Sunday, October 30, 2011

Australian Based LTTE Network Exposed


Defence Analytics said...

this whore's eyes say it all.

when you lie, GENERALLY you cannot look strait and lie.

Defence Analytics said...

both whores are trained LTTE propagandists.

poor performance though!

Moshe Dyan said...

October 22, 2011

By Malinda Seneviratne:: ‘Let it be written in the blood of Korean farmers that rice will not be imported ever again,’ is a sign carried in the offices of the South Korean Rice Federation. There is pride there. Determination too. And it’s all about self-sufficiency.

Self-sufficiency is an objective that all governments as well as those aspiring to govern talk about. Indeed, self-sufficiency is a consideration that always factors into discussions on food security, which in turn is an integral element of national security.

On the other hand self-sufficiency or being self-sufficient, say in rice, can also give a false sense of security. It has all got to do with seeds.

There has been a lot of focus on irrigation and access to water, with token reference to the engineers who helped design a hydraulic civilization second to none. There’s a considerable literature, also, on the use of chemical inputs. The Green Revolution having spent its initial promise, there is greater awareness now about the dangers and dependencies associated with chemical pesticides, weedicides and fertilizers.

The pluses and minuses of mono crop cultures and chemical thirsty high yielding varieties have been debated. The importance of research and extension have been duly noted, even though the objections to policy regimes that have by and large deferred these subjects to multinationals and their agents selling poisons have been footnoted or edited out for the most part. The issue of agricultural credit and insurance has had its day in the sun. A lot of talk, some action, but the structures of resource and value extraction have remained largely intact.

The entire discourse on agriculture and in particular paddy cultivation has largely ignored the politics pertaining to seeds. To put things in perspective, just consider the fact that finding pumpkin seeds is next to impossible. There was a time when a well-known multinational was busy purchasing pumpkin seeds, offering attractive prices. Today, if you want to grow pumpkin, you have to purchase the seeds. The seeds of the pumpkins you purchase from the supermarket or pola are essentially ‘impotent’.

The implications for food security are serious. Sri Lanka may become self-sufficient in rice but if the seed companies decide to stop sending seeds, that’s it. The nation’s borders are now secure, but this alone does not keep out evil and does not necessarily mean that the people are safe. There is often mention of sanctions, withdrawal of concessionary trade instruments such as GSP Plus and motions to censure and thereby embarrass political leadership, people and nation, and these are indeed matters of concern. The instruments of subjugation, however, are not all visible and don’t all come waving a threat.

Moshe Dyan said...

What is the fall-back option?

The answer perhaps can be drawn from the unprecedented effort to secure the nation from the threat of terrorism. There was help from friends, some who gave without question and others who pinned a price-tag to generosity, but by and large it was the resilience, determination and resourcefulness of the general citizenry, political leadership, academics, media personnel and public servants that made the difference.

When it comes to seeds, then, the answer lies within and not outside the nation. Recently, an enterprising young man, a graduate from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, secured a five hectare piece of land in the Eastern Province to grow 73 traditional varieties of rice, to symbolize the 73 gnanas (wisdoms) of the Buddha Siddhartha Gauthama. He made 73 offerings of kiribath or milk-rice made from these 73 varieties to the historic Mahiyangana Chaityaya. This arduous exercise gives a simple message: We can and we must!

It must be remembered that there are said to been some 2400 traditional rice varieties in this country of which only around 200 remain with us. The International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines is said to have 1100 varieties preserved. Currently farmers, as individuals or small cooperative collectives grow around 120 traditional varieties.

The issue is whether or not the relevant authorities (including those that take national security seriously) are aware of or committed enough to the issue of food sovereignty to understand the importance of seeds, in the context of global political economic process. There is very little research on the subject of traditional rice varieties. Each particular variety constitutes an invitation for thesis research, but undergraduates in Agriculture Faculties are not encouraged to explore this rich and vital aspect of their discipline.

It is also doubtful whether the relevant laws (currently under review to ensure compatibility with conventions signed or to be signed uncritically) take into consideration issues of food sovereignty and national security. The truth is that the law and policy preferences constitute serious disincentives when it comes to cultivating traditional varieties of rice.

It is nice to be self-sufficient in food. It would be disturbing indeed if ‘self-sufficiency’ is time bound to a single season and moreover amenable to swift dismantling by outsiders, in particular multinational intent in securing a monopoly in the seed business.

It all comes down to a few pertinent questions.

Whose nation is this anyway? Is planning about getting by in the hand-to-mouth manner or about preserving sovereignty and dignity for the next generation and those yet unborn? Do we have a comprehensive understanding of ‘national security’? Is self-sufficiency enough?

There is a lot of talk about regaining the nation. It seems that re-graining is an intrinsic part of such an effort. And it’s about traditional rice. One grain at a time. One variety at a time.

Moshe Dyan said...

that's from by milinda seneviratna.

thanks pol for sharing.

food security is part of national security.

Sam Perera said...

Timing of this video is very good. Perhaps, we should preempt LTTE terrorist propaganda and stop it tracks before the engine starts.

Kudos to Lt. Colonel Rajapakse!

Pol Sambol said...

It is disgusting to see the comments by the UNP/JVP/Colombians/NGOs/Fonsekas on Adaderana condemning, attacking and insulting the Sinhalese in Australia who bothered to come out and defend the nation. These people and their supporters all have island syndrome and can only think of their short sighted political goals without giving a damn for the long term implications towards the country with their “today, now, hell with tomorrow” mentality coupled to huge amounts of jealousy towards these people who are abroad and who are defending the country.

Pol Sambol said...

Sam, when did Malinda become editor of The Nation?
That is excellent to hear as we all know what a true patriot he is driven by what is good for the country and nothing else, thus has no political ties/obsessions.

It is a shame TheNation is only a Sunday Paper. If only it could expand to an all week daily.

Pol Sambol said...

This is an excellent response. There is a problem though, we are in suddhas play ground and they will never broadcast such excellent counters because it is simply not benefical to them. The audience is unfortunately limited as world media is sadly the Wests domain. MR had an opportunity to play this when he was allowed to speak, or at least it should have been shown during “closed door” meetings. Sadly it was not.

Also this continuous “re-active” attitude is not good. Why wait till these LTTE leaders emerge from hiding to go on the offensive against them? Our embassies should be trying to track down these people, target and humiloate them thus in turn expose the host (Western) governments and media's activities. SL damn well knew who and what Vann Kumar of Cannel 4 was, why did they let her get away? Nevermind that why did they not try and discredit/target/expose her (and call her head for war crimes) back in 2009/2010 when she gave some “interview” to the UK Guardian (interview filled with the usual bs and lies).

Pol Sambol said...

Now that Sri Lanka is holding this Stolenwealth meeting (as much as I hate the stolenwealth, this is a done deal now) the Government has TWO YEARS to prepare.

By this I mean be ready for a vicious attack, smear and propaganda onslaught as never seen before that will come SLs way at least 1-2 months before the event.

Channel 4 will release Killings fields 3 & 4

AI & HRW will be screaming non stop.

UNHRC/UN/Monkey Moon/US etc will also be screaming

Other Western media (including Aljerkoff) will also be busy at work.

Tamil die-ass-pora will hold world wide protests and rallies.

Insults and attacks against Sri Lanka will reach new levels.

But the Government has an advantage. TIME. TWO YEARs to prepare. Two years to make counter measures for all possible out comes and scenarios that can be thrown at us. Two years to go on the offensive, do something pro-active.

I am sick of the Governments “wait and see” approach where they react (pathetically) like spoilt children when some new pile of BS (aka an old one re-packaged) is hurled their way. They just seem at a loss and worst of all have no clue exactly what is being said against them and issue idiotic blanket denials.

It is time something reactive is done. LLRC won’t solve anything with regards to the West. And with that to the Government has 3 weeks ish (technically more since they set the date and playing field) to prepare for what the West might say. Don’t the fools at the MEA make contingency plans and plot out all possible scenarios and how to respond to them, thus if one of them does come up they know how to counter (because that is how the US/West works –they plan for every possible outcome and how to respond, counter, attack to best benefit futhering their interests etc etc).

I would like to see something PRO- ACTIVE, continuous and literally “over saturating” all media and forums starting from now to create a counter balance to the current bs against the nation and all possible future bs. This Government just sits on its head on this front and doesn’t know what the hell is going on, by the time it takes situations seriously and responds it has always been too late.

For one thing we need proper spokespersons who look respectable. We need proper media centres that are modern and awe inspiring. That Rambukewllan looks like a mess and talks like one two (his crap maybe good for the local audience but for international ones it is not, and has been damaging).

Not only do they need to prepare for international crap, but domestic ones. UNP monkeys will stir up some bs, some media clown will fake his own death and worst of all will be low life MPs shooting each other.

Finally our troops need to be out looking awe inspiring and dominating –which I know they are. They need to be dressed in full battle gear. I understand that spending hours in the baking sun dressed in full gear watching for terrorists on the roads in places like Colombo day in day out as done during the war is extremely draining on the body and hence why they opt out from doing wearing full battle gear (I however do not accept the Gov’s line as said in the past “it is not to scare people” –people are not scared, they feel amazed and extremely secure). However when the world media descends onto SL (for this commonwealth crap) they need to be in full battle gear. Such a sight will make those para-suddhas especially keep their filthy mouths shut –as in their societies it is always about appearance and presentation than substance and sadly we must play to this. Our soldiers are the most dedicated, skilled, intelligent and patriotic people in the land who’s abilities, sacrifices and talents are awe inspiring and amazing for an ordinary citizen. I am sick of them and their memories being desecrated by scum within and out of Sri Lanka.

Pol Sambol said...

SL will be holding the T20 WC in 2012 as well. This upcoming event should be a good test run on how to handle things (no doubt Cannel 4 and the rest of the scum listed above will be in full gear as well). SL must be ready for it. Has the Government even planned anything to deal with all possible outcomes (media wise)? The answer is of course NO. SL seems to always walk into disaster because of this lethargy and “lets wait and see” coupled to a “not that bothered” approach.

Pol Sambol said...

Posted in LNP:

"Even as Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, and its diplomatic corps douse the many fires at the Perth Commonwealth summit, the Tamil National Alliance leaders are in the United States, meeting ranking leaders in the Obama administration and the United Nations to press for an amicable political solution.

Mr. Rajapaksa had travelled to New York to address the U.N. General Assembly too, last month. He held a series of bilateral meetings with leaders to impress on them the progress Sri Lanka had achieved since the conclusion of the bloody war with the Tamil Tigers in May 2009. In Australia too, he is in the same mode, even as the Tamil diaspora has tried to approach the courts to bring him to justice over alleged war crimes.

While the efforts of the diaspora have at best been irritants, the decision of the TNA to travel to the U.S. to engage the State Department, and the U.N. has been viewed with hostility in the Sri Lankan administration. It has made it clear that the TNA is not the sole representative of the Tamil people, and hence, a meet with the U.N. officials is unnecessary. The TNA, however, has the support of the main Opposition party, the United National Party. According to media reports, the UNP has held that there was nothing wrong in the TNA meeting U.N. Secretary-General and the others to help speed up a political solution.

The TNA's concerns are in three major areas: the militarisation of the North and the East, the lack of economic opportunities, and the slack attempts at rehabilitation.

According to TNA leader M.A. Sumanthiran, after May 2009, the defence forces have occupied more than 7,000 sq km of land owned by Tamil people. There is one member of the armed forces for approximately every 10 civilians in the Jaffna Peninsula. The heavy presence of the military continues to be the most serious concern in the North and East. More than two years since the conclusion of the war, the government has still failed to facilitate the proper transition of these areas from a situation of conflict to a normal' environment.

A cursory drive through the A-9 highway to Jaffna, or anywhere in the North will reveal that the military is increasingly involved in economic activity in the North and East. Mr. Sumanthiran says that the military has established a string of restaurants along the main Jaffna highway. An entire military tourism industry catering to Southern visitors is run by the military establishment. The Navy uses state resources to run ferry services for the Southern tourist industry."

Pol Sambol said...

The actions of the TNA and UNP more so is disgusting. Haven't the scum in the UNP learnt their lessons yet? Stop cheap politics and running to their white masters??

Secondly for these Tamils to whine about "military occupation", well thats just rich stuff. They launched an "armed struggle" these are the consquences.

The bit i put in bold is excellent news.

Moshe Dyan said...


yes. it is excellent stuff.

i would NEVER go to a tamil restaurant in the north without knowing it is run by a former LTTE cadre!!!

the only places i would eat are SLDF run restaurants.

Moshe Dyan said...

toiletnet is too good to be true these days.

it says a large fertile area in batticaloa has been earmarked for "sinhalisation".

very good if true.

Moshe Dyan said...


lol!! :)

nice one.

the british stolenwealth!

Konnapu Bandara said...

Chaps, I agree this video is a good response. The follow through need to be forcing Australian media to air this somehow. Also a natural question arising after watching the video is why did we let these two, the black-balled LTTE bastard and the LTTE tart, out of Sri Lanka? We should have thrown them in jail along with other hardcore LTTE terrorists.


Pol Sambol said...


"On the instructions of the Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the United National Party Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe, Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena, MP and Deputy General Secretary of the UNP has handed over an appeal on behalf of the United National Party regarding General Sarath Fonseka (SF) to His Holiness Pope Benedict the XVIth at the Vatican, when he had a special audience with His Holiness the Pope on October 26, 2011

Pol Sambol said...

”Former Kandy Mayor for Kandy Kesara Senanayake has been given a Presidential pardon setting off a jail term imposed on him for misusing council money on the pretext of attending a seminar, the Colombo Chief Magistrate Courts was informed today.

Mr. Senanayake was found guilty for misappropriation of Rs 185,185 and was fined Rs. 100,000 and imposed a jail term of 12 months RI suspended for five years. In addition another Rs. 100,000 fine was imposed after being found guilty of a second offence of gaining illegal benefits. A three month RI term was imposed in the event of the failure to pay the second fine.

The Courts was informed that the Presidential Secretariat has written to the Justice Ministry about the pardon given to him.

Action was filed under the Bribery and Corruption Act.

Mr Senanayaka on the prext of attending a seminar had gone on a shopping spree in Singapore.”

What is MR doing?

Pol Sambol said...

"As Prime Minister, Mahathir was credited with engineering Malaysia's rapid modernisation and economic growth, and initiated a series of bold infrastructure projects. He was a dominant political figure, winning five consecutive general elections and seeing off all of his rivals for the leadership of UMNO. However, his accumulation of power came at the expense of the independence of the judiciary and the traditional powers and privileges of Malaysia's royalty. He also deployed the controversial Internal Security Act to detain activists, non-mainstream religious figures, and political opponents including his sacked deputy, Anwar Ibrahim. Mahathir's record of curbing civil liberties and his antagonism to western diplomatic interests and economic policy made his relationships with the likes of the US, Britain and Australia difficult. As Prime Minister, he was an advocate of third-world development and a prominent international activist for causes such as the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa and the interests of Bosnians in the 1990s Balkans conflict.

He remains an active political figure in his retirement, having become a strident critic of his handpicked successor, Abdullah Badawi, and actively supporting Abdullah's replacement by Najib Razak.


A truely great leader. I am sure if the kind of 24 hour news channels and internet based media existed back when Mahathir started he too would be subjected to "Malaysia's killing fields" type style of media coverage and the harrassment SL & MR are subjected too. All just to make them kneel.

Pol Sambol said...
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Pol Sambol said...

"The Sinhala language, only spoken on the island of Sri Lanka, is “very precious” because of the unique way it is structured, said project leader Barbara Lust, professor of human development in the College of Human Ecology and director of the Cornell Language Acquisition Lab. It provides an invaluable opportunity to research which aspects of language acquisition are universal or biologically programmed and which are culturally determined, she said.

Other than attempts by Tamils and their backers in the West to destroy and defame our language and heritage to dominate Sinhalese it is shameful there are in fact more Sinhalese than Tamils who actively engage in this effort of cultural and linguistic destruction with more zeal than Tamil racists.

Moshe Dyan said...

some funny news from toiletnet.

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 01 November 2011, 00:14 GMT]
The statue of Thanthai Chelva (SJV Chelvanayakam) located near the Sivan Temple at Thirugnaanasampanthar Street in Trincomalee was decapitated on Sunday night. People who were enraged to notice the desecration on Monday morning placed a cloth on the headless statue. Local people suspect genocidal elements occupying Trincomalee for timing the act, when the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) team led by Mr. R. Sampanthan, MP for Trincomalee, is on an international visit seeking solutions for the national question of Eezham Tamils.


decapitate sambandan and sumanthiran!! not clay statues.

Moshe Dyan said...

pitting tamil against tamil is the best way to handle tamil nationalism.

"SL Navy backs Indian poachers clashing with fishermen in Jaffna
[TamilNet, Monday, 31 October 2011, 15:53 GMT]
Sri Lanka Navy Monday night engaged in giving protection to Indian trawlers that were destroying the fishing nets of local fishermen, according to S. Thavaratnam, the president of fisheries societies in Jaffna. The SLN has detained 33 fishermen from Munai in Point Pedro with their 12 boats alleging them for attacking the Indian fishermen, Mr. Thavaratnam told reporters. In the meantime, sources in Kaarai Nakar and in Point Pedro said Indian trawlers came close to the shores of Jaffna peninsula at many locations destroying the fishing nets put up by the local fishermen."

i agree with this strategy. if these 2 groups clash, there is only one winner - SL. thereafter we don't have to worry about CROSS BORDER TERRORISM between south india and SL.

Sam Perera said...

My Wishes For Duminda Silva the Maggot.

සිංගප්පූරුවේදී ඉතා ඉක්මනට අපා ගතවී, සාර අසන්ඛ්‍ය කල්ප ලක්ෂයක් වේලුපිල්ලේ ප්‍රභාකරන් සමග සාජ්ජ දමා, කිසිදිනෙක ලක්පොලොවේ යලි නොඉපදී, අවසානයේදී දුමින්ද සිල්වාට අමාමහ නිවන් සැප ලබාගැනීමට හේතුවාසනා වේවා!

Moshe Dyan said...

"In Israel, speculation over strike on Iran grows
by Staff Writers
Jerusalem (AFP) Nov 2, 2011

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seeking cabinet support for a military strike on Iran, Haaretz newspaper reported Wednesday, after days of speculation on plans for such an attack.

The report, citing a senior Israeli official, said Netanyahu was working with Defence Minister Ehud Barak to win support from skeptical members of the cabinet who oppose attacking Iranian nuclear facilities.

It came after days of renewed public discussion among Israeli commentators about the possibility that the Jewish state would take unilateral military action against Iran."

Moshe Dyan said...

most would not support an attack on iran, but from the pov of israel, iran has gone tooooo far. it must be put down.

with middle east subjugated, libya, iraq, afghanistan, pakistan firmly under control (lack of control within) stage is set for a SURGICAL attack on iranian nuke, etc, facilities.

following the palestiniain appeal to UN for membership, israel is (quite correctly) trying to deflect attention away from it. a good move.

my view would be totally different to the majority view among patriots. please excuse me.

when it comes to national security of a nation, anything goes. this strike will NOT happen for 2 years but parliamentary approval is best obtained beforehand. iran may resist or surely iran will resist. a war may start. both nations will suffer. but a nuclear powered middle eastern country is not a good thing.

Konnapu Bandara said...

Moshe, old boy, you are absolutely correct about Israel's right to strike at any country it perceives as a threat to it's existence. Same way Sri Lanka has a right to fight and eliminate terrorists who are an existential threat to our nation. We also have to remember when Israel sold us six Kfir C.2s and a single TC.2 our other 'friends' were refusing sell us any armaments. Friend in need is a friend indeed.


Pol Sambol said...

LOL at this loser.

"Opposition and UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe today requested the government to bring in legislation to acquire all assets which belongs to LTTE all over the world instead of laws to take over enterprises of Sinhalese businessmen.

What does he mean anyway? Government took back 2/3s of the country which he gave to the LTTE. This is just a pathetic attempt to fool the masses into thinking he cares for people he loaths (see choice of words) as well as reassuring his Colombian business chums. Lets not forget the 2002 Safe house raid either.

Anyway i put a comment at DailyMirror echoing the above and surprise surprise the "freedom champions" did not publish it.

Pol Sambol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pol Sambol said...

”`India has become the virtual Main Enemy.`- TamilNet Economic and Geopolitical Analyst in the Asia Pacific”

Hikz Hikz

”The contradictions between the Establishments and Peoples are likely to be the most antagonistic in the Indian subcontinent and hence that is the region for the next major change in the World.

Our alliance with Tamil Nadu is of utmost priority in this regard.”

Tamil Empire in the making. Hikz.

”With this in perspective, we should keep our eyes open to new opportunities including progressive Sinhala forces that recognize the Right of Self Determination of the Nation of Eezham Tamils”

“Progressive Sinhala forces” = JVP, Fonseka plus that nut Dr.Wickremabahu. Hikz.

”The probability that the TNA will be more cooperative with the Globalised Establishments after the trip to USA is high.”

TNA showed the US who is boss? Is this a snub to Blake snake who said “TNA is only powerful because of support by the US. Hikz Hikz.

”It is only the pressure of the Ground Reality that can reduce that probability just as the Ground reality in Tamil Nadu can restore sense in Jayalalithaa.”

Jayalithaa enemy of Tamils/Tamil Empire dreams now?

”Clinton went to meet Jayalalithaa to nip in the bud the Solidarity developing between Eelam Tamils and Tamil Nadu Tamils.”

Clinton/Blake/US not give Tamils what they want?? I thought whole meeting was a super success which Jayalithaa was also “extremely pleased” and gushing in happiness about just like the die-ass-pora everywhere were. Guess they did not deliver as they hoped. Or the silly mules thought they controlled the US, when in reality the real string pullers are of course the US.

”The good news is that in spite of extreme nature of oppression, resistance is developing in the Homeland by students and the civil society. “

Well that’s good to know. Think our MI boys have been waiting to get the white vans on the roll again and this will mightily please them. LOL

Pol Sambol said...

”The Diaspora can and should engage the host governments and even other governments but must realize that neither persuasion nor applying pressure will work unless we have sufficient back up forces and the back up forces can come only from our Natural Allies.”

Is this a threat of some kind to the West? Who are the “natural allies” then? Fellow stateless Tamils throughout the world? “Sympathetic” suddhas like Cannel 4?

”The tactics of the Homeland struggles will be determined by the Enemy actions and will obviously have to match the Technology of the Enemy.”

LOL. Well their “advanced” technology and “skills” failed them. So I guess they will resort to more tried and tested “false flag actions” (killing their own, blaming Sinhalams) and of course “enhance” the propaganda war through media, internet, Channel 4 etc.

”The 30+ Countries that supported the war against Tamils and continuing to support GOSL in its occupation of the Tamil Homeland can be treated as enemies. “

Who the heck are they and does this now mean Tamilia is a threat to them?? These 30 countries intel/military/security forces better be ready.

”Although GOSL had been our main Enemy ever since historical British Imperialists devolved Political Imperialism to the Agent Imperialist GOSL, the Government of India (GOI) took over the role of the Main enemy during the IPKF Period.”

The “GOSL” i.e. Sinhalese has been an “enemy” to be crushed since 500 BC not since the British period (with 12 vicious invasions over 2,500 all ending in disasters hence why they could only mount 12 over such a gigantic period). But for these guys history began then when they were the devout slaves of the British and finally managed to subjugate the Sinhalese with suddhas help and with suddha gone they have been at a loss.

”Again from 2007, when Mahinda (at the behest of India and hence the West) invited China to join the coalition of Establishments in the war against Tamils, India has become the virtual Main Enemy.”

India, China and now the West enemy of the Tamils?

”Just as our enemies adopt `Divide and Rule`, we also should learn to isolate the Main Enemy and engage in a coalition against him.”

I am confused who the main enemy is? Is it the 30+ countries? How do they plan to pull this off. Should be fun.

Moshe Dyan said...


mate, i have to disagree.

"Opposition and UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe today requested the government to bring in legislation to acquire all assets which belongs to LTTE all over the world instead of laws to take over enterprises of Sinhalese businessmen."

it should be done at least in SL if we can't do it in the world.

there are still many PRO-SEPARATIST establishments in SL. their property should be confiscated first.

Moshe Dyan said...

"TamilNet Economic and Geopolitical Analyst in the Asia Pacific"


a bullshitter talking utter nonsense.

looks to be INDIA, USA screwed tamil elamists HARD and they are now turning to "progressive" sinhalese begging for help to destabilise india.

another coolie strategy hatched in a toilet pit.

Moshe Dyan said...

re: clinton meeting jayalalitha

now i think it was all planned by india to shut the whore up. here is proof:

1. jayalalitha's rantings hurt india more than SL. in SL all forms of separatism has been defeated but not so in india.

2. she won the election promising tamil racist things inimical to india.

3. there is no way clinton could have forced her way to toilet madu without indian approval.

4. after the visit jayalalitha did shut her dirty mouth!! just compare how she behaved before and after the clinton visit.

5. even clinton to her credit DIDN'T endorse tamil nation, etc. she said NEW SOLUTIONS are needed which is a diplomatic response that pleases both sides. given the whore DEMANDED the same old tamil nation "solution", a new solution means a big NO.

Moshe Dyan said...

a similar thing happened with bloody blake the last time he visited. all toilet elam supporters were claiming that he would grill us but what happened????

quite the opposite!!

we all know USA-india are manipulating tamils. these events are just few more instances of manipulation.

from the tone of toiletnet i can deduce that the TNA visit to USA was a FAILURE!!!! that is why they now blast india and USA.

this is fun.

Sam Perera said...

Moshe and Pol,

It is always nice to see the LTTE/Tamilnet terrorists blabbering nonsense like this. Higher the frustration the higher their stupidity.

Konnapu Bandara said...

Chaps, Tamilnut bugger is going bananas over Congressmen Heath Shuler, Jack Kingston and Ben Chandler visit to Sri Lanka and speaking the truth about actual situation in Sri Lanka. In North Carolina we have a stellar team of Sri Lankans led by David Wijewickrama promoting our country. Three cheers for Congressman Shuler and other fair minded US politicians. Hip, Hip Hooray!


Pol Sambol said...

Moshe my point is Ranil does not care for the country and loathes Sinhalese, as we all know well, so his statement is utter rubbish from his mouth to “win” votes by making an attempt at the nationalist card –hence why he said Sinhalese businessmen. We all know his real nature and you can easily understand his mind buckling convoluted thinking from his statement of “taking LTTE assets” and “protecting Sinhalese business” (something suddenly motivated by the recent bill the Government has been mooting). All the pro-LTTE “assets” in SL happen to be all linked and owned by UNP/Colombian Sinhalese. He is trying to protect his kith and kin (who are all pro-Eelam/LTTE/anti-Sinhala) business under the guise of patriotism and anti-LTTE action. Just shows what a cunning snivelling cretin he is. Protect his anti-national buddies, while trying to play up his “national” credentials and take a swipe at MRs vote blocks.

The fool damn well knows the Government cannot get their hands on all LTTE assets abroad just like that. It is very difficult if next to impossible.

I do agree about bringing in legistlation where by the Government can sieze all land, property etc that Tamils have purchased to push the eelam project. They are not only trying to grab land in the N & E but elsewhere too. If such a law is made it will also help crush the eelam project in a major way from an angle not heavily visited upon but extremly vital.

Pol Sambol said...


I saw the toiletnut article just now, hilarious stuff. They are furious.

Interestingly toiletnut has made a fuss about Heath Shuler being "up for re-election" next year? Aren't all Congressmen up for re-election next year anyway.

It sounds like they are making a threat of some nature to his position/election bid. This means they hope to get die-ass-pora, other business (non die-ass-pora), individuals, HR monkeys and media action against him? Do they think the Tamule vote is powerful in North Carolina?

Konnapu Bandara said...

Pol Sambol, dear chap, Congressman Shuler is no wilting lily to be cowed down by these black-balled Peelamist bastards. He was a NFL quarterback before becoming a congressman and had faced 300 pound linebackers rushing into take his head off. I don't think he will be bothered by these puny peelam rats. It was interesting though initially he was also conned by Peelam rats to sign that defamatory letter to Hillary Clinton full of lies about SL. But later due to efforts of David and other patriotic Sri Lankans he was able to see the real truth. I don't think chaps like him appreciate being lied to. Watch out black-balled peelam bastards!


Moshe Dyan said...


re: ranil

yes, he always play dirty politics.

but i want to emphasise that the govt MUST first and foremost go after pro TE assets within the country.

you share an article about TEs creating land banks in SL. it is enough evidence why govt should go after TEs before PEs.

Moshe Dyan said...

tolietnet bashes,

1. india
2. usa
3. and now china!!

they ONLY have enemies around the world. no friends!!

if anyone seem like their friend, that is only until they get scrwedd!!

Sam Perera said...

Malinda's Analysis of US Embassy Assertions During the Presidential Election.

I believe that the account of a meeting with Sunimal Fernando (one of President Rajapaksa’s numerous ‘advisors’ – ‘hangers-on’ would be a better tag) is what shows Butenis up most. Fernando, well-known for survival footwork and hardly the pollster he (and Butenis) claims he is, was clearly hedging his bets when he (a) met with US Embassy officials, and (b) dubbed the race ‘statistically a dead heat’. Butenis cannot be expected to have the math skills necessary to read the Sri Lankan polity and Fernando would not be asked to read it by anyone who has any sense. Butenis, obviously ignorant about Fernando’s abilities, has fired a communiqué to Washington quoting Fernando (January 22, 1010 communiqué) and without taking the trouble to check with people who knew better. The sheer eagerness indicates political preferences and sophomoric intellect. Sad.
As hilarious is the fact that Butenis took former President Chandrika Kumaratunga’s observations seriously enough to quote her in a communiqué. Her incompetence is well documented, as are her shady deals and utter disregard for democratic practices. Her objections on these matters are, therefore, laughable. Butenis must have been thrilled to bits that Kumaratunga said Fonseka would win. As a responsible official of the US Government, though, one would have thought she gives a reasonable amount of context so that claim can be properly assessed. Kumaratunga’s opinions are not taken seriously in Sri Lanka. She could have mentioned this, but did not.
I am sure will meticulously peruse relevant documents from Wikileaks. I believe that other documents from the US Embassy in Colombo will only confirm Patricia Butenis’ incompetence and further entrench the perception that she is a meddler who does little to improve relations between the USA and Sri Lanka.

Pol Sambol said...

This Island Article by their Political Columnist goes into excellent details regarding the new bill dealing with underperforming enterprises.

True to form the digesting UNP has lied and put up a big song and dance for the world to see coupled to propaganda and re-naming of this act (as done with the Language Act of 1956) to scare away investors and essentially cripple the economy. By making such noise they have “succeeded” in achieving this goal of scaring off investors than the Bill itself (since the actual Bill and its contents are clearly defined with safe guards that ensure “Expropriation” cannot happen).

It is sickening to see the desperation of the UNP to try and destroys the nation economy to bring suffering on the people under the perverse idea that the people will not “see” the UNPs “clever tricks” this blame the Government for the miseries the UNP creates and vote them into power. Of course the people have seen right through this. The UNP has been trying to destroy the economy since the war. They even supported their white masters banks against CPC in hopes of bankrupting the Government (the CPC/Gov was wrong with the hedging deal, yet the UNP behaviours was worse) with the desire of pushing this goal of engineering economic misery to grab power.

It is hilarious for Sirasa economist Harsha to wax eloquently about “economic hitmen”, the only economic hitmen doing incredible damage to the country is the UNP itself for aforementioned “clever thinking”.

However as well know the UNP is trying to protect its pathetic Colombian chums as both have a symbiotic relationship each helping the other.

Pol Sambol said...

Nice to see GR hit out at traitor Ranil and the UNP

"Gota doesn’t want Ranil’s advice on post-war military strategy
Calls UNP’s handling of war and CFA "pathetic’’

Pol Sambol said...

Obambi sent Butenis to SL on purpose knowing her track record on interference and destruction and false information pedlling (to the host Government) while trying to trap them in ensuring US ambitions are fulilled. She did it in Bangaldesh and Iraq back in 1991.

From Sam’s link:

The communiqués to Washington from the office of the US Ambassador, carrying her signature, are not cursory reports of political developments. The selectivity and emphasis contained in them indicate political preferences.
The fact that the Sampanthan-Fonseka agreement found its way to the US Embassy and not the voting public indicates the true location of Fonseka’s (and by association, the UNP’s and JVP’s) political home was and is. It indicates that the USA had a huge stake in Fonseka’s bid while the track record of interfering in the politics of other countries makes it difficult to assume that support did not include funds and promises.

Butenis’ comments make sad reading, actually. A tendency to take seriously the calculations of those who allowed reason to be discoloured by hope may have given the lady reasons re-entertain (cautious) hope herself, it reflects poorly on her status as a senior diplomat. Sampathan’s confessions, for example, have persuaded her to believe that ‘a Fonseka victory appears more possible each day’. This was the crux of her statement on January 1, 2010. Earlier, on November 10, 2009, Butenis makes much of Sampanthan saying that a Rajapaksa/Fonseka contest would split the army and that the election campaign would get ‘hot’.
Although clearly at odds with the JVP’s stated ideological preferences (she says they are opportunists and were revenge-seekers – January 15, 2010), Butenis salivates about the Tilvin-Somawansa faction of the JVP splitting from the ruling coalition to support Fonseka. She doesn’t note, for example, the fact that the JVP’s start rhetorician, Wimal Weerawansa backed Mahinda Rajapaksa or that the JVP had suffered huge losses in popularity after the party left the coalition.
Butenis acknowledges that Fonseka’s soft-hands and weak-kneed relationship with the US might have some negative fallout, lamenting that he could have been more discreet about his dealings with US authorities (November 6, 2009 communiqué). The role of the US in Fonseka’s campaign is also evidenced by the fact that Fonseka treated Butenis as a key confidante with whom he shared all plans including a desire to travel to Singapore and stay there, after he lost the election (January 28, 2010 communiqué).

Moshe Dyan said...

from lankaweb

now they are trying to kill frederica janz. this MUST be stopped.

from the day gonzeka was demoted from army commader/chief of staff, journalists stopped dying!! this trend MUST be continued.

of course she is a whore but there are bigger whores.

“Frederica Sandra Carmela Jansz, that damn prostitute, you are now safeguarding the President. By you giving evidence to put Mr. Fonseka in trouble he had to go to courts 57 times. You have even printed the Presidents manifesto. Can you remember that there was a comparison of countries run by Generals in Head to Head? Where was Rakmish Wijeywardene, photographer Thusither Kumar, they have disappeared at the beginning of the case. Lal Wickremesinghe too was dropped half way. Finally you (tho- in Sinhala) appeared on behalf of five people. You gave false evidence to get promotions. Your genitals were touched nicely by Lasantha Wickrematuge. Now Secretary Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa is coming to see you? That bugger also is having sex with that whore. Bloody whore on the 18th of November whichever way the judgment is given you will not be spared. Do you know that? 1 SR means what? We are the Sinha regiment who took the brunt of the war on our shoulders. Because of our Leader’s instructions we didn’t get killed during the war. We suffered for what? For this country. The Leader who fought so well was brought to the Military Court by a bloody bitch like you. He slept in the jungles amidst mosquitoes and snakes, with us. In addition to having suffered during the war he is now jailed and tortured.

We will not spare you. (underlined) If you want to escape you go to Temple trees and sleep where the President sleeps. There is nothing else to do. Even if Mr. Fonseka comes out or not we will continue our fight. We have enough weapons which we got from the war. It won’t be long before the people of this country would join us. Will the people give power to the President and his family to rule forever? Let’s see. The win in Colombo is like a victory over the entire country. If the main town was won, what more is there to speak? This time also the full might of the Rajapaksas, of the State, and all the Ministers came to Colombo. In how many staggered times did they hold elections? Why was that done? Because its easy to use State power then. If elections were held in one go State power cannot be used. Anyway the government is falling little by little now. There is turmoil within. When more positions are given to the family the balance will also be destroyed. Someday Chief Justice Sarath N Silva, Fonseka, Wijeydasa Rajapaksa,, Tiran Alles, Mangala Samaraweera and Anura Kumara Dissanayake will have to take over this country. Then those SLFP people will join them. The UNP will be destitute. Those who are from the underworld, dealing in drugs, into taking bribes, making money by suppressing the people must be vanquished first. That is the day the country will turn right. We heard that you too have a brothel. You cannot do this everyday. A change will come soon. You be careful. Our Sinha regiment boys are very angry now. Your genitals must be smashed. Bloody whore ..because you gave false evidence.”

Moshe Dyan said...

no big deal, we pointed this out 1 and a half year ago!!

protect main witness janz

Pol Sambol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pol Sambol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...

Another interesting bit about Tissanayagam and the meddlers.

Sam Perera said...


It was a few weeks ago when Malinda became the editor. I saw it either in Rivira or The Nation itself.

Moshe Dyan said...

looks like USA has screwed TNA, again!!

from toiletnet.

"Relaying the outlines of the nondescript model at the gathering attended by all shades of Tamil polity, TNA leader R. Sampanthan said that “contentious” terms such as self-determination and homeland should be avoided.

We do not say that the North and East in the island belongs to us
, he further clarified the fundamentals of the model he wanted to relay.

Mr. Sampanthan was harping on “workable and durable” solution to meet the linguistic and cultural diversity of the North and East part of the country traditionally inhabited by “our people.”

He was also harping on a solution to get “sufficient access to governance” to decide political, economic, social and cultural aspirations of the people in the North and East.

We will not accept anything not substantial, we will tell the international community if things are not workable, he was confident.

Sampanthan ‘indicated’ that the powers that paved way for the war are keen in finding an acceptable solution to uphold their own credibility.

His speech also implied that TNA is the favoured choice of Tamil leadership for India and the US to support.

Sampanthan indicated that the TNA would pursue the war crimes investigations.

He spoke against colonisation in the North and East and said that the TNA had brought out this matter to the attention of the powers, but refrained from talking on structural genocide.

Mr Sampanthan, a lawyer by profession, denied the long legacy of the call of Eezham Tamils for self- determination, and said that SJV Chelvanayagam spoke against separation in 1970 and that he was always prepared to take up workable solutions, even after passing the Vaddukkoaddai Resolution.

According to Mr. Sampanthan all those who were asking for separation were rejected in politics, and even the LTTE was prepared to try internal self-determination as evidenced by the Oslo declaration.

India will not accept separation, Sampanthan asserted.


LOSERS!! finally these jokers have been BEATEN they daylights out!!

Pol Sambol said...

Channel 4 has released another stinker just today, filled with the usual loads of BS to protect Tamil aslyum seekers and defame the country (they have capitalised on some controversy or something hitting the UK border agency who are the ones that have been deporting these Tamils and hence need the grilling). All designed to spread the usual lies filled with hate against the country -this time about "torture camps" with more people in the shadows waxing away. They are building up the lies in preperation of the LLRC report.

Konnapu Bandara said...

Chaps, found another gut buster in latest poop platter from TamilNut about the terrorist gathering in US to which sperm-boy was refused entry.

Congressman of New Jersey, Rush Holt, who is well informed of the plight of Eelam Tamils, made an impromptu visit to the event. He was honored with pon-aadai (a Tamil custom) for his service to the Tamil community.

No wonder these buggers lost badly. While buggers were trying their 'Ponna Addi' our chaps kicked their balls in.


Pol Sambol said...


Wasn't their a fellow called Frank Pallone another congressmen from New Jersey who would regular make a stink against SL?

Tamilnut and the die-ass-pora used to love it.

Pol Sambol said...

If anyone monitors LNP traffic some interesting news. A monkey from ToiletNadu under the handle "Chenniguy" (currently residing and working in the US) who tried to act like an arrogant expert and know it all, going around insulting and degrading Sinhalese (plus promises of annihilation) has been caught in a cyber "honey trap" by another LNP member (with the handle "Pannacotta") who was posing as a Sinhala girl called "Sonali" -with complete fake accounts and more. He (Chenniguy) engaged in sexual chats and other "interesting" stuff with "Sonali" and has now been exposed and humiliated. He even used his work computer to do so to prevent his wife catching him. I had my doubts yet seeing his responses to the situation was the icing of proof this did happen. Its bloody hilarious.

Moshe Dyan said...

now toiletnet goes all out against india and usa.

"Declassified papers speak of Indo-US rivalry in South Asia
[TamilNet, Tuesday, 08 November 2011, 07:09 GMT]
The US Marines were prepared to attack Indian military during Bangladesh war in 1971. The US continued to supply weapons to Pakistan contrary to policies said outside. The US delayed passing Pakistan’s surrender announcement to India by 19 hours and diplomats suspected the delay was because Washington was possibly contemplating military action against India, said a feature based on freshly declassified top secret papers appeared in The Times of India, Sunday. There are worse ‘top secrets’ about India-US equation conducting a genocidal war without witness for the first time in South Asia, making around 140,000 Eezham Tamils to go unaccounted. It may take another 40 years for the ‘ultimate responsibility’ acknowledged. But the worst of the crime, in contrast to Bangladesh, is the equation’s continued denial of independence to Eezham Tamils, commented a political observer in Jaffna.

Moshe Dyan said...

"He was honored with pon-aadai (a Tamil custom) for his service to the Tamil community."

that explains it!!

that's how ranil became pon ranil (for his service to the Tamil tiger community).

and mangala became pon mangala.

Konnapu Bandara said...

Pol Sambol, old chap the real stinker is Senator Patrick Leahy from Vermont. He has hard core tigers in his staff. His so called "Leahy Amendment" has been used to bar any kind of US military aid to SL. No biggy for us of course because we have done great without it.


Konnapu Bandara said...

Chaps, this time the CH4 feces piece has been done on the real cheap side, even cheaper than than their usual.

1. Cost of a LTTE Sakkiliya baring his back on camera - £0.00

2. Cost of a black marker to draw lines on LTTE Sakkilya's back - £2.15

That's about it!


Pol Sambol said...

"Channel 4's Head of News & Current Affairs Dorothy Byrne has commissioned ITN Productions to make a follow-up film to Sri Lanka's Killing Fields, Jon Snow's critically-acclaimed investigation into the final weeks of the war between the government and Tamil Tigers.

For this new film, Sri Lanka's Killing Fields : War Crimes Unpunished (w/t), also presented by Jon Snow, director Callum Macrae has accumulated powerful new evidence including contemporaneous documents, eye-witness accounts, photographic stills and videos relating to how exactly events unfolded during the final days of the civil war. Jon Snow says: 'I'm very proud that the new year will see a follow up to our widely-acclaimed documentary Sri Lanka's Killing Fields. We believe it shows more evidence of official complicity in war crimes and we will continue to show what we find to the world. I hope this film captures, shocks and educates in the same way as the first did.'"

Yes pretty sure they've got more "evidence" from more LTTE "truth tigers" and their propaganda unit plus more wintnesses in the shadows.

Sadly the Government does not seem bothered at all.

Pol Sambol said...

"Remember that powers need Tamils too: Gajendrakumar

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 08 November 2011, 12:58 GMT]

Just as Eezham Tamils need international recognition for their cause, the powers that make moves in the island for a world order also need Tamils. What the Tamil politicians should keep in mind is that there is no reason for them to compromise on the fundamentals of the cause upheld by the people, said Mr. Gajendrakumar Ponnampalam of the Tamil National Peoples Front (TNPF) in writing to Colombo-based Tamil Daily, Thinakkural, Sunday. In the changing current context, even if one of the competing powers take up the national question of Eezham Tamils as means for its leverage, the others can`t refuse it but have to follow suit."

Looks like they are begging to be used?? LOL

Moshe Dyan said...

according to toiletnet, tamil madu people have been disappointed with tamil nadu aliens.

so the project is all about using foolish "elam tamils" to get a nation for tamil madu.

Sam Perera said...

Cut the crap Nimal, we all know that Duminda Silva is very very innocent.

Moshe Dyan said...

"Attack on Parithy in Paris: Intra-Tiger power struggle"

- d"bs"jeyeraj blog has a better explanation.

rival tamil gangs exchange early christmas presents in paris!!!



Moshe Dyan said...

tamil madu sponsored tamil terrorists plan to create trouble this time around mahabooru day in SL according to info i'm receiving.

these terrorists should be eliminated beforehand.

Pol Sambol said...

These events linked to what you have to said Moshe?

"Two persons were arrested in Tamil Nadu late on Thursday night when they attempted to smuggle about 20kg of gold from Sri Lanka. In another incident, a 45-year-old woman was taken into custody by Trichy customs officials while trying to smuggle 1.2kg of gold bars from Sri Lanka.



"The Return of the Tamil Brigade

Comment of significane:

"Fran Diaz Says:

November 12th, 2011 at 7:31 am

The ‘Refugees’ who are returning to Sri Lanka hold ID cards issued by Navi Pillai’s UNHRC. Has anyone checked to see whether these people are true born Sri Lankans ?
Similarly, Navi Pillai’s UNHRC has issued ID cards to a large percentage of the so-called IDPs who came out of the ltte held areas after being held by the ltte as a ‘human shield’. Has anyone checked to see whether these people are true born Sri Lankans ?

Only true born Sri Lankans should be allowed to enter Sri Lanka. All Illegal Migrants should be deported.

UNHRC should be fair by Sri Lanka, and help sort out this matter.

Are UNHRC issued plastic ID cards being treated as though they are passports to enter and stay in Sri Lanka ?

Pol Sambol said...

SL is being forced to accept these undesirables and we have no real proof who they are.

Moshe Dyan said...



navi pillai uses threats to get things.

illegal tamil madu migration is one such thing she got by threatening the government in september UNHRC sessions.

the foolish government thinks these idiots will stop threatening us when we do what they ask us to do.

what will actually happen is they will keep on using the same threat to get more and more things as it worls.

who wants to kill the hen which lays golden eggs!!!

Moshe Dyan said...

but this UNACCOUNTED boat movement offers opportunities as well.


but only to the brave who are willing to make use of those opportunities.

we miss fonseka badly. only he had the vision for such operations. (not the gonzeka who teamed up with terrorists.)

Gonzeka is the Ghost of Fallen Fonseka.

Pol Sambol said...

Meeting foreign diplomats
Daya Gamage and Anoma Gamage had met the Japanese Ambassador, American Ambassador, German Ambassador and the Indian High Commissioner in Colombo to make representations about the Acquisition Act. Karu Jayasuriya had been instrumental in arranging the meeting with the German Ambassador.
It is obvious that the propaganda campaign carried out by the UNP here and abroad against the Acquisition Bill has caused considerable damage to the image of the government.
The government introduced the Bill in pursuance of a proposal included in the 2011 Budget. This Budget proposal said that the government would take over all privatised one time government-owned undertakings now running at a loss. One year after presenting the proposal, the government wanted to rush the proposed legislation through Parliament ahead of unveiling of the 2012 Budget on November 21.”
o The West is known to send "economic hitmen" to trash a few countries. This monkey Harsha de silva is a home grown hitman who is trying his best to destroy the country’s economy by spreading unbelievable amounts of bullshit. According to this genius the economy should have collapsed 10x over by now.

It is the noise monkeys like him which drives investment away not policies by the Government. The Underperforming enterprises bill thing is case and point. The noise by the UNP has caused more damage than the bill -which seems to be the purpose.

In countries around the world, especially today, everyone within is trying to market their nation as the "Place to be" for business and investment to stimulate growth and economic prosperity. Only in SL the UNP is obsessed with destroying the economy and tries to bring about as much destruction they can.

They did a similar thing regarding the war (they also tried to trash the economy during the war as well). Why are Sinhalese cursed with such scum?
The reason Japan has also been dragged in because they always invest in Sri Lanka.

Besides whats the problem? All this just save the alcohol baron Daya Gamage? How come the 35 other enterprises have not complained? Why is it only him and to save this UNP chum the UNP is busy at work? Even Government MP linked Enterprises are to be taken and re-privatised. The likes of Harry J and other business honchos in the country are not complaining. Its only Gamage because his “business” is built on political patronage and lies.

Pol Sambol said...


Why is the government being so stupid with an appeasement stratergy. It knows damn wel that does not work.

Does MR really think the lame SL politics can be applied outside Sri Lanka?

Pol Sambol said...


Why is the nation allowing that donkey Sanjana Hattotuwa
to hee haww away?

Pol Sambol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pol Sambol said...

An excellent piece in the Island about the Norwegian salmon monkeys, a must read from the Island Political Columnist.

I am sure they opted for realism (than propaganda and racism blaming Sinhalese as the always guilty scapegoat) due to Wikileaks and the widely available media coverage on their disgusting activities in addition to the testimonies from Harry Goonethilke to the LLRC.

The Norwegian Peace Fiasco

"Another weakness that the evaluators have noted is that the persons who planned the SLMM deployment in Sri Lanka had never been to this country and some of them had been surprised that things like computers could be bought in Colombo"

That really takes the cake on the attitudes and decisions of Norway illustrating their racist and biased mindset. Sums it all nicely.

Cannot believe the Colombians (Ranil/CBK etc) keep getting on their feet to such people. Then again doing such is what enforces the racist mindset of such people and it is all Colombians know. And they wonder why the country went nowhere (if it went anywhere it was down) under their leadership but has made great strides forward under MR.

Pol Sambol said...

With regard to what you have written here Moshe:

" These defeats come just in time for another massive looming defeat for Tamil nationalists. LLRC report is due in a few weeks. Tamil nationalists vehemently rejected the LLRC calling it a sham and blamed it for lack of independence. However, in the absence of any other legitimate report, the international community has finally endorsed the LLRC and looks forward to its release.


At the comments section a recent (semi-stinker) piece on SL, lots of Tamils and NGO officers have quoted from the LLRC report -taking pieces which suit them and their racism. The very thing they cried out as rubbish they seem to love when parts suit them (like the ceasefire and even Sinhala history from the Mahvamsa -bloody Elara exists nowhere else than in that!).

Anyway great to see some comments by many patriotic battling the Tamil racists and the racist bias of the Western media.

Moshe Dyan said...

bloody india behind CFA.

"Oslo, Nov 13: Indian officials met in “secret” with the LTTE ahead of Sri Lanka’s 2002 truce although New Delhi considered the Tamil Tigers a terrorist group, Norwegian cabinet minister Erik Solheim has revealed.

The former envoy to Sri Lanka also said - confirming for the first time ever an IANS report of 2008 - that India played a covert role in events that led to the Tamil Tigers and Colombo signing a ceasefire agreement (CFA) nine years ago.

The repository of tremendous information related to the Tamil Tigers, Solheim spoke at length to IANS at his office here after addressing a meeting over the weekend where a report was released on Norway’s role in Sri Lanka’s peace process.

According to Solheim, the minister for environment and international development, Indian officials held a “secret meeting” with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) before the CFA was signed in February 2002.

Solheim declined to say where the meeting took place or who participated in the meeting from the two sides.

If true, this would be the first known meeting between Indian officials and the LTTE since New Delhi banned it in 1992 for assassinating former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi a year earlier.

Solheim also added that contrary to public knowledge, the Indian government, then led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), played a key behind-the-scenes role in the framing of the Norwegian-sponsored CFA.

He said he himself held several meetings with India’s national security adviser and officials of the Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) as Colombo and the LTTE inched towards the CFA.

He said some meetings with RAW officials took place at the New Delhi airport.

IANS had reported the Indian covert role but without naming RAW due to a request from sources who gave details of the intelligence agency’s involvement in the CFA - which until then was seen as an exclusive Norwegian baby.

The CFA ushered in months of peace in Sri Lanka before falling apart. The LTTE and the Sri Lankan regime went to war again in 2006, leading to the decimation of the Tigers in May 2009.

Solheim told IANS that as Sri Lanka’s and LTTE leaders quietly discussed the CFA in 2001-02, New Delhi was kept informed of each and every development. India, he said, gave “sound advice” and “constantly good and refreshing inputs”.

He said India did not want any “major international player” to get involved in the peace process and even suggested which countries should be part of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM), a Nordic body meant to oversee the CFA.

Indian officials made it clear to Solheim, he said, that they were bitterly opposed to any break up of Sri Lanka and that “Tamil Eelam would never be acceptable”.

Solheim added that LTTE ideologue Anton Balasingham, who died of cancer in 2006, understood India’s importance in the region and maintained that “nothing done contrary to Indian interests will ever work”.

But LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran, who met Solheim about 10 times in all, starting in 2001, was an “absolute amateur” in international politics even though he was a “military genius”, the minister said.

Balasingham also complained to Solheim that both Prabhakaran and LTTE intelligence chief Pottu Amman insisted for months that their group had no role to play in Rajiv Gandhi’s killing.

“They tried to convince Balasingham that they had nothing to do with it,” Solheim recalled. He quoted Balasingham as saying: “I did not believe the story, and they eventually stopped lying to me.” (IANS)"

Moshe Dyan said...

india once again covered its a*se. separatism would lead to the break up of india so they avoided that.

we should have ridiculed the LTTE for its INABILITY to form an INDEPENDENT toilet elam under the CFA during that time.

that would have been a carnival!

Moshe Dyan said...


appeasement doesn't work both locally and internationally.

govt was quick to make use of those victories we scored against the LTTE recently to push its way ahead.

1. appropriation bill
2. internet media control

similar to how they planned elections to make use of military victories against tigers. can't blame them. every victory of the nation can be turned into a political victory. similarly every defeat WILL be a political disaster.

Sam Perera said...

Tamilnuttam is trying to redefine what "International" community through a Yankee.

"“Second, I don’t think President Rajapaksa is going to be widely welcomed internationally – across the board – until there is some movement. Maybe that’s the wrong strategy, but that’s the way things are going.”"

Moshe Dyan said...

Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa greets Deputy Commander of the Chinese Navy, Vice Admiral Ding Yiping at the inauguration of Galle Dialogue 2011 at Light House Hotel.
Pic courtesy navy media

By Shamindra Ferdinando reporting from Galle

Now that Sri Lanka has eradicated the LTTE’s military capability, particularly its sea-going arm, Sea Tigers, the country can play a pivotal role in maritime security in the region, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa says.

Delivering the keynote address at the inauguration of two-day Galle Dialogue 2011 at Light House Hotel, Galle, Defence Secretary Rajapaksa said that India played a major role in the region as the regional power, while Sri Lanka, too, had a role to play. He discussed the ongoing efforts to bolster SLN strength as well as the formation of the SL Coast Guard as part of post-war strategy.

The Defence Secretary touched on several contentious issues including what he called as unregulated fishing and over exploitation of fishing resources in the region.

His comments came in the wake of continuing controversy over Tamil Nadu fishing fleet poaching in the Sri Lankan waters amidst protest from Jaffna fishermen.

Commenting on threats posed by Somali pirates, Defence Secretary Rajapaksa called for a cohesive strategy to neutralise them. The global community couldn’t afford to turn a blind eye to operations undertaken by pirates, the outspoken official said, asserting that existing measures weren’t adequate to meet the threat. He highlighted the economic cost of the failure on the part of the international community to tackle piracy.

Detailing action taken by the US etc to curb piracy, the Defence Secretary said that isolated action wouldn’t help achieve the desired results. The LTTE’s ability to procure arms, ammunition and equipment abroad and move them across international waters had pointed to the failure of those having the wherewithal to stop illegal ship movements, he said, warning that a similar situation could arise in any part of the world. He called for far reaching remedial measures.

Highlighting co-operation between Australia and Sri Lanka to curb human smuggling, the Defence Secretary said that following the conclusion of the conflict in May 2009, terrorists had reached the developed countries as economic refugees using ships once used by the LTTE to smuggle in arms, ammunition and equipment.

Moshe Dyan said...

we have highlighted the unregulated fishing mafia, how much it exploits us. we have written to the DS on this.

hopefully he will do something.

tamil nadu illegals robbing US$750 million worth fishing every year

Moshe Dyan said...

Deputy Commander of the Chinese Navy, Vice Admiral Ding Yiping was there at the maritime security event.

looks like the US joker was not happy with that!!


Speaking at the Sri Lankan defence ministry’s much vaunted conference on maritime security, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for South and Southeast Asian Affairs Robert M. Scher reiterated his government’s demands on that the Sri Lankan state improve its human rights record, ensure accountability for mass atrocities in the final months of the war and “take concrete steps” towards reconciliation with the Tamils.

I will discuss [with Sri Lankan government] areas of mutual interest and security cooperation, such as maritime security, and I will make it clear that the United States needs to see continued progress in promoting the rights of all Sri Lankans and in taking concrete steps to bring about reconciliation with the Tamil population,” he said.

“Further, we believe that a serious effort by the Sri Lankan government to ensure accountability for serious violations of human rights during the war is critically important, and the only way to truly solidify the peace you and your people worked so hard to achieve,” he added.

Elaborating the United States’ national and multi-lateral security interests in the Indian Ocean, Mr. Scher also said:

“There will always be some boundaries to cooperation, be it bilateral or multilateral: misalignment of priorities, different approaches and uneven capabilities. But, it is clear that engagement with nations around the world on the basis of mutual interest and mutual respect is, and will continue to be, an important part of US foreign policy, no matter the difficulty.

“But I must note that another important part of US foreign policy is engagement in support of human rights. The Obama administration has made it clear that it will pursue policies that include both engagement with those with whom we share interests and on behalf of improvements in human rights.

“These two approaches are not in competition, but must, by necessity, be pursued in conjunction with each other.”

"improve human rights" = DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH CHINA!!

robert, go stuff yourself loser!!

Konnapu Bandara said...

Chaps, peace-vendor Jay(han) is at it again:
Learning from Japan to build a culture of peace

Here the bugger is trying to get us to swallow the sugar coated cyanide capsule of complete troop withdrawal from NE by drawing bogus conclusions of what happened in Japan at the end of WW II. Bugger says Japan embraced a peace culture and built peace memorial museums to educate children and so should we. What he cleverly forgot to mention were few inconvenient facts.

1. Japan lost the war same as LTTE, and being the defeated party saw the futility of fighting against a numerically and materially superior enemy which brought them close to total annihilation. Same way the Peelam followers should realize the futility of fighting against a numerically and materially superior SL state and give up violence and try to educate the next generation of Tamils on the benefits of peace and getting along with the rest of Sri Lanka.

2. The winner of WW II, United State, did occupy Japan and made sure the new Japan is rebuilt according to principles of Pax Americana, the American Peace. Under General MacArthur the occupation of Japan lasted from 1945 to 1951 (6 years). As the effective ruler of Japan, he oversaw sweeping economic, political and social changes. He went so far as to declare that eating with chopsticks was uncivilized, and the Japanese should eat with forks and spoons like the rest of the "civilized" world. So he introduced the spork (spoon+fork), being a little weary of giving 'peace-loving' Japanese forks, which might be used to stab occupying GIs. He figured it would be impossible to cause bodily harm with a spork (a plastic spoon with little fork points at the tip). This is exactly what we are doing, rebuilding NE according to how we define Sri Lankan peace.


Pol Sambol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pol Sambol said...

"Sri Lanka's Indian origin Tamils ask for more representation in a solution for ethnic problem
Sun, Nov 13, 2011, 12:21 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

Nov 13, Colombo: Sri Lanka government MP Prabha Ganeshan says that he has written to the United States Embassy urging to also consult the Upcountry Tamil leaders in deliberations for a solution to ethnic problem.

He points out that the Indian origin Tamils need a bigger share of representation in a proposed solution.

Ganeshan who is the crossed-over brother of Democratic People's Front leader Mano Ganeshan says that now the Indian origin Upcountry Tamils have exceeded the number of Sri Lankan Tamils.

According to him, the Indian origin Tamil population is around 1.6 million whilst the Sri Lankan Tamil population is around 1.5 million.

He says he has requested from the leader of the Ceylon Workers' Congress to lead the Indian origin Tamils.

What problems have they had? In fact their problems if any came from the vicious Tamil caste system which Sinhalese liberated them from in 1959 with the Special Provisions Act. This empowerment to the low castes is what enraged the racist upper caste Tamils like old man Chelva and kovil Sunderalingam setting the stage for the 1958 riot to cleanse out Sinhalese in Batticola to send a "message" -and eventually war. Nonsense about language etc were all merely smokescreens to build “consensus” amongst all Tamils to halt the bill (which in effect would covertly enforce the superiority of the high castes and destitution amongst low caste Tamils). They did not succeed and the Bill was passed giving universal franchise plus access to health and education for the low castes.

The only problems the plantation Tamils have is due to bad governance and corruption from the ineffective leaders they continually elect (e.g. the CWC) that have done nothing to uplift their situation –exploiting it more than anything else. That is the fault of no one but themselves.

Moshe Dyan said...

from toiletnet.

"India has currently taken up the projects to develop the KKS harbour and the Palaali Airport. In the next stage, India should take up the project to bridge Rameswaram and Thalai-Mannaar to link India and the north of the island, Shyam Saran said."

we knew it!

a bridge between india and SL will not be in our best interests.

Moshe Dyan said...

israel has virtually wiped out iranian missile development expertise.

this is a very good lesson to sri lanka.

we should wipe out our opponents BEFORE they get to harm us.

there is no bullsh*t called morality, ethics when it comes to national security.

"Iran mourns death of missile expert as report links Israel
Tehran (AFP) Nov 14, 2011
Iran held solemn funerals for 17 Revolutionary Guards killed in a munitions blast on Monday, including a key figure in its ballistic missiles programme, as a US magazine pointed a finger at Israel. Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei attended one ceremony held in Tehran, in honour of Major General Hassan Moqaddam and seven other Guards members, according to footage aired by state television. Moqaddam, responsible for industrial research to ensure the Guards' self-sufficiency in armament."

Moshe Dyan said...

"[TamilNet, Wednesday, 16 November 2011, 10:25 GMT]
The Norway report on the failed peace in Sri Lanka, concluding that Asian powers in pursuance of military solution were a reason for the failure, cautions that this model of ‘conflict resolution’ will challenge future Norwegian-style mediations. India’s role in the genocidal model of conflict resolution is not adequately discussed in the report, yet bits and pieces in the report along with what transpired in the panel discussion in Oslo on Friday, place India as decisively responsible for the ‘Asian model’ that ended the war in genocide. Meanwhile, citing the upsurge of Sinhala nationalism as a result of the international peace process, the report advises appeasement by leaving the fate of Eezham Tamils to ‘domestic solutions’."

looks like norway buggers have finally leanrt!!

kevin said...

My friend just sent you an e mail
Glad you 'agreed' with NIMAL.What a mess?

Asithri said...

Well, we finally have some truth coming from the bloody loosy-goosy Injuns:

Indian Coast Guard says fishermen 'sensationalizing' attacks by Sri Lankan Navy

Thu, Nov 17, 2011, 01:24 am SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

Nov 16, Madurai: While suggesting to establish a 'no fishing zone' along the Indo-Sri Lanka International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) to prevent skirmishes with Sri Lankan Navy, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) has said that the fishermen had sensationalized alleged incidents, instead of seeking help from ICG or the Indian Navy.

In a counter-affidavit in the Madurai bench of Madras High Court Inspector General of ICG (Deputy Director General, Operations and Coastal Security) V.S.R. Murthy has suggested the 'no fishing zone' along the IMBL similar to the zone established by the state of Gujarat along five nautical miles on the Indo-Pakistan IMBL.

The official has suggested strict punitive measures for violators of the 'no fishing zone' to avoid illegal cross border fishing, PTI reported.

The ICG official has said that during enhanced patrolling by ICG, Sri Lankan Navy had reported numerous instances of a large number of Indian fishermen operating in Sri Lanka's waters and submitted statistics to show the intrusions.

He has said the ICG is investigating the alleged attacks on the Indian fishermen reported to ICG by the Tamil Nadu authorities. He alleged that fishermen had sensationalized alleged incidents, instead of seeking help from ICG or navy.

He has told the court that Sri Lankan newspapers had carried news of Indian fishermen destroying their fishing nets, resulting in retaliatory attacks by Lankan fishermen.

He has said that no Sri Lankan naval vessel had intruded into Indian territory as it would amount to contravene the legal treaties of years 1974 and 1976.

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jeyalalithaa has written again to the Indian Prime Minister, for the fifth time, to take action to control the 'rogue elements' of the Sri Lankan Navy who attack the Indian fishermen.

The ICG official has also warned that Indian fishermen crossing the IMBL may be potential target for non-state actors towards anti-national activities as they could use Indian fishing vessels to carry out serial blasts, as in Mumbai.

The court has directed the Coast Guard to provide security to fishermen to fish in Indian territory without prejudice to the Kachchatheevu agreement.

SLN boys: Be extremely vigilant and treat these likely LTTE-financed "fishermen" Sakkiliyas with extreme prejudice and at the slightest sign of them either supporting or being terras, just make them go into the massive water-grave known as our Indian Ocean and save your own lives – as a life of a Sakkili-terra is worth as much as the poo from a self-tangled Octupus!

OaO Asithri

Pol Sambol said...

Truth comes out once again.

I believe back at SLDF a blogger (forget his name, but his blog handle had an old picture/caricature of lion eating tiger from the 19th century) said this before. That Fonseka never believed the war could be won but (was highly supportive).

Pol Sambol said...

Ranilam has paid a visit in secret to his home country (it is understanbable why he spends much time there):

Ranil charge-sheeted on return from UK

British PM expresses concern over the Bill


Looks like Colombians are pulling all the stops to protect their chums.

Pol Sambol said...

"Verdict of Sri Lanka's white flag case tomorrow; main witness leaves country

Nov 17, Colombo: The Colombo High Court of Sri Lanka is to deliver the verdict on the ill famous "White Flag" case against former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka tomorrow (18).

The Colombo High Court trial-at-bar comprising judges Deepali Wijesundera, W.M.P.B. Warawewa and M. Zurfick Razeen will deliver the verdict.

In the "White Flag" case, former Army chief Sarath Fonseka is accused of telling the English weekend 'Sunday Leader' newspaper that Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had ordered to shoot the surrendering Tamil Tiger cadres during the final stages of the war.

Meanwhile, latest media reports from Colombo said Ms. Frederica Jansz, the main witness and the journalist who interviewed Sarath Fonseka, has left the country just ahead of the delivery of the verdict.

The Sunday Leader Managing Director Lal Wickramathunga has reportedly accompanied her.

The Police meanwhile have increased security ahead of the delivery of the verdict and placed additional barricades around the court complex in Hulftsdorp, Colombo, media reports said.

LOL at Janza & Lal, all those bogus threats just to secure a life in the West.

Well lies and hypocrisy is their nature after all.

Pol Sambol said...

Is MR going to pardon Gonseka today by any chances? Being MRs birthday and all??

Pol Sambol said...

There is a big risk he will jump out of the country and cause more hell for us.

Moshe Dyan said...

gonseka found guilty of 1 out of 3 charges.

he is sentenced to 3 years in prison.

this is a bloody disgrace. he committed such an international crimes of inciting violence and brought discredit on the country, the people, SLDFs and GR and this is all he gets?????

now he is used to the prison life. another 5 years is no big deal for him.

if MR does such a foolish thing he deserves the consequences.

UriNePee and JVP are divided over the gonseka verdict. UriNePee is with janz and lal while JVP is with gonseka.

Asithri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Asithri said...

I, for one, still have an atom of regret that OUR Fonseka became THEIR Gonseka and ruined not only his life, but a better part of OUR post-LTTE, struggling, Motherlanka as well!

Sadly, this simplistic-bugger from the rural SL-south lacked vision and wisdom of the "big picture"...

i.e. in this case, vis-à-vis what the LTTE armed/non-armed motherfcukers were all about (he only saw the military side sadly and not the LTTE whoredog’s far-reaching, insidious designs for our 2600 year beloved Motherland) – and he is paying the price for that CRASS STUPIDITY today!

The most sad part about this is how he was used by the UriNePee's Ranil Ponna and Soma the Awa-sinha of the corrupt, washed-out but power-hungry JVP!

Truly those two motherfcukers took this earlier war-hero of OURS and turned him into a puppet on a string, that is a puppet that they had the strings interwoven tightly around their sticky, smelly fingers!

What a PATHETIC IDIOT this bugger turned out to be!

Today Soma the Awa-sinha and Ranil the Ponnaya are living free lives – in grand luxury at that I am told by inside sources – while the “fall guy” this Gonseka is languishing in jail, and this time it will be for added 3 years of jail when he finishes his first 3 years!

Could not any of this then Fonseka’s SINCERE FRIENDS tell him that he was CROSSING THE LINE when he got into that pact with the known LTTE-proxies, the TNA motherfcukers, when he agreed to give N-E to the TNA for “self determination” if he were to become the Executive President of SL?

Bloody hell, wonder what kind of friends/advisors he had around him (no, I don’t mean Ranil the Ponna or Soma the Awa-sinha who were really his enemies, i.e. wolf in sheep clothing, but his true, sincere friends).

Alas, if he did not have acumen to figure this out and nor did he have any sincere friends to tell him so, then in my opinion he was unfit to lead our beloved Motherland and should have kept his gab shut – but instead of so, he gabbed and gabbed lies and see where that lie-gabbing got him !!!

What can I say, except...

You make the bed, you sleep on it; you choose the bride, you marry!!!

OaO Asithri

Pol Sambol said...


Its Gonseka's personality, his ego and arrogance.

He refused to LISTEN to his friends -those that told him not to do this.

He was so full of him self, blinded by rage and hate and wanted the "crown" of the Presidency (i.e. more power and wealth) so badly he went ahead with it -he cared nothing for anyone but himself. Plus he had the backing of the US. They wanted him as "their man" in the Colombo and he had "everything going for him".

I cannot forgive this traitor.

Moshe Dyan said...

toiletnet cries genocide about a windmill project in the north.


kevin said...

Sadly, this simplistic-bugger from the rural SL-south lacked vision and wisdom of the "big picture"...
Very true and SF deserve the jail sentence for stupidly compromising the country's honour.

Thusitha said...

I can remember at defence wire blog I was one of the first to start questioning SF and calling him a traitor to Sri Lanka. Lot were very reluctant to call him a fool as we attribute the war victories to this man. I would suggest fellow bloggers to read a book by Nassim Taleb called “Fooled by Randomness”, which basically states that most of his success might also be a result of pure luck (I recommend this book to any one who is considering investing in stocks)
It is very hard for me to imagine some one who is so smart and astute can behave in such a stupid fashion. Therefore I am happy to put him to the category of a person who achieved what he achieved due to pure luck, not his, but every one who was suffering under the brutality of VP. We have plenty of heroes to cherish, and let this guy go to the dustbin of our history.

Pol Sambol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pol Sambol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pol Sambol said...


I believe it may have been you who pointed out Fonseka’s uselessness as he was the source of the 4 debacles at Muhamalai.

In fact he was the ground commander at EP when it fell in 2000 and it was because of his arrogance and stupidity that he refused to back up the troops guarding the water wells –which is what facilitated the fall of the base, a lack of water.

Many of us were uncertain what to make of the situation when “the split” happened around late August to early September 2009. Once he sacrificed the nations honour (as rightly pointed out by Kevin) and thus was a catalyst for a chain of events haunting the nation including the revival of the Channel 4 bs, it was clear to all who’s side this serpent was on.

Thanks to him our heroes are in danger. Thanks to him our defeated demoralised enemies (Tamules, NGOs, Wests) who had given up as they “had no way to get at Sri Lanka” sprung back to life with new energy due to the booster shots he gave them many times over. Up to the white flags event Channel 4 could churn out as much as crap as they wanted but NO ONE believed it. When they aired their fabricated and edited video in July 2009 everyone laughed it off as the bs it was. Our Army was held in such high regard BS like that would not float. Once Gonseka opened his mouth the two were connected and everything went to hell from that point onwards.

He was always a pathetic strategist hence why he always failed in whatever he tried himself (see his election campaign itself). He was ruthlessly efficient at implementing OTHERS plans, tactics and operations, not ones he created himself which always ended in disaster –we got 4 more Muhamalai debacles thanks to him, hundreds of good young men lost for nothing thanks to Fonseka’s arrogance and selfishness, their name scared painfully later in December 2009. If he was genuinely motivated in “not allowing the war victory to be betrayed” (his words in October 2009 prior to entering the political fray) then he would have contested on his own and run a clean, honest campaign, not one laced in vicious lies, threats against those who questioned him, utter hatred and demonic attitude towards the nation. It was clear to all his motivation was simply his lust for POWER and WEALTH at all costs.

Pol Sambol said...

The SoB tried to take sole credit for other peoples achievements (such as the conquest of the East, GR’s battle plans and the war victory as a whole) while passing the buck for HIS failures onto others. What kind of worthless commander does that?

We’ve had great Army Commanders before like Denzil Kobbekaduwa. Gonseka is a speck of dust compared to them. Gonseka is a man without integrity, ungratefulness and HONOUR. He is driven by his selfishness, greed and ego caring little for anything or anyone. He deservers his fate.

Moshe Dyan said...

thusitha is right. he pointed out it first.

we were reluctant to call that fool a fool.

we thought he was temporarily mad.

Moshe Dyan said...

gonzeka's "achievements" (excluding 6 DEBACLES in muhamalai) were not by luck.

they were clever plans of GR.

unlike denzil, janaka, lakshman, lionel, rohan, etc. fonseka didn't have any strategic planning skills.

he has never been to westpoint or sandhurst. he was only a good infantryman. that was why GR picked him.

had GR picked a brainy guy, he would have to debate about the best strategy and GR is very poor at that!! he wanted a YESMAN. fonseka was the ideal yesman.

but the idiot was fooled by mongal and other traitors to believe that he was the man. gonseka gave mongal a kick on his face yelling at him "tho mawa kewa" after the election defeat.

then it was too late for gonzeka.

but mongal got one ting right.

gonzeka was not even suitable to lead to salvation army!!

hats off to mongal!

he screwd gonzeka twice.

Moshe Dyan said...

and got away!

if gonzeka comes out, mongal will be his first victim.

Pol Sambol said...

Tamil refugees issued Lankan birth certificatesIn a confidence gaining initiative, Sri Lankan authorities on Saturday began issuing birth certificates to children of Tamil refugees who have been living in camps in Ramanathapuram

What the hell is this?

So now any street crapper from the land of Tamils can pass themselves off as Sri Lankan citizens???

They were born in INDIA.

Why the heck they don't have Indian birth certificates??

Konnapu Bandara said...

Chaps, TamilNut bugger achieving Peelam in his knickers because some Vandals defaced the Lion statue Sri Lanka donated to Maldives during SAARC. Bugger must have seen LTTE Bata slipper brigades doing battle with a stationary statue in his wet dream.


Pol Sambol said...

"'We maintained professional Tri Forces with a lot of experiences in battling the world's most brutal terrorist outfit in last three decades. The most sophisticated aeronautical, naval, medical, engineering and information technology were provided to our Security Forces. The degrees conferred by the KDU are a combination of this theoretical and professional knowledge, the President further said.

'The funds collected for terrorism by the LTTE were spent for their personal benefit and not spent for the welfare of the innocent people. But the government provided all facilities for those who were held as human shield's by the LTTE. Our Three Forces members never allowed these civilians to starve and die amidst the war. We fed all citizens without any discrimination, the President said.

'Those who collect money for terrorism spend it to tarnish the good image of the motherland. We have to face all these baseless allegations spread to plot against the country. We have a lot of work to do for the security of the motherland and for the existence of our people',President Rajapaksa said.

The President pointed out that the money spent on weapons is aimed at strengthening the quality of our Security Forces. 'The terrorist supporting groups have started to attack us on the pretext of human rights. Therefore, the graduates who passed out today have a responsibility to counter these allegations and serve the country beyond the traditional ways and means.'

'Some sections of the media asserted that the government has allotted a huge percentage of funds from the 2012 budget for national security, whereas the country no longer faces any security threats. But we cannot reduce expenditures on national security though the war is over', the President said.

'Around Rs. 229 billion has been allocated for defence and out of this amount over Rs. 197 billion is spent on salaries, incentives, welfare and maintenance of Security Forces personnel', the President said.

'The government will empower the Security Forces with an education and Rs.1175 million has been allocated for their academic activities.. Budget 2012 has also increased the amount to be paid as allowances for the parents of fallen War Heroes. Rs. 14.000 million has been allocated for monthly payments to disabled War Heroes', he pointed out.

'The fabricated White Flag story is still haunting our national security. The lies and baseless allegations spread that the Security Forces shot at terrorists who were holding white flags have damaged the image of our motherland. Some false TV programmes are attempting to tarnish the good image of our country and certain international organizations are trying to attack our country. All these adverse elements have come together at this hour against us, the President said. "

Pol Sambol said...

This is good. We need to shut down this ugly Dole farm and its ugly damaging works (only need to look to South America to know what illegal activities they get up to includong over throwing Governments and corrupting soceities).

"After a threat of lawsuit, Dole Inc. has abandoned a banana plantation in Somawathiya National Park in Sri Lanka. The US-based food giant had partnered with a local company, Letsgrow Ltd, to grow bananas for export markets at the bank of the Mahaweli River, but Dole ran into trouble when local conservation organizations pointed out they were illegally destroying forest and planting crops in Somawathiya National Park, home to elephants and many other imperiled species. Local group, Environmental Foundation Limited (EFL), obtained past and current satellite images to prove that the company was operation within the park."

Read more:

Moshe Dyan said...

toiletnet has interviewed one ugly bitch by the name radha.

who interviwed this bitch?

if we can identify who interviwed her (under the name toiletnet), we have a breakthrough who are behind toiletnet.

Moshe Dyan said...

so 179 out of 229 billion comes back into the economy!!

that is 78%! 3% more than i thought.

TF, the defence spend is TOTALLY justified.

if we waste it on something else, tamil nationalist extortionists will rob it anyway.

Sam Perera said...

Anuruddha Ratwatta is no more

Irrespective of later political issues, Anuruddha Rathwaththe led our national effort to save the nation from the worst terrorists humanity has ever seen, LTTE. My deep gratitude and respect goes to him for his efforts, even if he could not totally liquidate LTTE terrorists.

May Anuruddha Attain Nibbana!!!

Sam Perera said...

US demands SF’s release
… warns govt. through minister

When did Sri Lanakn voters ask meddling US diplomats to speak for our majority opinion? Just f-off meddling diplomatic monkeys. We do not need your two cents to take care of our internal matters. Just go home and fly kites.

Pol Sambol said...

Hilarious stuff Sam

Guess they still want their pet released because “that is what the majority of people in Sri Lanka want”. LOL. Goodness knows where they come up with this crap, this must be like what they “believed” earlier about “the majority” wanting Fonseka as President coupled to the “sinhala vote is split”. Comically part of the reason Fonseka is despised so much is because he is the pet of the West/US receiving huge funds and support.

Then upon discovery (via secret surveys carried out by the West NGOs lackeys like the CPA) that Fonseka was going to lose they ordered him to unleash violence (in UPFA strongholds) in an attempt to decrease voter turnout. Thus in turn to reduce the margin of victory to thus make it possible for Fonseka to successfully challenge the result (he had 300,000 fake ballet papers prepared to help him in this process). Of course that all backfired because the masses of this country overwhelmingly rejected him and still do.

His filth filled aggressive campaign laced with viciousness and hate towards the country with the man spitting endless venom every time he opened his mouth is what appalled the nation and turned the masses against him even more is what he is remembered and known for. If he came to power he would have turned the country into a Burma. The US knew this but couldn’t care less as they’d prefer to have “their man in Colombo” as a permanent feature.

Furthermore can they make such demands on Sri Lanka? What happened to all that crap about democracy and rule of law? When the law does not give them what they want they seem not to happy about it.

And what kind of forum is the UNHRC for this? Do they really believe the rest of the world will fall for it? Most countries are fully versed in the duplicitous actions of the West promoting and protecting their lackeys who they try to install. Looks like they are merely pulling at straws to find things to attack Sri Lanka with and boss SL around.

Pol Sambol said...

"DPF demands Tamil speaking cops in C’bo

And so it begins.

Pol Sambol said...

"Dear friends,

As you all very well know my father was given another 3 years of imprisonment simply because the court felt he assisted in spreading a rumor that brought tension among ethnicities. Although it is my dearest wish to comment on this verdict and the so called justice system in Sri Lanka, I will keep them to myself for the sake of my family, who has felt the wrath of the the Sri Lankan law more than any regular family that lives in the country.

However, I want to use this judgment as an example to show people how much we are in need of international interference when it comes to seeking justice for my father. After months and months of activism it is quite obvious that my family might never receive any fairness without international support. With that in mind, I have started a petition in the White House website.

This is how it works

If I can get 25,000 signature within a period of one month, the White House will consider my appeal. Hopefully, This will open a whole new process that will allow me to make them aware of the reasons that surround my father s imprisonment and convince them to get involved.

Therefore, I kindly appeal you to please show my family your support by simply taking 30 seconds of your time to sign up for this petition. It will go a long way in helping my father and my family who desperately want a break from all the injustice that is happening to us on a daily basis.

We remain strong purely due to the support we have received from our supporters. Therefore, we appeal to you once more to be with us and support us in our hour of need by signing this petition and showing us you are still vouching for us. Political views aside, you all know that my father does not deserve this. The only thing he did wrong was standing up for what he believed in. It s a human right. No one should be able to take that away from an individual.

I hope my humble appeal as a daughter who desperately wants to see justice for her father will inspire you to sign this petition and show us your continuous support.

The link is as follows:

Thanking you once again for your unstinting support and faith

Apsara Fonseka"

Bitch is up to her old tricks. Best she go to Toronto and get the 25,00 signatures he needs.

After all she went to address an LTTE rally in LA last year.

Seems like a lot of activity these days with donkey day approaching. US is also pulling a few stops to get their pet out of the slammer. Hikz.

Moshe Dyan said...

from sam's link...

"US demands SF’s release
… warns govt. through minister
November 24, 2011, 12:00 pm

By Shamindra Ferdinando

The US has warned the government that the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) in Geneva would be moved against Sri Lanka unless the defeated presidential candidate General Sarath Fonseka, whom the US considered a political prisoner, is released from prison forthwith.

The former army chief was sentenced by a Trial-at-Bar on Friday (Nov. 18) to three more years in prison.

Authoritative sources told The Island that the warning had been given during a meeting between a US diplomat and a top minister representing the SLFP following the conclusion of the ‘White Flag’ case.

Sources quoted the diplomat as having told the minister that a survey carried out by the US had revealed that the majority of Sri Lankans wanted Gen. Fonseka released.

The diplomat had, sources said, asked the minister whether the government intended to pardon Gen. Fonseka. Its failure to do so would cause the US to raise the issue with the Geneva HRC, the envoy told the minister.

Responding to a query, sources said that though US Ambassador Patricia Butenis was scheduled to meet the minister initially, she had changed her mind at the eleventh hour and assigned a representative.

Commenting on the on-going negotiations between the government and the TNA, the US diplomat told the minister that the Tamil parliamentarians were not happy with what was going on. The government has taken up the position that the TNA, though engaged in talks here in Colombo, had come under pressure from the overseas LTTE activists during a recent visit to Washington. To the surprise of the minister, the diplomat unwittingly acknowledged that the TNA faced the same dilemma in Jaffna due the presence of ‘radicals’. The minister reminded the diplomat that those threatening the TNA weren’t radicals but terrorists."

Moshe Dyan said...

agree with sam.

ratwatte was a controversial figure partly due to his own misadventures and party due to matters beyond his control.

some of us don't consider him worthy of respect but his work must be appreciated. same goes for pre-2009 fonseka.

but we must respect him for the achievements he contributed to.

here are some.

he became the deputy defence minister in 1994 and held that until 2001.

1. in 1994 - jaffna was under lTTE
in 2001 - jaffna was under SLDFs

2. no LRRP in 1994
world's best LRRP in 2001

3. he introduced technology to war to match LTTE's SAMs, etc.

e.g. kfir jets, deborah boats, Mi-24s, MiG-27s

(good if he had controlled corruption in some purchases)

4. he played a key role in karuna doing the right thing.

it all happened in 2000 not 2004. from 2000 to 2004 karuna was with the LTTE until the sakkiliyas found out he was a changed man. by then no man's lands were created, a separate army was formed, enough weapons procured and even a political party was formed.

may he attain nibbana.

Moshe Dyan said...

looks like USA and LTTE are into gonzeka.

we have to make life easy for gonzeka. release him now!! i mean release his soul from his body!!!


don't leave anything for the bloody white house where a black man lives now!!

Moshe Dyan said...

[TamilNet, Friday, 25 November 2011, 08:58 GMT]

Genocidal Sri Lanka occupying the country of Eezham Tamils continued for the third year in militarily preventing people observing the Heroes Day week ending on Sunday. SL military’s paranoia or arrogance of oppression has gone to the extent of ordering temples not to toll bells or light lamps during the week. Military is also placed near some temples to watch for any breaches. With the cemeteries of the heroes erased down, temples became the solace for parents and relatives paying annual homage to the fallen heroes. Sanctions on temples too started in 2009, coinciding with Indian foreign minister choosing the day to visit Jaffna. In a latest development on Friday, hundreds of SL police personnel have entered into the University of Jaffna to prevent any observation of the week by students. On Thursday some masked men entered the university and destroyed students union noticeboards.

here we go again!

without recolonization there is no end to this bullshitt.

Pol Sambol said...

Great response here:

"Is it America’s business to demand release of Fonseka?

Asithri said...

Pol, thanks for that link...this patriot Gamini Premadasa says it all - better than anyone else has said it lately!

Asithri said...


"Genocidal Sri Lanka occupying the country of Eezham Tamils continued for the third year in militarily preventing people observing the Heroes Day week ending on Sunday. SL military’s paranoia or arrogance of oppression has gone to the extent of ordering temples not to toll bells or light lamps during the week. Military is also placed near some temples to watch for any breaches. With the cemeteries of the heroes erased down, temples became the solace for parents and relatives paying annual homage to the fallen heroes. Sanctions on temples too started in 2009, coinciding with Indian foreign minister choosing the day to visit Jaffna. In a latest development on Friday, hundreds of SL police personnel have entered into the University of Jaffna to prevent any observation of the week by students. On Thursday some masked men entered the university and destroyed students union noticeboards."

Blimey, just when I was thinking that the GOSL was going soft on LTTE terrorists' philosophy (i.e. racism, racism, and separatist-racism with violence) and was grinding my teeth and beginning to cuzz GOSL, this comes out?!?!

What a wonderful piece of news this is!!!

Made my day - and weekend!!!

:)) :)) :))

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

"without recolonization there is no end to this bullshitt."

Words of a wiseman.

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

Re. Ratwatte, yes, I agree with the comments from Sam and Moshey.

Yes, may Anuruddha Ratwatte attain Nibbana I too solemnly said.

What's key is when we were at a stage of caving into LTTE-Sakkiliyas' violence AND pro-LTTE INGO/NGO machinations also geared to making us cave into LTTE-Sakkiliyas and grant them the racist-separatist-fascist "thamileelam" state, here we had AR who stepped up to the plate and organized the SLDF to give some good whacking to the LTTE-parayas (which, in the process, I recall he almost got captured by them when his SLAF chopper came down in LTTE-paraya controlled territory - which would have been a bloody severe morale boost to them scum if it came to be!)

Agree...he was no Gota, but then again he served under a COW (CBK) and not under a LION (like Gota did).

Different times, different achievements...

He sure was a Sinhela Patriot and I say once again - AR, may you attain Nibbana.

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...


Apsara Fonseka"

Bitch is up to her old tricks. Best she go to Toronto and get the 25,00 signatures he needs.

After all she went to address an LTTE rally in LA last year.

Seems like a lot of activity these days with donkey day approaching. US is also pulling a few stops to get their pet out of the slammer. Hikz.

Yeah, like bastard-father, like bitch-daughter, what can I say!

Truly appalling that this family could not give a rat's ass to Sri Lanka's security or the on-going severe threat from LTTE MFs in the west as this family has shown that it will gladly embrace the LTTE MFs if it benefits them!

Bloody shame!!!

Want to tell you a little story...

Early this year I was on a visit to Montreal and Toronto and had the privilege to attend a popular Sinhela artist's shown in Toronto and Boy-O-Boy...was I ever surprised when I got to this event, to see a couple of (obviously) LTTE-whoredogs distributing glossy-pictured leaflets about how SF has been treated badly by the GOSL (the glossy leaflet was in English and Sinhela)!!!

I was truly floored when I saw this to my own eyes!

Yeah, these two MF's had other accomplices and those MFs had a minivan in the parking lot, with the van having more of those leaflets in case of need for replenishment (yeah, I saw this all as I took a tour very nonchalantly around this venue to observe all of this mind-boggling, insidious, puke-inducing ploy by Gonseka stooges and their new-found friends in the LTTE!)

So, Pol, what you say makes perfect sense to me!

OaO Asithri

Pol Sambol said...

That’s the thing Asithri.

GR & MR treated Gonseka like a king and his filthy family like royalty, giving them what they wanted, covering up for Gonseka’s crimes (Hi-corp, killing journalists), his filth and madness and letting him indulge in any excess he wanted.

The SoB then had the audacity to not only turn on them; he joined the nations enemies AND then planned to kill GR & MR.

They made him. He was turned into this “hero” by the Rs. It went to his head.

I remember some American guy who ran a blog called “history of war” visited DefenceWire every so often and said Gonseka should be removed following another debacle that traitor gave us at Muhmalia (all for his filthy ego). It should be noted Gonseka is the idiot moron who made us lose EP in 2000 because he refused to send reinforcements to back the troops guarding the wells that supplied the base as he told them to die of thirst. SoB had not problem killing pointlessly as many men he saw fit if it meant he could grab personal glory.

Anyway this blog guy we all condemned but he was right. Sad but true he was right. Same in the case of that Nation journalist who was also right.

Thusitha was also right –he saw through the mask of this traitor long before any of us did, thankfully Thusitha never got disheartened by the responses he got from others. Never in a million years did any of us see this DOG for what he is and what he’d do.

I could forgive Gonseka had he never betrayed the nation in the manner he did with his filthy mouth driven by his ugly ego thinking he is bigger than the nation. It was clear that this man we all held on a pedestal was a disgusting low life with no morals who sacrificed everything, including the Army and the country for his own filthy ego and greed. This man has no integrity or honour which is what we expect from our soldiers (which is why we hold them above us ordinary citizens) as we saw from the likes of Denzil Kobbekaduwa, Hasalanka Gamini and those thankfully living amongst us such as Shavendra Silva, Jagth Dias and Wasantha Karangoda just to name a few.

Sam Perera said...

One more reason to implement recolonization.

According to Keerthi Warnakulasooriya, LTTE is going to try a Libyan scenario in 2013 with a plan to get NATO in 2016. Mahason Brigade and WV Brigade shall be activated without any delay. Any Kazhuthai trying to play this game shall be given a free scuba diving trip. We should nip Eelamist menace in the bud without letting it grow any further.

Pol Sambol said...

There's a new topic Sam :))