Friday, September 2, 2011


Courtesy: Dream's End Blogspot

Having studied the techniques of the C I -A and related organizations, I am pleased to announce the following simple steps in overthrowing a democratically elected government.

1. Find some opposition...ANY opposition in the country. Your best bet is some rich members of a former oligarchy or former military. Begin giving them funds, and, start training some of them in case you need to move in the direction of military action. I understand there is a nice training facility in the Florida Everglades that is available as all the Haitian death-squadders who trained there are now busy destroying Haiti.

2. Come up with some reasons that the current government must go. The reasons could be true or not, that is irrelevant. A popular one to use would be economic issues, which goes well with number 4, below.

3. Buy and/or infiltrate significant media outlets. Use these outlets to whip up a broader backlash against the leaders.

4. Meanwhile, use overt and covert means to destabilize the economy. In Haiti, Bush simply held back 500 million dollars in aid already earmarked for that country. There are other ways to destabilize currency, including working with rich elites within the country who will be happy to help. A last resort would be an actual embargo of the country, though that's a tad obvious. Still, most Americans won't notice. We had economic sanctions on Iraq for over 12 years and yet when the second Gulf Massacre ended, news media were still talking about how Saddam had ruined the economy.

5. Infiltrate some unions. You'll need some protesters in the streets. You can pay protesters to come. That's fine.

6. Stage some opposition rallies. If possible, shoot some of the protesters and blame this on the government. This worked well in the first Chavez coup attempt. Obviously, do not tell the protesters of your intentions.

7. Ramp up the anti-government rhetoric from the media outlets you control. Be completely outrageous. Call for demonstrations. Slander government officials. Do whatever it takes. The goal is now not just to spread negative information about the government but to force a response, such as having one of your outlets shut down. Then, violation of free speech gets added to the list of grievances. You can then have some "moderates" come along and say, "Well, I wasn't really that sympathetic to the opposition, but when the government began shutting down opposition media, I realized (insert name of leader here) had to go." If you need to, pay some moderates to say this. Or some actors. This is primarily for U.S. consumption anyway.

8. Go to the CIA rolodex, and find out who the Agency controls in domestic media and get them to begin reporting on the opposition movement in ways that make it look legitimate. Be sure these media outlets blame all violence on the current government. The New York Times, FOX and CNN are good places to start. A good example of this in action is the case of Haiti. Despite the fact that the "opposition" are made of U.S. trained former Haitian military and death squads with horrible human rights records, they are called "rebels." Aristide supporters are called "armed thugs." This never fails. Don't worry that some other media will find out the truth and report it. Just make sure your headlines are bigger and get out first. Plant some stories called "The Truth about (insert name of leader here)" and make a lot of shit up. My favorite example was the "voodoo room" they found after they overthrew Noriega. It had "black magic paraphernalia AND drugs".

9. Don't actually kidnap the leader. He should be killed, as was Allende in Chile. Otherwise, they will talk. You see how much trouble Aristide was causing before they found the cell phone someone had slipped him. If it is a Caribbean or African state you are overthrowing, you might want to make sure Reps. Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel are out of the country while it's all going on.

10. Keep your own military involvement to a minimum. Some special forces in local dress is fine, but make sure there is alot of chaos before sending forces in overtly. Usually, the best approach is to wait until the leader is deposed and then send in "peacekeeping forces." Make sure you wait until the leader is actually deposed, though. It would be awfully embarrassing to be keeping the peace for the leader you are trying to get rid of.

11. Be sure to, at least at first, condemn the coup attempts, as Powell demonstrated in the opening weeks of the Haiti operation. You can switch sides later and no one will question you.

12. It can get messy, but know that, once it's accomplished, any talk that it was a U.S. orchestrated coup becomes a "conspiracy theory" and will be relegated to irrelevant blogs and leftist or conspiracy websites.
alt.conspiracy cannot hurt you.

Well, that's it. Simple. If you want to study how it works, read about Haiti and keep watching in Venezuela. Chavez is tough, but just about anything he can do from now on will simply "prove" how anti-democratic he is and how he "really brought the coup on himself".


Defence Analytics said...

Sri Lanka is once again facing the threat of "regime change" or overthrow of the government forcibly.

We don't deserve this. SL is the oldest democracy in Asia.

It cannot get any better than this for a democracy with a per capita income of less than $2,500.

Let my people decide what they want!

This is 7 years old but still as valid as ever.

On one hand western interests have not been very creative lately but on the other, they stick to tried and tested methods.

Moshe Dyan said...

looks like our guess is coming to pass.

a rail link connecting mannar and trincomalee

we thought it will link mannar and hambantota but due to indian and chinese geopolitic, it has become mannar to trinco.

blogger goldeneagle had some reservations on that. i hope his concerns are factored into this plan. otherwise this will become another nonsense.

looks like trinco will be india's entrance to world shipping lanes and hambantota for china. fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Extract from toiletnet about Blake’s visit. Seems he has been unsurprisingly meeting the die-ass-pora.

"On the political model of solution, Blake didn`t discuss anything beyond the existing Provincial Councils and getting a commitment from Colombo on a timetable for conducting elections for the north and for defining the powers of the councils.

Blake wanted to support the `dialogue` between the TNA and Colombo.

The TNA can`t do anything without India and the US, the TNA has the clouts only because the US is supporting them, Blake said, showcasing what India and the US had `achieved` by crushing the military balance of Eezham Tamils in the island.

India & US are the countries pushing Sri Lanka issue the most, with UK a distant third, he said.

However, Blake recognized the importance of Tamil Nadu.

With the election of Ms. Jayalalitha, Sri Lanka has become a more important issue in India and will be so for the 2014 election. Tamil Nadu is a swing state and is crucial for forming a new government, he observed.

Interesting piece here, clearly shows how Blake/US is trying to pull everyones strings, using all the factions to control one and another with the US on top. TNA/war crimes bs to control MR, threats of “reducing support” for TNA/die-ass-pora to keep them in check and thus keeping them on his fingers as they need him to get their racist dream state (but with the US only willing to go to a certain extent for now as to be “ok” with India). While also using Toilet Nadu to manipulate India, with India also using TNA/war crimes bs to manipulate SL with the illusion India and US are equal partners but in reality the US is (and will be) on top. And I am sure if the Centre “gets too big for its boots” the US will fast forward the Tamil racist state into full existence (with the ground work already laid for it via 13A, PCs and war crimes bs against SL) and use TN to destabilise India. Not that I care what happens to India but SL is a pawn in this game plan to have a control mechanism over India and SL is made to suffer for it.

Also shows once more how powerful a strategic asset the LTTE was, and how much a pain it has been to their benefactors that its gone now, hence the hatred for MR, the desire to remove him through any means (including punishing the people of Sri Lanka for keeping him) and the creation of a new tool of manipulation to replace what was lost with the LTTE, i.e. the war crimes bs.

"The Channel 4 revelations are only a tip of the iceberg and the justice for genocide can`t be just a token prosecution for only what had been shown in the telecast, or finding evidence to indict Gotabhaya alone, commented Tamil political circles in the diaspora.

Well no surprise here again, they want to use the "war crimes" bs to grab MORE and are not happy with "how far" the war crimes bs can go it alone, hence why they are pushing the "genocide angle" to some how get their magic state. To bad for them the West will not allow it for now (all to keep India happy in the attempt to "counter China", when India stops playing ball then the West will support the creation of a separate state in full, for now they are laying the ground work and will only go so far).

"Known for his personal bias towards shielding the Rajapaksa family, Blake was not in favour of pushing for international investigation of war crimes in the island.


"As long as Blake, who was directly involved in the course of affairs when the crimes were committed continues to steer the US dealings with the island, there will definitely be no accountability is what the Tamil diaspora in the US now realises slowly."

LOL! They are also blaming him for "failing" to save the LTTE (well he tried his best). Talk about biting the hand that feeds. Seems they are not happy that Blake is "not doing enough" even now. They think he is their pawn when in reality its the other way round.

Sam Perera said...

Blake the Snake is planning a visit next week to meet with the "students." I hope that SL government will welcome him as a tourist and show the exit door if he tries to meddle with our internal matters. In any case, it will be interesting to know who these students are, Blake will be using in the quest to destabilize Sri Lanka.

Moshe Dyan said...

everything good for SL bad for tamil people according to tamilnet!!!!

[TamilNet, Friday, 09 September 2011, 11:20 GMT]
The signing of the agreement in Colombo Tuesday to build a 500MW coal power plant in the prestine surroundings of Koddiyaar Bay in Trincomalee District, by India and Sri Lanka marks the development of an environmentally destructive project in the east, civil society sources in the east said. A coal power plant of the magnitude planned for Champoor could produce 3,700,0000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually, which is a main cause of global warming, will present great danger to the future generations of the Eezham Tamils of the Koddiyaarpuram region, civil sources in the east said.

Further Sulphur di oxide (SO2) emitted causes acid rain. According to medical sources coal dust causes black lungs diseases or pneumoconiosis and also emphysema.

When coal is burned to generate electricity, the mercury (Hg) component of coal is vaporized into the atmosphere, from where it returns to the ground in the form of acid rain.

The mercury then flows into the waterways and rivers where planktons then ingest the mercury and attach a chemical methyl group to it to create methyl mercury. This mercury is fat soluble, and so it very easily enters into the cells and is said to enter into the cells and poison the proteins of DNA.

Small fishes eat the planktons, which are in turn consumed by the larger fishes which bio accumulates the mercury.

Many rivers and streams have been closed due to mercury contamination in several parts of the world.

Mercury is extremely toxic to nerve cells and when pregnant mothers eat these fishes with soluble mercury it is especially dangerous to developing nervous systems of children, and this no doubt helps the agenda of the genocidal governments to exterminate the young Tamils as well.

The joint venture project was planned in December 2005 when Mahinda Rajapakse visited New Delhi.

A striking similarity of building dangerous nuclear power plants by the Indian government with outdated Russian technology mostly in the state of Tamil Nadu, in spite of Japanese disaster,.

According to an article by a Senior Economist from the Colombo University, the proposed joint venture coal power plant in Champoor will devastate the economy of this region.

The economist says that no concern has been shown to the operating cost in the long run, and no social and environmental assessment have been carried out.

The inhabitants of the area who are one hundred percent Tamil speaking have not been consulted. For the mere additional capacity of 500 MW of electricity produce from 10,000 acres of land and the livelihood of around 10,000 farmers and fishermen who are the traditional inhabitants of the area has been sacrificed, civil sources say.

Once this power plant starts to operate the smoke from it would damage enormously the paddy cultivation and farm products and the sea water which is going to be used to cool the power plant when returned into the sea as boiling water will destroy the Bio-diversity of the sea including the fish.

Moshe Dyan said...

but one thing is clear.

india is building outdated (1987 design) russian nuclear power plants and VASTLY outdated coal power plants in tamil majority areas!


tamilnet has to take it up with india not SL.

tamilnet allegations as total BS.

like tamilnet's political editor total BS, now it is writing total BS on chemistry!

mercury causing acid rain!! never heard such a thing. only in tamil elam!

however, from an environmental point of view, the coal power plant is not a good thing bcos it emits co2.

Moshe Dyan said...

LTTE is regrouping thanks to TNA and UNP in the north.

"[TamilNet, Sunday, 11 September 2011, 13:06 GMT]
An standoff that erupted between the residents of Paa'naaveddi village and the occupying Sri Lanka Army soldiers of 51-3 brigade Saturday night was contained in the last minute from deteriorating into a blood bath by the intervention of community leaders and politicians, after the residents caught two armed SLA soldiers. While the residents of the village situated in Tholpuram in Valikaamam West were chasing two alleged ‘grease devils’, two armed SLA soldiers emerged from the place where the ‘grease devils’ vanished. The two SLA soldiers were captured by the villagers and kept inside a house bound to ropes.

More than 1,000 residents gathered Saturday night against the Sri Lanka Army that demanded the residents to free armed SLA soldiers, who were captured by the residents in Paa'naaveddi of Tholpuram in Valikaamam West, Jaffna.

Within a few minutes of the incident, 300 to 400 SLA soldiers were deployed surrounding the protesters who were keeping the two soldiers in their captivity inside a house.

The commanding officer of the 51-3 SLA brigade threatened the protesters saying that he had received instructions from the military hierarchy to open fire at the gathering and ‘rescued’ the soldiers from the custody of the protesters.

However, when the SLA soldiers went further and ‘arrested’ 7 Tamil youths at the site, the residents were provoked and gathered in large number, armed with batons and clubs.

The standoff lasted till the youths were released on the spot as demanded by the protesters. A timely intervention by the efforts of the Tamil politicians of the TNA and the UNP contained the episode into becoming a bloody confrontation, sources in Tholpuram said."

Moshe Dyan said...

very strange it happened just before bloody blake landed in SL!!

Moshe Dyan said...

from daily mirror

A heated exchange of words took place at the United Nations Human Rights Council Session in Geneva a short while ago, pertaining to Sri Lanka. Head of the Sri Lankan Delegation Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe criticised the action of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Navanethem Pillay, while the High Commissioner used Sri Lanka as an example for the failure to uphold human rights in a context of combating terrorism.

“The countermeasures adopted by the States to combat terrorism have frequently been designed with insufficient regard to human rights. This has all too often led to an erosion of rights and fostered a culture of diffidence and discrimination which, in turn, perpetuates cycles of violence and retribution. Sri Lanka is one such case,” she had said.

She added that Sri Lanka should have a complete review of security related measures. “For three decades, not only has that country suffered the brutal effects of terrorist acts, but the response of successive governments over the years has undermined independent institutions, human rights and the rule of law. I note the President's decision to allow some emergency measures to lapse, but strongly urge the Government to follow up with a comprehensive review of all security-related legislation and detentions,” she had said.

Meanwhile Minister Samarasinghe related events that he believed undermined the proper procedures of the UN. “On the 9th of this month at a luncheon briefing, we were given to understand that the High Commissioner for Human Rights had informed a group of countries that a decision had been taken by the Office of the United Nations Secretary-General to transmit the report of his Advisory Panel on Sri Lanka to your office and to
hers. Previous to this communication, in the course of an interaction with you, Madam
President, there was no direct reference to any such transmission. It was rather embarrassing that both you and I had to learn of it from a third party at the luncheon meeting in the presence of representatives of 29 Member States of the Council,” he explained.

He went on to question the High Commissioners impartiality and a loss of confidence in the UNHRC mechanism. “This, regrettably, may lead to a loss of confidence in the Office of the High Commissioner. We believe that she should abide by the same principles that govern the work of the Human Rights Council, such as universality, transparency, impartiality, objectivity and non-selectivity, with a view to enhancing the promotion and protection of human rights in a fair and equal manner while recognising the importance of the elimination of double standards and politicisation. This incident raises serious concerns regarding the impartiality of the High Commissioner,” Samarasinghe had said.

Moshe Dyan said...

good work hon samarasinghe

great to see our reps talking our message to the world.

Pol Sambol said...