Monday, June 20, 2011

Channel Four Doctored Video Shows Tamil Terrorists Wearing the Uniforms of Captives Killing Captured SLA Soldiers

Posted on June 19th, 2011

Geoff  Wickrema

How many adults cry watching a sad or sentimental movie? After all, the movie is a commercial production of actors playing their part. It is not real. However, it can stir emotions in viewers. Gravity of emotions created by the Channel Four video is no yardstick to measure its authenticity. What Channel Four harps on is a video that has been doctored. Contrary to their claims that it was taken from a mobile phone, expert opinion has it that it was in fact recorded by a video camera. Did Sri Lanka defence forces use video cameras in the battle field? No. Who used them? Well, here is undeniable proof of a well established video recording operation in action by none other than the LTTE.

 Tamil Tigers regularly used camera crews to record their battles, execution of captives, terrorist attacks and violent propaganda events.

 The Channel Four video is about Tamil terrorists killing captured Sri Lanka army soldiers wearing the uniforms of captives. That is why the fairer victims (Sri Lankan soldiers) are naked. The darker shooters (Tamil Tigers) are wearing them! It is no secret Sinhalese are fairer than Tamils and conversely Tamils are darker than Sinhalese. Most Sri Lankan soldiers are Sinhalese and all LTTE cadres were Tamils. This fact goes perfectly well with the video. Most Tamil Tiger terrorists were children and young adults. In the video the shooters look younger than the victims. Army soldiers are a disciplined group of men with neat haircuts and proper attire. Victims in the video have neat haircuts. In wide contrast, the shooters have overgrown hair which is distinctive of LTTE cadres. Victims seem much older than the shooters with their fat bellies and heavy build.  It further proves the victims were in fact security forces members rather than LTTE cadres.

 LTTE terrorists killed scores of captured SLA soldiers and robbed their belongings from uniforms to boots. A careful look into the Channel Four video reveals the uniforms worn by the two shooters are too large for them! No disciplined army wears shaggy uniforms that loosely hang as shown in the clip. It is further proof of LTTE cadres wearing army uniforms that are too large for them. Following is a sensational case of a famous Tamil terrorist supporter wearing the Sri Lanka military uniform possibly robbed from a captured and executed army soldier.

 This is indisputable proof that LTTE was capable of robbing captured Sri Lanka soldiers’ uniforms and wearing them; and they actually did so. Misusing enemy uniforms is a war crime in itself. Under the Statute of the International Criminal Court, “making improper use … of the flag or of the military insignia and uniform of the enemy” constitutes a war crime in international armed conflicts when it results in death or serious personal injury. [ICC Statute, Article 8(2)(b)(vii) (ibid., 633] []

 LTTE cadres misused enemy (Sri Lanka army) uniforms and hence committed another war crime in addition to shooting the captives from whom they robbed the uniforms. Other terror groups have since copied it from the LTTE. An instance of Taliban fighters wearing US uniforms attaching a US military base in Afghanistan is found in the following link.

 Now hideous Tamil terrorists unashamedly use the very same video of them committing war crimes to implicate their victims of war crimes. Once they exploited their victims and killed them; now they use it to discredit their victims. Typical of terrorist groups!

 However, a large number of LTTE cadres perished in the war. Probably all the LTTE shooters in the video clip are no more or untraceable. As a result a meaningful investigation into the alleged war crimes committed by them is not possible.

Special thanks to K Samarakoon [ invaluable input.