Friday, December 31, 2010

Crush Rejuvenated Tamil Armed Resistance Militarily without Denying It

The writing is on the wall. Tamil armed groups are back. There is no denying that. However, for political reasons government and the Ministry of Defence refuse to admit it. Living in denial is very dangerous. Four months ago three Sinhala traders were stabbed and seriously wounded in Jaffna. Just a few weeks ago a Hindu priest and his sons were shot in Jaffna and now the deputy zonal education director of Jaffna has been shot dead. It is the same clear pattern of violence that was seen in the 1970s. For political reasons the then Sirima Bandaranaike government refused to take action after her government was blamed for excesses in putting down the 1971 insurrection. Delay costed the country dearly. When open war started it was far too late.

What are the real reasons behind these incidents?
Attacking Sinhala traders was part of a big plan to keep Sinhalese out of Jaffna. It’s the same thing that happened in the 1970s. There were more than 25,000 Sinhalese in Jaffna in 1971 but by 1981 more than 20,000 of them were chased away bringing their number down to a mere 4,000.

Shooting a Hindu priest and his sons just a few weeks ago is a definite eye opener. Pro-LTTE elements prepared to celebrate what they call Maveerar Nal. They instructed all Hindu temples in the Jaffna peninsular to toll the bells on November 27 at a given time. However, Sri Lanka Army took timely action to cripple this plan. The particular Hindu priest, like others, refrained from following instructions of pro-LTTE groups earning their wrath. He and his sons were attacked which was seen as a warning against anyone not obeying orders of pro-LTTE groups.

Tsunami remembrance was held in Jaffna on December 26. Tamil students in the north were required to sing the National Anthem in Sinhala. Education department personnel were under pressure from pro-LTTE elements not to comply with this requirement. However, they refused to take up the matter and complied with the instructions from the government. The result was revenge from pro-LTTE groups killing the deputy zonal education director.

Blaming the government while achieving their goal
The other part of their actions is to blame the government for their crimes. It is totally absurd to blame the security forces for these heinous crimes. Old records show this was how they did things in the 1970s when violent incidents including the assassination of Alfred Duraiappa were blamed on the government. Blame for LTTE leader’s first victim was laid on SLFP internal politics in Jaffna. While these rubbish claims are used to fool the unsuspecting public, terrorists achieve their goal of terrorising the people in the north to submission. Terrorising and getting the people in the north to take instructions from the LTTE is the ultimate goal. Once people stop resisting the LTTE, its cadres are going to use them as a cover to attack security forces.

It is worthwhile to note that there were no direct attacks on security forces in the north during 1970s. First it was Tamils associated with the government who became victims of LTTE terror. Once people were subjugated, Tigers moved to harass and attack the army.

We are back to the days when Tigers were growing. Unless they are stopped in their tracks using military means, there will be no end to this.

The third ingredient - extortionists at work
Terrorists don’t aim to engage in an all out war. What they want is to exert enough pressure on the government so that separatists and pro-Tamil racist politicians can extort various favours from the government. It took less than a day for this to happen after the latest attack in the north. Tamil United Liberation Front (the party that took up the creation of Tamil Elam at the 1977 election) leader - V Anandasangaree - making good use of the attack started making race based demands. Clearly the pattern of pressure, terror and extortion is established.

Soon TNA and other Tamil racist political groups will jump in the bandwagon and make many Tamil-only demands making good use of the pressure created by pro-LTTE murderers. If the government yields to pressure, it becomes a habit for these groups to secretly collude and openly criticise each other while benefiting both ways. Soon people in the north too will be convinced that ‘a little bit of pressure using violence’ is the way to win demands. When things deteriorate to that level, it is far too late.

The trap the government is in   
Unlike during the war, the government cannot go all out and destroy these terror elements. Firstly, because they function stealthily from within the people. Secondly because it is embarrassing and humiliating to accept that the LTTE threat is still there. Thirdly, the propaganda effect is pushing the government for a less aggressive response. LTTE groups around the world made a huge noise against the humanitarian operation that ended in remarkable success in 2009. Due to international pressure, the government is reluctant to use force against remaining LTTE elements in the north for the fear of further arousing the LTTE Diaspora. All these reasons combined have created a very dangerous atmosphere which is exploited by the LTTE.

Counter Insurgency (CI) strategy as specified in textbooks clearly indicate what needs to be done under these circumstances. Though unpleasant and unpopular in the areas they are applied, these tried and tested CI strategies must be applied to contain LTTE terror. In all fairness General Sarath Fonseka when serving in the army was quite good at CI strategy and the absence of his expertise is also going to cost the nation badly. The absence of his CI expertise must be overcome by tapping into the expertise of many other competent CI strategists in the army. Appropriate retaliatory measures must be taken without delay. Failing to do so will convince the northerners that LTTE is gaining control. Once these splinter groups show they can ‘deliver the goods’, the LTTE Diaspora is going to reward them with millions of dollars of money.

Sadly Sri Lankan leaders rarely recognize threats in time. By the time they decide to take action it is far too late costing lives, money and public support. If the guarding lights of the nation are awake 24/7 as it is believed, they must not keep silent on current developments; nor should they deny the resurgence of the LTTE threat. It is important to eliminate it using whatever means that work before the LTTE cancer spreads again. Tough cancers call for hard medicine and tough therapy. The duty of patriots is not to immerse in victory celebrations but to keep eyes and ears open to emerging threats all the time and force national leaders to take timely action.


Defence Analytics said...

We wish all Sri Lankans a peaceful and prosperous New Year 2011.

Defence Analytics said...


when we say all sri lankans, that includes you as well. unfortunately you were born sri lankan!! nothing we can do about it. :(

so stop disruptive crap.

Konnapu Bandara said...

Wish all the patriots a very happy and prosperous new year.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Here's some New Year's fun: the typical hypocrisy, racism of the West and the obvious fact that their so called "free media" is nothing more than a giant lie.

Sam Perera said...

Happy New Year!

Asithri said...

Happy New Year to all patriots ...may you find fulfillment of all your aspirations this year!

Warm regards,

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

DA, good and timely post.

Certainly the LTTE monster is trying to rise up slowly but surely, starting in Jaffna as in the past, and the sooner the SL security establishment blow-torches these budding shoots, the better for the Nation - and for the SL Tamil community.

Things are not entirely ignored...but there are a few complexities around that are being sorted out as far as I can gather...but I agree if the delay is too long (with all kinds of excuses and no concrete results), then we are in danger of seeing a recurrence of what we saw in the late '70s and early '80s as you noted.

TERMINATE WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE - of any budding LTTE shoots, should be the mantra for the 2011.

GOSL-SLDE, please visit, read and learn from SL patriots' comments - as often they provide different perspectives, i.e. out-of-the-box solutions, that are worthy of due consideration when dealing with this continuing LTTE menace.

OaO Asithri

Tamil Savior said...

"Hardcore Tigers held at Boosa want police probes expedited – LLRC

Jan 1 (Island) Hardcore LTTE cadres detained at Boossa want the government to expedite investigations into their alleged involvement in terrorist activities. They urged the LLRC on Thursday to intervene on their behalf."

Wonder if they wanted Fries with it?


Tamil Savior said...

happy new year everyone.....any new year's resolutions?

I have one. I intend to start a business. Given srilanka's tourism boom, I hear there is a shortage of toilet paper at time there. So, I intend to start a toilet paper manufacturing business. Although my toilet paper will not be boring white. It will have a flower in it and I have chosen the Poison Lilly as the flower.

Moshe Dyan said...

good one tamil savior!!

you will need a fancy name for it too.

Moshe Dyan said...

TN reports that someone who died recently in the north was an ENVIRONMENTALIST!!


according to TN, anyone taking photos of the environment becomes an environmentalist!!

Sam Perera said...

Loss of a Great Warrior and a Great Son of Mother Lanka.

FukkFace said...

"History has shown that whenever you cut bijja's posts, you pay the price."

Actually I see it differently.

I say:

History has shown that whenever you cut LTTE-bijja's balls, you have peace, harmony and useful discourse in the blog.


FukkFace said...

Greetings for a great 2011 to all patriotic minded bloggers here.

Do not let your guard down SL patriots. LTTE dogs are very active and I am told this year and their aim is going to be to escalate the "evidence" of "war crimes" with more concocted/fabricated videos/photos/witnesses etc.

FukkFace said...

My prediction for 2011:

bijja will find his father, now old but sober and sans the IPKF uniform, in the deep villages of Punjab.

FukkFace said...


Good points about the violence in Jaffna.

I think there is also a growing criminal underworld in Jaffna today. But the point is valid that that now-breeding infestation must be vaporized as it was the criminal underworld in Jaffna that was really the backbone of LTTE in the early days if I recall correctly.

After all, wasn't the fatso fukkface a cheap bicycle thief in a gang of such thieves when he first helped for personal gain and then later joined the "Tamil liberation struggle"?

That cheap criminal saw the "Tamil liberation struggle" one day bringing him unimaginable personal fortunes (and it did!) and we do not want another unchecked (i.e. unvaporized that is) cheap Jaffna gangster trying to be the next fukkface - do we?

Anyway, just my POV......

Moshe Dyan said...


you got 2 valid points there.

1. there is a growing underworld in jaffna, as many places with economic worth has.

however, i excluded all underworld stuff from the examples above.

in the above representative cases, there is nothing for the underworld. so they could not have been the work of the underworld. even if the crimes were actually committed by the underworld from instructions from a group, then that group that paid money and instructed the underworld had the intention. that group is a group of TEs.

2. this underworld "boys" will tatste the fortunes of violence as you say and soon will become the robin hoods of "tamil elam". then we are back to square one.

they must be VAPORIZED. agree.

however, if the underworld (not the TEs) can be contained STRICTLY by counter insurgency rules, then i would rather have them do ESSENTIAL CLEANING/PEST CONTROL WORK required to maintain peace. an underworld verses TE clash is the best that can happen.

Moshe Dyan said...

Palestinians begin building international support for UDI
[TamilNet, Sunday, 02 January 2011, 10:40 GMT]
Frustrated by impasse in talks with Israel on a two-state solution, Palestinians have begun canvassing international support for a unilateral declaration of independence of the Gaza and West Bank, including East Jerusalem, the BBC reports. In recent weeks Brazil and its neighbours, Bolivia, Argentina and Ecuador, have all officially recognised Palestine as an independent state within these 1967 borders. Uruguay says it will do the same in 2011 and Palestinian officials suggest at least another two countries are lined up to follow suit. The United States is opposing the Palestinians approach, saying it is premature, but their efforts have been more successful with the EU.

The BBC quoted a recent EU statement as saying:

"We welcome the World Bank's assessment that ‘if the Palestinian Authority maintains its current performance in institution building and public services, it is well positioned for the establishment of a state at any point in the near future,’"

The EU has since also signed a new 31m-euro ($41m) financing deal to help the Palestinian Authority's much lauded drive to build the institutions of statehood.

Mercosur, the South American trade bloc signed a trade agreement with the Palestinians in December.

On Friday Palestinian President Abbas and outgoing Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva laid the cornerstone for the future Embassy of Palestine. (Brazil also controversially recognized Palestine's pre-1967 borders.)

The Palestinian strategy is one of quietly building international support for their cause.

This also includes, Palestinian officials say, non-violent opposition to Israel's occupation of the West Bank, pursuing reconciliation between rival Palestinian political factions and asking the UN to condemn Israeli settlements.

"The Israeli government is witnessing an international isolation that it hasn't witnessed before," Palestinian Authority’s chief negotiator Saeb Erekat told DPA. "And this is due to the efforts exerted by the Palestinian leadership.”

He denied, however, that the Palestinians would go to the UN Security Council this month. Abbas on Friday called on the ‘Quartet’ of international power brokers to draft a new peace plan for the region that could help revive the failed US-backed negotiations with Israel.

The late Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, unilaterally declared the establishment of a state in 1988, winning recognition from about 100 countries, mainly Arab, Communist and non-aligned states - several of them in Latin America.

Moshe Dyan said...

the toiletnet report based on a bbc report is true.

but it cannot achieve anything. the bloody EU is trying hard to create divsions around the world.

today the bloody EU is worse than USA in splitting countries.

there are different opinion on this. if we disregard recent history and concentrate on the state of affairs NOW, israel is a UN member, there is a nation called israel with all the branches of a nation. there is no nation called palestine; no UN recognition either.

so in my POV, tamil elamists will also follow the same cause of action as the palestinians soon.

what matters is not if,

SL = israel
palestine = tamil elam

or the other way round.

what matters is HOW the tamil elamists see it. for them SLDFs militarily occupy "TE" as israel militarily occupy "palestine" and colonize it.

so we have to expect some push towards establishing institutions needed for future independence within the north-east. we have to disrupt this crap move.

Moshe Dyan said...

Newly installed Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) cameras helped detect many number of traffic offences and wanted persons in the Colombo city on New Year’s Eve, said Senior Deputy Inspector General Gamini Nawaratna.

The relevant records of offences captured by the CCTV cameras have been sent to the City Traffic Police to initiate legal actions against those offenders in courts, he said. According to the Senior DIG, the minimum fine usually imposed would be Rs.1000 and Magistrate is permitted to enhance the fine.

The DIG further said that the majority had violated the traffic light regulations while there were others who had crossed the traffic lines and parked in no parking zones.

He further emphasized that the wanted persons had also been identified via the images of CCTV cameras installed in vantage points in the city.

Therefore, public is warned to be extra cautious about traffic regulations since they are being monitored around the clock by those invisible spy eyes in the city.

- Ministry of Defence

all in a day's work!

well done GR!! a very good move.

1. social discipline
2. info about wanted persons
3. ilegal/immoral acts at night

are all being watched!!

BTW i'm pretty sure the CCTV cameras were supplied by danuna's SATPRO co. at least they were bidding for it.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Sarath Manamendra Arrested for criminal acts

Moshe Dyan said...


few weeks back he said he is so poor that he has to change alliances.

now he has tried to rob a taxi driver!!

a former LTTE trained terrorist.

this lowlife would do ANYTHING for a few bucks.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


What a timely article.

Just saw this.

28 Vanni kids were abducted

Well there cannot be any other reason for this abduction.

MOD Wake up !!!

Defence Analytics said...

translated into english - 28 Vanni kids were abducted

8 armed men abducted 28 children of schooling age in vanni yesterday. 27 escaped. investigations continue.

EPDP is never known to engage children in warfare. it is only one group that engages kids in war - LTTE.

they are back.

out of 12,000 HARDCORE terrorists, almsot 6,000 have been "rehabilitated" and released. surely they are going back to their old ways.

it is not logical that 18 months of rehabilitation can erase 18 years of brainwashing!!!

govt fell into the pressure tactics of the LTTE international and hastened the "rehabilitation" process. what a foolish decision???

wait till toiletnet blame the govt and paramilitants for this to cover their arses.

this is a case of abduction. voluntary participants of LTTE military drills will never be known until it is too late.

Defence Analytics said...

while MoD sleeps, india is VERY WORRIED about the LTTE

"India will deploy fighter jet squadrens for the first time in South India and in Andaman Islands, to face arial or sea threats from non-state actors such as the Laskar-e-Toiba (LeT) and the LTTE, said an Indian journalist S. Vekat Narayan, citing Indian Air Force Chief, P.K. Barbora, Wednesday.

The Indian fighter aircraft squadrens are deployed in Sulur in Coimbatore and in Bangalore, besides the deployment of four to five ships in the eastern Arabian sea, near Laccadives.

According to the Indian Air Force Chief cited, the Indian Home Ministry suspects the regrouping of the LTTE."

- TN

of course geopolics plays a part too. but this is not the first time in a week india made it loud and clear that LTTE is regrouping. interestingly this comes just weeks after the indian defence secretary visited SL.

india promised military assistance to SL to counter the LTTE threat.

Defence Analytics said...

another dream comes true!

why only toiletnet report these????

"SL Inspector General of Police, Mahinda Balasuriya, while releasing a book written by him, "The Rise and the Fall of the LTTE" on Sunday said: “In the 21st century, Sri Lanka is the only country in the world to root out terrorism”. The book was an abridged and revised version of his PhD thesis at the University of St. Petersburg, Russia. Mr. Balasuriya told The Hindu that he would publish the book in India too.

Receiving the first copy of the book, Sri Lankan Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa advised all senior officers in the military and the police to write books on the hardships and sacrifices they made to 'liberate the country from terrorism’. Sri Lankan ‘terrorist expert’ accommodated by Singapore, Rohan Gunaratne, was also scheduled to be present on the occasion."

such a document will be EXTREMELY VALUABLE for future reference. any doubt??? just consider the extent of help we received from the mahavamsa. ENORMOUS!

it's the SAME terrorists after all!! :)

bIjJa said...

Why would someone offer a PhD for "The Rise and the Fall of the LTTE"? The subject is obviously not original and has been discussed many times around the world. Talking about lack of originality.

Sam Perera said...


Your knowledge about academic publications is truly at the kazuthai standards. Dr. Balasooriya posses zero knowledge about LTTE to say the least according to kazuthaispora. Understandingly, Dr. Balasooriya who started his carrier in the Eastern Province as an ASP in the police counter subversive division has no knowledge comparable to a kazuthai about the rise and fall of LTTE.

Defence Analytics said...


you must have a look at this.

this must be toiletnet's most halarious crap.

according to this BS theory jaffna peninsula was a seperate island in the past. RECENTLY due to sand dune formation, it has become part of SL island!!! the dead environmentalist (my foot) was trying to save this link!!! click here.


how absurd these jokers can become.

Defence Analytics said...

at last the old style is introduced.

it was so simple, i didn't know it.

happy blogging.

bIjJa said...

How many of you are opposing or supporting the mini skirt ban?

I have been convinced by my grandma that it is high time.

ps: bijja brings traffic to any blog. so don't castrate him.

bIjJa said...

My cousin worked few days in South after Tsunami and wrote a thesis for his PhD about how to rebuild a village after Tsunami destruction. His lack of originality was well known and we all appreciated his writing skills however.

My smart cousin on the other hand had Sensing in Modern Human Networks in his thesis and won an award for his originality.

So, PhD has both crispy and pankada versions.

Asithri said...

Some arsehole asked:

["Why would someone offer a PhD for The Rise and the Fall of the LTTE"?]


While the RISE is boring stuff (i.e. old fashioned demagogy with rabid racism as we have seen in Nazism - in this case "We-Tamil racism"), the FALL indeed shows a paradigm shift as far as "how to defeat terrorism" and as such, yes, this material is indeed the stuff of a PhD thesis/dissertation in my view.

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

"My smart cousin on the other hand had Sensing in Modern Human Networks "

How nice!

Hopefully that achievement (if true) told that arsehole that the rabid "We-Tamil" racism is NOT the way forward - if one is thinking along "Modern Human Networks" !!!


I visit Canada often and especially Toronto and Montreal and Vancouver for mainly business, but do take time to mingle and chill out whenever I can with SL crowd there.

What amazes me is how the "We-Tamil" racist motherfuckers have turned parts of Toronto - called Scarborough if I recall correctly - into a "We-Tamil" ghetto!

The fucking tiny strip malls are truly a laughing matter.

They have their dirty/dingy shops in rows (most have notices ONLY in Tamil) and most have some insignia of the LTTE (be it a pic of the VeluParaya or the snarling tiger flag) and they all are patronized by poorly-dressed, smelly, pot-bellied-offshape buggers/bitches who bring in their kids too, kids who are pretty much the same mold as of the adults (sadly most very young and hence, obviously born in Canada)!!!

Talk about "WE-TAMIL" ghetto minded, retarded MOTHERFUCKERS who MOTHERLANKA today must be real proud of having got rid of from her soil!!!

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

"bijja brings traffic to any blog. so don't castrate him"

Cannot guarantee.

In Colomb's Dickmans Road, for instance, the cheap hookers also bring much traffic to that road after a certain late hour, but when MI wanted to clean up LTTE whoredogs in the environs, no, they didn't think of traffic as a disincentive.

:)) :)) :))

OaO Asithri

FukkFace said...

(January 05, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian)

With the heavy presence of the intelligence officers at the Katunayake International Airport in Colombo, Tamils travelling from overseas are being systematically targeted and put through extensive interrogative processes for several hours.

According to latest information, Tamil passengers of both inbound and outgoing flights are being targeted by the Terrorism Investigation Department (TID).

Those who escape the rope whilst entering are being nicked at the point of exit.

According to information, the TID officials armed with airline passenger lists single out individuals and take them into custody. Some of them are held at the airport for several hours and interrogated whilst some are taken away in unmarked white vans to unknown destinations.

The TID also makes inquiries on those who have been allowed to enter and nick them at the point of their exit from the country based on information gathered.

Persons having links to Tamil nationalist politics or connected to the LTTE are even stopped at the point of departure. This is done by putting the person in the immigration database as a wanted person and when the person reaches the immigration desk for clearance the TID will be invited to arrest the person.

In order to justify the arrest, bogus and anonymous letters are also being produced to stop the person at immigration exit point.

Those who undergo lengthy interviews at the airport have experienced untold hardships. Whilst the interview is underway, the information provided by the arrested person are passed to the intelligence flying squads who will go around and interview the parties mentioned in the interview including to confirm the stories.

According to airport sources, some of those taken in unmarked vehicles are taken to unknown places and their fate is not known unless they are released.

Following the failed visit of the President Mahinda Rajapakse to the UK, the arrests of Tamils from London has increased.

The arrests of outbound passengers result in victims undergoing untold hardships on release to reorganise the travel again incurring unnecessary costs.



These LTTE FukkFace Vesa-bastards/bitches think they can harm Motherlanka by hiding in the UK, US, Canada, Australia but whenever they want to HOLIDAY in SL, they can just waltz in and waltz out - but not anymore!

These are NOT the kind of tourists we want - they are subversives at worst and poor spenders at best.

They are indeed the LTTE rump, i.e. the "white van" material and I hope GOSL treats them as such.

FukkFace said...


Aiya, heheheheh.....yuk, so that's what Toronto Canada has become?

I have not been to Canada yet, but have seen some of this in London (worst) and parts of Melbourne and Sydney (not bad but getting there) too.


How sad for Canada!

See the calamity that happens when STATELESS RACISTS go wandering about the planet?

FukkFace said...

Former MPs of Sri Lanka's main opposition pledges support to Premadasa

Jan 04 (CP) Colombo- Several former parliamentarians of Sri Lanka's main opposition United National Party (UNP) have pledged their support to UNP Hambantota District parliamentarian Sajith Premadasa to take over the party leadership.

Looks like another nail in the coffin of the pro-LTTE UNP Colombian motherfukkers.

I have spoken with Sajith personally and I am willing to place my bets with him -when it comes to the washed-out UNP pathetics - to once again bring forth a strong but patriotic opposition in SL.

Gonseka-Ranil and all the rest of Colombian MotherFukkers who wanted to sacrifice our motherland to the LTTE's whims - well, you can now say to yourselves: What a bunch of shortsighted, foolish rats we have been!

Moshe Dyan said...

yo OAOA!

""bijja brings traffic to any blog. so don't castrate him"

Cannot guarantee.

In Colomb's Dickmans Road, for instance, the cheap hookers also bring much traffic to that road after a certain late hour, but when MI wanted to clean up LTTE whoredogs in the environs, no, they didn't think of traffic as a disincentive."

lol!!! couldn't have said any better!!

Moshe Dyan said...

"Persons having links to Tamil nationalist politics or connected to the LTTE are even stopped at the point of departure."

very good news.

but not enough. we have to liquidate them. otherwise these sakkiliyas will continue to come to SL.

they are NOT WELCOMED! let that be known.

Defence Analytics said...

from dailymirror.

"The police raided an illegal TV station operating in the Nawalapitiya area that was targeting the Upcountry Tamils, the Police said.

The Nawalapitiya police said that during the raid the main suspect was taken into custody by the police along with Receivers, Amplifiers, Modulators and Multi Start Power Injectors."

nawalapitiya was the place where mano gonason tried vote rigging at the last general election.

he was targeting upcountry tamils in various violent acts. one of his henchmen was arrested with the posession of a firearm.

i'm sure this SAKKILIYA is in this crap.

why keep these pieces of shitt????

Moshe Dyan said...

gonseka dies in welikada

former army commander gonseka kicked the bucket in the welikada prison.

sorry guys, unfortunately this is future news.

this total motherfucker has told the US embassy that we were trying to buy iranian and north korean weapons. we never attempted to buy their crap weapons.

which idiot will try to buy RPG-7s and MBRL rockets from iran and north korea??? these are VERY COMMON weapons. you can buy them from ukrain, pakistan or russia cheap. they are very common.

gonseka fool was trying to buy US$ 200 worth weapons from china (he himself held discussions) AFTER the war!! GR cancelled it and gonseka alleged that we wanted to buy weapons from iran and NK and that is why his US$ 200 million "CHEAP" order was cancelled.

die sarath gonseka!

Moshe Dyan said...


die sarath gonseka!

Sam Perera said...

සරසවි එන්නට පෙර සති තුනක හමුදා පුහුණුවක්

This is a very timely step by S.B. However the university students those who enjoy higher education at the expense of people's money shall be made serve military as a requirement by law.

bIjJa said...

If the students are required to take military training in preparation for leadership, why not the same trainings for thugs and thieves in the parliament?

Forcing univ students to go through military training is a very stupid idea and waste of their time.

Just provide them leadership or whatever training by civilians, not by a millitary.

Moshe Dyan said...



looks like our submissions to ** have borne fruit!!

3 weeks is just bullshitt compared to 6 moths we asked for.

but well, (sigh!!) something is better than nothing.

1. that will DETER tamil elamists from going to campus which is one MAIN concern. they get a free education worth rs, 3,000,0000 and don't serve SL AT ALL but go to canada and start working for the LTTE.

intimidate them MAXIMUM so that they will HATE to go to uni.

make military service compulsory.

2. that will also create this ESSENTIAL link country's professionals MUST HAVE with the armed forces. it is not there now.

3. commitment to the nation.

4. a continuing expertise sharing system. youngsters who make LASTING friendships with SLDF guys will revisit them armed with expertise. they will have better ways to do things. this will benefit the SLDFs and gove young professionals an opportunity to serve their nation in a unique way which has not happened for the past 70 years or so.

5. a highly educated professional population with appreciation of the hard work of SLDFs. this leads to patriotism.

introduce conscription to weed out anti national elements

Moshe Dyan said...

most things bjja says should be taken in the negative.

so he too agrees with SB's decision.

SL and TE are like the two sides of a see-saw.

one MUST go down for the other to go up.

Moshe Dyan said...

(CNN) -- Images believed to be of China's next generation of military air power have been buzzing around the internet, but Pentagon officials are insisting it does not mean China has matched American air capabilities.

The new Chinese stealth fighter jet, known as the J-20, isn't supposed to be operational until at least 2017, but a Chinese air force commander told Chinese TV in 2009 that flight testing would begin much sooner. Stealth jets, such as the United States' F-22, are designed to evade detection by radar and anti-aircraft defenses.

Now unknown sources have posted photos of what appears to be the plane on an airfield runway in southwestern China.

"We are aware of their plans to develop this fifth-generation fighter," Pentagon spokesman Col. Dave Lapan said Wednesday. "The photos that were released recently are presumably of some taxi testing."

At a Thursday briefing, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei declined to comment on reports on China testing the jet.

"China insists on a path of peaceful development," he said. "We have adopted a national defense policy that is defensive in nature and do not threaten any other countries. China has been an important force in maintaining regional and global peace."

The emergence of the photos comes as Defense Secretary Robert Gates heads to China this weekend to discuss the military relationship between the U.S. and China. And later this month, President Hu Jintao will go to Washington for a summit with President Barack Obama.

One China watcher says Beijing's failure to censor the grainy images on the web proves the photos are of the new jet and the country wants them to circulate.

"The Chinese military and the police could have swept the area around the airfield very easily, but what they've done is they've controlled this. They've allowed Chinese to only take photos with cell phones, meaning that the photos that we have are low-resolution, do not give us a great deal of detail about the aircraft and they're put on the web with a low-resolution format," said China military scholar and author Richard Fisher. "The response within China has been overwhelmingly positive and has spurred national pride to an enormous degree."

The Pentagon is taking a low-key approach to the surge in publicity about the Chinese fighter, saying their existing top-of-the-line warplane has engine problems and that their next plane is years away. But Fisher says that timeline could be sped up if the Chinese buy an engine from Russia as opposed to developing it themselves.

"We as a department have publicly spoken about it in the past. It is not as if we have not acknowledged that they are pursuing a fifth-generation fighter," Lapan said. "So we are aware of it. But it is not of concern that they are working on a fifth-generation fighter."

Fisher, however, says it should be a concern, citing the Chinese jet's potential ability to overtake that of America's F-22 in thrust and "supercruise" speed, which is the ability to fly supersonically without using fuel-guzzling afterburners.

"We can't say precisely what the capabilities are, but we have a good idea. Right now, we should be reviving production of the F-22 and not just reviving production, we should be developing an advance version of the F-22," said Fisher. "And sadly, even though it is a troubled program, already the F-35 needs another rework. It needs to be made competitive with this fighter."

The F-22 was scaled back in production in 2009. The production of the F-35, which is being developed and tested, could be slowed under Gates' budget-cutting initiative.

Moshe Dyan said...


"In 2009, Gates said that no nation comes close to the United States' air power, and he anticipated the Chinese having only "a handful" of fighters that challenge the U.S. advanced fleets by 2025. But Fisher cautions that this Chinese jet could cause a change in the balance of power in the Pacific.

"Since World War II, the American military has never gone into battle without the assurance of air superiority. China is a rising power, and it is determined to challenge the American position globally," said Fisher. "This fighter will allow them to do that on a military level... and from my perspective, that's simply unacceptable.""

Moshe Dyan said...

china should have a strong air force presence in the indian ocean too.

Moshe Dyan said...

another dream come true.

is it too good to be true????

"[TamilNet, Friday, 07 January 2011, 01:17 GMT]
In its innovative model of inspiring the entire world on genocide, the Sri Lankan state has decided to deploy its occupying military to cultivate 40, 000 acres of abandoned land in the country of Eezham Tamils, after uprooting them in the war and not allowing them to resettle. The program is being implemented under the directions of SL President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, according to SL military media. The SL colonial governor in the north, Maj. Gen. G A Chandrasiri said this week that the government would cultivate black gram on 19,786 acres, groundnuts on 7,231 acres, red onions on 4,709 acres, green chillies on 4,329 acres and cowpea on 4,729 acres. The SL Army will also buy produce of farmers cultivating near its sprawling estates, and it will sell vegetables in Colombo at ‘concessionary’ rate to control market prices."

to be meaningful, these cultivators MUST be from all communities in proportion to national population percentage. otherwise it is bullshit.

first colonization, then ethnic integration.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Pictures of the J20:

Great stuff from the PRC.

They are also working on their own Stealth bomber and the PLAN will have their own carrier (the re-fit of the Russian carrier), which will most likely be a test bed for their own indigenous carriers; with at least 2 rumoured to be under constructions.

Anonymous said...

How the West through funding war and violence in Sudan has managed to now split the country just to secure the oil resources.

Divide and Conquer at work and at its best:

Konnapu Bandara said...

Egads! Blood chilling details on how traitor Ranil and appropriately named GON (Government of Norway) provided terrorist monsters with radio equipment.

Sri Lanka
'Radio equipment for LTTE by SL worried India'
Sutirtho Patranobis, Hindustan Times

India had expressed concerns after the Sri Lankan government imported radio equipment from Norway for supplying to the separatist Tamil Tigers, a new US cable leaked by Wikileaks has revealed. The secret cable sent by the US Embassy in Colombo claimed that the United National Party (UNP), which
was in power in 2002, had requested and received radio equipment which was then handed over to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) through the government departments.

The equipment was meant for LTTE's radio channel, Voice of the Tigers (VoT), broadcast out of areas under control of the rebels.

"The equipment in question was brought into Colombo harbor last month in a shipping container. Because the consignment was for the Norwegian Embassy, no duty was paid. The Norwegian Embassy has confirmed that it turned the consignment over to the GSL's (government of Sri Lanka) Peace Secretariat, which then passed the items over to the LTTE with the assistance of the Defense Ministry," the cable - leaked to the Oslo-based Aftenposten newspaper, explained.

The incident had worried India because New Delhi was apprehensive that the radio broadcast could reach Tamil Nadu and other parts of South India.

"The Indian government reportedly has expressed concerns to the GSL that the equipment will allow LTTE broadcasts to reach Tamil Nadu. It is not clear what range the new equipment will allow the VoT to have," the cable said, adding "the station has broadcast some pretty bloodcurdling stuff in the past, including salutes to the LTTE´s terrorist acts."

Colombo defended the move, saying that by helping the LTTE in getting advance radio equipment, it was successful in bringing the VoT under government regulations and that the rebels would have anyway smuggled the equipment into the country.

Norway tried to deflect the controversy by saying that it was helping the peace process.

However the Government of Norway "(GoN) only agreed to help if the equipment was provided to the (Sri Lankan) Peace Secretariat -- and not directly to the LTTE," the cable added.


Asithri said...


[Norway tried to deflect the controversy by saying that it was helping the peace process.]

Yeah right...that is like Taliban saying they gave support/refuge to Al-Queida in Afghanistan at that time just to help Al-Queida make peace with the world!

Bloody corrupt Norwegians, goaded by that Eric Soleheim, were behind LTTE 100% and not only that, they are now on record, as claimed by former LTTErs, as having directly giving money to the LTTE coffers to build up LTTE's military capability.

As such...

It boggles my mind why would we allow this "white-tiger" Eric Soleheim to set foot on our sacred soil once again!?!?!!!

May be we should allow the bastard to land and then arrest him for "supporting war-crimes" ???

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

UriNePee RW govt said:

"the rebels would have anyway smuggled the equipment into the country."

How brilliant uh?

I guess that is why RW paraya-balla also asked the SLN to turn a blind eye when LTTE smuggled 19 shiploads of weapons, consisting of many heavy and lethal weapons like 152mm Artillery guns, into the country during that CFA time!!!

It boggles my mind that there are still ignorant Sinhelas who still speak of the RW paraya-balla kindly!!!

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

It pains me to say this...but it appears that Wikileaks are doing a MUCH BETTER JOB than the MR appointed LLRC!!!

After all, here we have a great opportunity to hear and record all the "war crimes" and "war crimes supporting actions" done by various anti-SL entities - i.e. LTTE, NGOs, Norway, Tamil Clergy, etc. but in my view, bloody squat has be done in that regard.

For example, none of the LTTE massacres have been explored in detail and recorded - and that is a crying shame!

The Anuradhapura massacre, Aranthawela massacre of young Bhikkus, numerous Sinhela village massacres in the Trinco and Ampara districts, numerous bus/train bombings in Colombo and elsewhere in the south, etc. etc. have been ignored although there are umpteenth number of survivors who should be invited to present their accounts at the LLRC for recording - but no effort at all, has been made.

In addition, such as importing this radio equipment by Norway and the grave consequences that it had on our SLDF Ranavirus - as how LTTE used these hi-tech equipment to intercept SLA communications and carry out preemptive attacks on them, and also track cell phone activity in a wide band and carry out assassinations of SLA DPU operatives as well as anti-LTTE Tamils even in Colombo - are all of common knowledge now based on revelations in the past.

However, this LLRC is totally disinterested in all that and it is going about business as if their heads are buried in sand!

Imagine what would have happened if the table had been reversed?

Imagine how the LTTE would have used every minute of such a LLRC sitting to their advantage to demonize GOSL and the Sinhela people!!!

In short, I think the LLRC is a bloody wet-noodle result.

Its work, in the end, will only help to cast positivity on SL's enemies and negativity on the very GOSL that appointed it!

:(( :(( :((

OaO Asithri

Moshe Dyan said...

bloody UrieNePee MFs are worse than the norwegians.

funniest bit is,

"Colombo defended the move, saying that by helping the LTTE in getting advance radio equipment, it was successful in bringing the VoT under government regulations and that the rebels would have anyway smuggled the equipment into the country."

what a sakkili defeated mentality is this????

and did the VoT come under GOSL control???

finally vezapillai screwwed ranil ponnaya in style. lovely!!

all the MFs party to this dastardly act must be punished by stipping their civic rights.

ANYTHING coming from bloody norwegians should be viewed with suspicion. no norwegian project should be allowed to run in SL.

Moshe Dyan said...

if that eric MF comes to SL, bugger should be assaulted with dirt so that the sakkiliya will not come again.

eric + bloodylake + butt-tennis

bloody trio!!

everything from them must be looked with suspicion.

Moshe Dyan said...

this is the best news for today.

"Political sources say that Sri Lanka's major Tamil constituency Tamil National Alliance (TNA) will contest the upcoming local government election in number of councils in the southern areas of the island.

Sources say that the TNA is eyeing to Colombo Municipal Council as a large number of Tamils live in the metropolitan area.

Democratic People's Front (DPF) led by former MP Mano Ganeshan holds power among Colombo Tamils. But the split in the party since the sole MP of DPF Prabha Ganeshan has joined the government, has paved way for TNA, political sources say.

TNA made up of several Tamil political groups was ill famous as a pro-Tamil Tiger group and so far contested elections only in the Northern and Eastern Provinces."

TNA to contest for the control of CMC!!!

EXCELLENT!! (if the cowards do it actually)

now my fellow patriots will disagree with me. let me explain.

1. traitors are ANYWAY going to win the CMC. by definition CMC voters are COLOMBIANS.

2. so why not create a rift between the UNP and TNA???? that will permanantly disable BOTH.

3. IF TNA sakkiliyas win, that is enough reason why the govt should take over the CMC. these colombian MFs are incapable of rational thinking.

4. i sincerely hope and pray these TNA MFs have the gutts to contest CMC and win a sizable chunk of seats.

then only the fools in the govt will start to think.

5. IF UNP MFs have an iota of brains, they must join with SLFP and JVP to defeat the TNA in CMC. this will pave way for a BROADER pro-SL coalition to work together against the TNA.

let the fun begin!!!

DIVIDE AND RULE the colombians. we also have to find a way to make their lives miserable enough to chase them away from SL.

Sam Perera said...


I am of the opinion that all political parties with racist slants shall be banned.

Moshe Dyan said...


that's my view too but it is not happening.

these racists are here to stay.

the next best thing is to create a clash between them.

Konnapu Bandara said...

Asithri and Moshe,
Yes, it's sickening to see traitorous acts like these come out in black and white but criminals who committed them still walking free on our soil. I say charge any such blackguard immediately as a warning to future evil-doers(as President GWB used to say).


Konnapu Bandara said...

Moshe, old boy, if TNA wins CMC will Sakkiliyas at least do their time honored job of carting away refuse of Colombo residents? I highly doubt it.


Konnapu Bandara said...

Chaps, look what the cat dragged home? None other than our stinky statue thief Rayappu bugger coughing up hairballs of lies in front of LLRC. Why do we provide a venue for these criminals to spew their hatred of SLDF and country?

The Bishop of Mannar, the Right Reverend Rayappu Joseph, and his two senior colleagues were no exception as they addressed the war panel.

Long lists of victims

They said they had long lists of victims of enforced disappearance and of those killed in the last phase of the war.

They estimated there were nearly 150,000 people still unaccounted for during the last phase of fighting - a figure higher than most other calculations.

Thousands in prisons

The bishop and priests also criticised the authorities for keeping what they said were thousands of people in prison on suspicion of links to the Tamil Tigers but without trying them and with their relatives only allowed to visit in very constricted circumstances.

And the churchmen pleaded that the military should reduce its presence in the north, alleging that soldiers had been banning religious services arranged to pray for war victims and accusing the army of inviting itself to all public events.


Moshe Dyan said...



no. then they will be even more inefficient!! after all its their brothers at the top too!!

but the point is, in such a case the govt will think of changing the whole system re: CMC

ppl within CMC limits either support TNA or UNP and both are the very same within CMC.

Moshe Dyan said...

"They estimated there were nearly 150,000 people still unaccounted for during the last phase of fighting - a figure higher than most other calculations."

kasippu joseph is back with vengence!!

ask them to provide ID numbers, copies of birth certificates of these so called MFs. then we can check if they had left the country legally, in prison or what happened to them.

i'm sure they can't.

if SLA allows "religious activities" of kasippu joseph that is DISASTER!

he secretly worships satan!

Moshe Dyan said...

we knew this BS coming.

why did the SLDFs arrest so many LTTE MF??? 12,000 of them??? they should have been killed in the battlefield. or at least packed into boats and blown to pieces in the mid sea.

now either way we are screwed. if they are kept in rehabilitation, all MFs under the sky shouts against us. if we release them, they restart terror. most released buggers are in and out of prison.

at least now do the boat strategy. let them escape to the coast where boats will be waiting for them to take them to australia. 2 hours into the journey, massive time bombs attached to the hull go off killing them all without a trace.

then MoD sacks top SLA guys in charge and lauch a massive search operation where an equal number of others are caputured, given free food/loging, etc. for a year under the name rehabilitation and released. no threat bcos they are innocent civilians!!!

Sam Perera said...

A Top Scum of Sri Lanka and a well known religious fundamentalist Sonali Samarasinghe is pathetically trying to insert her departed tabloid editor cum garbage digger Lasantha Wickramathunge's name in to the list warriors who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend Mother Lanka. Sorry about her husband's departure, but he was also a low life scumbag and a social cancer in Sri Lanka just like Sonali herself. She shall be advised not to insult the memories of our brave warriors ever again.

Through great tragedy and hardship, through the blood of soldiers and civilians and journalists, through the tears of mothers, widows and orphans, a unique opportunity has presented itself for the people of our country.

Defence Analytics said...

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