Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Massive Tamil Colonization of Colombo Threatens Security and Sustainability - a Response to Those Who Cry Sinhala Colonization of Jaffna

Colombo was known as the garden city sometime back. However all that splendour was lost within a few decades as massive Tamil colonization rapidly changed the city. To make matters worse they settled down mainly in the Greater Colombo area which was already crowded. In order to house this massive Tamil population that flocked to the city suddenly, many unplanned dwellings were built. However, the drains, roads, garbage collection and other infrastructure could not handle this sudden influx. Greater Colombo area gradually degenerated into something similar to a South Indian city.

Having done so, shameless racist elements within the Tamil community protest when Sinhalese and Muslims settle down in the north. This is outright racism and must be condemned by all. If the Sinhalese and Muslims cannot settle in their hundreds of thousands in the north, Tamils have no right whatsoever to settle down in Colombo. It is time to end this racism and aggressively create multi ethnic peace communities in the war ravaged north. Otherwise it is a matter of time since the Tamil Homeland struggle restarted.

Recently a prominent Tamil news website published an article alleging military fortresses and colonization in Jaffna choke Tamils, Threaten India. [http://www.tamilnet.com/art.html?catid=79&artid=33025]. This article is in response to that rubbish claim. These false allegations by Tamil homeland theorists are an attempt to cover up the truth.

People must learn to live in multicultural districts right throughout the island nation. Those who cannot do so should find alternative places of adobe abroad. The purpose of this article is not to arouse any communal feelings but to highlight the hypocrisy of Tamil racists and their apparently innocent supporters (including some members of the clergy) who cry over alleged “Sinhala colonization” of the north. They must first take a hard long look at Colombo - the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. Here it goes, if you have not seen it before. 

Tamil Colonization in Colombo and Security Issues
All entry points to the Colombo City are choked-up by Tamil colonization. Peliyagoda/Wattala from the north, Dehiwala from the south and Wellampitiya/Kolonnawa from the east are colonized by Tamils within the last two and a half decades according to people living and lived in these areas. That is however, is only part of the story. All strategic locations within the City are also colonized by Tamils. The Colombo harbour stretches from Fort (Colombo-1) to Mattakkuliya (Colombo-15), through Pettah (Colombo-11), Kochchikadde/Kotahena (Colombo-13) and Hettiyawatta/Modara (Colombo-15). Except for Colombo-1, all the other areas bordering the Colombo harbour are occupied by Tamils making more than 90% of the population in these areas. During the war, this posed a huge security threat. LTTE made good use of this very high Tamil concentration to conceal suicide bombers especially in Colombo-13 and 15. Armed forces were deployed only in entry points to the harbour and the other 4km were saved only by a wall running alongside the harbour. Tigers twice attacked the Colombo port in 1998 and 2007 but both failed to cause any major damage.

Now is the time to plan the City to meet future national security threats. LTTE is still active in the Diaspora. Small scale subversive activity against economically important places by frustrated Tamil Elamist elements is still a possibility.

Bridges over the Kelani River were also targeted by the LTTE. However, stringent security measures saved these. The high Tamil resident population sympathetic towards the Tigers around this area was a decisive factor in harbouring terrorists.

Oil refineries and storage tanks in the outskirts of Colombo and in Colombo-15 became the targets of terrorist activities. Once again it was the large Tamil population around these areas that proved valuable to the LTTE to spy on these installations, hide sleepers in the vicinity and eventually attack.

Huge Tamil colonization of Colombo meant LTTE could very successfully maintain sleeper cells in the heart of the City! No other capital city of a nation faced such a huge terror threat from within. LTTE used it to the maximum by carrying out close to fifty bomb attacks within Colombo. The Central Bank attack (1996) showed how easily strategic economic targets could be reached by terrorists as they were residing just a few kilometres from the target for a while awaiting instructions.

Security establishments within the Colombo City limits must stay contrary to myopic thinking of a few. Colombo faced grave security threats time to time. A resident army is many times more effective than an army that could be deployed in the city from outside. In the last century Colombo faced dire security challenges coincidentally every 18 or so years. When Elam War-4 broke out in 2006, threat to the Colombo infrastructure was most threatening in 2007. By 2008 and 2009 it gradually reduced with the decline of LTTE’s capabilities. In 1989 JVP terror brought the City to a standstill. JVP carried out a number of assassinations within Colombo. Another 18 years ago JVP’s first insurgency threatened Colombo security. Insurgents unsuccessfully planned to abduct the Prime Minister in Colombo. A further 18 years ago there was a major strike in 1953 when the army had to be called in resulting in a number of casualties. Before that in 1939 and 1915, there were riots in upcountry that threatened to spread to multicultural Colombo. Going by these events, it is only prudent to retain security establishments within the City.

Further National Security Issues of Tamil Colonization of Colombo
Tamil colonization of Colombo had far worse long term national security threats. Since 1994, Mano Ganesan was elected from Colombo to parliament at every election. In 2004 another pro-Tamil Elamist MP by the name T Maheswaran was elected. These two individuals stood in the way of many security operations in Colombo. They did everything they could to stop search operations and counter insurgency operations. One of them made a rowdy display of thuggery in parliament against inspection of lodges. The other admitted to keeping LTTE cadres at his residence during the ceasefire. He was indeed the contact point of the LTTE.

The ability to elect two MPs to parliament with pro-Tamil Elamist tendencies shows the damaging long term impact of Tamil colonization of Colombo.

To cater to the huge Tamil population in Colombo, a number of Tamil TV stations, Tamil radio stations and Tamil newspapers emerged. Most of these including a very prominent TV/radio station owned by a business tycoon, openly supported the LTTE. Had there not been so much Tamil colonization in Colombo, it would have been unprofitable to run these, especially when they had no access to the north. The Eastern and Upcountry segments were not very lucrative financially.

Wholesale and retail trade of the City came to be dominated by Tamil merchants. Some of them paid scant regard to price control and were powerful enough to arbitrarily increase the price of imported goods and blame it on the war. Today
Dam Street
Moor Street
Armour Street
and Bodhiraja Mawatha which are considered areas of high business concentration are totally dominated by Tamils and are Tamil only.

Cultural Changes
Unseen to many, a massive process of cultural degeneration has taken place in Colombo. Old Sinhala, Moor and Burger names have been changed to Tamil. Sinhala place names have been turned to Tamil. Examples include Wellawatta (meaning sandy gardens) has been turned to Wella’wat’tai. Kotahena has been turned to Kottan’chennai; Kollupitiya to Kollu’piddi; Bambalapitiya to Bamblapiddi; Hettiyawatta to Chettiyawattai and Mattakkuliya to Mat’tak’kooli. As happens in the north, self styles Tamil Elamists ‘scholars’ will soon find creative etymological evidence in these new names to claim ancient Tamil homelands.

Buddhist and
Catholic street
processions that were unique in the past have drastically gone down giving way to Tamil Nadu style Hindu processions. Ancient Buddhist temples in the City dating back to over 200 years have reduced in grandeur and attendance. In 2003 there were even attempts to hold Pongu Tamil in Colombo! Such is the degeneration of Colombo’s rich cultural heritage. Overcrowded apartments and flats in the City are heavily occupied by Tamils. Surrounding these crowded complexes, a Tamil Nadu style subculture has developed. Severe lack of social discipline, every imaginable pollution, immoral activities including prostitution, smuggle in of South Indian pornographic materials, drug use and other social cancers thrive in the vicinity of these overcrowded apartments. 

Colombo has become the venue of choice of Tamil Elamists and other highly anti-national elements to hold their functions and events. None of this could have been possible if not for the massive Tamil colonization in Colombo.  

Severe Setback to Sustainability
Sudden and massive influx of Tamils into the Colombo City had a huge impact on sustainability. Flood control, water supply, drainage and sewage systems, electricity and telephone infrastructure, the road network, recreational and sports facilities, waterways, schools, Hindu places of worship and hospitals are some of the structures that stretched beyond their sustainable limits. These structures simply could not keep up with the influx and growth. Today there is very little scope for expanding these facilities.

Water shortages are a regular occurrence in many parts of Colombo. This is solely due to the massive influx of people and unplanned apartments. Roads are overcrowded and there is no room for expansion.

Massive Tamil colonization had another longer term impacts. CMC elections returned municipal councillors who were sympathetic to the Tamil Elam cause instead of competent persons. They turned a blind eye to sustainability concerns, illegal constructions and cheap apartments. Improving the drainage system was certainly not in their agenda at all. Instead they would blame the government in power.

It is in this context Tamil racist elements cry Sinhala colonization of Jaffna when a handful of Sinhala families evicted from their homes in Jaffna try to return home after more than 30 years. Hypocrisy and racism are a very lethal combination and unfortunately they go hand in hand in northern politics. The only way to change this is to change the ethnic composition of the north not letting racist political parties any hiding place in the island. The good news is it is sustainable and economically immensely productive! What should happen is to encourage more multiculturalism in Colombo and Jaffna while maintaining sustainability, not the opposite.


bIjJa said...
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bIjJa said...

Good someone finally touch on this subject.

It is important to find out patterns, how they colonize these areas.

Someone said fortunate Tamils in troubled NE had money to buy these lands from Sinhalese. Since there are large % of Tamils living outside SL, they can help their relatives to migrate in to these areas as well.

So Tamils* set the fire in Sri Lanka, created the best possible net they can. It shows their ability to play on both ends of the court.

I've got a rich Sinhalese relative in Borella. I was taken in to their 4th floor and shown all their Tamil neighbors living between tall walls.

However I must warn you, there are no rational arguments to prevent or reverse this within a democratic society.

Having Tamils living in concentrated areas within 'Orange county' of of Sri Lanka is due to their insecurity.

How can Sri Lanka provide security to her minority even when the majority don't have the security they deserve?

This is like opening another can of warms with NO solutions. It can only be used to counter Tamil propaganda.

Tamils* - indicate pro-separatist elements.

Moshe Dyan said...

didn't i say that we should NOT reverse this or block this????

tamils, etc. must be welcomed to live not only in colombo but in ALL districts and sinhalese, etc. should be settled in jaffna, etc. as tamils are in colombo.

we should ENCOURAGE both.

plus of course it's a reply to TE racists to see for themselves the reality.

Moshe Dyan said...

wikileaks revelations are fascinating.

from CNN

"In another candid assessment, Beyrle remarks that Russia's reliance on oil and gas revenues creates what he calls an "instability premium" favoring Russian economic interests. If tension over Iran pushes the price of oil up by $5, Beyrle notes, that equates to an increase of $11-13 billion per year in income for Russia's oil and gas producers."

so this explains why russia is also trying to screww iran not bcos they want to stop iran's nuke ambitions but for profit.

$11-13 billion dollars is worth it for them.

bIjJa said...

"If tension over Iran pushes the price of oil up by $5, Beyrle notes, that equates to an increase of $11-13 billion per year in income for Russia's oil and gas producers."

This sort of things fuels most capitalist stock markets today.

I am sure LTTE and others profited big times from volatility in Colombo due to Terror actions.

Remember, patriotism is for the little guy.

Defence Analytics said...

Icy reception for Rajapaksa at Heathrow

[TamilNet, Monday, 29 November 2010, 22:36 GMT]
More than five hundred Tamils gathered at London’s Heathrow airport to protest as Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa landed from Colombo. As Sri Lankan Airlines flight UL509 carrying Mr. Rajapaksa, who is on a private visit, landed at about 9:50 p.m. UK time, protestors braved Britain’s unusually cold weather to call attention to his government’s war crimes.

so the british police didn't arrest him??????

poor kallathonis taken for a ride.

barking dogs seldom bite!!

Defence Analytics said...

Wikileaks show US probing UN's position on Sri Lanka

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 30 November 2010, 03:32 GMT]
While the text message content of leaked cabes from US embassies throughout the world to the US State Department is yet to become public, British Daily Guardian published secret cables sent to US diplomats two months after the Sri Lanka war was over, where US was probing the UN's position on appointing a special envoy for Sri Lanka.

Wikilieaks is expected to reveal contents of 3325 cables from US Embassy in Colombo, ranking within the first 10 countries from where largest number of cables were sent. US also queried its diplomats' on views of the UN member states' view of strengthening measures to prevent egregious crimes including genocide.

we knew US was trying to bail out the terrorists but who thought it was working so hard. anyway USA has changed its position on SL now.

දේශපාලුවා said...

Good post DA, you have identified the cause how these fringe elements in the Tamil community get such a loud voice.

Yes they have illegally occupied government land and property in colombo area and vote for fringe elements to support thier illegal housing etc.

There is another solution to this problem, that is redistricting of electorates.

Since the government has 2/3 they should do it.

bIjJa said...

"Yes they have illegally occupied government land and property in colombo area and vote for fringe elements to support thier illegal housing etc.

If this true, they should be removed and relocated elsewhere.

Illegally occupying others land is very common in Sri Lanka. Recently bunch of muslims in Kandy tried to capture land of a prominent monetary and failed. It wasn't very easy to remove them even though the government is so called Sinhalese dominate.

November 30, 2010 11:10 PM

Sam Perera said...

I do not think that this is true. Boorubahu's anti SL speech video continued undisturbed yet un-cheered.

කොටින්ට සහායට ගිය වික්‍රමබාහු ජයලත් කොටින් විසින්ම පන්නලා

Diyasena said...

Poor Kazuthai,

All those man-hours wasted protesting at the wrong place..

anti-Rajapaksha Tamils in UK protest at wrong arrival point

bIjJa said...

Hope the blog is not dying or people are deserting Moshe like they did for Ananda.

Only one person commented positively for the writer, the rest of them aren't talking.

So, it makes me wonder who the rest of the pro-LTTE crowd here beside bijja the kajja :)

දේශපාලුවා said...

Sri Lanka, the greatest democracy in the world.

Where else is this possible.

Sam Perera said...

Boorubahu Karunaratne's perverted socialism sees no evil in LTTE terrorists who killed tens of thousands of civilians. His voter base of 0.07% could be the same type of lunatics who think that world terrorist revolution is just around the corner.

Dr. Karunaratne in his speech said that Mr. Nadesan had been a member of his party long back and he had talked to him even two days before his killing.

In fact, on the same day, Mr. Nadesan also contacted TamilNet and suggested that leaders like Dr. Karunaratne should be encouraged by Tamils. This was the last conversation TamilNet had with Mr. Nadesan.

Dr. Karunaratne for a long time was defending the self-determination of Tamils. But there was no mass response from the Sinhalese just as there was no mass response or trust among the Tamils on the leftist movements of the South.

Moshe Dyan said...

we have to punish this boorubahu.

his actions violate the sixth amendment.

we can say he has no following so no impact and therefore no need to make an arrest. the problem is when we try to punish a bigger criminal for the same offence, it gives rise to selective application of the law.


bIjJa said...

Moshe Dyan said...


It is ironic a statement comes from someone who runs a blog on the web which suppose to be very liberal and democratic.

LTTE and pro separatists show how desperate they are when they highlight outliers of Sinhalese society like Brian Senevirathne.

Wickramabahu (Is he from Alughgama?) sahodaraya is having Parkinson's disease and we must forgive him.

Tamils are fool enough to brain wash the same kind. I fight against Sinhalese fringe elements when I see the same behavior.

Didn't Jayalath Jayawardana did the same thing?

I am sure LTTE folks think of the same way about Karuna and Pilliyan.

We live in some CRAZY Island living on LAKZPRAY!!!!

Moshe Dyan said...

even in britain there is no free speech!!!

MR's address to the oxford union cancelled due to terrorist activity.

bIjJa said...

Sam Perera said...

"His voter base of 0.07% could be the same type of lunatics who think that world terrorist revolution is just around the corner."

Just use this number, name calling is useless, this statement is damaging enough for Dr. Sahodaraya.

bIjJa said...

"Moshe Dyan said...
even in britain there is no free speech!!!"

Moshe Dyan said...



There is a serious problem on how you rationalize things.

Freedom of expression is 1000 times better in Brittan than in Sri Lanka.

Let's just say what MR experience was 'dittha dhamma vedaniya karma' in journalistic freedom - instant punishment actions to one's own action.

bIjJa said...

HC is in lot of hot water.

"WikiLeaks Founder Assange to TIME: Clinton 'Should Resign'"

Her political collapse should be a welcoming news for majority Sinhalese since she was in the bags of Tamil separatists.

Sam Perera said...


It is ironic a statement comes from someone who runs a blog on the web which suppose to be very liberal and democratic.

Who said so?

Just use this number, name calling is useless, this statement is damaging enough for Dr. Sahodaraya.

Thanks for you two cents but it is necessary to name them for who they are. After all you have done it to yourself already through your blog handle.

Moshe Dyan said...


"even in britain there is no free speech!!!"


what is the contradiction????

MR's speech does not violate ANY laws in UK or SL.

boorubahu's crap violates the supreme law - the constitution, the PTA and the public security ordinance!!!!


from the pov of UK's law

if boorunahu can support a BANNED terrorist org in his right to express himself, why can't MR make a perfectly legal and moral speech in UK?????

just bcos some hooligans scream, it does not stop his right to express.

now do you see the differences and condradictions????

Moshe Dyan said...

re: wikileaks

US ambassador to SL has sent a cable alleging MR, his brothers and top SLDF guys of war crimes in 2009!!

in response the US embassy has said, it waits till the LLRC completes its tasks to take the next step.

Moshe Dyan said...

link to butenis's cable crap.

Sam Perera said...


Butenis Bitch has spoken to the top scums of Sri Lanka Sakkililingam, Sampandan, and Mano Ganeshan. This sounds like a violation of VCDR, but not full blown. It will be very interesting to know if there are any cables about their last minute terrorist rescue and regime change work. In that case, we can declare her to be persona-non-grata. Let see what comes out of the rest.

Moshe Dyan said...

the MAIN underlying rationale for ALL tamil leaders to reject war crimes BS investigations is their fear that it will be counter productive at this juncture.

this is what we should control.

this is the key to stop them from crying war crimes BS.

we should drive fear (if not TERROR) into them not to discredit SL with these concocted bullshit stories of war crimes.

1. prosecute LTTE terrorists in custody.
2. maintain SLDF presence in the north
3. COLONIZATION of the north
4. implement PTA, sixth amendment

Moshe Dyan said...

now that it is clear USA is/was trying to conspire against us, we should strengthen defence ties with china. that would be the only protection when the push comes to a shove.

absolutely NO action that may hurt the chinese. if they want a navy port, give it to them. AF bases, give it to them.

and there is another MAJOR geo-political conspiracy brewing up close to SL for sometime now. i refer to ananda-usa's foresight in mentioning it first. but he didn;t see its STRATEGIC significance.

i will write something on this soon. it is a way to screww USA in the region in relation to SL and with improved defence ties with china.

දේශපාලුවා said...

MD I have saved a new blog piece, given the importance I think this piece requires to be a main article.

I know your article was up only for a limited time, but we might have to get this one out soon.

If you feel its good go ahead an publish it, if not I will publish it in my blog.

bIjJa said...

This story about cancellation of the speech by MR sounds smelly. I think there is more to it than simply cancellation. Perhaps they avoided an embarrassing situation like someone arresting MR in England, canceled the speech and let him go.

It is funny after protecting the Dr. Death Balasingham of LTTE behind downing street, they are hinting of arresting MR for war crime.

GB certainly shows a double standard in prosecuting Terrorists and elected governments.

However, being a Sri Lankan, we can't really complain about others hypocrisy. We are the Democratic Socialist Capitalist Republic Hypocritic government of Sr Lanka.

bIjJa said...


"even in britain there is no free speech!!!"


what is the contradiction????"

Free speech means your freedom to speak without a fear of prosecution. While whining about lack of free speech, you demand prosecution of someone else since you did not like his speech.

Wickramabahu has the freedom to speak his mind or lack there of. I don't think he is violation any law. I would invite him to CID and ask whether his family is in danger or received large sum of money to speak for LTTE.
He looks like someone with no emotions on his face when he speak. It appears he has been hijacked or brainwashed.

On the other hand Minister Jawardana when he was having a discussion with Anton Balasingham over the phone (someone recorded that conversation and spread across the internet few years ago) felt like he wanted to make love to Tamils.

Sam Perera said...


I am for Desha's plan. We can bring this thread back later.

bIjJa said...

"Moshe Dyan said...

now that it is clear USA is/was trying to conspire against us, we should strengthen defence ties with china. that would be the only protection when the push comes to a shove."

This is not the diplomacy for the best interest of Sri Lanka. This is like reaction as a revenge. All the nations are going after their best interest and we should do the same.

We should suck milk out of both China and USA.

bIjJa said...

It is funny how some Sinhalese are uncomfortable of this piece Moshe published.

May be they are scared of creation of a successor to Ananda USA within Analytics.

I also agree with Sam, let's bring another post.

Sam Perera said...


"I also agree with Sam, let's bring another post.
LOL!!! "

You are true doofus.

bIjJa said...

Perhaps a good title for next post on Defense Analytics

"Accountability not a high profile issue for most Tamils in Sri Lanka, US Embassy cable says"

Regardless Tamils or Sinhalese or Muslims, make people accountable for their actions. That accountability should be extended to leadership in GB and USA as well.

It is kind of ironic those who accountable for LTTE Terrorism were allowed to live in luxury in western nations while they are seeking SL government accountability after winning the war.

The implication here is 'Accountability' means 'None Compliance' when that word uttered by USA or GB.

This is the price SL government pays for distancing herself from the west.

bIjJa said...

Sam Perera said...

" bhairav,"

Bhariav was a dumb LTTE Tamil who did not have any creativity at all, like most of separatist Tamils who read Tamilnet.

If you want to be a dumb one like him, call me Bhairav.

Asithri said...

I see the bijja Tamiz whoredog is having a field day here...as usual posting his cryptic messages...mostly and strongly anti-MR-GOSL, but at the same time also criticizing LTTE whore and eezam tamiz (fcuk, I can't keep up with these terms :)) as most die-hard tamizeezam bitches have been told it is ok to criticize LTTE and them eezam tamiz movement of yesteryear - just to get buy in from those who abhor racism and racism-separatism related violence.

Whoredoggy....can I do your pro-LTTE whoreamma doggy where sun doesn't shine - that too without lube???

parawesa dog...think you are fooling us uh?


OaO Asithri

Sam Perera said...

I hope to see more treas where Mano Ganeshan drives. The SOB was trying to get rid of President Rajapakse. I guess that the nation has to focus now on getting rid of the top scum

"On accountability, Ganesan told us that while the issue was significant XXXXXXXXXXXX accountability was a divisive issue and the focus now had to be on uniting to rid the country of the Rajapaksas."

Sam Perera said...

"Bhariav was a dumb LTTE Tamil who did not have any creativity at all, like most of separatist Tamils who read Tamilnet."

What do you think you are?

Sam Perera said...


Please don't call Bhairav whoredoggy a whoredoggy. Bhairav the whoredoggy gets really upset about it.

Asithri said...

Sakkili undercover LTTE bijja says:

[However, being a Sri Lankan, we can't really complain about others hypocrisy. We are the Democratic Socialist Capitalist Republic Hypocritic government of Sr Lanka. ]

Spoken like a true LTTE whoredog - as this is word for word what the LTTE whoredogs also say in when they "protest" in the west.

Ada para-vesa sakkili LTTE whorebitch, I am told that you are this dedicated to racist-LTTE cause that you are now whoring your amma and your daughter too - for the "eelamwar 100"...???


OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

Sam to bijja paravesa dog:

[bijja first says: "Bhariav was a dumb LTTE Tamil who did not have any creativity at all, like most of separatist Tamils who read Tamilnet."

and then Sam says: "What do you think you are?"]

Nice one Sam!!!

Truly LMSSAO!!!

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...


[We should suck milk out of both China and USA.]

Fuck you LTTE tamizeezam wesadog.

No, we do not suck milk out of our dear friend China, our dear PRC!

PRC stood by us when the whole hypocritical western world was out to hang us dry and let LTTE amma-hukkas dictate terms to us (as now confirmed by the WikiLeaks).

No, not even on your mother's rotting cunny will I assure you that WE PATRIOTIC SINHELAS OF MOTHERLANKA will ever be ready to "suck milk" out of our dear PRC!

I know you LTTE whoredogs love PRC just as much how a cobra loves the mongoose.


OaO Asithri

Moshe Dyan said...


PLEASE pubish it as a new post here ASAP.

Moshe Dyan said...

many things are happening around us.

we fot to be updated.

can't wait for desha's post.

Asithri said...

RETRIBUTION - awaits those who try to thwart Sri Lanka's National Reconciliation.

Not me saying this, but 'em Gods from the sky whispered this in my ear today.

Enough said.

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

GOSL, here's your answer to Ch4 type of never-ceasing LTTE paid-for and LTTE orchestrated-concocted accusations of "war crimes" by the GOSL:

WikiLeaks has it:

“He said that with UK elections on the horizon and many Tamils living in Labour constituencies with slim majorities, the government is paying particular attention to Sri Lanka, with Miliband recently remarking to Waite that he was spending 60 per cent of his time at the moment on Sri Lanka.”

Now GOSL, DO NOT DROP THE BALL this time...but do go for the maximum mileage with this Leak - i.e. do nice, easy and scientifically with not only categorical rejection of such accusations BUT also pointing out from where the motives for such cooked up accusations could have originated!

OaO Asithri

දේශපාලුවා said...

New post published