Monday, November 8, 2010

Open Letter to Editor, AsiaTimes

Simon Gnanapiyasena

Dear Editor AsiaTimes:

I earnestly bring to your notice the concerns I have around the one-sided, racist article titled “Vandalism at library frightens Tamils” by your writer Sudha Ramachandran.

Clearly, this writer’s intent appears to be to the arousal of communal hatreds between the majority Sinhalas and the minority Tamils of Sri Lanka and ensure that Sri Lanka will never achieve ethnic-reconciliation between these two main communities and move the nation forward after the horrific civil war that ended last year – after 30 long years of immense death and destruction.

What is concerning here is the fact that this writer’s apparent goal appears to be completely in-alignment with the goal of the internationally banned terrorist group, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), which was the main protagonist against the state of Sri Lank in that ugly civil war.

Clearly this writer’s anti-Sinhela racist, baseless ranting is evident when s/he uses such terms as “Sinhalese-Buddhist supremacists” to attck carte-blanc the Sinhala community and amusingly quotes even unnamed “a professor at the Jaffna University” and pick on alleged quotes only from well known Sri Lanka bashers such as Tisaranee Gunasekera (an avowed racist-communalist from Sri Lanka).

It is truly pathetic to see the writer’s credibility being blown sky-high when, while dabbling in Sri Lanka’s ancient history which the writer appears to have zilch knowledge of, when s/he said
“Both the Tamils and Sinhalese came from different parts of India at roughly the same time – 2,500 years ago.” !!!  

Even the ancient Hindu Mahabharata literature refers to the “Sinhala Kingdom” being the island of Sri Lanka and a simple Google of “ancient Indian kingdoms” will bring up enough academic material to show the incredulity of this writer’s falsehood.

However, what is more concerning here is the well known fact that the vast sums of money the LTTE amassed, through narcotics dealing, smuggling weapons for other terrorist groups, Bank frauds in the west, extortion of Tamil Diaspora, etc. that ran into multi-$Billions, are today being used lavishly by LTTE agents to “ink the pen” of many a self-professed “journalist’ or “researcher” and that this, too, could be the case whereas your AsiaTimes is concerned?

Simon Gnanapiyasena

Originally published in Lankaweb.


Konnapu Bandara said...

Simon, dear chap, welcome to Defence Analytics. This traitorous terrorist tart Tisaranee Gunasekera you mentioned has an article filled with race baiting trash about the great 'Jaffna library raid' on The article itself contained nothing new, same old trash, but I found the comment below by a Tamil chap who actually lives in Jaffna quite interesting.

I live in Jaffna and totally disagree with the contents of this piece. I condemn the writer to distort the facts and portray a minor incident as an invasion and malicious act of vandalism etc.

What happened was, on the 23rd of October, when a large number of tourists from the south, on the advice given by a security guard at the Library the previous day which was a poya day and the library was closed, turned up were refused admission for the reason that there was a Medical Association conference taking place in one part of the building.

Some of them became angry since they were there on the advice of the security guard and began to argue and insisted that they should be allowed entry. Following this more army personnel were summoned and with the intervention and approval of the Jaffna Mayor they were allowed entry (please see Jaffna Mayor's Statement). A few of the visitors reported to have misbehaved. This is what happened.

It is irresponsible to degrade the entire tourists from the south through false propaganda that they invaded, entered the library without permission, behaved disgracefully and ransacked the library materials etc.

Rengan Devarajan


Moshe Dyan said...

vesaranee will hang onto anything that can be used to discredit the peace loving ppl of SL.

who rebuild the jaffna library from how it was 15 years ago????

any other toilet madu racists???

no. it was the multiethnic GOSL headed by chingalese!!

rowdy MFs who misbehaved must be punished no doubt but exaggerating the incident for political gain should equally be punished.

Moshe Dyan said...

tamilelam guardian (falsely going as SLG) is paniking after hearing chinese investments are pouring into casinos and shopping centres in SL.

GOSL is amending the gaming, etc., laws to accomodate this growing industry.

it is not a noble industry to be in. but sure is a lucrative one. it can bring forex as well.

after all fishing is also a sinful industry if you look at it that way!!

what matters is to protect local vulnerable ppl from gambling, etc. and continue with the industry.

Moshe Dyan said...

from cnn.

"The first requirement of any living organism, of the people of any collective body, is to identify danger in time," Netanyahu said. "The greatest danger facing Israel and the world is the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran."

Chants from the audience disrupted Netanyahu's speech, and security pulled at least five protesters from the crowd. It was not immediately known if they were arrested.
They were chanting that a controversial "loyalty oath" in Israel and Israeli occupation weaken Israel's legitimacy.

Netanyahu also focused on what he called disinformation and libel against Israel by its detractors.

"For many, Israel is guilty until proven guilty," he said.

Netanyahu referred to the so-called Goldstone Report, which was commissioned by the U.N. and concluded that Israel committed war crimes during its conflict in Gaza. Israel has rejected the findings of the report, and the prime minister reiterated that sentiment, saying that it falsely accused Israel.

The report was a travesty, Netanyahu said. "The authors of the Goldstone Report owe the Israeli army an apology," he said.

Netanyahu's comments came on the same day that his government announced it was proceeding with plans for about 1,000 new housing units in East Jerusalem, a move that a chief Palestinian negotiator said would derail peace talks.

The prime minister did not mention these buildings, or settlement construction in general, during his speech.

Moshe Dyan said...

For TEs, SL is guilty until proven guilty!!

"The first requirement of any living organism, of the people of any collective body, is to identify danger in time,"

hopefully, SL will have that ability and act on it in time.

Sam Perera said...

Undying Courage and Grit of Sri Lankans eloquently described by Anagarika Dharmasekera.

Moshe Dyan said...


is he the same as anagarika dharmapala????

good if we can translate this into english IF said by anagarika dharmapala.

Moshe Dyan said...

oba-ma takes from left hand what he gave from his right hand!!

india's permanant SC chances are dashed in a day!!

from tamilnet.

""When peaceful democratic movements are suppressed, as they have been in Burma (Myanmar), then the democracies of the world cannot remain silent," Mr. Obama said in an address to the Indian Parliament.

"Faced with such gross violations of human rights, it is the responsibility of the international community, especially leaders like the United States and India, to condemn it," he said.

"If I can be frank, in international fora, India has often shied away from these issues," AFP quoted Mr. Obama as saying.

India has maintained ties with the Myanmar junta as security, energy and strategic priorities as China stepped up its activities there. India in July hosted Myanmar's military leader Than Shwe for a state visit.

Though Mr. Obama earlier endorsed India's quest for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, the US president also underlined that a place at the top organ of the world body would require New Delhi to stand up for the promotion of democracy.

"With increased power comes increased responsibility," he said, adding that he looked forward to working with India, "and other nations that aspire to Security Council membership" to ensure that Security Council resolutions are implemented and sanctions enforced.

In an apparent reference to India's stated policy that it does not want to interfere in the affairs of any other country, Mr. Obama said, "Speaking up for those who cannot do so for themselves is not interfering in the affairs of other countries. It is not violating the rights of sovereign nations, it is staying true to our democratic principles."

Moshe Dyan said...

toiletnet looks at it from a tamil racist pov, which was NOT what obama intended!!

there never was any peaceful DEMOCRACY movements by ANY TEs, so it is not applicable to TEs.

Sam Perera said...


The Toilet Net has gone from supplying punnakkub to supplying crack to Eelamoids. Their latest style is to interject Eelamoid lies into any speech in a very indistinguishable manner.

Sam Perera said...

Over and over, "the international community" as defined by the Top scum Jehan Perera and white masters only. The white-master's words are the ultimate words for him. I simply hope that the social cancer named Jehan Perera will seek refugee status in a white-master country soon.

Moshe Dyan said...

humour worth sharing!!

"SLA forced to engage soldiers in civil work in Jaffna
[TamilNet, Tuesday, 09 November 2010, 17:18 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) authorities in Jaffna are forced to engage soldiers in civil work to stop them from deserting the army and because they are unable to allocate military duties for the thousands of soldiers in the North, sources in Jaffna said. Hundreds of soldiers have been deployed in renovation and cleaning work while some of them are employed in food stalls and hair dressing saloons. The soldiers, particularly those in Vanni, due to malaria and forced to be in deserted places are reluctant to serve there, a SLA officer said. Many of them have failed to return after vacation, he added. Most of the soldiers suffer from fatigue and a sense of frustration, sources in Jaffna said.

The soldiers are expected to work in cooperation with SLA civil administrative officials.

The SLA soldiers are sent to work in the construction of houses for the resettled people in Jaffna and the SLA authorities in Jaffna are planning to employ them as labourers in the construction of school buildings in Jaffna.

Many soldiers have been deployed in the construction of 12,000 houses for SLA personnel in Thirumu’ruka’ndi area, the SLA officer said.

The positive side of engaging soldiers in civil work is that it will help them to learn skills which could be of great use to them when they return to their own places, observers in Jaffna said."

Asithri said...

SimonG, good post mate...and welcome to Def Analytics.

I think you hit it on the nail when you said:

"Even the ancient Hindu Mahabharata literature refers to the “Sinhala Kingdom” being the island of Sri Lanka and a simple Google of “ancient Indian kingdoms” will bring up enough academic material to show the incredulity of this writer’s falsehood."

Yeah, these racist Tamizia MFs have tried, over and over again, to rewrite SL history but let's see how they go about rewriting the Mahabharata.

I am sure they will, knowing the type of terror-loving MF sakkiliyas they are, attempt that too, but interesting to see how the Indian scholars/academics/Holy-men will take to such FRAUD against the Hindu-epic Mahabharata --- which is not unlike how the Bible is to the Christians!!!

A bloody racist, whore-gened, terror-loving sakkiliya, especially a stateless coolie scum at that, will resort to anything as we know to achieve their racist-separate state, but trying to re-write the Mahabharata will be a new one - even for them!

Bring it on baby...GO AHEAD, MAKE MY DAY!


OaO Asithri

Asithri said...


[vesaranee will hang onto anything that can be used to discredit the peace loving ppl of SL]


[This traitorous terrorist tart Tisaranee Gunasekera]

How true!!!

However, patriots, is this bitch for real?

I mean has anyone met her recently? Not me sir.

Is she really a living, breathing, eating, shitting, menstruating anti-Motherlanka cheap-whore OR is this really a pseudonym of a Tamil racist whoredog - like that "Taraki" was until the whoredog was no more (thankfully!)!!!

:)) :)) :))

Moshe Dyan said...


she is real.

from what i have heard, she is a tamil married to a sinhalese. not sure she has hence divorced but she uses the surname for maximum clout.

she is not alone.

rohini hensmen, niranjala edirisinghe, bhavani fonseka are others.

VERY dissatisfied women!!!

OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

I think you need to add Dushy Ranetunga to this list although he is a male. On another note I found it so hilarious that the British PM or one of his ministers on a visit to China telling that ‘they are not here to lecture their host’ when asked if they intend to take up the human rights record of the Chinese…. Hypocrites. Even the issues they wanted to take up was going to be tackled privately to avoid hurting the Chinese feelings…
How come we don’t get this kind of nice words: Acknowledging British society was "not perfect", the prime minister insisted he was claiming no "moral superiority".
Do you have a semi-scum list? There are few people around who qualify for that…

Sam Perera said...


Dushy Ranetunega is in my radar already. In deed, DR is a semi-scum as you say. He usually tries to build arguments based on his half backed knowledge of Sri Lankan history. Last time I noticed, he was trying to say that the lion insignia of Sinhalese is as recent as post Polonnaruwa era Pallava style. Therefore this whole Sinhala thing is just nothing.

Ananda-USA said...

Welcome to phase 5 of the Eelam war.

දේශපාලුවා said...

MD you are doing a heck of a job, its very importnat that we provide a platform to answer anti SL false propaganda. Many patriots are attempting in their on , but as their voices are dispersed it is not heard loudly. If we can provide a platform for these responses we can effectively counter the false propaganda.

Here is something similar, I dont know whether you guys have seen this , its a little old but certainly worthy of a main post.

Konnapu Bandara said...

Sam, old boy, can you please check what other donkey handle this fake Ananda-USA (blogger id 13664279713372198331) used before? Looks like Peelam plonkers want to play the same old tune of President-SF split with Namal and Basil now. I have seen this given play time by several other Peelam monkeys elsewhere. This is the only option left for Peelam donkeys now, pray for a crack in patriots unity. After that we can wipe this bugger off the blog.


Moshe Dyan said...


indeed. he is one of them.

Moshe Dyan said...


yes, we have to do more on that.

the truth about the ethnic conflict link is the right place for it. will upload your link.

sinhaya or sinhalaya is another good website that counters TE BS. i intend to upload their articles with approval.

Moshe Dyan said...

truth hurts!!

now the SAKKILIYAS are gunning for her blood for being straight!!

"[TamilNet, Wednesday, 10 November 2010, 11:24 GMT]
Sri Lanka Defence Ministry has ordered protection to Ms. Imelda Sukumar, Jaffna Government Agent (GA) in response to complaint made by her to the ministry of continuous threat to her life through phone calls, sources in Jaffna said. Her residence in the Old Park in front of Jaffna Government Secretariat is being guarded by SLA from Wednesday morning while her office is provided with police protection, the sources added."

Moshe Dyan said...


sure. a TE loser has assumed a name of another. typical of them!!

Sam Perera said...


This is the old fart who appeared here as

fake Sujeewa Kokawala
fake ConspiracyTheory
fake tata
fake නිසල්
Andrea Ulicna
fake Ananda-USA

fake Ananda-USA aka Rana aka old fart,

You posts are going to be deleted. Please do not waste your time here unless you want to take your normal id and participate like a normal blogger.

Moshe Dyan said...

this suda ramachandran bugger from bang-a-whore (aka bangalore) is becoming a pain in the neck.

he has written another load of crap trying to say that there is a feud between namal rajapaksha and basil rajapaksha!!

what a joker!

like tamilnet, he quotes an unnamed source for his nonsense. he is now assuming near zero credibility.

however, his conclusion is correct. unity is strength. dividing patriots is the WORST crime one may commit. there is no worse crime than that.

Simon Aiya said...

MD, thanks for posting my letter to AsiaTimes' obviously pro-Tamileelamist biased writer here. I am truly, and humbly, honored as although I have been a keen follower of these "patriotic blogs" in the past and have posted in these blogs on occasion, I have not been in the inner-circle and must say THANK YOU to all who extended me a warm welcome.

We do what we have to do - for our dear Motherlanka and if we feel satisfied in what we do for our beloved motherland, then in my view nothing matters.

Bless you all the patriots in these blogs who I have seen battling LTTE and LTTE undercover agents tirelessly over the past 6+ years.

Moshe Dyan said...


when you have time, please consider what desha is on to. we are developing a ONE STOP AMMUNITION SHOP for patriots which will contain counter arguments against ALL TE BS.

every little bit of FACTS and FIGURES help. that's when you have time.


Simon Aiya said...

MD, yes this Sudha Ramachandran is an obvious tamileelamist writer and as I voiced in my last article, he is the type who is today on LTTE payroll.

Now with this article he seems to have gone back to the tried and tested tactic of the English colonizers of our land - i.e. divide and conquer strategy.

He is trying to play one person against another in the Rajapakse house - as all other tactics of the LTTE and their agents have returned only low values since lately.

Admittedly, they did score a high-mark when they got the GSP+ removed, but SL basically shrugged it off and kept moving (at least for the time being with Iran's and China's help) - much to their dismay.

So now it is time to pit brother against brother in their game plan.

I hope no one falls for this cheap, despicable ruse.

Simon Aiya said...

MD, most certainly I will be happy to partake and make it a fulfilling, constructive endeavor.

Simon Aiya said...

KB, that was really nice of you to post the rebuttal of a fed-up-with-nonsense Tamil resident of Jaffna who strongly denied the racial overtones the Tamilnet (and other pro-LTTE media) brought onto the that incident at the Jaffna library.


Simon Aiya said...

Asithri brother I must say I do admire your resilience and persistence in battling these thamileelamists and obviously LTTE terrorists over the years that I have seen you in action. I actually was with you in LNP long ago (I am sure you will remember me if I tell you what my ID was, but I will not go into it now, perhaps later) and I recall you were once there as "PrettyKfir" and I still chuckle when I remember how you used to decimate those thamileelam racists - which is why that "Mr. Brown" did not like (as he was out to be the nice guy and make it a commercial venture for Sri Lankan expats) and why you - and me too - got "proscribed" from that forum in the end.

Anyway asithri I must say I am glad you are still around and the sharp sword you wave - when needed - I confess not too many of us can match :)

Simon Aiya said...

Looks like "AsiaTimes Watch" is going to be my organically sprouted responsibility. Hence, I will look into doing the needful.

This is meant satirically and not, in anyway, to discourage any other patriot from taking a badly needed potshot at AsiaTimes. I hope all find the humor in what I said and take it in that spirit only - except of course seriously being resolute in combating racist Tamileelamists aka LTTE everywhere.

Simon Aiya said...

A humble request on my part now.

Where is that Ananda-USA and can we please have him join in here?

I recall how many of you patriots, like an A-Team of Cyber-Commandos, worked like clock-work from about 2006 all the way to May 2009 and even beyond - to truly compliment in the www of our bravehearts did on the battlefield.

I understand there have been a few "differences" in this A-Team, but such differences in my view should not be the cause for drifting apart in our common goal - i.e. safeguarding our motherland from racist separatist-terrorism.

Simon Aiya said...

my apologies, but....

"to truly compliment in the www of our bravehearts did on the battlefield."

in my above post should read as:

"to truly complement in the www what our bravehearts did on the battlefield."

Moshe Dyan said...


ananda is still our good friend. he comments in SLDF blog. we have given a link to SLDF on the right hand corner of the blog.

the idea was, the more the defence blogs are, the merrier!! he agrees.

we are trying to get his VALUABLE contributions here as well. he made some very important observations on this blog and some timely suggestions which were all implemented. so the A-team is intact but are fighting at two different fronts!!

as the 53 division met 59 division, we will certainly meet one day!!!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

What a joke. It is so easy to doctor or make images. I just love how these trash news sites say “they cannot verify or confirm such images” but publish them anyway as if fact. Any idiot and their dog can make such images. Aljerkoff is a good piece of comedy anyway; it talks about “democracy” and “human rights” when it is based in the Middle East. Dumb Arabs: 50 years ago they were wondering the desert chopping their hands off, 50 years from now they will go back to doing that after squandering their oil wealth on a few tyrannical families and to the West who managed to trick and con those fools into losing all their wealth. They had the opportunity to be a collective superpower ruling the world, instead they (thanks to the West conning those idiotic racist backward fools) are still stuck in the stone age culturally, mentally and racially –it is indeed hilarious how they whine and complain over Israel and the West in general when if they had some brains they could have literally taken over the world and even say bought Israel. Rather than trying to lecture Sri Lanka these barbaric backward morons who not only at times try to ape the West (trying to appear “modern” –while such “modernity” is hollow like the empty buildings of Dubai) but also go to war with them should fix their own broken backward countries and end their barbaric practices and attitudes.

bIjJa said...

So finally you deleted my posts.
Adios, I am out of here. Thanks for the opportunity.

Sam Perera said...


Who deleted what? Did you check the right article? I see your posts in the previous articles intact.

දේශපාලුවා said...

MD please check your email.

bIjJa said...

So finally you deleted my posts.
Adios, I am out of here. Thanks for the opportunity.

Oh please dont go.

දේශපාලුවා said...

Simon Aiya

Great letter. But the problem is we see this everyday, Sinhala majority discriminating minority Tamils has sunk deep in to the major interlectuals in the world, even Noam Chomsky.

This means that they are very good at their propaganda. Some how they have managed to hide the Tamil racism that pushed us into war and tell the story the other way.

Dr. Nalin De Silva has narrated it but rather long.

Then Susantha Goonathilaka has also documented it here

Again long.

Can you write up a short letter so we can send it to the major media networks, at least to get them to think twice about the old story.

Defence Analytics said...


A Chinese government representative is to arrive in Sri Lanka on November 17 for a four-day visit to participate in the inauguration of the second term of Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Chinese Presidential Envoy Sang Guowei, vice chairman of the National People's Congress Standing Committee, will visit Sri Lanka from Nov. 17 to 20 as a guest of President Rajapaksa, Xinhua reported, citing Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hong Lei.

Sang will attend the inauguration ceremony of President Rajapaksa to be held on November 19.

The Xinhua said the envoy will also attend the launching ceremony of Hambantota Port in southern Sri Lanka, which was built by China Harbor Engineering Company.

Defence Analytics said...

From Lankaweb.



Posted on November 12th, 2010


Sri Lankan Chinese relations date back to the Anuradhapura period. This has been proven with out any doubt from the findings of the excavations in Anuradhapura and Sigiriya. In this long history the Chinese never got involved in the politics of the Island except in the early 15th century during Admiral Zheng He’s visit to Sri Lanka.

Admiral Zang He was sent on an expedition during the Ming China. At the time it was the largest , richest and the most powerful country of the world dominating world trade. He was a Eunuch sent to establish her dominance of the Silk Sea Route and establish a tributary system. The land route was blocked at the time. To help in this endeavour, the ship was laden with gifts to establish relationships with different countries. Soft power that was very successfully used . It is said that the expeditions had to be later abandoned as the returns were poor. Admiral Zheng He visited 30 countries , (Travelled over 50,000 kilometres) and Sri Lanka was one of them. Being located at a strategic position with a reputation as a repository of Theravada Buddhism with a salubrious climate and friendly people and array of products was a prime target for a visit of this nature. Zheng He visited Sri Lanka five times and in one of those visits installed the world famous Tri Lingual Inscription of Galle found on Cripps Road in Galle in 1911 by a British engineer called Tomlinson. The following translation of the tablet by Edmund Blackhouse of peking will give the readers a fair idea of the famous lithic record.

“ His Majesty the Emperor of the Great Ming Dynasty has despatched the Eunuchs Ching Ho, Wang Ch’ing-Lein’and others to set forth his utterances before Buddha , the world Honoured one as follows

“Deeply do we reverence you, merciful and the honoured one, whose bright perfectionis wide embracing and whose way of virtue passes all understanding, whose law enters into all human relations and the years of whose great kalpa (period) are like the sand of the river in number , you whose controlling influence ennobles and converts whose kindness quickens and whose strength discerns , whose mysterious efficacy is beyond compare!

“Where as Ceylons mountainous isle lies in the south of the ocean and its Buddhist temples are sanctuaries of your gospel where your miraculous responsive power imbues and enlightens.Of late we have despatched missions to announce our mandates to foreign nations and during their journey over the ocean they have been favoured with the blessing of your beneficent protection”

Perusal of the available Chinese references about Sri Lanka it is also said that Zhang He was also sent to visit a temple in the mountain of Sri Lanka . It is said that the following items were gifted to the temple.

“ Thousand pieces of Gold, 5000 pieces of silver, fifty rolls of embroidered silk in many colours,50 rolls of silk taffeta in many colours, four pairs of jewelled banners, four pairs of jewelled banners, gold embroidered and of variegated silk, two pairs of the same picked in red , one pair of the same in yellow, one pair in black, five antique brass incense burners, five pairs antique brass flower vases picked in gold on lacquer with gold stands, five yellow brass lamps picked in gold on lacquer with gold stands, five incense on vermilion red, gold picked lacquer on gold stands, six pairs of golden lotus flowers,2500 catties of scented oil, 10 pairs of wax candles,10 sticks of fragrant incense”

Defence Analytics said...


Chinese diplomacy at the time used a harmonious, non aggressive type of diplomacy to achieve their objectives, however they had no hesitancy to use violence to achieve their objectives as shown in their dealings with the then rulers of Sri Lanka. This is quite contrary to the western colonialists who believed in the dictum of “Might Is Right” and of suppression , domination , colonisation of nations ,exploitation and conversion. It is ironic however that these basic principles pervade diplomacy even today.

At the time the Kotte Kingdom was ruled by Vira Alakeswara who resisted the visit of Admiral Zhang He. He was the defacto ruler after King Bhuvanekabahu V fled following an attack by the Arya Chakravarthi of Yapapattuna. According to Prof Senerath Paranavitharana in his book ‘SINHALAYO’ Admiral Zang He returned in 1411 captured Vira Alakeswara and deported him to China and handed the Sinhala Kingdom to Sepanana who later assumed the name of King Parakrama Bahu the VI . Having stabilised his Kingdom Parakrama Bahu the VI made Kotte the capital of his kingdom and brought the Highland kingdom under his authority thus unifying the Sinhala Kingdoms. He then sent an expedition to Yapapattuna and captured it thus unifying the country for the last time until the British united Sri Lanka. It is said that in this expedition a revolt by the Sinhalese in Jaffna helped him. In his endeavours he was supported by the famous Vidagama Mahathera and his glories are chanted by the Poet Totagamuwe Sri Rahula. He ruled Sri Lanka for fifty five years making his influence felt in South India ,the Malay Peninsula and in Sumatra. According to V L B Mendis in his book Foregn Relations of Sri Lanka King ParakramaBahu the VI visited China in 1416 and 1420 bearing tributes. He further mentions that China unlike the colonial powers who installing puppets, pretenders, nominees and using them ruthlessly believed in the context of the son of Heaven conception of the underlying and the implicit omnipotence and superiority of the Emperor in which a relationship was considered to be a privilege. It never asserted her authority over Sri Lanka.

To this date a family claiming to be the descendents of the King of Sri Lanka lives in quanzhou province . Most think they are the descendents of Vira Alakeswara although some disagree.

With the death of King Parakrama Bahu VI centrifugal forces caused great disruption due to Indian invasions, lack of Sinhala unity and the disintegration of the Buddhist temple. Finally on the pretext of helping the Sinhalese Europeans colonised Sri Lanka and ruled for about 450 years. We are now in a similar stage in history. The question is, will history repeat? The greatest lesson of history is that we never learn from it.

bIjJa said...

OK, my posts are missing. If you say you did not delete them, I will take your words.

These things are very damaging to us, true or not. Either LTTE or SF followers are relentless. Unfortunately, we will either be cornered by IC or someone will be sacrificed for them.

Asithri said...

'Casinos first established during UNP regime'

Nov 13 (GDI) Casinos in this country were established by the previous UNP Governments, and the present government has only brought regulations to regulate and control these Casinos. It is hilarious to find the UNP attempting to create a fear psychosis about Casinos through malicious politically motivated propaganda. Minister Anura Priyadharshana Yapa said that the UNP government opened up Casinos even in proximity to schools and religious places...

Now, ain’t this a fact?

I myself was in Colombo during the 2001-2004 period many times and did see to my own eyes the vile, loathsome, vice that was happening in Colombo.

Not only the casinos were running happily raking in Billions in revenue for UriNePee stalwarts, the same casinos were also having subsidiary, sideline-businesses and they were the “kudu(heroin/cocaine)-at-the-right-price” and also having pimps who were promising tourists underage prostitutes for-the-right-price.

This all came out from none other than tourists (after drinks and more drinks and talk, talk – and yes, I know how to “party” and make friends on the fly :)) and although I was horrified, had no one to complain to – as the complain would have just gone to the very people (i.e. the UriNePee regime under Ranil the MF-Ponnaya) who allowed all that to happen, to make the “white masters” happy – thinking that the white-masters were his “safety-net” in his (and his alone as we know) CFA with LTTE and as such they must be kept happy – and of course, sheer greed for revenue and demonstration of success of his “open economy fiscal policy” - even if it meant child prostitution, drug addiction, was the price for that!

OaO Asithri

p.s. I said above "casinos were running happily raking in Billions in revenue" and that, in my personal view at least, is good for the country. As a person who has traveled to many tourists resorts in the Fiji, Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean (i.e. places with beautiful beaches such as ours), I see nothing wrong in providing gambling to the tourists for entertainment and earning valuable foreign exchange in the process.

Asithri said...


[OK, my posts are missing.]

That's all?

LTTE=RW=Gonseka, I thought your marbles were missing too.


OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

'LTTE remains a threat to India'

Nov 13 (PTI) A special tribunal headed by a Delhi High Court judge on Friday upheld the Centre’s decision to extend the ban on terrorist outfit LTTE for two more years, stating that the organisation remains a threat to the security of the country. “Indian soil is being used for unlawful activities propelled by the remnant cadres of the LTTE. There is sufficient material to declare the LTTE as unlawful association as contemplated under the Prevention of Unlawful Activities Act.

Looks like the racist-terrorist para-wesa-kallathoni sakkiliyas are in the frying pan for another 2 years as far as India is concerned.


Never fails to amaze me how these racist, terrorist sakkilyas continue to get kicked in the mouth by Grandmother India (hahahaha), but still continue to beg at her feet and lick her slippers!!! I have not even seen servile dogs into this kind of behaviour!!!


OaO Asithri

Diyasena said...


Tsang He was no friend of SL..Some of the Kazuthai claim the Tri-lingual inscription is proof that eelam extended to Galle. lol.. Weera Alakeshwara is an unsung hero.. He drove out the Jaffna forces which came knocking at the gates of the Kotte kingdom..Unfortunately he took on an enemy whose power he underestimated..

Diyasena said...

The eezham kazuthai whine that the Sinhala claims to the North are manufactured by racist scholars such as Paranawithana..

How about a Tamil historian then..

M. Rasanayagam - Ancient Jaffna

It would be pure gold if we could also find Karthigesu Indrapalan's unpublished thesis (which the racist Jaffna University hierarchy refused to accept)

Diyasena said...

If the Kazuthai won't agree with treacherous turncoats like Rasanayagam, Aiyanagar or Indrapalan how about something written by a WHITE MASTER..

B. Horsburgh (1916) Sinhala Place names in the Jaffna peninsula

Unlike the commoners which run the British government at present the Her majesty's lords have always been aware of the Apartheid mindset of Tamils (including Lord Soulbury and the present day Lord Naseby)

Asithri said...

bijja the bitch:

[These things are very damaging to us, true or not.]

Wow! Such brilliant logic!!!

By this logic I can produce pics, let's say of the PM of UK having sex with dogs and then all of Britain should worry about such pics as they are "damaging" to the UK?


[Either LTTE or SF followers are relentless. Unfortunately, we will either be cornered by IC or someone will be sacrificed for them.]

“we will be cornered” – now is that not what that whorebitch Tisaranee Gunasekara also said?


LTTE=RW=Gonseka arsehole, who are you trying to kid here with your baba-hukum (or I should say amma-hukum) talk?

:)) :)) :))

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

Friday Night, but really it is 'Saturday Night Fever' here in our Big, got to go Eastern Beauty is in town and she told me she has some juicy "inside" stories of certain LTTE-failures in France and Switzerland to tell me in detail over a nice dinner...

And I can't wait...not only to hear those stories!

;)) ;)) ;))

OaO Asithri

bIjJa said...

Asithri, is that why MR canceled the trip to England?

If the pictures are fake, why worry?

By the way, I am collecting volunteers to sandbag around the parliament. Can you help us?

bIjJa said...

Congrads Sri Lanka, another international award:

Defence Analytics said...


that's right. he first came peacefully, worshiped samanala kanda, sri dalada maligawa, etc. but soon turned into a maniac.

however, the writer of that article has a unique pov which i thought is worth referring.

that tri-language stone pillar (which was used as a drain slab!!) until "discovered" has ONLY ALIEN langugaes - persian, chinese and tamil!

what the kazuthai won't realize is, it was in chinese, persian and tamil bcos there was NO ONE in galle to direct the chinese, persian and tamil ships in galle at that time!!

Defence Analytics said...


"These things are very damaging to us, true or not."

they will not stop discrediting SL and we don't expect to either. we can live with that!

after all they have the right to express their opinions too. we have no problem unless they violate SL law.

what should happen is to pull the rug under their feet by ERASING all traces of tamil elam by recolonizing the north.

let them say ANYTHING, they will not have a TE here. after sometime later they will realize it is worthless barking at the moon. (if they don't, still we don't have a problem.)

as long as the ethnically pure VIRGIN tamil only north remains, these stateless fools will crave for it. one it is violated SERIOUSLY, they will be forced to look elsewhere or behave like the cat which lost the mating game!!!

have you seen cats' mating behavior???

about 5 toms cats will go after a tabby cat. after a series of fights, screamings, stand-offs and wastng hours, the dominant tom cat will screww the female cat. then a weaker cat would meekly meaw around the two fcuking cats!!

that is what i want to see happening to tamil elamists one day when sri lankans screww mothertamilelam right in front of them, forsing her to bear sinhala/muslim/vedda/burger children they will weep unable to stop us DASHING their dreams/hopes/aspirations, etc. with every STROKE!!!

keep meawing losers, until we grab your dream and fuck it dead!!

bIjJa said...

Why the Porn is out and Gambling is in? Why we have no courage to ban Gambling as well?

If the potential investors see how SL parliament under water, how they will have the confidence to come to SL and start their ventures?

My point is, we are not genuine, fooling ourselves. We are not building up a strong foundation when we have the opportunity.

Diyasena said...


"If the potential investors see how SL parliament under water, how they will have the confidence to come to SL and start their ventures?"

"My point is, we are not genuine, fooling ourselves. We are not building up a strong foundation when we have the opportunity."

I didn't see any investors rushing out of Singapore after the huge flash flood they had earlier this year..The rains in SL were the highest in 18 years, meaning it is a once in a generation event..Investors don't make decisions based on once in a generation or once in a life time natural disasters..

The only one fooling oneself is YOU..

Diyasena said...

Re: Gambling and Porn,

Casinos in tourist hotels can be a large forex generator. However laws should be in place to prevent the locals getting pulled in. Maybe have a large initial deposit ($200+) to start gambling..

Blocking access to porn is difficult. We don't have the means to build a great firewall at the moment. However making it compulsory for buying and installing parental filters with each purchase of computers and smart phones, should be done. Government could subsidise the purchase of this software.. Banning access of porn to adults (21+) is not necessary, as studies show that wathcing porn usually decreases violent sex crimes instead of increasing it. All the pornographic material of course should be foreign and deviant variants should be blocked by a firewall..

Diyasena said...

Al Jazeera itself admitted that the pictures were unsubstantiated and the original source unidentifiable..So the pics are not admissible as evidence in any court of law..

The only thing damaged is Al J's journalistic ethic not SL' HR record..

Diyasena said...

Strange, some IDIOTS were blabbering on about him fearing arrest..

President to visit UK in December

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