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(UN-Unauthorized) "Panel Report" By Three Stooges Of Ban-Ki-Moon

(UN-Unauthorized) "Panel Report" By Three Stooges Of Ban-Ki-Moon

Malin Abeyatunge

The irony of the report is that the Panel found credible allegations that comprise five core categories of potential serious violations committed by the Government of Sri Lanka: (i) killing of civilians through widespread shelling; (ii) shelling of hospitals and humanitarian objects; (iii) denial of humanitarian assistance; (iv) human rights violations suffered by victims and survivors of the conflict, including both IDPs and suspected LTTE cadre; and (v) human rights violations outside the conflict zone, including against the media and other critics of the Government.

by Malin Abeyatunge

(April 18, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian)The three stooges have completed the report against Sri Lanka and handed over to UN Secretary General (UNSG) Ban-Ki-Moon. The Executive summary of the advisory panel appeared in the print media which gives various allegations against the Sri Lanka Government. Firstly, this is a panel arbitrarily appointed by current UNSG without the approval of the UN Security Council or UN Human Rights Council. Hence it will have no legal binding on Sri Lanka but yet a worry of having a completely flawed report of this nature on record staining country’s good image. Secondly, the report is compiled with hearsay, bits and pieces of unsubstantiated biased information gathered from so called human rights organization like HRW, AI, ICG, LTTE websites like TamilNet, Chanel 4 etc. Adding insult to injury the credibility of the panel members namely former AG of Indonesia Marzuki Darusman, South African Human Rights Lawyer Yasmin Sooka and an American Lawyer Steven Ratner is in doubt as they have vested interests in their own field working with their own agenda. I do not want to reiterate the fact as who they are, what their background, who funds them and their ideologies as they are very well known to the world.

Even before the report is out, it was a forgone conclusion that it’s going to be flawed and biased and against Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Government immediate response was that the report is flawed and biased. All Sri Lankans irrespective of party politics will stand by the Government’s response. The ultimate goal of the western world is to see that this small country is broken into ethnic enclaves and destabilize the Indian Region and also to propagate Christian hegemony. They were successful in Yugoslavia, East Timor, Sudan and in the past India and Korea. To achieve a division of the country, they are ready to sleep with the remnant devils of LTTE which is rampant in the western world. LTTE terrorists out fit was nurtured and fondled by the western countries, various UN Agencies, INGOs like HRW, AI, ICG and continue to do so and this report is another result of one of those subtle schemes to divide Sri Lanka instead of promoting reconciliation between the Sinhalese and the Tamils.

The irony of the report is that the Panel found credible allegations that comprise five core categories of potential serious violations committed by the Government of Sri Lanka: (i) killing of civilians through widespread shelling; (ii) shelling of hospitals and humanitarian objects; (iii) denial of humanitarian assistance; (iv) human rights violations suffered by victims and survivors of the conflict, including both IDPs and suspected LTTE cadre; and (v) human rights violations outside the conflict zone, including against the media and other critics of the Government.

The Panel’s determination of credible allegations against the LTTE associated with the final stages of the war reveal six core categories of potential serious violations: Ii) using civilians as a human buffer; (ii) killing civilians attempting to flee LTTE control; (iii) using military equipment in the proximity of civilians; (iv) forced recruitment of children; (v) forced labour; and (vi) killing of civilians through suicide attacks.

Now, will the panel be able to tell us how they are going to bring charges against the LTTE to face the allegations they have made. Is it Rudrakumaran who is running a non-recognized TGTE (USA), or Emannauel Pillai of the Global Tamil Forum (UK) or the head of the Tamil Forum in UK, Australian Tamil Congress or LTTE leaders in Norway, France, Switzerland ? The six core categories of allegations (conveniently evaded to include massacre of villagers, ethnic cleansing, bombing of religiously sacred temples, mosques, kovils, assassinations of Sinhalese and Tamil political leaders, destruction of public buildings and transport) against LTTE shown in the report is just an eye wash to show the world that the Panel is unbiased knowing very well that the top LTTE terrorists who were creating mayhem are now dead and gone and cannot lay any charges on them. The panel is trying to fool whom?

The Panel has alleged Sri Lanka on 5 core categories. Let us examine one by one.
  • Killing of civilians through widespread shelling; This is a completely unsubstantiated statement. I have read these type of unsubstantiated statements in various reports submitted by HRW, AI , ICG, UNICEF and in the Tamil Net Websites and also Channel 4. The Sri Lankan Army was and is a very disciplined army and instructions from the high ups were to strictly maintain zero causalities in their war operations not only during the last stages of war but since the inception of the fight against LTTE terrorists. I would like to reiterate the fact that the Sri Lankan forces defeated LTTE and captured Eastern province from LTTE without a single civilian death. The report appears to be hesitant to mention about it. “Killing civilians of widespread shelling’ is a very vague statement that cannot be quantified and shouldn’t have come from a so called expert Panel. Let me remind an incident that when Sencholai women tiger training centre was precisely identified and was bombed by SL Air Force, various NGOs and LTTE came with lots of theories like it was a school, it was a training camp for students , it was an orphanage and so on. When Sencholai training camp was bombed, without any proper investigations, UNICEF head ms Joanna Van Gerpen (at that time) immediately came with a media release saying that Sri Lanka Air Force has bombed an orphanage/ two day training camp for girls; First Aid camp (all these were as interpreted by LTTE and Tamil Net) and many more likely names. It was learnt that the person who was sent to investigate was Penny Bourne intimately called by LTTE as Penny amma for LTTE who was a staunch supporter of LTTE. However, LTTE did not make a big ha ho or challenged the SL Government which implies admission of the fact that it was actually a training camp for LTTE women fighters and not an orphanage or first Aid Training camp. Like USA lead NATO, Sri- Lanka never used DRONES and killed thousands of Afghan civilians in wedding houses, festivities and schools etc. If Sri Lanka had used Drones, she would have finished the defeat of LTTE terrorist outfit much more earlier.

  • Shelling of hospitals and humanitarian objects; Has the panel named the hospitals and humanitarian objects? What is meant by humanitarian objects? The doctors who gave statements to the world print and electronic media that the hospitals were shelled by Government forces later admitted that they were forced under duress by LTTE to lie so. Sri Lanka has recorded statements of the interviews had with these doctors made voluntarily. The panel should have called for proof of these or could have obtained through cyberspace as it is in the public domain. Has panel got the details of those hospitals the Govt forces have alleged to have shelled, the number of patients, staff and the doctors on that day, how many were killed, how many LTTE terrorists have been receiving free treatment in these hospitals etc? Where are the data?
  • Denial of humanitarian assistance; THIS IS A JOKE. Sri Lankan Government was the only government in the world who has been feeding the Enemy (LTTE) both in the East and the North. The civilians in the East and north were never deprived of their food, free health, free education and other basic requirements. Unfortunately, LTTE robbed the food, medicine and other materials meant for the civilians to up keep their terrorist fighting cadres. Kids couldn’t attend school as LTTE conscripted even 10 year old kids for LTTE’s child Brigade. There were LTTE fighters who were receiving even Government pension. There were teachers who were receiving Govt salaries but working for the terrorists. The Stupid Panel found that there was denial of humanitarian assistance?. In fact all those food medicines and other basic requirements that were transported to the North and East by ships and road transport for the use of the civilians were robbed by the LTTE to up keep their terrorists alive. So who actually denied humanitarian assistance? It’s LTTE.
  • Human rights violations suffered by victims and survivors of the conflict, including both IDPs and suspected LTTE cadre; Sri Lanka did the biggest humanitarian operation receiving 300,000 civilians in a week fleeing from the clutches of LTTE to avoid being used as human shields but resettled almost 90 % within an year. In respect of the suspected LTTE cadre, do the panel want the government to sing lullaby to them who have been at some stage responsible for the thousands of atrocities committed by the LTTE on civilians. The latest data from the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs shows how effective we were in handling the IDPs. In fact, suffice to mention here that New Orleans IDPS caused by the Hurricane Catherine are still there as IDPS even after almost 5 years of the tragedy happened. Panel should have worded rightly it as “human rights violations suffered by the victims and survivors at the hands of the LTTE atrocities on innocent civilians”.
  • Human rights violations outside the conflict zone, including against the media and other critics of the Government. Some of the so called disappeared media and the critics sprung up in affluent countries like Norway, Sweden Switzerland, UK etc. enjoying a good life. How do you account for that? There are financial fraudsters who are missing but living happily in the western world with the money they have plundered. Disappearance of people not only confined to Sri Lanka it’s happening every part of the world. Murders, kidnaps, extortions not happening only in Sri Lanka, it’s happening in every country of the world. So no big deal.

Let me sum up and say that Sri Lanka should treat this report made by three stooges of Fun-Ki-Moon a load of crap and throw it to the bin.

And also, Mr. Ban-ki-Moon, the UN donor countries may wish to know how much of dollars spent on this project and paid to the panel members to come out with this crap.


Sam Perera said...

Well thought writeup by Malinda. I am waiting to get a full copy of this bogus report to go through every line item. Mr. Monky Boon and three stooges have no shame in parroting blatant LTTE terrorist lies.

Sam Perera said...

Know who our true friends are be faithful and supportive.

God Bless Russia!

Special access to our market for Russian companies and doing more purchase from Russia shall be considered in the future.

Sam Perera said...

Finally, one brave Sri Lankan from North speaks the truth. I hope that Monkey Boon commission had a chance to listen to this man.

Defence Analytics said...

Yes indeed...

We urge all pro-SriLanka bloggers to browse the www, and also the printed media and resist this vile attack against Sri Lanka.

This "war crimes" attack has been brought forth by the defeated LTTE rump in the West and the LTTE-corrupted Western Govts.

These Western Govts. are really hungry for the Tamil votes and the generous contribution from LTTE undercover organizations to their election campaigns, whereby it is common to see one national political party trying to out-do the other in trying to pander to LTTE rump's agenda - such as what we have seen in the UK, Canada and Australia.

In short, the West wanted to control Sri Lanka via the LTTE "stick" and now that this patriotic Govt. of Sri Lanka dismissed those threats and liquidated the LTTE (as Sri Lanka did not want to go through another horror-filled 30 years of "peace talks") the West wants to now punish Sri Lanka via these UN-orchestrated bogus "war crimes" report.

Let us fight with every tooth and nail - to counter this insidious plot against our beloved Motherland.

"As long as the end justifies the means, let us do it" - to safeguard our Motherland.

Defence Analytics

Asithri said...

True, an excellent piece of revelation by Malinda!

What most are overlooking, including mainstream media, is the fact that this Ban Ki Moon had NO authority from the UN to commission this report and that he did it himself, outside of the UN label.

This is KEY and this is what Govt. SL should hammer out and reveal to the International Community (meaning the REAL international community that is more than the UK, US, etc.).

Asithri said...

Time to PUNISH the LTTE Tamil Diaspora I say.

Let the COCKSUCKERS come to Colombo and let us give them the treatment that is deserved for TERRORISTS.

Govt. of Sri Lanka - you have become too soft and these Motherfuckking Sakkiliyas have taken your kindness for weakness. So, it is time to crank up the "treatment" machine and let them LTTE Sakkiliyas have it good I say.

:)) :)) :))

OaO Asithri (who else uh?:))

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

another toilet nadu joker bites dust over tamil elam. MORE!

Anonymous said...

fantastic analysis!

all those who love SL, THIS IS THE TIME to defend your mother. your mother is the motherland. don't let sakkiliyas tear it apart. trillions more have to live in thus island. if it goes to dogs, no human can ever live here again.

ALL Sri Lankans, do your duty. rally around SL to destroy separatists.

Sam Perera said...

Unrelated post but felt that worthwhile noticing.

Kandula the elephant receives a guard of honor at the 50th birthday. If this is a descendent of the original Kandula, I guess that we owe him lot more than a simp0le guard of honor for fighting for us in the distant past.

Sam Perera said...

Buddha's Hair Relics from Bangaladesh

May be it is too much to ask. Is it possible to do a DNA analysis of Buddha's hair strands.

Anonymous said...

getting both russian and chinese help at the same time is tricky. but we should get their help.

russians are motivated by the indians who want this war crimes BS stopped as it can implicate them as well. OTOH chinese influence is independent. we have to approach them.

this may explain why we have to entertain some indian interests although it is not needed otherwise.

Anonymous said...

toiletnet hopes toilet nadu pressure will change russia's stand on the panel!

Sam Perera said...


Toiletnet and Toiletnadu seem to have gone total bananas after Russian and Chinese objections together with Portugal. This kind of west influenced fake reports shall never be allowed in UN. Allowing any such reports will be extremely detrimental to the balance of power in Indian Ocean.

Anonymous said...

gonzeka has postponed giving crucial evidence on the white flag case.

he doesn't want to give credit to the government forces by rejecting white flag allegations (not the fact that he made the statement). so he has put off giving evidence.

after monkey boon releases the report today, he will say there was no shooting the losers bearing white flags.

and that will seal his fate. he will be charged for defamation, fabricating the truth, violating his duties as an army officer, etc.

may be he will plead guilty for deliberate fabrication of the truth and getter a lesser punishment.

but he should not be released.

Anonymous said...

Moshe according to the Island paper caption this is what Gonseka said as he left court:

“Only I can protect/solve the country from war crimes”

Pretty rich of the retard who created this whole situation for Sri Lanka. Its because of his “white flags” statement all hell broke loose for Sri Lanka and all the defeated forces against our country got re-activated and energised. Its thanks to him that the “purpose killing of LTTE leaders” was twisted and turned to “the deliberate and intentional massacring and targeting of Tamil civilians”. Which is how the para-suddhas lie and twist things. The EU “report” on Sri Lanka (another piece of BS, its amazing how each one of these retards simply build on the other) came out with “Tamil women raped by the Sri Lanka Army’s Sinhala soldiers in Government camps –pre IPD situation”. This claim by the EU is hilarious where you check its origins. A South Asia rights group for women based in India came up with some hypothetical scenario about the “increased sexual pressures” faced by SINHALA women in the “border villages” and mothers concern for them due to war and Sinhala men going off to fight and coming home “increasing sexual pressures on their wives and girlfriends” was somehow twisted into the “rape of Tamil women”. First by HRW who quoted the rights group who were then quoted by the EU that added the “government camps” part.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean the UN is guilty of purposely creating a human shield/”buffer” out of civilians to assist the LTTE and essentially pro-long fighting with hopes of “creating a ceasefire”. Does this mean they are complicit in war crimes and sacrificing civilians to help the LTTE? Why it does. If we had a proper media and a government with COMPETANCE they would take this attempt by the UN to make a “UN hub” and show who was/is behind the human shield tactic of the West and who was trying to sacrifise civilian for greater geo-political ends and how the UN under the guise of “humanitarianism” was committing crimes against humanity.

”What this means is that UN personnel can’t just set up ‘UN hubs’ as and when they feel like it. Despite the fact that the LTTE ignored the declaration of a no fire zone on January 20, 2009, the two UN staffers proceeded to set up an unauthorized ‘UN hub’ right in the path of the army when the panel report itself says, ‘a large offensive on Puthukudirippu seemed imminent’. According to the panel report, the first no fire zone was only 800 meters away from the advancing army. To make matters worse, the LTTE was also firing upon the army from the no fire zone and the vicinity of the unauthorized UN hub. If not for that UN hub which attracted civilians with handouts, they would have been dispersed and out of harms way.

Apart from the fact that the UN hub itself was unauthorized and located deliberately between two hostile military forces, the two UN personnel responsible did not follow the basic rules laid down by the UN for humanitarian workers in coordinating with military forces in conflict areas. The UN has issued a ‘Civil-Military Coordination Officer Field Handbook’ to those involved in humanitarian operations in conflict situations. This document stresses the need for "structured and formal interaction with the military forces" and stipulates among other things that before a mission, the official concerned should confirm that country security clearance has been granted. Then immediately upon arrival they should make a courtesy call on the local military commander and find out among other things, the military unit’s ability to support humanitarian activities. Then the UN workers have to "carefully manage expectations on both the civilian and military sides and find opportunities to present the humanitarian view point and advocate for humanitarian principles and humanitarian space". This UN handbook also advices UN officers to be prepared to explain to the local military commander, their mission, key terms of reference, and who they represent and report to etc.

None of these procedures had been adhered to in establishing that arbitrary UN hub in Suthantirapuram. All they had done was to set up shop and relay their coordinates to the army! The first thing that has to be done by the UN, is to charge the two UN officials responsible for putting Tamil civilians in harms way by setting up an unauthorized hub between two warring forces and attracting civilians into the no man’s land. On Page 24 of the panel report, it is said that the UN personnel tried to get the army to stop their shelling. Interestingly, they do not say that they even attempted to get the LTTE to stop shelling the army from near the ‘UN hub’.”

Anonymous said...


re: UN hub

that is a very interesting development.

the illegal UN hub attracted people into the battlefield. they played an active part in forming the human shield.

Swarnajith Udana said...
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Swarnajith Udana said...
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Swarnajith Udana said...

Hi everybody:

After a long time!

Sajith’s true nature is exposed. He demands release of SF so that SF can defeat Ban’s report. Sajith may be suffering from dementia. SF resurrected then dying LTTE cry.

He is one of the authors of this report though he himself confessed to war crimes in July 2009 he had committed earlier.

This confession he did to indicate that he was the real war hero and not MR or GR since MR and GR intended to bring the LTTE leaders before court.

Swarnajith Udana said...

Moses about the current article on Lanka web : Good analysis and writing style. Sri Lanka must officially ignore the report and work hard to communicate with other countries to safe guard its interests. Nothing should be taken for granted. And also no clandestine work with the UN , or its panel or its Secretary.

Anonymous said...

Gonseka's gon talk (from SundayTimes):

"On the sidelines, he told reporters he was the "real hero" of the war and "others were cardboard heroes." He claimed it was only he who could "save the country." The case itself has been postponed for May 4 after his counsel Nalin Ladduwehetty filed an application on grounds of "visible changes in both the internal and international scene". Consenting to the postponement was Buweneka Aluvihare, Deputy Solicitor General, who is leading the prosecution.


It is only becauseo of this piece of selfish greedy crap the country is in this situation.

The image of the Army has been RUINED by this dog. Yet the mutt barks about what a "super" soldier he is when its clear he cares for nothing but him self. He sacrifised the name and image of our Armed Forces and soldiers who gave life and limb fo the countyr (not for Gonseka's green card) just to further his selfish self but still tries to make a case of "i am the Army". Anywhere else in the world he would be put through hell then shot, in fact anywhere else in the world this would never happen.

kevin said...

UN has just decided not to pursue the war crimes case against SL without the approval of the security council,which will be harder to pursue,instead the UN wants GOSL do it's own investigation in a credible manner.It seems the terrorist(diaspora) influenced human rights industry are at a loss over this new development.

Sam Perera said...

One more Lanka-Eccentric-News rumor mongering scumbag bites dust. This time the scumbag crossed the line by playing the same dirt game with courts.

Sam Perera said...


"UN has just decided not to pursue the war crimes case against SL without the approval of the security council,which will be harder to pursue,instead the UN wants GOSL do it's own investigation in a credible manner."

Where did you see this news? In any case, a work not authorized by UN has no legitimacy.

Konnapu Bandara said...

Sam, old boy, Kevin is absolutely correct.

[“The Secretary-General has consistently held the view that Sri Lanka should, first and foremost, assume responsibility for ensuring accountability for the alleged violations,” said the statement, adding that he encourages the Government to respond constructively to the recommendations made by the panel.

Mr. Ban has decided that he will respond positively to the panel’s recommendation for a review of the UN’s actions regarding the implementation of its humanitarian and protection mandates during the war in Sri Lanka – particularly in the last stages – and its aftermath. The modality of such a review will be determined after consultations with relevant agencies, funds and programmes.

“In regard to the recommendation that he establish an international investigation mechanism, the Secretary-General is advised that this will require host country consent or a decision from Member States through an appropriate intergovernmental forum,” the statement added. ]


Thusitha said...

Kevin, KB
I don't believe this would be the end of it. The report does not suggest that. Tamil Diaspora would continue to find ways to leve war crime charges againt the army and the government.

Thusitha said...

And what about this comment?
This incident, coupled with Beijing’s silence on the controversial report thus far, has led to speculation about China’s stand when the matter comes before the UNSC.

It is pointed our that just nine votes are needed to get any resolution against Lanka passed in the UN Security Council assuming that Russia or China does not use the veto.

Anonymous said...


thanks for sharing this vital info.

at last UNSG has come to some senses. he is up for re-election soon.

Anonymous said...

kevin and thusitha,

yes the LTTE diaspora will not let it go. they are like dogs with a bone. a big one.

however, if the report meets a dead end, that will be another defeat for them which they are now very much used to.

SL must jack up its diplomatic efforts. this is the time. at least it can win the nations with TRUE consideration for development, harmony and real reconciliation.

Anonymous said...


thanks mate.

looks like sajith is another joker. his inability to handle crucial situations without making a joke of himself is now well known.

Anonymous said...

without compromising the confidentiality.....well it will be news soon.

GR is meeting some SCO leaders now.

since 2009, SL has been a dialogue partner of SCO. a very good decision.

china, russia and 4 "stan"s are in it. india, pakistan and iran hold observer status.

if they support SL, no BS can be done to SL interests at any UN forum.

SCO is taking a tough stand on separatism, extremism and terrorism.

IF (very unlikely) the west pushes against SL, there is much SL can gain by advancing into either an observer state or full membership of SCO.

it has economic benefits too.

but i hope things will fall into place before that.

kevin said...

I have been pursuing this with the people there in UN as well,just a match to diaspora machinations.So SL is not without friends.There are other nations with worse records and we too can ratchet up tings for them and open a hornets nest.There's more than one way to kill the cat and SL had the wrong people bidding for the nation and that's why we are in this situation.Let's hope the IC will get off our backs,if they know what is good for them.One standard some another standard for another gets many right thinking people's back sides up.

kevin said...

Sam Perera said...

"There's more than one way to kill the cat and SL had the wrong people bidding for the nation and that's why we are in this situation."

Kevin, I totally agree with you on this point. We need to take a very critical look at our diplomatic corp once the dust settles.

Sam Perera said...


Those traitors like Sp Cooray and Lt. Col. Perera who helped LTTE terrorists need to be given the true traitors punishment after a tribunal.

Konnapu Bandara said...

Chaps, Ass Boil gone bananas over Monkey Boy's let down.

[Faulting UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon for his continued "pattern and practice of criminal behavior by rejecting the recommendation of his own Panel that he appoint a Commission of Inquiry into GOSL war crimes and crimes against humanity against the Tamils," Professor Francis Boyle, expert in International Law and Professor at the University of Illinois School of Law, told TamilNet that "Ban Ki-Moon is an absolute disgrace to the lofty standards of the United Nations Charter and the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights," and that Moon should be prevented from being elected for a second term. ]


Sam Perera said...


Island 2011-04-27

"Sources said that a Colombo-based diplomat had recently boasted that they know how to secure the required support of countries to haul the Sri Lankan political and military leadership before an international war crimes tribunal. Sources said that the diplomat had asserted that Sri Lanka couldn’t escape war crime charges and the international community knew what to do at the next sessions of the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Sources said there had been attempt by the same mission few months back to buy over a senior military official as part of their overall efforts to build a case against Sri Lanka."

Any idea who this "senior diplomat" is? Is this the old bitch? Why aren't we declaring this "senior diplomat" a persona non grata if s/he tried to bribe our soldiers?

Anonymous said...

boyle came to the right conclusion but by the wrong way!

what a fluke.

until yesterday he was their almighty god. suddenly he became the bad guy.

boyle must be earning in millions from the terrorists. for them boyle's statements must be like the 10 commandments!! LOL!

Anonymous said...


it doesn't say "senior diplomat"

may be butt-tennis.

Anonymous said...

Well Channel 4 is now making a "documentary" "based" on "mobile footage" and other bs.

See here:
Could this be linked to what Sam posted from the Island?

This is carefully coordinated move. They (Channel 4) could have produced this fiction film of theirs earlier prior to monkey moons report coming out. They knew damn well his retard report won't hold up to scrutiny and will be easily ridiculed. So they release this "film" after the "report" which then lends credibility to the "report".

Anyway the root source of all this is Gonseka. Hope he and his retard supporters are happy with themselves. He gave these people energy and hope. Never in the world is their such a scum and traitor like this. And there still some who say “he did good stuff before”. Absolute rubbish.

Sam Perera said...


Yes, it wasn't a senior diplomat, got to be the meddling bitch. We need to collect evidence and expel from the country for blatantly violating VCDR.

Sam Perera said...

Another right thing to do. We all are Sri Lankans first and that is the highest order of Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

USA is the first country to support the panel's report.

it has welcomed the report! LOL!

SL intel services must keep a close watch over USAID, US embassy activities and their paid MFs.

that greed card MF and his family members should also be kept under the radar.

Anonymous said...

the wall street journal has the following to say.

UN and divided SL

basically it says the IC should allow SL rebuild without diverting attention over war crimes rubbish.

it has its own prejudices but in conclusion it agrees that war crimes is not the way forward.

it also gives credibility to what POL says. looks like gonzeka's involvement is at the heart of it!!

Konnapu Bandara said...

Chaps, while terrorist rump is wailing about monkey boys and bogus reports, Sri Lanka is moving forward with helping other countries defeat terrorism. Thirty one countries have confirmed attendance for the seminar on defeating terrorism Sri Lankan experience in Colombo, 31st May to 2nd June. Official web site has some neat pictures.



Asithri said...

Greetings to all patriotic bros/sis...

Sorry for not visiting the blog lately, but have been v. busy doing rebuttals to the various anti-SL reports/articles about the Motherfukker Bakamoona paid-for-and-cooked up "war crimes" report.

In the process of these rebuttals, of course, it is inevitable that we would tangle with the racist-separatist Sakkili Mommafukkers and that, I for one, do quite gleefully :)) :)) :))

To me, we are once again in the Mid-2008 to May 2009 period, when the LTTE MF Sakkiliyas' vile propaganda was at its peak - when they tried their best to get the IC to step in and save the LTTE whoredogs from certain liquidation (which, mercifully for all decent human beings on this planet, happened in the end thanks to the resolute stance and measures by this GOSL!).

Alas, just when I was thinking of retiring into a low-cost-harem somewhere and enjoying the earthly pleasures to the fullest!!!

:)) :)) :))

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

Fully agree about having to watch out for subversion during this time.

I think there is a valiant effort to have a "rise from within" and dump this GOSL, along the same lines what they did in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya...

So far, much to their frustration, there is no "bite" from any meaningful number of the population - as the overwhelming majority is still solidly behind this patriotic government that liquidated the horrific LTTE terrorist whoredogs - like rabid stray dogs!

However, things cannot be taken for granted as the powers-that-be are feverishly prodding beneath the surface.

If they can get a putsch AND then grab our military/politico leaders for these "war crimes" then so much the better I am sure they are thinking.

What better result than to AVENGE the insult (i.e. of GOSL basically telling the west to bugger-off and that the war against LTTE terrorists will not stop just because they ordered so) AND then also install a puppet pro-west regime (with undoubtedly the "thamileelam" given in all but name) AND thereby also undo all the gains China has made in South Asia (i.e. lately in Sri Lanka where by extending friendship when SL was in dire need, PRC has secured SL as a strong pro-PRC ally) ?


OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

I am - for once, and one-context - agree with that slime-bag-dog Lakshman Kiriella.

Yes, I agree with LK UriNePee dog when he finds fault with the GOSL "for first recognizing the UN expert panel and then questioning its authority after coming to know the disadvantageous report it has filed."

This is NOT rocket science!!!

Yeah, although it hurts me to say this, for once, I have indeed seen a valid statement from the non-patriotic UNP MF LK!!!

He is absolutely right!!!

GOSL should have NEVER recognized this BakaMoona's panel - especially after the GOSL rejected at the very start of it by saying that it is "illegal."

Why did the GOSL send a delegation to NY, in secrecy at that, to go and meet this BakaMoona's panel and make ANY submissions then???

Does this not tell us that there is something SERIOUSLY WRONG with our Foreign Policy execution???

I understand that there was STIFF opposition from those who saw the common sense folly in doing so (i.e. sending a delegation to meet this "expert panel"), but at the end of the day the camp led by GLP won - sadly!

Therefore, for this boo-boo, I lay the blame squarely with GLP!!!

In his typical myopic, do-gooder lenses that he looks at that this world with (which he did disastrously when he was with Ranil-Balla in Ranil's "peace committees" that saw the disastrous CFA being executed to the LTTE MF's 1000% advantage!!!) he thought that by being "civil" to one and all and especially to this panel and sending a special GOSL delegation to meet with the panel and "tell our side of the story," the panel would come forth with at least a BALANCED report!!!

Shows how this "Nutty Professor" was taken for a ride once again uh?

For a moment he did not realize that this panel had already decided what the conclusions were going to be - even before the first "witness" came before it to give a submission!!!

As such...

I seriously think it is time that GLP was removed from strategic decision making role, but only utilized in the tactical end of foreign affairs matters, perhaps such as at news conferences to speak eloquently and in good English.



OaO Asithi

Anonymous said...

that bloody blake MF plans to visit SL next week to press GOSL for an investigation.

tell him off.

Sam Perera said...

Blake the Snake shall never be welcomed, trusted, or respected. he is dancing to the tune of his boss, Hillary who took money from LTTE terrorists.

PeacefulHumanRace said...

Guys, about Osama Bil Laden’s death, according to most news channels Obama has ordered to eliminate Osama Bil laden, not to arrest him. This is clearly an extra judicial killing or a war crime, in fact it was said that the strike team first identified him according to his facial descriptions before he was shot in the head. I hope Srilankan officials will point this out to the Americans when they talk about UN report.