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The Truth about 40,000 Dead Tamils in Last Stages of the War

The 40,000 figure is cited by many with half knowledge as the number of civilians killed during the final stages of the war. Nothing can be further from the truth. There is conclusive evidence to show it is a mere number with no relevance to civilians and in fact most of the dead are LTTE armed cadres who tried to ‘defend’ LTTE control in Vanni.

This is a pro-LTTE claim made on February 17, 2009; three months before the war ended.

LTTE invented the number well in advance

‘40,000 people prepared to die in battle if no ceasefire called (Tuesday, February 17, 2009)’

“Our reports from the Vanni indicate that tens of thousands of civilian defense force members have been mobilized to defend the Tamil people from the genocidal Sinhalese invasion currently underway. India is quickly looking for a way to diffuse the stand off, not having expected the Tamil civilians to take up arms against the Sri Lankan army. If there is a battle in which 40,000 Tamil civilians die defending their people, the Indian government will be held responsible by the citizens of Tamil Nadu.”

It is crystal clear LTTE terrorists fabricated the 40,000 number well before the end of the war.

The above newspaper clearly indicated that this 40,000, irrespective of the veracity of the number, to be armed LTTE terrorists fighting in plain clothing. It shows the extent of using human shields by the LTTE. 

And it was over three months before the war ended!

Annihilated LTTE terrorist regiments account for the dead

The following LTTE brigades were totally annihilated in battles in the last phase of the war

  Malathi Brigade – annihilated

      Sothiya Brigade – annihilated

      Charles Anthony Regiment – annihilated

      Imran Pandian Regiment – annihilated

      Jeyanthan Brigade – annihilated

      Sea Tigers – annihilated

      Suicide Bomber Brigade – annihilated

      Victor Artillery Brigade – annihilated

      Kutti Sri Motar Brigade – annihilated

      Ellalan Force – annihilated

      Air Tigers and other ancillary brigades – annihilated   

    If each brigade was made up of 1,000 to 3,500 cadres, the eleven (11) brigades of the LTTE would have had 11,000 to 38,500 cadres who died fighting. However, more likely the real number of all dead during the last stages of the war is closer to the lower end and almost all of them were LTTE armed cadres.

Damn lies of UN staff

“At the end of February 2009, the United Nations Country Team informed the Government that, in its view, there were 267,618 civilians present in the LTTE controlled area, basing the estimate, in part, on UNOSAT Quickbind and Worldview satellite images, used to count the number of IDP shelters. At the end of April, United Nations estimates were that 127,177 civilians still remained trapped, whereas the Government said there were only 10,000 persons left at the time. The number of IDPs who eventually emerged from the area and were housed at Menik Farm and in other camps was approximately 290,000. The discrepancy in these figures has not been adequately explained by the Government.”

Before February, only a very few civilians escaped LTTE jackboot and ran for safety in government controlled areas. Then the UN accused the LTTE for trapping civilians. Large movement of civilians occurred after this event.

The total number of people who got into SL government control after the war was 282,380, according to UN update as of 10 July 2009.”

Incredibly, five months later, UN reported the total number of people who came from LTTE controlled areas was 282,380 which is 14,762 higher!

Who are they trying to mislead?

Of course the earlier number (on February 2009) was an estimate. But it has come very close to the real number. UN was involved in many humanitarian operations in LTTE controlled areas and they could have known the number of humans in LTTE controlled areas with reasonable accuracy.

At the very least, almost the total number of humans in LTTE controlled areas in February 2009 made it safely to government controlled areas. 40,000 is too big a number for the estimate to differ from the actual (which was higher than the estimate!). 


Pol Sambol said...

I have said this before and posted it at plenty of sites. This 40,000 number is composed of LTTE cadres, who not only were dressed as "civilians" but would magically turn into "innocent civilians" upon death. Plus in the West all Tamils are "innocent" killing anyone (no matter if they are armed to the teeth" is "crime". After all the West needs to look after her pets who are the "good guys" (as they do the Wests bidding) and thus killing them is "wrong".

Pol Sambol said...
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Pol Sambol said...

Here is the some what generic comment i post when people (in the West especially) start trying to lecture Sri Lanka about "civilian losses" -shame they do not put such thought to the conflicts they are engaged in where only the well being of their "poor, innocent, dedicated" soldiers count, and absolute slaughters of innocents take place with these champions of “freedom” and “protecting civilians” not giving a damn.

[["Sure you can get evidence of “whole sale” killings and shelling of civilians when you conveniently blur the line between combatant and "civilian" (along with taking "testimonies" from the racist Tamil extremists you willingly harbour as a funding pool for conflict) in order to build up a fraudulent "war crimes" case to get revenge over the loss of a vital military asset and strategic geo-political tool. It is also a way of "putting in their place" a bunch of dirty little brown people who had the audacity to defy the Wests "authority" and dictats. Bruised ego and "punishment" for such naughty behaviour as a must comes to mind (or as Milliband said "tying them to the cannons"–reference to the “consequences” meted out after the 1857 Indian “mutiny”).

Its strange how combatant deaths (of the LTTE using both willing and conscripted fighters) is never covered in any of the volumes of “work” (i.e. propaganda and deception) devoted to the subject, as the intended goal is of course as mentioned above seeking revenge, showing who's boss and the creation of a new tool of intimidation and manipulation to use against Sri Lanka following the Wests loss of the LTTE.

What is of interest is that this "40,000 dead" causality number put forward by Tamils/UN/the West includes LTTE deaths. Funnily enough it was first "20,000 dead" in June 2009 to which the London Times said they had no clue how they came up with such a figure but cited a nameless "UN source" (in essence they admitted they lied). Then the International Crisis Group chimed in and said "30,000 dead" in 2010 also citing an unnamed "UN source". Now in 2011 we’ve reached "40,000 dead", again courtesy of unnamed sources.

However what is known is that 35,000 LTTE cadres were killed between 2006-2009. This number is conveniently lumped together with the civilian toll in the Western engineered human shield where civilian causalities are believed to really be around the 1000-3000 mark (lets not also forget that LTTE cadres were dressed as civilians –how heroic). In fact there is no interest in the number of combatant deaths because it is used to bolster the number of "innocent" Tamil deaths, where heavily armed mass murdering brutal Tamil fighters turn into "civilians" upon death. After all "they are Tamil too" and killing them is "wrong", which reflects on the typical Tamil and white mentality prevalent for decades that whatever they do is righteous and challenging them is a "crime"."

Pol Sambol said...
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Pol Sambol said...

Aljerkoff just reported some bs about SL. Interesting to note: Pakismoothy of the CPA said “MR is incredibly, incredibly popular, thus now is the time to give13A+”. This racist separatist terrorist backing nut was gushing after MR.

This is bloody dangerous. We can see how these fags are operating. They want to shove this crap down our throats using MR (and they are trying to manipulate MR using the “war crimes” bs so for all the scum who feed this war crimes bs for your own selfish reasons your are only sharpening the blade against your own country). Best of all if MR FOOL does give 13A they will ramp up the war crimes bs and even do a Libya on SL. They will never stop or "reduce" the pressure.

Old greedy racist nut Sampathan was demanding 13A+ with his eyes jumping out like a frog.

Moshe Dyan said...

don't the americans have better things to do like iran, syria????

BTW there have been 2 violent incidents in SL.

a JVP rally was teargased and police shooting at a chilaw rally has killed one. curfew impose in chilaw.

bus operators on strike.

just imagine what would happen if 13+ is given! there will be chaos to the extent the govt will have to go home.

Asithri said...


[Old greedy racist nut Sampathan was demanding 13A+ with his eyes jumping out like a frog.]

Really, yes, I too have seen this Tamil racist washed-out whoredoge of a MF salivating at the corners of his foul mouth when speaking of 13A+ !!!

Once a pathetic racist scum - you will always be one for the rest of your life they say and I believe it when I see this type of sub-human.


I am infuriated that the LLRC did not make a recommendation to the effect that ALL LTTE supporters, be it that they were DIRECT, PROXY or EVEN MORAL supporters should be prosecuted for AIDING AND ABETTING WAR CRIMES in Sri Lanka.

LLRC virtually ignored these vile LTTE terrorist supporters - the vile whoredogs who are equally guilty as the ones who fired guns/blew explosives to kill civilians in SL.

Another missed opportunity I say - how sad for Sri Lanka.

:(( :(( :((

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

I for one, am VERY GLAD that Sri Lanka abstained from the UN resolution condemning Syria.

This whole Syrian thing is all orchestrated and goaded for the benefit of same western interests as the ones who are out to fcuk Sri Lanka for defeating the vile, whoredog LTTE terrorists.

yes, these same western interests wanted the LTTE to continue for another 30 years just so they could control us like puppy dogs on a short leash for another 30 years.

Thanks to MR/GR et al cabal, we broke free from that "colonial" hegemony, despite direct and pointed threats not to do so, and this is something we should not take lightly or forget summarily.

A point of statements here are not meant as a vindication of the MR GOSL which has its fair share of problems, some very odious problems indeed including unchecked and rampant corruption and at times crass political thuggery, but one really has to look at the bigger picture here - that is if not for this MR GOSL today we would still be under the killing spree of the Tamil racist LTTE terrorist whoredogs and likely by now the country would have reached the stature of Sudan/Somalia/Ethiopia economically (this is not at all an attack OR a disparaging comment on the citizenry on any of those nations, but only noted as cases in point to show what long-drawn-out "civil wars" in the developing world can do to nations).

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

Sorry, I have been away...

Moshey, very well presented article brother and kudos to you for posting the same in Lankaweb as well.

Time these "human rights bleeding hearts" took note of the mass deception, as amply highlighted in this article, that is going on wrt to the so called "civilian deaths" in the horrific, anti-terrorist war that Sri Lanka completed in May 2009.


OaO Asithri

Konnapu Bandara said...
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Konnapu Bandara said...

Moshe, old boy, nicely done. Below list is more than enough to make a grown Peelamist man cry.

[Malathi Brigade – annihilated

Sothiya Brigade – annihilated

Charles Anthony Regiment – annihilated

Imran Pandian Regiment – annihilated

Jeyanthan Brigade – annihilated

Sea Tigers – annihilated

Suicide Bomber Brigade – annihilated

Victor Artillery Brigade – annihilated

Kutti Sri Motar Brigade – annihilated

Ellalan Force – annihilated

Air Tigers and other ancillary brigades – annihilated]


Pol Sambol said...

Fully agree Asithri regarding both points on the Wests bitter frustrations over the loss of a powerful and vital asset used to control and manipulate, coupled to their desperate efforts to create a new one AND the MR Govs corrupt activities being unacceptable.

But we must defend that powerful shackle breaking hard earned victory at all costs.

Pol Sambol said...

TamilNet Report: The Unspoken Crime of the GoSL Part 2

Moshe Dyan said...

yes, we have not voted in the syrian resolution.

The Nos

North Korea

The Abstainers

Sri Lanka
St. Vincent and Grenadines

The No shows

Cape Verde
Dominican Republic
Equatorial Guinea
San Tome Principe
Sierra Leon

9 of them are in UNHRC. we can take it that they will be with us. we need 9 more to defeat the US resolution at the UNHRC assuming the same MFs of 2009 will be against us.

Pol Sambol said...

Shavendra pooh-poohs US UN Amb’s rejection

This is some of the consequences our war heroes have to suffer thanks to Gonseka’s foul mouth, short sightedness, selfishness and greed.

Seems my comments in their defence have attracted negative attention (going by the number of thumbs down). Truth hurts for the nation hating scum, if they cannot counter it they try to censor if they cannot censor they resort to the next best thing, giving a thumbs down. LOL

Shavenda Silva is a true wonderful patriot both on the battlefield and off it. Naturally this HURTS the enmies of the nation, including scum like Gonseka.

Moshe Dyan said...

here is pol's link.

"Shavendra pooh-poohs US UN Amb’s rejection PDF | Print | E-mail
“member states told”
With a week to go before the UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Commission) sessions in Geneva, and an expected resolution against Sri Lanka approaching, spearheaded by the US, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice has now expressed her concern over the appointment of Sri Lanka’s Deputy Permanent Representative and former commander of the 58 Division, Shavendra Silva, as a UN Senior Advisor on Peacekeeping Operations.

“It’s very disconcerting that someone with his background would be selected to serve on this advisory group. We have conveyed this to Member States as well as to the Secretariat. There are a lot of efforts underway to address (this); probably best not to be discussed publicly,” she told the media.

Rice also commented on Silva’s diplomatic immunity saying, “The State Department has to respond on immunity. He unfortunately or fortunately is an accredited diplomat.”
Meanwhile, the Army Commander has initiated a Court of Inquiry this week to look into possible civilian casualties in the last stages of the war in which Shavendra Siva was intimately involved as the key field commander.

Major General Shavendra Silva meanwhile says attempts to prevent him from serving in his new appointment as UN Advisor on Peacekeeping Operations, based on unsubstantiated allegations, are a violation of his own human rights.
“Nowhere have I been convicted, and those unsubstantiated allegations promoted by a few interested parties should not stand in the way of me serving, not only South Asia but also the world,” Major General Silva told LAKBIMAnEWS speaking from New York.

Major General Silva was appointed to the advisory panel of UN peace keeping by Member States of the Asian regional bloc, which deliberated on the appointments for nearly four months."

Asithri said...

Pol, thanks for the article and the link.

I have visited the site and "set a few things straight."

;)) ;)) ;))

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...
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Asithri said...
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Asithri said...

Here's Sri Lanka's own PRICELESS EINSTEIN!

[Sri Lanka minor Tamil party leader questions the need of a government that increases prices
Sat, Feb 18, 2012, 12:46 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

Feb 18, Colombo: Leader of a minor Tamil party in Sri Lanka has questioned why the country needs a government that increases local fuel prices according to rising global oil prices.

The leader of Democratic People's Front (DPF), Mano Ganesan has told the media that it is the duty of the government to govern and manage these situations without burdening the people.]

Where on earth was DNA created to bless Motherlanka with such brainpower! Such intellect! Such wisdom! ???

This monkey should have stayed on the banana tree without getting off it and trying to dabble in Global Economics!

:)) :)) :))

OaO Asithri

Pol Sambol said...

Yes I saw Asithri.

It is terrible that such selfish, greedy traitors can even exist, in SLs case they are found in abundance.

Also need to put that useless women Namini Wejidasa woman in place. She ENJOYS it when her white masters “come down hard” on Sri Lanka. I have seen the way she writes with such hatred towards our country and Armed Forces. Prostituting out the country to further herself. I have said this many times before.

She also authored a filth pile for the NYT called SLs “ghosts of war”. Would she dare write about Iraq’s “ghosts of war”? If SLs standard quality of “journalists” tried to work in the West they would be unemployable or in prison. Only way they can make a name for themselves is to spit on Sri Lanka. That is the only way they can get employment too.

Moshe Dyan said...


"SL among countries pushing for transparency in UN Human Rights body

Posted on February 21st, 2012
By Shamindra Ferdinando in Geneva -Courtesy The Island

SriLanka will continue to campaign against the use of Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to undermine UN member states.

Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Ambassador Tamara Kunanayakam, is expected to raise the issue at the 19th sessions of the United Nations Human Rights Council scheduled to begin on Feb. 27. Sessions are scheduled to continue till March 23.

Amb. Kunanayakam, who was previously in charge of Sri Lanka’s mission in Havana, will emphasize the need to address the issue urgently.

Asked whether Sri Lanka was confident of having support of member states of the 47-nation UN HRC, a senior official said that there were many like-minded countries, which opposed manipulation of OHCHR for political reasons. Due to OHCHR being dependent primarily on US and European funding as well as staffing, it had become a key part of Western strategy directed at those countries not towing their line, the official said.

The OHCHR issue comes up in Geneva again, in the wake of UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand making an abortive bid at the Commonwealth Heads of Government of Meeting (CHOGM 2011) in Perth, Australia, last October to establish Office for Commissioner for Democracy, Human Rights and the Rule of Law on the lines of OHCHR.

At the 18th sessions, last September, Amb. Kunanayakam launched an unprecedented attack on OHCHR. Associating with a statement made by Pakistan on behalf of co-sponsors of a Resolution titled ‘Transparency in Funding and Staffing of the OHCHR’ Amb. Kunanayakam, while emphasizing the importance of transparency in the OHCHR process, including equitable geographic representation in the staffing and a clear need for an equitable appropriation of funds available to the Commissioner and the need for accountability of such appropriation to that Council.

The Sri Lanka’s Geneva mission quoted Amb. Kunanayakam as having told the 18th sessions: “Any procedure that falls short of these ideals is wholly inappropriate. It is only timely that we would urge this Council to take serious note of whatever shortcomings that detracts from achieving these ideals and put in motion a process that would address these issues in a meaningful and responsible manner so as to achieve the ideals of equitable and efficient distribution of funds and symmetrical mobilization of human resources. This process can only begin if the Office of the High Commissioner permits access to information in a spirit of candour. It is sincerely hoped that this resolution too should not be regarded by some as procedural trivia. May we respectfully observe, that this kind of critique, is symptomatic of the re-emergence of the ghost of the trend that might is right, a trend that must be discouraged at all costs.”

Moshe Dyan said...

what transparency at UNHRC when it is led by a tamil INVESTIGATING tamil allegation of tamil people's deaths in the war against tamil tigers.

this is a joke.

there is no transparency at all.

Sam Perera said...

Ms. One eyed Jack-Arse aka Ms. Marie Colvin is no more.

Intro from the real Tamilnet can be found here. Wailing of the fake Tamilnet can be found here.

Moshe Dyan said...

"Veteran war correspondent Marie Colvin killed in Syria

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 22 February 2012, 11:53 GMT]

Renowned journalist Marie Colvin of The Sunday Times (UK), who is familiar to Eezham Tamils for her coverage on the conflict in the island, has been killed in shelling in Syria together with French photographer Remi Olchlik on Wedensday, agency reports said. The courageous journalist lost one of her eyes in 2001 in Sri Lanka Army shelling while working in the island. She was the only journalist to be present in besieged town of Homs in Syria, covering the conflict there, where she was slain. The shocking news of her death comes a few hours after her coverage on “sickening scenes” from Syria."



she was the bitchh who contacted LTTE leaders for surrender.

she is the MOST CREDIBLE of all witnesses in any case that would have been filed against SL on the ALLEGED killing of LTTE leaders after an ALLEGED surrender.

well done!

Moshe Dyan said...


you beat me on that.

anyway well done syria.

assad made my day!

we should be proactive. we should identify other MFs like this (possibly from C4) in war zones and kill them there.

Pol Sambol said...
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Pol Sambol said...

10 year ago Ranilam signed the CFA in secret selling out the nation to his masters and Tamil butchery.

This is what this traitor has to say today:

”Ranil raises special ‘document’ issue in Parliament

Ranil Wickramasinghe today alleged that the government is preparing to submit a document to the Human Rights Commission in Geneva, which it had not presented to the Sri Lankan parliament.

“Presenting the document in Geneva without presenting to parliament is a breach of privileges of the country’s parliamentarians,” he went on to accuse.”

It is amazing how these people have no sense of integrity or an ounce of ethics if they can act so brazen and shamelessly as they do.

I believe this maybe linked to his masters plot to undermine support within the UNHRC for SL. In the Island ( GL states how the US has been spreading tales that SL has been making deals with them, to get nations that are on SLs side to change their mind. Same really sad Machiavellianism on US' part.

It also states how the US leaked some bs into the media, then tried to blame SL for it.

Clearly they are desperate for a “win” here. No doubt Blake is pushing this. The man has gone INSANE. He has developed an obsession with SL.

Asithri said...

Gawd, some A-H's do get my goat!

One only needs to have a negative tidbit about Sri Lanka to have 'em vile LTTE-racist-separatist whoredogs come out of the woodwork and try to capitalize on it!

Here's my recent-most experience:))

Asithri said...


One pro-terrorist whorebitch who in our case used her media in the UK to further the vile LTTE terrorists' cause bites the dust in Syria!

What goes round, comes around they say.

Karma or what uh?

:)) :)) :))

OaO Asithri

Moshe Dyan said...

toiletnet has gone crazy!

"UNHRC sessions open on Monday amidst US–Sri Lanka gambits

[Fri, 24 Feb 2012, 07:16 GMT]

On Tuesday, Genocidal Sri Lanka’s foreign minister GL Peiris and its ‘socialist’ ploy Tamara Kunanayakam, SL permanent representative in Geneva, painted a picture of victimisation by the USA, to the 47 UNHRC member states meeting in Geneva for two weeks from Monday."

Moshe Dyan said...

from cnn.

"Rising sea levels are a particularly acute problem for the Maldives as its position as the world's lowest lying nation.

An archipelago of almost 1,200 islands scattered across a 249-square kilometres (96-square miles) of the Indian Ocean, the country has understandably been one of the most outspoken on the issue of rising sea levels.

The Maldives are only 2.4 meters above sea level at their highest point, meaning just a small increase could threaten the islands very existence.

A wide variety of mitigation and environmental restoration strategies have been explored in an effort to confront these dangers.

Both public and private reef regeneration projects have been authorized in an attempt to breathe new life into coral that can act as a natural barrier against sea level rises.

The possibility of evacuating the islands and buying land in either Sri Lanka, India or Australia to set up a new homeland has also been explored.

In 2009 the Maldivian government held under water cabinet meetings in land reclaimed by the sea to highlight the extent of coastal erosion."

a homeland for maldives in SL if sea levels rise 2.4 meters

Moshe Dyan said...

as far as i know, it was discussed ONLY in this website.

naturally we are divided.

i still support the idea ALL maldivians should be given land in jaffna which is CLOSEST IN RESEMBLENCE to maldives.

recent spate of islamic fundamentalism does NOT matter.

we have seen islamic fundamentalism in SL too.

what we gain - a MASSIVE STRATEGICALLY IMPORTANT sea area is much more than we lose.

that will be a HUGE bargaining tool to control indian, US, chinese and russian geopolitical interests in our favour.

once integrated, maldivians will not engage in islamic fundamentalism.

we know how to get rid of fundamentalists and terrorists.

our expertise should be used to our strategic advantage.

at the same time we can BUST tamil nationalism in the north.

Pol Sambol said...

Perhaps Sri Lanka can use this UNHRC session to demand that the sources of the monkey moon report be revealed, in the name of accountability and genuine intentions on the part of the UN/West (hikz) in moving forward “reconciliation” and “Brining peace” to Sri Lanka. Surely the West/UN have nothing to hide? After all they care so much and want to “help” Sri Lanka. Hikz.

This is the perfect place to take apart the UN report (something these fools should have done back in 2011.
If they refuse we can toss out the validity of the “report”.

Pol Sambol said...

What the hell is this? Same idiot Government allows Blake to have meetings with Gonseka (back in 2008), now they allow this to take place without a clear idea of its consequences and real machinations of those making such meetings. When will they learn? Why on earth are they so thick headed? How many “Lessons” do they need to receive till they catch on to the perils of being so lethargic and disengaged, constantly waiting for shit to hit the fan then going back to sleep after some poor clean up operations.

"The US has been doing their damnedest to fix Sri Lanka. They had apparently been circulating sugar coated e-mails to members of the HRC trying to convey the impression that Sri Lanka is in close consultation with them in order to deceive HRC member states into voting for the US resolution. Coupled to this was a meeting in Colombo on Thursday between officials of the US Embassy and around 15 business executives representing companies that were exporting to or importing from the USA. MAS holdings, Brandix, 3M, had been represented among others. What the US Embassy had wanted from them had been regular feedbacks and information about security related matters in this country. They had tried to get something like this going an year ago but it had not got off the ground.

The meeting had lasted a little over an hour. Patricia Butenis the US Ambassador had been present but had gone off half way. The Embassy official actually organising this meeting had been Douglas C. Marvin. He had been talking about mitigating risk and that kind of thing, but what kind of security risk does this country pose to US business interests? This was a meeting under the auspices of the Overseas Security Advisory Council of the US State Department which had been set up to look into security threats against US business interests overseas. This had been functioning in various countries. But one gets the impression that an attempt to start this in Colombo smacks more of sinister infiltration and underhand pressure than anything else."

Moshe Dyan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moshe Dyan said...

toiletnet and HRW have found a picture from medieval europe to show evidence of torture. LOL!!

Moshe Dyan said...

oil and gas found in israel's EEZ

old news with a new geopolitical conflict.

"An Israeli leviathan
Energy self-sufficiency had eluded the state of Israel since its founding in 1948. Abundant oil and gas exploration was repeatedly undertaken with meager results.

Unlike its energy-rich Arab neighbors, Israel seemed out of luck. Then, in 2009, Israel’s exploration partner Noble Energy discovered the Tamar field in the Levantine Basin, some 50 miles west of Israel’s port of Haifa and with an estimated 8.3 tcf (trillion cubic feet) of highest-quality natural gas. Tamar was the world’s largest gas discovery in 2009.

At the time, total Israeli gas reserves were estimated at only 1.5 tcf. Government estimates were that Israel's sole operating field, Yam Tethys, which supplies about 70 per cent of the country's natural gas, would be depleted within three years.

With Tamar, prospects began to look considerably better. Then, just a year after Tamar, the same consortium led by Noble Energy struck the largest gas find in its decades-long history at Leviathan in the same Levantine geological basin. The gas field was discovered in October 2010 and Israel declared it its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

The find is some 84 miles west of
the port of Haifa and three miles deep. They named it Leviathan after the Biblical sea monster. Three Israeli energy companies, in cooperation with the Houston Texas Noble Energy, announced initial estimates that the field contained 16 trillion cubic feet of gas—making it the world's biggest deep-water gas find in a decade. To put the number in perspective, that one gas field, Leviathan, would hold enough reserves to supply Israel's gas needs for 100 years. Israel went from a gas famine to feast in a matter of months.

With the Tamar and now Leviathan discoveries, Israel was beginning to discuss how to become a major natural gas export nation, as well as whether to significantly tax gas and oil revenues and place them into an Israeli Sovereign Wealth Fund that would make long-term investments in the Israeli economy as China and many Arab OPEC nations do.

Perhaps sensing that major oil and gas discoveries were being confirmed with the potential to change the geopolitics of the entire region, the US Geological Survey (USGS) launched its first-ever estimate of the total reserves of oil and gas in the broad region encompassing the Eastern Mediterranean including the Aegean Basin offshore Greece, Turkey and Cyprus, the Levant Basin offshore Lebanon, Israel and Syria, and the Nile Basin offshore Egypt. Their conclusion was impressive to put it mildly."

Moshe Dyan said...

toiletnet is down!!

this racist terrorist piece of dirt has to be taken down.

Moshe Dyan said...

sinhalese people's ability to transcend racial differences is what sets them apart from tamil-only tamils.

no secret tamils only watch tamil nadu films. NEVER sinhala or even hindi films. general racism.

sinhalese on the other hand watch hindi and sometimes DECENT tamil nadu films too (these type of decent tamil nadu films are very rare). general inclusiveness.

jewsih people are like the sinhalese.

can you imagine iranians or arabs who call themselves "palestinians" to watch jewish films???? NO WAY.

"Israelis flock to see winning Iranian film

Israeli newspapers warn daily of the Iranian nuclear threat, but for the past week and a half, Israelis filmgoers have packed movie theatres to watch a drama set in Tehran.

A Separation, a domestic drama directed by Iranian Asghar Farhadi, bested an Israeli rival and three others on Sunday to win the award for best foreign film.

Israelis were rooting hard for their own Oscar contender, Joseph Cedar's Footnote, a Talmudic scholar saga. But their interest in A Separation was piqued by the rare glimpse it offered into the living rooms of a country they regard as a threat to their very survival.

"It's very well acted, exceptionally well written and very moving," said Yair Raveh, film critic for Israel's leading entertainment magazine, Pnai Plus. "Ultimately you don't think about nuclear bombs or dictators threatening world peace. You see them driving cars and going to movies and they look exactly like us."

Israel, like the West, accuses Iran of using its nuclear program as a cover to build bombs, and is afraid they would be turned against the Jewish state. Tehran insists it is producing energy, not weapons.

A Separation takes viewers far away from the nuclear showdown, chronicling the drama of an Iranian woman who wants to divorce her husband because he refuses to move abroad with her, preferring to stay behind to tend to his ailing father."

Moshe Dyan said...

toiletnet is up again with a new piece of shitt called jude lal fernando.


do you have any track of this monkey???

from what i collected this monekey is connected to that basil fernando dirt. did he sire the other????

another dirt called philip setunga (asian HR commission) is associated with both of them.

another connected dirt is father sarath iddamalgoda.

this bugger is also connected to asian human rights commission!!

these non-tamil LTTE networks are very well interlinked. we have to bust them.

kevin said...

I am glad that JVP had declared that they would protest against the UN declaration.

kevin said...

Ranil says that SL couldn't be tried at the ICC.It's time all parties in SL band together against meddlers.

Pol Sambol said...
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Pol Sambol said...


Ranil traitor says “thanks” to him no one can be tried at his white masters courts. What he failed to mention was thanks to him the country almost disintegrated in 2002. And thanks to him, his party and its herd supporters all afflicted with mental enslavement and short term greed for power at all costs (where they could not care less if the country did disintegrate or war continued for another two decades or economic sanctions are slapped) they have happily and willingly fed and supported the enemies of the nation. All due to their selfishness and sickening mentalities where they do not give a damn for the country or its well being, only their personal advancement.

Moshe Dyan said...


"Ranil traitor says “thanks” to him no one can be tried at his white masters courts."

this is true. the poor devil deserves credit for it.

imagine CBK had her cabinet at that time or MR the human rights champion at that time was the PM. then we would certainly have signed that rome protocol shitt trap.

ranil at least had the foresight to REFUSE it under enormous pressure from his friends to do so.

we MUST give the devil his share of credit.

but i would not rule out ranil, jeyalath and other dirt conspiring against SL behind closed doors. i'm positive they are sleeping with pat butt-tennis now. however, a powerful people's campaign can terrorise them into submission.

good move by JVP.

we all have to unite against the BIGGEST enemy of the nation - LTTE RUMP and their COLONIAL masters.

Pol Sambol said...

Delegation of 64 sent to Geneva. what kind of joke is this. How many useless ministers have gone + their families? What can that fool Yapa achieve? NOTHING.

What a waste of money. These people going to have a party time when the country is about to be burnt. WTF.

All SL needed to send were people like GL (who can talk well and convincingly), Samarasinghe, Rajiva (is he even going?) and Dayan (though a marxist nut he is useful). The Ambassadress Tamara is also very good.
Hakeem being "justice minister" makes some sense being there, though i also hate with passion that slime ball.

Holding expensive lunchings, dinners and even pimping out Colombian women to buy over/secure support is fine. But a free holiday for 50+ people who should not be there is just sickening.

kevin said...

Division among us is exploited by the IC meddlers to interfere to the extent of hauling our leaders on WR or war crime charges that would eventually destabilize the island thus letting in the separatist.
Likes of Ranil or JVP giving at least some opposition to UN declarations must be welcomed.To day not even the one time friends of the West like Gaddafi or Assad is immuned from their agenda,what ever it is.Today they are using these extrimist Islamist to topple their one time friends.Therefore absolute unity is vital.

Pol Sambol said...
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Pol Sambol said...


Ranilam did not sign the Rome statute or whatever because he feared what would happen to his LTTE buddies if someone decided to haul them to the Hague following the marriage to the CFA (not that suddha would try them and find them guilty hikz). Secondly he feared loads of UNPers would be taken there for their crimes, including Ranilam for running the Batalanda torture camp.


This is not the 16th, 17th, 18th or 19th centuries anymore. Back then different factions of the same people (the world over) fell for suddha’s tricks because they did not know better. TODAY people know damn well about divide and conquer and suddha’s games.

The reality in SLs case is that people (in the UNP/Colombian circles) are mentally enslaved and servile to their white masters from birth. All they know is to put suddha on a pedestal above them.

Secondly people are driven by their short sighted selfishness and greed. They will happily contract out the “assistance” of foreigners/even the sworn enemies of the people if it means furthering themselves and grabbing power/wealth NOW. They do not give a damn about the future and do things without foresight, not giving a damn for the consequences.

Plenty of people could not care less if the country disintegrates or if war continued for another 2 decades if it means they can grab power some how or settle personal/political scores, further themselves and enable “their party” to score victories. In fact this ugly selfishness and lust for power at all costs pre-dates 1505.

Only Sinhalese people happily sharpen the blade to chop their own heads off.

Where else in the world would you find a people who produce a Fonseka? Only Sinhalese.

Moshe Dyan said...


yes; that was the reason.

but whatever his reasons are, he did the right thing for once.

now he is back in his usual treacherous crap. now UNP is seeking support in EU countries against SL.

"‘Lankan govt. should learn a lesson from Gaddafi’s fate’

As a smaller nation, Sri Lanka cannot challenge the might of the United Nations, warns UNP national organizer Daya Gamage, and asks the Rajapaksa regime to keep in mind the fate of Libya’s Gaddafi who had attempted to do so.Addressing a function organized by the UNP Paris branch in the French capital as part of a drive to increase the party’s overseas membership to 100,000, he said Iran would also suffer the same outcome for opposing the UN, reports Rohan Rambukwella in France.Speaking further, he said Sri Lanka cannot make enemies of India, the US and other western nations which are the island’s major donors unlike China which provides only credit, and become an international recluse in the process."

from the nation website quoted in SLG

Pol Sambol said...

Who is the dumb white worshipping fag that wrote this ridiculous piece? Sounds like something straight from the UNP/Colombian/NGO clique, no doubt it is. Anyone thinking a UN resolution “will help” and “be beneficial to” Sri Lanka are truly nuts and display their deep hatred for the country, hatred for nationalism and their deep seated servility to suddha:

Sam Perera said...

Never trust meddling western diplomatic monkeys. They are getting ready for something else.

Moshe Dyan said...

good if true.

"Colombo harasses Tamil politicians, civil officials
[TamilNet, Saturday, 03 March 2012, 11:21 GMT]
Sri Lankan ‘Criminal Investigation Department’ in Colombo has stepped up harassments on Tamil politicians and civil officials summoning them for investigation meetings in Colombo. A politician and a medical officer have been recently ‘invited’ to appear in Colombo without providing any information on why they were being ‘investigated’. Colombo government has again started to systematically harass the active sections Eezham Tamils, seeking to dis-empower them by de-motivating and demoralising such activists.

Former Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Parliamentarian and Tamil National People Front (TNPF) politician Ms. Pathmini Sithamparan was questioned by the CID on Friday."

Moshe Dyan said...

looks like USA has realized its BS resolution is SURELY GETTING FAILED.

so they pulled out.

Moshe Dyan said...

at the next UNHRC summit these clowns will bring a fresh resolution.

this is never ending.

we have to colonize the north to PERMANENTLY dismantle tamil elam.

Sam Perera said...


I do not think that meddling US diplomatic monkeys gave it up in this term yet. Regardless, US has very successfully reunited the nationalistic forces once again through their unsavory action. Just like a dormant virus, top scum within the green monkeys and terrorist in disguise of NGO's spared nothing to display their hatred towards Sri Lanka. However, all these changed our focus on achieving economic independence. I sincerely hope that MR will quickly get us back tracks.

Moshe Dyan said...


yes, these monkeys will not forget the easy bananas they got and can get from SL. they will CERTAINLY be back.

we have to,

1. recolonize NORTH to turn it an area with a DIGNIFIED, PRO-SL majority, from a pro-US slave majority now.

2. reduce economic dependence on USA, EU.

looks like india is still with us. not bcos they love them but because they have PLENTY to LOSE by going against SL.

can't wait to see toilet madu reaction!

Moshe Dyan said...


putin has won the russian presidential election. the world will not be the same now. declaring his victory he has publicly declared that,

"we have defeated those who want to see russia destroyed"

we all know who those separatist MFs are!!

Pol Sambol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pol Sambol said...


The West will never give up.
They have used every trick in the book to get this "resolution" passed.

According to the Island political column the vote on SL will be on the last day of UNHRC, when some member states will have left (who would side with SL).

They really are going for it. Utter desperation all most. Blake really wants a "win". LOL.

Anyway if it doesn't happen now, and even if it is defeated, it will come back in September, or next year.

This fraudulent "war crimes" bs is the new weapon of the West as their replacement for the LTTE, to manipulate, dictate and control SL with.

But as always MR FOOL took 3 years to learn this lesson, when back in 09 he was told by many (supportive of SL) of what lay ahead, how the suddhas would never give up getting their revenge etc. Yet he did not take it seriously, or care, or believe it like typical SL fools not understanding the world around them and only thinking within the scope of SLs retarded politics. They view everything through these idiot lenses and are driven by their equally retarded short term mentalities.
Hope he’s got the message now? Though I doubt it. A win today in Geneva does not mean “its over”.

Pol Sambol said...

India urging Sri Lanka to allocate oil exploration blocks

And this is how the fraudulent claim of “war crimes” (built on lies and propaganda) is used to bully and manipulate Sri Lanka. Hope all the scum opposition, their supporters, the NGO monkeys, Fonsekarites and other loud mouth loonies in the country understand how they have fed ammunition to the enemies of the nation –worst of all these people have done it knowingly without giving a damn. All they care about is their happiness NOW driven by their short term mentalities and selfish desires without a ounce of concern for the consequences. These are after all the same people who could not care less if war continued for another 2 decades or the country disintegrates if it means they can grab power today and settle their political scores.

kevin said...

This a good one about Human Rights Hypocrisy


Sam Perera said...


I am not sure if US can bring a motion on the last day when the other nations are gone. However unlikely it is,, we shall never trust the meddling western diplomatic monkeys.

Moshe Dyan said...

mannar bishop kasippu joseph has done it again.

he along with 30 other tamil priests have written to UNHRC begging them to do an independent investigation into "war crimes".

these terrorists should be punished under the sixth amendment and PTA.

the longer we let them be, they ruin our nation.

can this happen in any other country?

down with kasippu joseph.

Moshe Dyan said...

using the war crimes BS all the EXTORTIONISTS are at SL's neck demanding things.

we are in a fix.

we wasted 3 years without COLONIZATION.

now we are stuffed. had we commenced colonization in 2009 by now we have a powerful bargaining tool - further colonize or not.

then tamil elam will be there for the taking. that means these clowns will not be interested in SL.

this moneky crap will NEVER end.

we have to stop forefighting and start colonizing the north with non-tamils.

no need to fully change the ethnic composition soon. it takes time. at least start with strategic areas.

re-demarcate provinces from old british borders.

Konnapu Bandara said...

Chaps, here is a good interview with Ambassador Tamara Kunanayakam. She is a straight talker and doesn't blow hot air like lot of other talking heads our side puts forward. I see a real patriot and a rising star in her. May be another Kadirgamar in the making.

UNHRC battle be fought to the very last minute


kevin said...

Brandna d known to you?
He is actually Brendan D

kevin said...

Ambassador Kunanayakam done a splendid job at Geneva.very good response.

Moshe Dyan said...



Moshe Dyan said...

tamara is doing a great job there defending national interests.

the US resolution should be DEFEATED without any compromise.

compromises mean FURTHER interference.

Konnapu Bandara said...

Bugger, looks like HooliGona has landed his dream job, chicken roaster at Presidents house. Poor fellow must have overheard President talking to Malinda while roasting chicken in the kitchen. I remember bugger hyperventilating about price of chicken here sometime ago and I offered to hire him into my kitchen staff. Jolly good show my poor man, in spite of your mental condition and frequently checking in and out of loony bin, you landed your dream job.


Konnapu Bandara said...

Chaps, its good news that MOD is cracking down on Donkeys who claim to be journalists spreading vile rumors and falsehoods about our military.

In a letter hand-delivered to news outlets including Reuters, Media Center for National Security (MCNS) Director-General Lakshman Hulugalle said the new order was effective immediately.

"I have been instructed to inform you that any news related to national security, security forces, and the police should get prior approval from the MCNS before dissemination," Hulugalle said in the letter, dated last Friday.

Freedom of press is very important, but that does extend to foreign funded rags like Lanka e-news publishing photos of military intelligence officers and matters pertaining to national security:
Lanka PeeNews damn lies

Can you imagine what would happen to a fellow who would publish photos of President Obama's personal security team and anti-terrorist teams from FBI or CIA? The fellow will be hauled in before he could mouth words 'press freedom' and will not be heard again for years. These balck-balled PeeNews bastards throw mud on honorable offices like Major General Jagath Alwis to weaken our resolve to fight our mortal enemies. I have known this officer since he was a Lt. Col. in Gajaba Regiment. In mid-eighties he took a bullet to the knee cap leading a raid on a LTTE jungle hideout and still walks with a limp. He has served our country honorably for so long. Have any of the slimeballs in Lanka Pee news ever served day in the forces? These putrid bastards make my blood boil. Bah!


Moshe Dyan said...

govt should close down this lanka pee news crap AFTER the UNHRC BS.

for the moment legal action should be taken against them.

Moshe Dyan said...

how dare these MFs blame a SERVING army officer.

these terrorists should be punished. they know the UNHRC BS is raging in geneva and toilet madu asses are dancing in india and they do their BS.

Konnapu Bandara said...

Moshe, old boy, this PeeNews crap site is run by UK asylum seeker Sandaruwan Senadheera. Bugger lives off funds from some European INGOs and LTTE scumbags. If this is 'independent' media then my dogs feces are gold nuggets.