Friday, October 21, 2011

Tactical Surrender

[Translated from my sinhala blog]

It happened during the height of war. War had extended its destruction beyond the best of imagination. Death was everywhere. The leaders responsible for the death were in hiding.

There is an expiry time for everything. No difference for hiding too. Victorious armies were surrounding the hideout. There was little to none hope of escape. Suddenly an enlightenment of "Peace" tingled the otherwise dogmatic minds of the leaders. It was a feeling that never rose until the death loomed over their heads - the very death they prescribed for many others.

Evading an inevitable death they came out. They thought of surrendering, which was their last option, in order for them to live for another day to lead the same war.

Victorious armies shot the leaders dead. They were unarmed.

"These deaths of leaders... Are they war crimes?"

We asked the elite panel of judges comprising USA, EU, Canada, Australia etc.

"Nop. These are fair killings. By all means these chaps are murderers. They have killed thousands. So it is fair. Therefore, we do not consider the killing of Gaddafi as a war crime"


We were confused.

"We're not talking about Gaddafi killing. We're talking about the killing of Tamil Tiger leadership, whom you allege to have come out to surrender, after sacrificing thousands, including kids in forced conscription, as cannon-fodder."

The communication channel went blank.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Poor little Eelam boy who found religion in the slammer

Former head of a well known LTTE front organization, the Tamil youth organization (TYO) in Toronto, Sathajhan Sarachandran has had a sudden jail house conversion recently, five years after he was caught red handed trying to buy IGLA 9K38 man-portable surface-to-air missile systems and 500 AK-47s for $900,000 from an FBI informant and sentenced to 26 years in prison. In a letter written from his jail cell in New York expressing remorse for his dastardly acts of trying to prolong the death and destruction in Sri Lanka, the terrorist says he was misled by many 'so-called Tamil community well-wishers' in Canada aka evil terrorist Diaspora. He goes on to say there was much hate injected into him during his time as the president of TYO. The fellow, after having apparently seen the light belatedly, is appealing to LTTE followers to "just sit down and think about how much hate they have within them and try to admit to the amount of hate they have with them". He is in fact begging them to think freely and not to get trapped in the extremist ideologies.

Anybody with an ounce of sense would have realized what he goes on to explain in great length instinctively, because, if you will pardon the pun, it is what is commonly referred to as common sense. This fellow might have had a genuine conversion or more likely is trying to play up to his parole officers to secure an early release. However, what is important to us patriots keeping an vigilant eye on the hate mongering terrorist Diaspora is the way terrorists seem to have these conversions only after having been swept up by the long arm of the law and having gotten their just deserts, be it this fellow, KP, or any number of repentant 'former' terrorists. I do not recall ever any terrorists in the midst of their blood thirsty rampages or providing material/political support to such dastardly acts of terror, suddenly coming to terms with common sense stated above and helping authorities to apprehend fellow travelers of death and destruction.

When we look around the landscape of LTTE evil-doers today, such as David Poopalapillai of the Canadian Tamil Congress piously claiming ignorance while preaching verbatim from LTTE field manuals, veritable hate factories like TYO churning out future terrorists at a rate while claiming to promote 'Tamil Cultre', former high flying terror financiers like Raj Rajaratnam pretending to be philanthropists, or political proxies of LTTE like TNA pretending to be working towards reconciliation while claiming Tamil homelands, all we see is covert plans to reach the goal that LTTE failed to achieve overtly. Ironically only people who may be trying reconcile with us are none other than rehabilitated LTTE members who carried guns on the ground, not the shadowy mafia capos, though our superb military intelligence is keeping an watchful eye on them following the 'trust, but verify' principle enunciated brilliantly by our Russian friends with the proverb "doveryai, no proveryai". We cannot afford the luxury of giving the benefit of the doubt to any member of the evil terrorist cabal because they will never stop hating and planning death destruction of Sri Lankan people, unless of course they are caught and sent to jail, because hate is ingrained into their DNA. The price we have to pay for our blessed peace is eternal vigilance.

I do not think any of us patriots need to be reminded how these terrorists came so close to dissolving the fabric of civilized society in our beloved Lanka, and how we were terrorized each and every day for past thirty years by these cruel terrorists. But will the next generation of Sri Lankans remember our awful ordeal and how we heroically, as a nation united, finally put down the many-headed terrorist Medusa on our sacred soil by giving no quarter to the evil-doers? We sure do hope so because nothing less than our survival as a great ancient civilization with a fantastic future will depend on it.