc. If Sri Lanka had used Drones, she would have finished the defeat of LTTE terrorist outfit much more earlier.

  • Shelling of hospitals and humanitarian objects; Has the panel named the hospitals and humanitarian objects? What is meant by humanitarian objects? The doctors who gave statements to the world print and electronic media that the hospitals were shelled by Government forces later admitted that they were forced under duress by LTTE to lie so. Sri Lanka has recorded statements of the interviews had with these doctors made voluntarily. The panel should have called for proof of these or could have obtained through cyberspace as it is in the public domain. Has panel got the details of those hospitals the Govt forces have alleged to have shelled, the number of patients, staff and the doctors on that day, how many were killed, how many LTTE terrorists have been receiving free treatment in these hospitals etc? Where are the data?
  • Denial of humanitarian assistance; THIS IS A JOKE. Sri Lankan Government was the only government in the world who has been feeding the Enemy (LTTE) both in the East and the North. The civilians in the East and north were never deprived of their food, free health, free education and other basic requirements. Unfortunately, LTTE robbed the food, medicine and other materials meant for the civilians to up keep their terrorist fighting cadres. Kids couldn’t attend school as LTTE conscripted even 10 year old kids for LTTE’s child Brigade. There were LTTE fighters who were receiving even Government pension. There were teachers who were receiving Govt salaries but working for the terrorists. The Stupid Panel found that there was denial of humanitarian assistance?. In fact all those food medicines and other basic requirements that were transported to the North and East by ships and road transport for the use of the civilians were robbed by the LTTE to up keep their terrorists alive. So who actually denied humanitarian assistance? It’s LTTE.
  • Human rights violations suffered by victims and survivors of the conflict, including both IDPs and suspected LTTE cadre; Sri Lanka did the biggest humanitarian operation receiving 300,000 civilians in a week fleeing from the clutches of LTTE to avoid being used as human shields but resettled almost 90 % within an year. In respect of the suspected LTTE cadre, do the panel want the government to sing lullaby to them who have been at some stage responsible for the thousands of atrocities committed by the LTTE on civilians. The latest data from the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs shows how effective we were in handling the IDPs. In fact, suffice to mention here that New Orleans IDPS caused by the Hurricane Catherine are still there as IDPS even after almost 5 years of the tragedy happened. Panel should have worded rightly it as “human rights violations suffered by the victims and survivors at the hands of the LTTE atrocities on innocent civilians”.
  • Human rights violations outside the conflict zone, including against the media and other critics of the Government. Some of the so called disappeared media and the critics sprung up in affluent countries like Norway, Sweden Switzerland, UK etc. enjoying a good life. How do you account for that? There are financial fraudsters who are missing but living happily in the western world with the money they have plundered. Disappearance of people not only confined to Sri Lanka it’s happening every part of the world. Murders, kidnaps, extortions not happening only in Sri Lanka, it’s happening in every country of the world. So no big deal.

Let me sum up and say that Sri Lanka should treat this report made by three stooges of Fun-Ki-Moon a load of crap and throw it to the bin.

And also, Mr. Ban-ki-Moon, the UN donor countries may wish to know how much of dollars spent on this project and paid to the panel members to come out with this crap.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Allow Maldivians to Settle in Sri Lanka If Rising Sea Levels Threaten the Atoll

When Australia offered refuge to Maldivians threatened by rising sea levels, some thought the Australians were very generous. They either didn’t know or didn’t want to know that the last thing Australia would do is to provide refuge to hundreds of thousands of people in their time of need! Australia has not done this even to closer neighbours. For instance, people who live in and around French Polynesia during French nuclear experiments, East Timor during the war, PNG during the war and a host of other islanders could have been shown the same kindness Australia is prepared to extend to Maldives even before the event! This strange “generosity” from a very unlikely nation must be looked at with suspicion. They would certainly not do it for humanitarian concerns. The sinister plan behind this is cruel than white colonization of Australia which completely subjugated real Australians.

Maldives, the Sixtieth Largest Nation!  
Maldives is a larger nation than Italy, Malaysia, Ukraine or Thailand. Although this may sound puzzling, it is true. In today’s terms, a nation’s Exclusive Economic Zone gets added to its landmass for all economic, political and military concerns. With close to 925,000 square kilometres, Maldives is no longer a small nation.

Without taking into account the strategic importance of the region, such a vast sea area is immensely valuable. It has tremendous fisheries, mining, tourism and other economic resource potential. This area is unexplored which means its true potential would be many times more.

Maldives has tremendous strategic and geopolitical significance.

Tremendous Geopolitical Significance
Maldives rests between four very powerful regional power blocks and three global superpowers. USA and UK maintain a mammoth military establishment in the Diego Garcia Island that is forcibly occupied by these nations by evicting the natives. Diego Garcia has been a formidable and very safe platform for NATO military onslaughts on Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and possibly Iran in future. The entire Middle East region comes under the direct and unhindered US strategic reach through Diego Garcia. Maldives with its Exclusive Economic Zone is the largest national boundary closer to it. For commercial reasons China is looking to safeguard its shipping routes in the region while India is projecting its military strength in the region as far as Madagascar by having listening stations.

Complexities will arise in defence matters if western powers creep into this peaceful region. All this will add a new hostile neighbour who cares nothing about well developed Asian values with civilisations spanning over 2,500 years. Further, given Australia’s power projection towards East Timor, Solomon Islands, PNG and Fiji, it will certainly try to interfere in political and defence affairs of neighbouring nations. Australia’s highly interfering friends don’t make it any better either, to say the least. For instance, during the final phase of the war, foreign ministers of a number of western nations including Australia requested Sri Lanka to halt the offensive allowing terrorism to survive. There was talk of a naval operation aimed at forcing a truce. However, it didn’t take place. Had there been a permanent navel presence in the region, these interfering nations would certainly have attempted it.

In short, western interferers will have a new cat’s paw in the South Asian region with a permanent physical navy presence. From a strategic point of view, it will be an extension of the Diego Garcia military base occupied by the Americans just south of Maldivian territory.

 This is what the Australians are after! Having allowed residence to Maldivians in some remote godforsaken place in Australia, the entire Maldivian territory falls within Australian control. It is impossible for the Maldivians settled in some part of Australia to use their former territory. Australians and hence the Americans would have complete control of this vast territory. Using ships, submarines, underwater and above water structures, they would be able to essentially extend the Diego Garcia military power further into the Indian Ocean. This power would extend to India, Sri Lanka and the entire region where some analysts make out a geopolitical competition named the New Great Game.
Now we have two new great games in the region!

 Western strategic interests in the Indian Ocean region received a boost recently as the Exmouth top secret US navy and space facility in Australia was upgraded. Exmouth is located in the western most part of Australia. This is another strategic location for western powers to dominate the Indian Ocean.

What Can the Maldivians Expect in Australia?
Nothing better than what the aboriginals already have! Their culture and religion will not only be neglected, but also will be frowned upon. There will be absolutely no room to practice, use and nurture their unique language (Divehi) and culture. Their religious festivals will not have any government recognition let alone a single public holiday. For the record, Australia does not recognize any Hindu, Islam or Buddhist religious festival with public holidays.

 Anti-Islamic activities in Iraq, Afghanistan and even within Australia which include unclothing Muslim women in courthouses and sometimes even in public, racism and counter racism allegations against them and continued police surveillance of Islamic places of worship will be something novel for Maldivians, to say the least.

What Can Maldivians Expect in Sri Lanka?
In contrast Maldivians already consider Sri Lanka their second home! Tens of thousands of rich Maldivians study, work and live in Sri Lanka. There is debate over global warming and its implications. If at all sea level is to rise, Sri Lanka must offer all Maldivians the right to settle in the island. No other nation can protect the Maldivian language, culture and tradition than Sri Lanka. In fact the closest language to Sinhala anywhere in the world is Divehi. All Maldivian religious events are already recognised in Sri Lanka. Even the Maldivian national anthem has Sri Lankan input.

 If Sri Lanka comes forward to help the Maldivians it would not be to rob their economic resources but to continue with a millennia old strong relationship.

Maldivians in Sri Lanka would be able to visit, use and even patrol their territory due to the very close proximity.

How Can Sri Lanka with Own Population Problems Accommodate More?
One big argument is how can Sri Lanka accommodate hundreds of thousands more when there are own population density related problems. If sea level is to rise, it will shrink Sri Lankan landmass as well. The answer is rather simple. If continued illegal immigration from South India which brings nothing but problems, can be arrested, accommodating own relatives would not be difficult at all. Between Tamil Nadu and the Maldives, Sri Lankans are much closer to the latter than the former. Maldivian rulers treat Sri Lankan counterparts with respect, not with rowdy receptions. Sri Lankans don’t get assaulted in various ways in the Maldives as it happens in Tamil Nadu regularly. Territorial disputes are swiftly and amicably settled between the two friendly peoples unlike in the case with Tamil Nadu. On top of it, today’s Tamil Nadu illegal migrants add no economic worth to the nation. If these illegal migrants can be stopped, there is still plenty of room for worthy and legal migrants. The total Maldivian population is about 2% of Sri Lanka’s population.

Why the North?
The north with many islands, shallow seas and large fishing fields provides ideal conditions for Maldivians. They don’t have to change their life style at all. At the moment large fisheries resources in the north are plundered by illegal Tamil Nadu poachers. There is plenty to go around and no one loses anything. The north has an excellent infrastructure of schools, hospitals, banks, telecom facilities than most districts in the country.

Following the large mass migration out of the north internally and externally, a vast swath of land has become vacant. At the moment the Tamil Diaspora members invite and allow illegal Tamil Nadu migrants to live (not own) in their houses for free. A practice that only adds problems. These vacant lands can be better utilized. Divehi language based administration can be regionalised to ensure this unique language and culture which is the twin of the main Sri Lankan language and culture is protected. It is close to travel to their former Maldivian territory too.

 Settling Maldivians in the mono ethnic Tamil only north will be a valuable deterrent against racist separatist agendas of Tamil Elamists. Maldivian majority areas may be turned to semi-autonomous region following a model similar to Hong Kong. Tamil Elamists in Sri Lanka and other separatists shouldn’t have this privilege because they claim territory already owned by Sri Lanka without adding any!

 The huge sea stretch owned by the Maldives will be highly valuable for all Sri Lankans while special privileges must be assured for Sri Lankans of Maldivian origin. With the development of shipping and trading activities in the region, the sea stretch currently owned by the Maldives will become invaluable. Absence of foreign interference and hostile military presence will be an added benefit.

 Old fashioned thinking, complacency and racial homelands are not the way for the future. Sri Lanka must assert its friendly influence in the region not to exploit what belongs to others, but to share what little Sri Lanka has with closest relatives, not illegal immigrants, separatists, interfering agents, war mongers and terrorists.

 Considering all these factors, Sri Lankan government must seriously consider providing refuge to Maldivians in case rising sea levels threaten their island nation. Things should not be left to chance as it will leave Sri Lanka to unofficially put up with the Maldivians without any reciprocal benefit while Australia benefits from the economic resources of the atoll!

In doing so Sri Lanka is not only securing its own interests but also the security of its neighbourhood. Such a move would frustrate western elements desperately seeking to have a foothold in the Asian region. As a by-product it will enhance Sri Lanka’s strategic and geopolitical clout which can be leveraged for the betterment of the nation and its interests. Two developing nations can defend their existence from mighty challenges by working together.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mannar Bishop Playing his part of a Geopolitical Plan to Dominate the Strategic Mannar Region

Mannar is Trincomalee in the western coast! Such is its strategic significance. After decades of very strong LTTE influence and control of some parts of the region, security forces cleared the entire area and the coastline. However, in doing so they disturbed a geopolitical master plan of outsiders colluding with willing locals. In a disturbing development, Mannar Bishop Rayappu Joseph has once again displayed his naked Tamil racism. Various theories have been suggested as plaster solutions. None of these can resolve the underlying problems. Sadly most observers only see the superficial problem and miss the real problems underneath. Blaming the entire Church for his actions is not justified but Church’s inaction will only worsen its problems. What are the real reasons for the conduct of the Mannar Bishop?

Mannar is strategically important to both Sri Lanka and India. It is the closest place to India. The proposed Sethu Canal would run across the Mannar Sea. Mannar Island would be the closest land area to the Sethu Canal! Given its commercial and defence importance to India, it gets plenty of attention. And that means interested parties trying to maintain a pro-Indian or Indian subjugated presence around Mannar. At the same time it means anti-Indian elements also trying to have their presence to use it as a bargaining tool.

Being the closest place to India makes it a prime location for illegal immigrants from Tamil Nadu. With the nation falling into British hands, it completely lost control of its boundaries. Tamil Nadu illegal immigrants arrived by boat to Mannar. Train tickets were issues in Madras to any railway station in Ceylon. This was the gravity of the illegal immigration problem. Fishing and pearl fishing were other reasons Tamil Nadu illegal immigrants were attracted to Mannar.  

While Sri Lanka army and navy do a good job in deterring illegal immigrants, a lot needs to be done to overcome this threat. Prosecution of all illegal immigrants is a must to stop them. During the war LTTE extensively used the western coast around Mannar to transport weapons. There were a number of large LTTE bases including Sea Tiger bases in this region. These bases were so effectively fortified that even security forces backed by air power were bogged down for long periods of time to take them. A good example is Adampan. LTTE’s plan was to control the Mannar district coastline which is of huge strategic importance. Whatever the external plan to dominate Mannar, some Tamil Elamists are big time fans of this plan.

Knowing the significance of the north-western coast very well, USA set up a VOA transmit centre in the early 1990s in Iranawila ( Due to war and associated violence, they could not set it up anywhere further north than that. Interestingly the Mannar region completely fell into the control of Tigers in 1991 including the Mannar “rice bowl”.

Mannar has oil fields that are currently being explored. Given the huge economic and strategic importance of these oil fields, many more external forces will soon start interfering in the region. Further economic resources include large fishing resources and other oceanic resources. Kachchativu Island lies between the Mannar island and India. Its ownership and use have been in dispute and the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister has repeatedly vowed to take it back. He sure has agents on this side of the Palk Strait.

When the Mannar Tamil Catholic Bishop Rayappu Joseph starts acting up, it is due to these reasons, not due to his Tamil racist views alone. He has a twin challenge. Mannar is the only Christian majority district in the country. And today it is virtually Tamil only. Retaining these two characteristics is the challenge faced by a number of anti-Sri Lankan elements including the Mannar Catholic bishop.

The defence establishment must identify this link, the threat and put in place foolproof mechanisms to frustrate this external-internal collaboration to rob the island nation its valuable resources.

Mannar was a Sinhala majority area and subsequently turned to a Tamil majority area due to illegal migration from Tamil Nadu. Mannarama (Mannar) District had over 8% Sinhalese in 1981 but it fell to zero thereafter. War and hostilities by Tamil racist politicians who always managed to win in Mannar of Vanni district resulted in this disaster.

Prince Vijaya and his associates landed in the island in 543BC at a location close to Mannar. There he met a Yaksha princess by the name Kuveni. Subsequent rulers ensured Mannar is under their complete control. For instance King Dutugemunu’s forces ambushed and decimated an army of 60,000 from Tamil Nadu in Mannar following the defeat of Elara.

Even the Madhu Catholic Shrine was built there following the Sinhala king from Kandy – Wimaladharmasuriya – 1 granting permission. He considered the plight of northern Catholics as the Dutch persecuted them. Area under the modern Mannar District excluding the island was under the Kandyan Kingdom until 1815. However, this act of unparalleled kindness has been exploited by the likes of Rayappu Joseph who know nothing about history and refuses to acknowledge historical facts.

Ethnic composition of the region must be changed by a sustained process of colonization supported by security forces and state sponsorship. Only such a move can bring lasting peace and pro-Sri Lankan geopolitical control of the region. Sadly both Trincomalee and Mannar areas are politically dominated by pro-Tamil Elamist, anti-Sri Lankan political groups with very strong links with Tamil Nadu and the Tamil Diaspora. These are telltale signs of an impending disaster. What comes of Rayappu Joseph’s loose lips must be interpreted in this context.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

We are seeing a revival of LTTE in TamilNadu/South India and just like in the 1980’s India is playing the Deaf & Dumb game!

SLDF: Be vigilant and terminate any LTTE appearance, even a mere semblance, on our sacred SL soil with Extreme Prejudice and Pronto! 


LTTE’ camps in TN: PM’s statement based on Indian media reports

Responding to India’s contradiction of a statement attributed to Prime Minister D. M. Jayaratne, that the LTTE had an ongoing weapons training programme in Tamil Nadu, a senior government official told The Island on the condition of anonymity, that the Premier Jayaratne had gone by what was reported in the Indian media.

Premier Jayaratne had based his statement on Indian media reports dated Feb. 13, 2011 reproduced by local press the official said

The Indian High Commission in Colombo yesterday quoted Indian External Affairs Ministry spokesman Shri Vishnu Prakash as saying, "We have seen reports from Sri Lanka referring to the Sri Lankan Prime Minister’s statement alluding to the presence of LTTE training camps in Tamil Nadu. We categorically deny the existence of any such camps. The Government of Sri Lanka had also not taken up this issue with us. Such a reference is indeed unfortunate and we urge the Government of Sri Lanka to desist from reacting to speculative and uncorroborated reports."

A senior Sri Lankan Defence official told The Island that there hadn’t been specific information with regard to LTTE rump operating training facilities in Tamil Nadu, though Sri Lankan Intelligence Services continue to keep an eye on LTTE operations overseas.He said that the Indian press on Feb. 13 had carried a series of reports on LTTE operations in Tamil Nadu. The Hindu in its online edition on Feb. 13 said in a news item captioned ‘LTTE plans to target VVIPs during Assembly elections’ that the Central intelligence agencies had communicated specific inputs to the Tamil Nadu police that suspected LTTE cadre had conspired to carry out attacks on VVIPs during forthcoming Assembly elections."

The report quoted highly placed intelligence officers as having told The Hindu on Saturday (Feb. 12) that the Ministry of Home Affairs had sent alert messages that some LTTE cadres had arrived in Tamil Nadu and were engaged in a training programme at an "unknown location." They were in the process of procuring weapons and explosive substances to execute their plan.

"We received a few alert messages from Central intelligence agencies during the World Classical Tamil Conference held at Coimbatore and the visit of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to Chennai recently. Elaborate security arrangements were made and both events went incident-free. We intercepted a couple of clandestine boat operators who organized transport of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees to Australia," a senior police officer said.

Some probable targets of the LTTE, as perceived by the Central intelligence agencies, were the Prime Minister, National Security Advisor and the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, among others, The Hindu quoted sources as saying.

MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs) reports also indicated that the alleged LTTE training and process of procuring weapons was to have been completed by December 20 last year.

The LTTE hasn’t been able to launch military training programme here or abroad. Some ex-LTTE cadres who were once involved in fighting during Eelam war IV are currently living in Tamil Nadu.

Days after India denies and tries to denigrate our PM (India's rhetoric which the unpatriotic Opposition – UNP and JVP - picks up and swallows hook line and sinker), the following appears in the mainstream Indian media!

Kerala tightens vigil on T.N. border to curb LTTE activities

Special Correspondent, Hindu

KATTAPPANA (KERALA), March 11, 2011
The Intelligence Bureau is keeping a vigil on the movement of suspected persons in the border areas of Tamil Nadu after it received inputs that members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam had reportedly tried to set up camps in the forest areas near Idukki district.
Highly placed sources said there were chances of setting up such camps in the forest areas and adjoining villages as it would give them cover, adding Sri Lankan Tamils could be easily identified in Tamil Nadu by their dialect. 
The chances of using airports in Kerala for transit were monitored after Sri Lanka clamped down on the group's activities. The sources said the airports could be used by certain overseas sponsors of the group to keep channels of communication open. 
Idukki's forest areas bordering Tamil Nadu in the Periyar Tiger Reserve (PTR) could be used by the cadres to regroup. It is estimated that about 1,000 Sri Lankan Tamils live in Pachakkanam Gavi inside the PTR where they had been repatriated as part of a rehabilitation pact signed by the then Sri Lankan Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike and her Indian counterpart Jawaharlal Nehru. They work in the cardamom plantations of the Kerala Forest Development Corporation Ltd. 
Intelligence sources said a large number of repatriates had migrated to Tamil Nadu and there was a remote chance of communication between them and members of the LTTE.

Clearly the Indians are playing their internal politics and do not gave damn about SL.  Therefore, time to be vigilant GOSL and SLDF!  Time for ruthless "nip-in-the-bud" measures otherwise we will be facing another 30 years of HORRIFIC TAMIL RACIST TERRORISM!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LTTE massacre of 600 policemen Not even inter-departmental inquiry

As the surviving Holocaust Jews said:

We too say NEVER AGAIN! 

GOSL: You Have the Sacred Duty to LIQUIDATE Tamil Separatist Violence at the FIRST SIGN the Next Time!


LTTE massacre of 600 policemen Not even inter-departmental inquiry

Fearing the wrath of then President Ranasinghe Premadasa, the police never initiated at least an inter-departmental inquiry into the circumstances under which the LTTE had executed over 600 police officers and men at the onset of the Eelam War II in June 1990, the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission was told on Monday Jan 24, 2011.

The police top brass had been too scared to probe the massacre of those who had surrendered at the behest of President Premadasa, retired SSP Tassy Seneviratne said. The veteran cop was responding to a query by LLRC member former Foreign Secretary H. M. G. S. Palihakkara during Monday’s sessions.
Seneviratne retired in 1995, the year the Eelam War III erupted with the sinking of two Fast Gunboats anchored at Trincomalee.

Identifying the then Foreign Minister A. C. S. Hameed as a key player in President Premadasa’s negotiating team, Seneviratne asserted that IGP Ernest Perera had had no alternative but to comply with the presidential directive issued to police deployed in some parts of the Eastern Province.

Seneviratne said that the LTTE’s success had been built on shortcomings and strategic miscalculations on the part of successive governments. Had there been adequate support, the police could have thwarted the LTTE attempt to overrun police stations in the East in 1990, he said.

The LTTE assassinated Premadasa on May Day in 1993. Even after Premadasa’s assassination, successive governments did not initiate an inquiry.

Commenting on the then LTTE leader in the Batticaloa area Vinayagamurthy Muralitharan, now a Deputy Minister in the ruling UPFA coalition, Seneviratne emphasised the government, particularly President Mahinda Rajapaksa, should be wary of having an opportunist like Muralitharan aka Karuna. Recalling the circumstances which led Karuna to switch allegiance after being summoned to Kilinochchi in March 2004 by LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran, Seneviratne urged President Rajapaksa to be cautious. The likes of Karuna could be dangerous, he stressed.

Seneviratne submitted a confidential letter to former Attorney General C. R. de Silva, Chairman, LLRC, claiming that the writer of that letter could shed light on ‘LTTE operations.’
The veteran cop urged the LLRC to recommend to the government to initiate an inquiry into war crimes committed by the LTTE. The massacre of policemen could be categorised as a grave war crime, he said.
Responding to LLRC Commissioner Dr. Rohan Perera, Seneviratne acknowledged that the families of those 600 policemen hadn’t been looked after by the department. The then IGP had been in a dilemma for want provision to do so, he said.

Pressed by Palihakkara, Seneviratne recalled how the police top brass had refused to carry one of his articles, which dealt with the massacre of policemen, in an annual publication of the police for fear of President Premadasa.

LLRC Chairman urged Seneviratne to provide whatever information he had with regard to the families of those policemen killed in the single largest massacre in this country.
The Commissioners indicated their keenness to ascertain whether the families of massacre victims had been given step-motherly treatment, compared to officers and men killed in other confrontations with terrorists.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What Happened to Sudan Will Happen to Sri Lanka Unless the Mono-Ethnic Nature of the North is Changed

South Sudanese have decided to separate. The referendum returned an overwhelming support for mostly Christian and tribal controlled South Sudan to separate from the Islamic north. Tamil Tigers have been invited to participate in the celebrations. Officials of the Transitional Government of Tamil Elam (TGTE) will be attending the celebration of the forming of the nation of South Sudan. Strategically important Red Sea area has seen many separations including Eritrea, Somaliland and Now South Sudan. Although away from the Red Sea, massive oil resources, close proximity to Egypt (the most powerful African nation) and a vast non-Arabic population in an otherwise Arabic region are some reasons for the success of the SPLA campaign. Notwithstanding old alliances, most superpowers (four out of five are Christian nations) threw their weight behind the larger Christian South against the Islamic North. Israel too supported the South Sudan movement for a very long time. Such enormous support left Sudan helpless and was forced to put up with the referendum.

Darfur the Bait, South Sudan the Catch
Darfur made a media sensation in the West for years. Millions of people, mostly Muslims continue to suffer horrendous crimes in Darfur. However, instead of any relief to them, world powers made use of their sufferings to help South Sudan gain independence. Impoverished Darfur continues to be ruled by the North with no change in the lives of suffering people. It makes sense to address the sufferings of Darfur people than to help South Sudanese achieve independence.  But it was not to be so, because of their religion.

This pattern can be seen around the world in newly formed nations. Australia, the US, UK and a host of western nations were all behind East Timor until it was formed. It was hailed as a victory of Christians against the world’s most populous Islamic nation. But what happened after Independence? Australia started exploiting East Timor’s oil reserves without offering anything to the locals. Today East Timor is one of the poorest countries. Eritrea is another example of desertion after helping split from Ethiopia. Kosovo is yet another example. US backed the Kosovo militants until they gained Independence. Their horrendous crimes including selling organs of captives went unnoticed and unpunished. But now the West brings up these crimes to subjugate the newly formed nation of Kosovo. South Sudan cannot expect much after the honeymoon. People of Darfur will be worse off in future.

Tamil Tiger Connection    
The Tamil Tiger-South Sudan connection is a cleverly engineered plan. South Sudanese won their military campaign to force Sudan to consider separation but Tamil Tigers lost. However, South Sudan can be turned into a platform to create Tamil Elam. A few adjustments would be needed in the Tamil community to gain from the momentum created in Sudan. Puppeteers behind South Sudan want to see the creation of the next Christian nation in Asia after East Timor. Only 30% north-east Tamils in Sri Lanka are Christians although growing rapidly. Tamil political groups in the north-east are dominated by Hindus at the moment. They are unlikely to get any real support. On the other hand Hindustan will be worried if anything were to change in Tamil polity. However, under the leadership of Christian bishops both in Sri Lanka and abroad, Tamil Tigers are determined to change to please western Christian fundamentalists.

By being at the forefront of the South Sudanese celebrations and even in helping the new nation take root, Tamil Tigers will be seen as good puppets for separatism and darlings of the West. Tigers’ strong proven anti-Islamic tendency is also an asset to the West. The strong Israeli connection of South Sudan is another thing TGTE Tamils are after.

Tamil Tigers around the world buoyant by a series of favourable events including the massive show of force in London, the first and only invite to participate in a national event, a spate of assassinations of anti-separatist Tamils in the north recently and TNA’s gathering support in Sri Lanka are going to make the most of the situation. Forthcoming LG elections in the north and the east will be seen as an opportunity to strengthen grassroots level support for TNA at taxpayers’ expense. TNA which is devoid of any second or third tier at the moment will be building a very strong ground support base following the enormous victory expected at the forthcoming LG elections and at the subsequent Northern Provincial Council election. TNA won most votes and seats at the 2010 General Election and TNA backed Sarath Fonseka swept the north and the east at the 2010 Presidential Election despite serving as the Army Commander.

Development, peace, prosperity and all other good brought about by the government count for nothing in the north at an election/referendum. Few pundits who predicted the end of the TNA with the LTTE had to eat their own words after the two elections in 2010. They are in for a shock this time.

Nasty Implications for Sri Lanka   
It is only a matter of time since Sri Lanka will be forced to hold a referendum in the north and the east to assess the desirability of dividing the nation. Tamil Tigers are busy creating a conducive infrastructure for separation. The West is looking for another puppet nation in the region to keep China and India under check. If Tamil Elam is created it will be perpetual conflict not only over the land and sea borders but also to share waterways, natural resources, etc. Obviously a conflict between two nations will be far more gruesome than an internal conflict. The time to act is now. Things will happen at a faster pace from now onwards and before long Sri Lanka will be at crossroads. When pro-western political parties come to power, this process will be expedited.

What will happen if a referendum is held today in the north and the east for separation?

Jaffna, Vanni and Batticaloa districts will endorse separation while Trincomalee and Ampara districts will reject it. Overall the yes vote for separation will win easily.

As with the case of East Timor, Kosovo, Eritrea, Somaliland and South Sudan it is ethnic and religious isolation that determine the desire to separation in areas where race and religious centred politics dominate. It is this that needs fixing.

Trincomalee and Ampara districts didn’t end up in their present political state by accident. It was a very difficult process of changing the mono ethnic nature of these districts. Planned or unplanned, expected or unexpected this is what happened. This proven successful strategy must be followed in the north as well. Sinhalese and Muslims must be settled in the north

Due to the large outflow of people from the north, a vast area has been vacated. Areas surrounding SLDF bases should be converted to agricultural, fisheries and industrial supply sources for these bases. It can increase food production, reduce defence spend, provide security forces personnel with fresh food, provide employment, contribute to the national economy and achieve sustainable development by distributing the population. New villages with all facilities should be created in the north for the families of service personnel. The argument that they may not be willing to relocate there is absurd. At least they can use them as holiday houses or rent out to millions of visitors from the south.

Illegal immigrants from Tamil Nadu must be stopped. Every year tens of thousands of illegal immigrants come to Sri Lanka.

Apart from these moves strategic defence initiatives must be taken to deter separatists. Military presence of friendly nations in the north goes a long way in deterring separatist activity. Power of pro-separatist Christian clergy and the huge Evangelical movement need to be cut down. Foreign missionaries should be totally banned. NGO activities must be monitored. All NGOs discriminating people by race or religion must be banned. At the moment almost all NGOs help mostly Tamils almost totally disregarding others.

DS Senanayake is respected by most political parties with over 95% voters’ support. He didn’t become the father of the nation merely by giving birth to a nation. He did well to expect and manage the threats to the infant nation. He could see the Tamil separatist cancer affecting parts of the nation and took proactive steps to prevent it. However, his actions only prevented it in the east but failed in the north due to the north being closest to Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka’s inability to prevent illegal immigration from Tamil Nadu.

This country awaits a leader with foresight, not one who thinks he won the lottery when the war ended. Can the present leader convert and galvanize the military and political victories into a national victory? Only time will tell. But time is running out.