Sunday, October 17, 2010

National Intelligence Strategies and Priorities

National security is everybody’s responsibility, not just the government. The general public must take an active interest in national security matters subject to obvious restrictions. Given the importance of it, national security should not be avoided by the public, yet should let the learned authorities make the decisions. It is heartening to note government action towards establishing strong national intelligence organisations. This has always been a dire need of the nation. During the Norwegian brokered truce (as it was called), LTTE primarily targeted Sri Lankan intelligence wings. This is enough evidence that intelligence branch is the most important element of national security. Tentacles of the national intelligence wing must permeate into every area of threat. Privacy, human rights, etiquette, democratic rights, religious or social values, international pressure, etc. should not be allowed to interfere with national security, especially in intelligence gathering.
Elimination of national security threats in the most efficient way should be another priority. There is no point in identifying the enemy if we cannot destroy it in the least damaging manner.
The Structure that Suits Best
Sri Lanka, although insignificant in comparison, faces the same terrorism threat as USA, Russia, UK, China or India face. World’s most technologically advanced, ruthless and innovative terrorist group struck Sri Lanka, not USA. This implies the need for a world class secret service. However, economic realities hinder the maintenance of a huge secret service like CIA, MI5/MI6 or FSB. Therefore the Israeli model should be carefully looked at. It is a more suitable and effective model for a small country like us.
Care should be taken not to allow dysfunctional behaviour of its top brass by not vesting too much power at its helm. Teamwork must be emphasised and professionalism in the work of intelligence gathering should be maintained at all cost.
Apart from internal and external branches, there should be specific military, political, economic, government services, public interaction, technology, communication, offensive, ministerial, CID/CCD interaction, media monitoring, liaising with paramilitary groups and propaganda branches. Presently the services are fragmented. Based on limited available information, intelligence gathering organisations are varied and innumerable including DMI, NIB, MI, AI, NI, AFI, ISF, LRRP, CID, CCD and ISD. There is scope for streamlining.
Introduction of the US system of classifying information must be introduced here. Violation of classification restriction should be punished adequately so that there will be deterrence against violations. Treason laws need to be amended to better suit the proper functioning of the service.
Although all branches of the service are important, economic terrorism is a less known branch.
Economic Terrorism
Sri Lanka faces a strong possibility of economic terrorism. This is due to the average income of anti-Sri Lankans being higher than the average income of patriotic Sri Lankans. Making matters worse, Tamil Diaspora’s economic strength cannot be matched by any other section of the Sri Lankan society. Based on GDP per capita figures of Canada, UK, Australia, USA, Switzerland, etc., the value of the Tamil Diaspora can be placed at well over US$30 billion. Given that the entire Sri Lankan GDP is a mere US$42 billion, it is not difficult to see how influential the Tamil Diaspora is.
Unfortunately the strongest political force in the Tamil Diaspora is anti-Sri Lankan. While most Tamils abroad have lost interest in Sri Lanka, most of those who have an interest support peaceful Tamil Elamist ideologies.
Following the war, tens of thousands of Tamils living abroad have started to invest in the Colombo Stock Exchange which is very encouraging. There is nothing wrong in that. However, driven by racist political ideologies, some of them may opt to advance the separatist agenda through the ownership of Sri Lankan corporate entities. Although few hundreds in number, these companies make a sizable contribution to the economy and employ a very large number of people. By appointing their preferred directors into these companies, separatist and racist elements of the Tamil Diaspora can execute their Tamil Elamist agenda through them. Politicians and political parties are very vulnerable in Sri Lanka for influences from the business community. An updated database of share registers must be maintained and shareholders’ background should be updated at defence establishments. Any attempt to drive the Tamil Elamist agenda by peaceful means should be swiftly retaliated.
Raj Rajaratnam’s transfer of US$3 million to a local politician to buy shares of a local bank is just the tip of the iceberg.
Another huge potential for economic terrorism exists in commercial establishments in the Greater Colombo area. Almost all the high value private commercial entities of sole traders and private companies are owned by a group of people belonging to a community that housed sympathisers of the LTTE and peaceful Tamil Elamists. Even a few individuals of this community, driven by perfectly peaceful Ghandian ways can cripple the entire commercial establishment of Great Colombo due to the fact that good men of this community always keep silent. Shut downs or hartals over racial political demands can cripple business activities which is directly against national security interests. Such action, very much within their control, sends the message that for the welfare of the people, the government must pander into racial aspirations, else there will be a total shut down in the nation’s capital. An ear must be kept on this entire establishment. People of other communities should be encouraged to establish business entities diversifying the commercial risk. Tax collection must be streamlined.
It is worthwhile to note that a former prominent politician from Colombo who followed a strong anti-national agenda was ably supported by the Tamil business community in Colombo. Repetition of such national security threats should be avoided in the long run.
Keeping an eye on these activities, although not the subject of traditional intelligence gathering, is important in the Lankan context.
NGOs are a sizable section of the economy. They don’t necessarily support national interests. In fact, there were almost no NGO that supported national security policy during the war whereas anti-national NGOs were dime a dozen. All these must be monitored which includes, sources of funds, persons behind these NGOs, their political agendas, how they disburse funds, their political party connections and what activities they are into.
Foreign governments and entities use various shady entities to channel funds. Monitoring these channels is important to stay ahead of the game. Monitoring currency transfers is another area of focus.
Anti-national political parties have various foreign funding sources. For instance a presidential election candidate recently had over half a million dollars in his safe after spending the most of what he received from a foreign source. These should be monitored. When the leaders of a former Marxist party in opposition suddenly started to drive vehicles considered luxury by their fellow men, it warrants close scrutiny.  
Friends in Unfriendly Conduct
When friends engage in unfriendly conduct, that is unfortunate. Yet it happens everywhere. We must keep a watchful eye on friendly nations’ activities in our territory. The proposed Indian consulate office in Hambantota has raised eyebrows. It is obvious this is an Indian attempt to keep a close watch over Chinese developments in the country. These watchers must be watched by us. Due to obvious commercial issues, Singaporean shipping agencies will not like another port in the region. Singapore’s opposition to the proposed Kra Canal across Thailand that would save trillions of dollars to shipping companies if opened, is clear evidence of the extent of their concern for any competition developing in the region. Lanka must be wary of the implications of Singaporean concerns. 
An unnamed Asian country financed the election campaign of a coalition recently which included the pro-LTTE TNA. It is not difficult to guess its name from what its de facto ruler uttered owing to lack of control of his words and brain due to old age. The pioneering member of the Thai delegation involved in the setting up of ASEAN mentioned a few years ago how the representative of a particular country objected to inviting Sri Lanka into the group. These moves will be collaborated by action within Lanka which must be monitored closely.
Foreign policy differences exist between India and Sri Lanka. Nations dearest to Sri Lanka may not be such darlings for India. Easily it can spill into antagonism and subversion. When large development activities take place within a short space of time, no one can say for sure, all these are ideally pleasant to India.  Due to regional strategic interests, India may have other plans for its little neighbour and paid agents may already be at work. Counter intelligence is another priority of our intelligence strategy. RAW – a secret service of India – nurtured and armed the LTTE to launch a war that took a heavy toll. It is a case of absence of counter intelligence.
Illegal immigrants from India are a sure source of cheap intelligence to India. This menace must be eliminated. 
Defeated politicians discrediting the nation has a history old as the oldest profession. Few politicians have admitted to disrupting the GSP Plus facility and needlessly questioning the US GSP facility. Politicians tried to interfere with the payment process of the MiG jets purchase and loan facilities to Lanka. These anti-national acts should be within the radar of the intelligence agency.
Intelligence Gathering within State Services
State services may it be public hospitals, schools, corporations, departments, boards, councils or ministries come into contact with large amounts of data. Gathering, filtering and processing national security sensitive information should be done efficiently. It can shed light on various anti-national activities that are still at infant stage. Had there been proper intelligence gathering mechanisms in the 1970s, most terrorist leaders could have been eliminated well before open war began. Most of them had visited local hospitals with strange injuries caused by experimenting with bombs, guns and various weapons.
The 1962 coup and the 1971 JVP insurgency could be overcome thanks to ad hoc intelligence information. However, intelligence cannot be left to chance. It must be streamlined. Had there been a proper intelligence gathering system within state services, the 1962 coup would never have been attempted, and planned violence in 1971 would never have materialised.
A notorious self styled defence analyst used to publish popular fabricated defence news aimed at demoralising security forces. Although he twisted facts with his uneducated defence estimations and malice, he found a few information sources within the state. Keeping a watchful eye over activities of state employees who collaborate with traitors would not have gone waste.
A Police State?
Terrorists, Tamil Elamists and other anti-national elements know very well the importance of a developed intelligence service. They will try to disrupt it by various means. They will allege that Sri Lanka is moving towards a police state when they themselves show no regard for democracy! Hilariously they have given a decent funeral to democracy at least 10 times so far and there will be many more for them. If democracy actually is dead, how can it die again and again?
Are the US, UK and other model democracies police states to have very strong and wide spread global intelligence arms? Absolutely not and the same goes for Sri Lanka. They hang, electrocute or lethally inject their traitors and there is absolutely no reason why Sri Lanka should not follow them.
The perfect role model for Sri Lanka is itself! Ancient Lankan rulers defeated many attempts to destabilise the nation. However, they dismantled their armies after winning. This should not happen today. The danger is real and continuing.
Instead of creating a police state, a strong intelligence network will create a disciplined state. Unless the nation is protected, there is no way it can guarantee the fundamental rights of its citizens. With the rare ability to change the Constitution, the government must give adequate powers to its proposed intelligence service to anticipate and destroy any national security threat.


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Sam Perera said...

It is very clear now that India is walking down the path of Ashoka the Great again in rebuilding the links with Lanka. Finally, India has realized the real gains of China and Russia in Sri Lanka they made in public opinion, despite the cultural connections India had. I simply wish that India took such a friendly posture towards Sri Lanka some 25 years ago. At minimum, India shall realize that the people in Sri Lanka have no intention to see their cousins in the Ashoka empire perishing by any means.

Sam Perera said...

This interview by the Top Scum Jayalath Jayawardena in Lanka-News-Whores is a good sign that Mad Cow Decease is finally catching up with him.

Asithri said...


Agree 100% matey!

In my view, SL needs an omnipresent and silently-efficient apparatus of an Intelligence Community (yes, not just a department, unit, section, contained to an identifiable building). This is not unlike what the North Vietnamese had all over Vietnam (both the North and the South).

Easily, this ghostly Intelligence Apparatus was the Achilles' Heel of the French and later the US forces (and their puppets in South Vietnam). Truly, from what we gather now, the intelligence arm of the anti-colonialist camp was really omnipresent, but also very covert.

How the information that got to the NVA/VietCong - often in a matter of minutes - when something noteworthy was happening in the Colonialists occupied/supported South was amazing I am told (and they did it all without the use of phones/cellphones!)

In essence, they were "here, there, and everywhere"...and later although in sheer frustration the US started carpet bombing - with horrific Napalm at that - the Vietnamese villages (both in the North as well as in the South that were suspected of being pro-NVA/VietCong), the real inteligence arm of the NVA/VietCong was right within the South Vietnam's cities.

Although we are not at war today in a military sense with anybody, when I consider the fact that the Tamizia whoredogs have not given up and are scheming even right now on how to stab MotherLanka in the heart, I believe we need the type of Intelligence Apparatus that you speak of here - and I second with my above account of, as an example, how the NVA/VietCong did it.

OaO Asithri

Anonymous said...

Pelawatte to host ‘Lankan Pentagon’
By Gagani Weerakoon
With the government successfully maintaining security and peace in the country for more than a year after its military victory over the LTTE, defence authorities are now considering building a Pentagon type establishment at a Colombo suburb, defence sources said.
Under this proposal, the government is planning to build the establishment to house the key defence elements including the headquarters of the Army, Navy and Air Force at a land in Pelawatta, Battaramulla opposite the present army Volunteer Force Headquarters..
There was a plan to bring all the defence establishments under one roof few years back as well, but the then government dropped the idea following the LTTE attack on Bandranaike International Airport on July 24, 2001. The intelligence services advised the government against the idea as it would be an easy prey for the terrorists to give a single knockout blow if they were all housed together.
Meanwhile, sources also revealed that once a pentagon type complex is built at Pelawatte the land where Army Headquarters is situated now will be given to an international luxury hotel chain.
“The Shangri-La chain based in Hong Kong has already expressed their willingness to open a hotel in Colombo and the government has identified the land housing Army Headquarters and the Defence Ministry as the ideal location for it,” defence sources said while noting this shift of certain defence establishments is also part of the government programme to take the administrative city out of Colombo.
“Most of the administrative offices were already being shifted to adjoining Sri Jayawadenapura, Kotte area. The government has already begun the programme to give a facelift to Colombo city under which they are planning to accommodate the large number of slum dwellers in permanent apartment complexes. Most of the key economical lands are occupied by these people who live in shanties,” sources noted.
Meanwhile, the cabinet recently approved a plan put forward by the Urban Development Authority to clear slums where 66,000 families are living in a ‘haphazard manner’ in some of Colombo’s choicest lands and to use such land for other purposes.
It is learnt that there are more than 450 acres of prime land being occupied by these families and the government is hoping to utilise 78 acres of this land for leasing purposes. The rest of the land will be used to provide housing and other amenities for these.

Is this a good idea or a bad one?

Sam Perera said...


Having a well fortified MOD at one place is good for future preparations. However, it should be supplemented with a redundant systems scattered around the country. Perhaps, we should prepare our forces to wage and lead in grass root resistance campaign from from a distributed command and control network if a foreign military tries to invade us.

Moshe Dyan said...

i agree with sam. although it will be all headquartered in one place we shoulkd have other places which can be used as headquarters if a need arises.

getting rid of the shanties itself is a good thing, shangri-la or not.

however i'm totally against removing the fort SLA base. this MUST stay.

i always thought LTTE would bring artilery close to colombo and fire. they did with mortars in 1998 (???) attacking the colombo harbour. but no other instance. had they succeeded in doing so, we would have been in real trouble. arti can fire within a circle of 20-27 km.

Anonymous said...

We definitely need isolated command structures throughout the country to avoid "decapitation strikes" this is why i am vary of a centralised structure. However such a building as described by the Nation paper does have its benefits, including being a "diversion" target while the real C&C facilities are located elsewhere OR deep underground.

Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...

Moshe and Pol,

For obvious reasons, it is unlikely that a conventional SL military formation can survive a massive invasion by a superpower. However, it can be made undesirable by various means. That is the value of mandatory military service and training for all youth as Ananda-USA emphasizes often. Such a trained population can follow the lead of the regular forces in 8-men teams to make things undesirable. The command and control should be a heavily distributed network with capabilities to operate autonomously. Ultimately, it is the people's desire and willingness to make things undesirable that matters. A Swiss or Singapore style military service should be mandatory. It is needless to say that Swiss have kept invaders out of their land for centuries with their model.

Moshe Dyan said...

re: a huge military reserve

though it has its good, this will be very unpopular. i dount any political party would do this. if one does the other will reverse it.

we have to see how it can be done while retaining popular support.

however, if it can be done, we can chase away a few more UNDESIRABLE elements from SL in large numbers.

e.g. colombians, TEs

they will send their children abroad b4 they reach the mandatory military service age. chances are, they will not return!! lovely!!

Moshe Dyan said...

it also is a good KALLATHONI DETECTION system!

all those who underwent compusory military service should be given an ID. after sometime ALL SL adults beyond a certain age MUST have this ID. all those who don't have it should be sent back to where they came from. it can be done easily.

we have something to check against, easily.

there will be limited exceptions. like ppl with disabiltiies (still can be trained for various military tasks not involving running, etc.), world class sports stars.

Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...


re:huge military reserve

This should be done systematically. Perhaps we should introduce additional points counted towards university entrance and scholarships if youth serves the country an year after A/L. Perhaps, we can introduce it via the Cadet Core. For example, those who complete in cadeting will get additional x-number of point to be counted towards university entrance. We need to maintain the momentum we gained since 1980s. Furthermore, given peaceful nature of the country and inherent social respect towards soldiers, I can't see how somebody seriously refuse it.

Diyasena said...

Re: Military service,

I too think all SL citizens should serve at least 2 years in the military between 18-30 then another year between 30-45..

Provision of public service jobs and (subsequent) free healthcare should be for only those who have served their country..

Diyasena said...

The same rule should apply if anyone is running for election.. No military service no MPship or Presidency (of course there should be exceptions for disabilities and special talents)

Diyasena said...

A minimum age for ordaining Buddhist monks

I feel that the minimum age should be 14, by that time the child has had 9 years in normal school (+ 1 year nursery)..By then he could decide (with Parent's permission) whether he wants to study normal school subjects or Buddhism in depth..Without permission of Parents and Guardians no one should be ordained till 18.

Moshe Dyan said...

sam, pol and diyasena,


remember MR's victory speech???

golden words.

he said there are no ethnic majorities and minorities anymore.

there are only 2 kinds of ppl. those who love SL and those who don't.

(this is not similar to george bush's "you are with us or with them" crap. ppl can hold a different view to both these views on global terrorism. but as citizens there cannot be a 3rd view towards their own country.)

HR didn't say those who love Sl and those who hate. he said those who love and those who don't effectively eliminating a third possibility.

now its time for action.

its time to seperate PATRIOTS from PARASITES!!!!

conscription is going to be my new buzz word complimenting colonization.


(of course both these words lack that PR element but are unambiguious to convey ONLY the required ACTION from a pov of sarcarsm to those who hate such action.)

Moshe Dyan said...

didn't we know this!!

from lankapage.

"Two propagandists of Tamil Tigers arrested at Kilinochchi

ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

Oct 17, Colombo: Sri Lanka Police says that Kilinochchi police has arrested two persons that were engaged in propaganda of the defeated Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

The two suspects, a husband and wife, have sent short messages via mobile phones to friends urging them to commemorate the LTTE War Hero Memorial.

The suspects are the residents of Visuamadu in Kilinochchi. They are among the civilians that were resettled recently after they were displaced at the final stage of the war.

LTTE War Hero commemoration falls on November 27. LTTE commemorated its fallen cadres in grand scale at Kilinochchi and other strongholds of theirs before they were militarily defeated in May 2009."

so the resettled MFs are still into terror!!

unearth all MFs trying to resurrect the LTTE.

Moshe Dyan said...

mahawamsa says gen. velusumana was vehemantly against some sakkili activities taking place in anuradhapura during elara's rule (200 BC). and the MFs who did these mysteriously vanished!!

during the last phase of the war, 10,000 LTTE armed cadres surrendered but "innocent" LTTE "political wing" cadres committed suicide!!!

some shot themselves in the head with their shitty brains oozing out!!

what does this mean????

LTTE propogandists are more dangerous than its armed cadres!!

looks like some have been cowards. and now they have mobiles!!!

i'm sure they are not alone. allow them to transit to a better life from this sinful, hateful one. rehabilitate them effectively.


Konnapu Bandara said...

[The two suspects, a husband and wife, have sent short messages via mobile phones to friends urging them to commemorate the LTTE War Hero Memorial.]

Moshe, old boy, this offal from the gutters of Kilinochchi and the Chola whore need to be hung in public as a warning to other plonkers with funny ideas. All those contemplating challenging the state should be given lessons periodically of the consequences of treason. Their inside should turn to water whenever they think of the power of our unified state. That's the best way to keep the country peaceful for rest of us.


Being Nobody said...

Some of the ideas here that can be used for during rebuilding phase after the conquer of NE:

Jerusalem: The City of David?

Homeless Veterans in USA: Perhaps it is time for Sri Lankan government to start building homes for them:

FukkFace said...

Sri Lanka incurs heavy cost for rehabilitation of ex-rebels

Sat, Oct 16, 2010, 09:19 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

Oct 16, Colombo: Sri Lanka Commissioner General of Rehabilitation Brigadier Sudantha Ranasinghe says that the government had spent Rs. 100 million per month since May 2009 for the rehabilitation of the former combatants of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).


The poor Sinhela farmer, the carpenter, the peon, whose son/daughter went to war and died on the battlefield now has to see his tax-rupees being spent on LTTE terrorists MommaFukkkers?

Now, “amnestry” “rehabilitation” etc. are very nice westernized words, but who the FUKK can afford this type of program in the developing-world, especially a devoping-word nation that is being hammered, constantly with the support of LTTE MommaFukkkers by the pro-LTTE West?

I hope the GOSL is using KP’s “lavish contributions to the pot” (hehehehehe) to support this type of program. If not, GOSL must capture each and every LTTE hardcore/LTTE sympathetic whore-bastard/bitch who visits SL and demand that they pay a hefty “restitution fee” for the rehabilitation of their own kith-kin. Well, this can be imposed not strictly the way I say, but through some sort of a, let’s say, “high-risk-visitor-tax?”

FukkFace said...

{UNP: IPU may condemn Sri Lanka

Oct 18 (SL) UNP MP Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena says Sri Lanka may stand to be condemned by a large number of foreign countries. He told the media that in the event the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) finds former Army Commander and DNA MP Sarath Fonseka’s human rights to have been violated, Sri Lanka will be condemned by 151 countries. Dr. Jayawardena handed a complaint to the IPU in Geneva on behalf of Fonseka last week.}

Sam, I strongly suggest you have an ELITE group under the JPB list you have compiled, with this type of MommaFukker, UNP’s JJ getting a very high ranking therein.

This anti-SL traitorous dog has done as much damage to Sri Lanka as Ranil W and as such he must be just a notch below Ranil W under the JPB’s ELITE group in my view.

My curse on this vesa-dog:

May this dog rot in Apaya/Hell. May he suffer the most hideous ailments before he departs this world.

FukkFace said...

{The two suspects, a husband and wife, have sent short messages via mobile phones to friends urging them to commemorate the LTTE War Hero Memorial. The suspects are the residents of Visuamadu in Kilinochchi. They are among the civilians that were resettled recently after they were displaced at the final stage of the war.}

Holeeee Fukkkkkkk!

See where kindness get you ah?

These fukkkking parasites, after having enjoyed SLDF's/GOSL's kindness (they could have been shot summarily as they were terrorists scum!) and generosity (at the expense of poor SL taxpayers) are now into glorifying the LTTE?

These ungrateful bastards/bitches are something GOSL will have to get used to I say.

Although GOSL is noble, well intentioned and "rehabilitates" these Mommafukkkers and lets them loose into the society, I say the majority of these Mommmafukkers are beyond repair - and as such should have been prosecuted and jailed for VERY LONG SENTENCES.

This is a case in point.....that they will suck our blood for nourishment and then at the 1st opportunity, they will whack us (like they did so many times after each "ceasefire" or "peace talks" over the past 30 years).

I sincerely hope Gota knows what he is doing.

I hope he is today not suffering from the "post-war-Dutugemunu-complex" where, as per our history, our great King was full of remorse due to the horrific blood-flow in the war that he saw when he, finally after a long campaign, won over the Chola Elara and then he is recorded as giving a blanket amnesty to all the remaining Chola invaders - and in no time them Chola-invader-descendants started collaborating with the next Chola-invader whores and well, we know how our history repeated itself - many many times over.

In Africa there is a saying that if you want to eradicate rodents who eat the valuable crops (that means life vs. famine for Africans) of the humans then you must kill all the rodents and their litter/babies too. I wonder.....did we go wrong along the way?

Moshe Dyan said...



if not for the electric chair there would have been 100s of rosenburgs from then to now.

Moshe Dyan said...


i too hope GR knows what he is doing.

the US$ 1 million a month is close to our estimate.

this is a fcuking crime to waste poor ppl's money to feed bloood sucking parasites.

after all that they are not rehabilitated!!! they never will be.

the TE demand is TOO ATTRACTIVE for any tamil in the north and why shouldn't they NATURALLY support it????

if there is a CREDIBLE movement to create a seperate country for afghans in canada, they too will support it.

GR/BR/MR won't understand this. they think "we do good and they will do us good".

this BS won't work. we should send the LTTE remnants in boats to hell!!

the terrorist plan is at work. they have given us an option.

we either waste US$ 12 million a year and feed TE parasites OR face the re-emergence of mahabooru crap!

either way they win.

this is where we miss gonzeka. we need ANOTHER gonzeka (not that same lunatic again) to do what GR would never do.

or we need MD to do it. he will GLADLY do it and search for MORE with heated iron rods ready!!!! failing to find any TEs, he will insert them up the arrse of jayalath j!!

Moshe Dyan said...

".....did we go wrong along the way?"


we KNEW it when we arrested 10,000 hardcore terrorists for rehabilitation.

my boat strategy would have saved SL AT LEAST US$ 18 million.

this is just the tip of the iceberg. we know they are active abroad.

its just a matter time since fire meets gunpowder.

they did the same thing to ranil ponnaya in 2004 (and 2005) and now MR is in it.

they will try to celebrate this crap. when govt stops them, hatred will increase. and we are in business again!

Being Nobody said...

Wow, Jayawardenam is such a looser.

[Oct 18 (SL) UNP MP Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena says Sri Lanka may stand to be condemned by a large number of foreign countries. He told the media that in the event the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) finds former Army Commander and DNA MP Sarath Fonseka’s human rights to have been violated, Sri Lanka will be condemned by 151 countries. Dr. Jayawardena handed a complaint to the IPU in Geneva on behalf of Fonseka last week.}}

Being Nobody said...

Let's make integration mandatory. After all, when we impose European values in Sri Lanka, they can't be that unhappy no?

"Merkel says German multicultural society has failed"

Moshe Dyan said...


JJ loser should be tried for treason. this is not the first time he has done this and won't be the last.

Being Nobody said...

MD, we see this pattern often from bedsteads threatening to fuck Sri Lanka with white masters for their own survival.

RW always doing it, CBK tried, SF did it, Mangi tried, now JJ. These buggers must be drinking sambar from Diaspora fuckers.

Moshe Dyan said...

i'm bragging now! forgive me. but if a dumbo like me can get it, GR MUST get it.

yesterday i said, it is a matetr of time fire meets gunpowder.

we found the fire yesterday. here is the gun powder.


"KANDY – A cache of explosives and high power ammunition was unearthed from a shrub jungle at Great West plantation in Talawakelle on Thursday, the Terrorist Investigation Division of the Kandy DIG headquarters said.

Police suspect that the explosives were part of a cache stored to be used for some destructive activity in the plantation area.

Police have taken into custody three Tamil youth for questioning with regard to the find. Police believe that the trio had LTTE links.

Five hand grenades, two detonators and 4.5 kilograms of C4 were among the explosives recovered.

The operation was conducted by a team led by IP. Yatawara, on the instructions of Senior DIG Gamini Navaratne and DIG Central West Pujith Jayasundara."

4.5 kg of c4. blooody hell!!

at the moment it is like the sinhala poem that goes something like "the bow is in, say, ampara, the arrow in, say, jaffna, the archer in colombo and the prey in galle.

it all will come together. should we wait will fire reaches gunpowder or be proactive???

why these MFs are trying for TE???? because it is there for the taking!!!

until we frustrate it with colonization, TE will be there for the taking.

Moshe Dyan said...

shenali waduge writing to lankaweb says SL must be given the nobel peace prize.

of course, if the prize committee is genuine!!

Moshe Dyan said...

Man convicted of trying to buy U.S. weapons for Tamil Tigers

Washington (CNN) -- A Singapore man was convicted by a Maryland jury Monday of attempting to purchase American arms for use by the Tamil Tigers, a U.S. designated terrorist group in Sri Lanka.

Balraj Naidu, 48, was found guilty of conspiracy to provide material support to a terrorist group, and he now faces a maximum of 15 years in prison.

According to a press release by the U.S. attorney's office in Maryland, Naidu and his co-conspirators wanted to obtain grenade launchers, sniper rifles, machine guns and other state-of-the-art U.S. weapons. In 2006, Naidu and his associates started dealings with an agent for an undercover business in Maryland to obtain weapons. According to the U.S. attorney's office, one of Naidu's co-conspirators named Haniffa Bin Osman during the summer of 2006 traveled to Baltimore, where he examined the arms and test-fired many of them.

Representatives of the Tamil Tigers then made a wire transfer to the undercover business for $250,000. That was a down payment on a total price of $900,000. The government says 28 tons of weapons and ammunition were air-lifted to Guam. A group of conspirators inspected the shipment and then another payment of $450,000 was transferred to the undercover business.

At that point, Naidu and his co-conspirators were arrested.

Naidu is scheduled to be sentenced in December. Osman and three others pleaded guilty and received sentences ranging from three years to almost five years.

The Tamil Tigers organization sought to overthrow the government of Sri Lanka in a 26-year insurgency that ended last year. The group frequently used suicide bombers to attack military and civilian targets.

The State Department designated the group a Foreign Terrorist Organization in 1997, and it is not allowed to buy weapons or try to raise money in the United States.

Moshe Dyan said...

"28 tons of weapons and ammunition were air-lifted to Guam"

probably the world's biggest weapons transfer in one go for a terrorist group.

the colloboration between a muslim illegal weapons smuggler shows the POSSIBILITY (not the likelihood) of LTTE-taliban, etc. links even in 2006.

so guam was used by the TEs as a terror hub.

they are comfortable charting the SL-australia ruote even today and guam to SL route would have been easy.

Being Nobody said...

How about a big sign at the airport saying "GO BACK HOME"?

"Solheim to visit Sri Lanka -- to mend fences"

People should start throwing rotten eggs at him.

"Stop excuses on disunity among Tamils: Karuna to Sri Lanka president

SL Govt should come up an intensive system for Tamil leaders to reward whenever they speak against Indian Tamil politicians. Rejecting them within island will go a long away keeping TN out of Sri Lanka.

Read more: Stop excuses on disunity among Tamils: Karuna(budi) to Sri Lanka president - The Times of India "

bIjJa said...


Anyone wants to scratch me?

Wow!! Moshe
Ananda aiya is so proud of you.

You did it to him what I couldn't.

Being Nobody said...

S Lanka rejects 'atrocity' photos

This is the best example to illustrate how 'worthless' Tamils to influential Tamils within Tamil culture become so valuable when they are dead.

Tamils are known to treat their fellow kind as trash through their religious and cultural heritage.

When these poor souls die in a crossfire, their digitally altered pictures become valuable political weapons for those who did not fight for their rights in the first place.


Being Nobody said...

Tamil exploitation of the fellow kind comes from the the few thousands of years old Tamil cultural manual.

That should bring a great opportunity for Sinhalese to convert socially discriminated Tamil masses by their own kind to Buddhism.

That kind of integration should make long lasting peace in Sri Lanka.

We already have the kovil within the temple, it is a matter of inviting Tamils to it. Conversions like this should be considered more ethical and organic than converting them fully to a western religion.

Moshe Dyan said...


please restrict to defence and related matters.

Moshe Dyan said...


apart from conversions, it has happened.

e.g. upcountry tamils

e.g. eastern tamils to some extent - they were used as cannon fodder by the jaffna vellala tamils until they realized it.

e.g. EPDP is supported by more low caste tamils than others

in TN conversion of "low caste" tamils take place. can happen in SL too. some tamils are not allowed to enter kovils due to caste.

Sam Perera said...

The best and the bravest of SLA.

Being Nobody said...

Let's build a fancy temple for 'lower caste' Tamils and then give them a royal name to represent their caste. Banning of discrimination by the caste is something we should introduce in the constitution. We shouldn't depend on just likes of EPDP to address these Tamils. Most of our leaders should develop the capability of speaking to them in Tamil as well.

Yes, the facts like they are not allowed to enter kovils and drink from public water fountains were well established. Diaspora will tell you these things aren't practiced today, somehow I doubt it.

Moshe Dyan said...


"Banning of discrimination by the caste is something we should introduce in the constitution."

a marvelous idea!

our legal provisions are not sufficient.

BUT you have to mindful of how it affects buddhist prelates as well!! the malwatu, asgiriya and ramanna sects are HEVAILY caste related (from what i know).

an anti-caste provision in the constitution applies to ALL.

monks MAY NOT like it. especially the influential ones.

Moshe Dyan said...


looks like SFs.

but by showing the bravery won't eliviate hunger and poverty.

we HAVE TO DO colonization.

if 5% of the population enjoys 35% of the land area and 65% of the coastline, there can NEVER be economic prosperity.

Moshe Dyan said...

toiletnet is still silent about the arrest of a TE for weapons smuggling for tigers.

they cannot digest it.

i'm sure they released some doctored pix right in time for the conviction.

instead toiletnet will come up with some bullshitter's BS comments on the thing distracting from the main topic.

Being Nobody said...

"BUT you have to mindful of how it affects buddhist prelates as well!! the malwatu, asgiriya and ramanna sects are HEVAILY caste related (from what i know)."

You are right, I've heard of it. Well, that can be dealt with Buddhism. I don't think they can be picky now since the Buddhist priest population is decreasing. There should be a nicaya to accommodate Tamil Buddhists as well.

Now, people are not going to like me.

Asithri said...

In the News:

[IFJ calls for probe into assault

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has called on Sri Lanka government to take immediate action against the police officers accused of assaulting a group of journalists covering a student protest.

Now where was this IFJ when Fredrica Janz, the Editor in Chief of the Sunday Leader newspaper, a well known anti-govt. newspaper in Sri Lanka, recently admitted in court that her news paper accepted (read: took bribes) U$10,000 per day (i.e. over Rs.1 million per day), over a period of many months from the main Opposition party, UNP, of Sri Lanka – to write articles unfavorable containing untruths, half-truths, and even malicious and ludicrous lies, to hurt President Mahinda Rajapakse’s bid this January to be re-elected. Evidently, this was all done in support of ensuring his opponent, ex-General Sarath Fonseka (who was backed by the Oppostion) would win and she and her newspaper did all that while she was claiming to diplomats, the foreign media, etc. that her paper was following strict ethics of journalism and the beast was really the Govt. of Sri Lanka that was not respecting the independence of journalists/media?


What infuriates me is how the Govt. of SL fails to give the widest possible publicity to these “Got you! Your hypocrisy is now undeniable” opportunities that its gets!!!

Now when IFJ has uttered the above, the right thing to do is to ask the IJF what is it doing about Fredrica Janz’ admission and put the IJF on the spot. Of course, with their response if the IJF proves to be partial in their stance/dealings vis-à-vis Sri Lanka, then that too must be given the widest possible publicity – to show to the world that these so called “watch dogs” are really biased, parasitic rabid dogs and nothing less.

In my view, GOSL should have adopted this same strategy with regards to the Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, etc. etc. the organizations that have proven time and again that they are highly political in nature and that they have an anti-Sri Lanka agenda, an agenda that coincides (wow, strangely?) with the LTTE’s avowed goals.


OaO Asithri

Asithri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Asithri said...

Even during the height/heat of the war period, when SL Army checkpoints discovered UN vehicles transporting firearms, explosives, into/out of the LTTE area, GOSL did not cry foul and give the widest possible publicity such discoveries. Rather GOSL acted as if it had been the guilty part to some embarrassing mistake!

Another case in point was that although the UN promised to account for all the heavy earth moving machinery/excavators it took to the LTTE occupied area (claiming it was for charitable work), it failed to do so and left much of them in the LTTE hands when the UN vacated the area, when fighting became too intense for their safety.

Although obliged to do so, the corrupt UN officials did not tell the GOSL that they had left so many of those equipments/excavators in the hands of the LTTE, but instead lied saying that they had successfully removed everything and anything of importance back to Colombo.

Well, the earth moving equipment/excavators were used by the LTTE to build the vast stretches of those infamous "bunds" and overcoming those bunds was a horrifying challenge that cost the lives of thousands of our SLA boys.

In all these cases, what did the GOSL do?

Did it give wide publicity and show to the world that the UNO in SL was a corrupt, biased entity?

NO! It did no such thing.

The result?

The corrupt UN officials in SL got more bold and more corrupt, adopting very much a pro-LTTE stance and in the end when the LTTE was defeated, they came out with a unsubstantiated, ludicrous statement saying "7000 Tamil civilians died" in the SLA's final assault!

This is where I agree with the GOSL critics - when they say that GOSL lacked the savvies and expertise to carry out an effective counter propaganda campaign during the war - and sadly, it still does not appear to have them as it let's or adversaries get away with every corrupt/foul plot they hatch against SL!

:(( :(( :((


OaO Asithri

Moshe Dyan said...


how about scores of foreign MFs meeting terrorists wanted by INTERPOL??

this includes chris pattern and other losers.

Asithri said...

Moshey, for sure! Yep, the inaction on our part (GOSL's) in highlighting these crass hypocrisies on the part of these do-gooder western busy-body-meddlesome-whoredogs is both stupendous and mindboggling!

:(( :(( :((

OaO Asithri

Moshe Dyan said...


someone has written an artcle to lankaweb yesterday about how USELESS the SL ambassador to australia is. apaprently this joker had talked like a criminal when asked about asylum seekers!!!

blogger POL SAMBOL highlighted the stupidity of our diplomats very well.

govt's media, etc. ministers are also bullshitters.

IF wimal weerawansa learns english we have some hope!!!! that loser doesn't make any attempt to become english proficient.

or we need another fonseka to tell the things he told the canandian and indian media with enough spices at the RIGHT time.

there is HUGE opportunity for an intelligent opposition MP to jump to the occassion, start bashing AI, IFJ, HRW, etc., MFs. that will propel his political career.

Diyasena said...

Re: Caste differences in the different nikayas,

I think its time we abolish the Nikayas altogether and establish one united Sri Lankan Maha Nikaya..We cannot poke fun at the caste differences of the Kazhuthai whilst having it institutionalized in our religion..Besides caste differences goes against what the Buddha preached..

Diyasena said...


Re: Aussie ambassador,

Rumour is Mrs. Ashraff wants to be next Oz ambassador. This would be a good idea, as a minority woman saying there is no discrimination in SL sounds better than a majority man saying it..

Moshe Dyan said...

i like FA. she is a very decent and nice person.

she deserves a top post. in any country. not sure if she would fit in. if she does, that will be a double - a woman, a person from a minority!!

Moshe Dyan said...

this is EXTREME racism!!

"[TamilNet, Wednesday, 20 October 2010, 05:29 GMT]
Fishermen in the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) occupied areas in Vadamaraadchi East in Jaffna peninsula accused the SLA officials for bringing in Sinhala fishermen from South who catch sea cucumber and conch shells in great quantities in the seas of Kudaththanai and Ma’natkaadu where local fishermen are not permitted to fish freely by the SLA. The Sinhala fishermen, numbering from 600 to 800 occupy the houses of local people who are not allowed to resettle in their houses by the SLA authorities, Vadamaraadchi Fishermen Society representatives said.

It is learnt that Sri Lanka Fisheries Ministry has permitted a limited number of Sinhala fishermen to fish using boats and outboard motors to catch sea cucumber and conch shells in Vadamaraadchi seas.

Though only around 120 Sinhala fishermen were permitted SLA authorities have allowed nearly 800 Sinhala fishermen to fish in the seas of Vadamaraachi East.

Millions of rupees worth delicacies of the sea caught are taken to Colombo by the Sinhala fishermen who make millions of rupees selling them to exporters.

The local fishermen already affected by war are furhter robbed of what is rightfully theirs, the representatives said.

In the islets of Jaffna too which are under the total control of Sri Lanka Navy Sinhala fishermen from South are brought in to exploit the sea resources to which local fishermen are denied access."

Moshe Dyan said...

no one complains colombo-11 businesses are dominated by tamils!!

no one complains sea stree gold shops are mostly tamil!

then why do these RACISTS can't tolerate when sinhalese go north???

the best cure is to increase the number of fishermen. racism must be cured one way or the other.

contrary to the toiletnet report, fishermen of all races are allowed to fish in east jaffna.

if anyone can't take it go jump in the lake.

Being Nobody said...

[ no one complains colombo-11 businesses are dominated by tamils!!

no one complains sea stree gold shops are mostly tamil!]

I do.

Who owns most Pharmacy businesses in Colombo?
Who owns the wholesale businesses of imported food from India?
Who owns Hardware trade in Sri Lanka?

Tamils dominate some since their close connections with Southern India due to language and culture.

Muslim owns due to language as well as due to some big players.

Sinhala culture by origin is not very capitalist. One reason is Buddhism. The other is being too secure as the majority. One has to find a way to pump 'Greed' to Sinhalese. Yes, there are some at the periphery, not within the heart. Most of my relatives aren't interested making money or migrating since they are satisfied with the status quo. This is a great national quality for happiness of the people, however not within a melting pot that someone wants to be rich and owning everything at the expense of others.

Sinhalese must go to North since they mostly conquered that land from Tamils.

Who owns big fishing Trawlers in Sri Lanka? I have seen a bunch around the Southern coast.

Being Nobody said...

[I think its time we abolish the Nikayas altogether and establish one united Sri Lankan Maha Nikaya.]

I have a feeling that they prefer monks from higher Kandyan casts. However, most of Sinhalese caste differences are very subtle. I never heard anyone has been rejected of basic necessaties like water and education due to caste. Caste discrimination or ego within Sinhalese groups are mostly come from British than from the deep history.

Being Nobody said...

[I have a feeling that they prefer monks from higher Kandyan casts. ]

People like to worship a Buddhist monk when that person is coming from a suppose to be higher caste than from a lower one. I think it is a leadership issue. We have handful of monk leaders anyway.

I don't think majority of Sinhalese suppose to be lower caste has been denied of anything like water or education. Perhaps reforms within that group isn't necessary.

Diyasena said...

Being Nobody,

The Siyam and Ramanna nikayas take only high castes due to something that happened 250+ years ago. A monk is not supposed to stand for anyone as he is higher than any layman. Yet the low-caste monks (through years of low-self esteem) kept standing up when the King of Kandy came. Therefore edict was put forward that only Goyigamas and Radalas would be ordained in the Kandy-centered Nikayas. Later on in retaliation for this this Amarapura nikaya started ordaining exclusively from the lower Karawa, Durawa and Salagama castes..

We do not have a King anymore. Whatever the caste, a Sri Lankan citizen is a king-maker through one single vote. It is high time that we drop this historical baggage and unite the Nikayas into one..

Diyasena said...

I reckon it's time we lifted the 35 year moratorium on the death penalty..We should selectively hang a few hardcore drug dealers and mass murderers. Along with them we should hang the policeman of the Jeyaraj F case for high treason. Time to put the fear of death into the hearts of these vermin..

Diyasena said...


If you find Kazuthai Mahvansa bashing on other forums hit them with the Mahabharat

Sinhala Kingdom of Lanka in Mahabharat

1. Kazuthai might back down for hear of antagonizing North Indians..

2. Our North Indian cousins may get the idea that they have been backing the wrong horse..

Konnapu Bandara said...

Sajith Premadasa, MP says the recently launched Grama Charika programme, to strengthen the party at the grassroots, is nothing new. "I have been working in the deep South for years," he said yesterday before leaving for India to attend a four-day confab commencing today

Chaps, what UNP needs is not a 'Grama Charika' program but a crash course in patriotism.


Konnapu Bandara said...

[Sinhala Kingdom of Lanka in Mahabharat]

Diyasena, dear chap, great link! I can definitely use this in few other forums. My knowledge of Mahabharat is very poor if not null.


Sam Perera said...


[I reckon it's time we lifted the 35 year moratorium on the death penalty..We should selectively hang a few hardcore drug dealers and mass murderers. Along with them we should hang the policeman of the Jeyaraj F case for high treason. Time to put the fear of death into the hearts of these vermin.. ]

I want to add the traitors who shamlessly betrayed our LRRPs in 2001. RW, AF, Udugampola traitor brothers comes to my mind in connection with the Millennium City Treachery.

Being Nobody said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Being Nobody said...

Without reading historical facts too much, I am thinking during ancient times, there were distinctions between radala and other casts which were not hierarchical. Since the name of the caste reflects a profession, govi and other castsshould be at the same level. I am under the impression that English put the hierarchy.

On a 2nd note, assuming Monks represent morally high and spiritually pure, we the layman are not in a position to advice them on their decision making - I think that is the common understanding. So doing reform from outside is not a possibility. Anyone seeking reforms has to enter the priesthood first - that is what I think.

I remember the last days of 'cloth washing' caste (forgotten its name). They were addressed very respectfully like Hena Mama and Redi Nanda. Yes, they were given smaller chairs to sit down, however treated humainly otherwise. I think they had no trouble attending schools or even participating in temple activities.

The caste within Sinhalese is not coming from Buddhism. Buddha would have been very unhappy to see them.

Moshe Dyan said...


great link.

so even in 1000 BCE lanka was associated with sinhalas and not tamils. nowhere it says tamils came from lanka. dravidins came seperately from the sinhalas clearly proving the seperate existence in lanka and TN.

"And from the froth of her mouth came out hosts of Paundras and Kiratas, Yavanas and Sinhalas"

paundras - bengal
kiratas - nepal
yavanas - sindh, north-western india, pakistan

the fact that sinhalas came along with them means they had close contacts with each other which VERY INTERESTINGLY matches with,

1. yakka, naga, raksha living in SL

(according to maha bharata these tribes that occupied SL came roughly from tibet, bengal/orissa, nepal.

exotic ancient indian tribes

2. that sinhalas originated mainly from bengal, orrissa and sindh according to scientific evidence.

DNA evidence

the mentioning of pearls brought by the sinhala king also makes sense as SL had the best pearls!!! wijaya apparently sent these to his father in law.

tamil elamist MFs will not take on a northern indian epic for good reasons!!

one thing they will cling on to is the description of sinhalas as barbarous ppl from lanka.

Sam Perera said...

"one thing they will cling on to is the description of sinhalas as barbarous ppl from lanka"

Moshe, that is not what is written there. It differentiates Sinhalas from others in Lanka. Those mlechchas may have amalgamated with Eelamoid terrorists.

Diyasena said...

Moshe & Sam,

"one thing they will cling on to is the description of sinhalas as barbarous ppl from lanka"

Sam & Moshe,

Though the actual Mahabharata story was suppsoed to have happened 1000BC- 800BC it was written down only between 300-BC to 400AD. By this time the Sinhalese had given up their Vedic religions and become Buddhist infidels. Hence they were called mlechchas. That was the norm at the time. Even the Mahavansa calls non-buddhists as sub-human (which the Dumb kazuthai present as evidence of discrimination even back then lol.)

Diyasena said...

KB and others,

The other incisive argument against Kazuthai in other forums is why was the TAMIL Jaffna Kingdom ceded to the PORTUGESE via a treaty written in SINHALA..This means either the kings and/or nobles in the court of Jaffna were Sinhalese or a substantial population in Jaffna was Sinhalese..
I reckon there are more proofs of Sinhalese presence in Jaffna hidden away in the Portugese and Dutch national archives.. It is upto to GOSL or some philanthropist to find and retrieve them..

Being Nobody said...

Literature from Prof. Nalin de Silva explains well the origin of Sinhalese and Tamils in Sri Lanka. His writings are too radical and even Sinhalese finding it difficult to digest them. For me they are the most common sense explanations. According to his theory, Tamils have been brought here by about 350 yrs ago.

Moshe Dyan said...

excuse me for the ignorance on the subject.

anyhow i think mahabharata was written around 400 BC to 400 AD. from the descriptions, it may well be before buddhism spread in india.

Moshe Dyan said...

"US announces massive arms sale to Saudi Arabia

by Staff Writers
Washington (AFP) Oct 20, 2010

In its biggest arms deal ever, the United States announced Wednesday it will sell up to 60 billion dollars worth of warplanes, helicopters and other weapons to Saudi Arabia, partly to help it counter Iran.
The plan allows for the sale of 84 F-15 fighter jets, 70 Apache attack helicopters, 72 tactical Black Hawk helicopters and 36 light helicopters, assistant secretary for political-military affairs Andrew Shapiro said.

The sale, which also includes the upgrade of 70 used F-15s, is "not to exceed 60 billion" dollars, Shapiro told reporters as President Barack Obama's administration notified Congress of its plans to make the deal.

Congress has the authority to amend or delay the agreement, according to Shapiro who added he also did not expect Israeli opposition to the sale.

The delivery of the weapons to oil-rich Saudi Arabia would be spread over 15 to 20 years.

"It will send a strong message to countries in the region that we are committed to support the security of our key partners and allies in the Arabian Gulf and broader Middle East," Shapiro said.

Though Shapiro said the deal is "not solely about Iran," he admitted it is partly intended to help Saudi Arabia counter the perceived threat from the non-Arab Islamic republic across the Gulf.

US defense officials said the deal had been in the works for months with the Saudis, who have grown increasingly anxious about Iran's missile arsenal.

A senior defense official told reporters last month that "if you look at the kingdom, the major threat that they face in the region emanates from Iran."

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the arms package "gives them a whole host of defensive capabilities to defend the kingdom and deterrence capabilities."

The defense package also includes thousands of laser-guided smart bombs, including JDAMS, as well as Hellfire and Sidewinder missiles.

Moshe Dyan said...

Last month State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said major arms deals to countries like Saudi Arabia and Israel were in the US "national interest" as Washington seeks to keep the region stable and counter potential threats from Iran.

Alexander Vershbow, the assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs, said the deal cemented the decades-old US alliance with Saudi Arabia.

"We welcome Saudi Arabia's decision to continue to strategically align itself with the United States," Vershbow told reporters.

"If approved, this program will be implemented over 15 to 20 years, which means that our defense bond with the Saudis will only continue to grow deeper and stronger," he added.

The two countries have enjoyed a strong strategic alliance -- highlighted by Saudi Arabia serving as the staging area for the 1991 US-led war to evict Iraqi troops from Kuwait -- but have suffered over Arab-Israeli diplomacy and the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Vershbow said the helicopters would help Riyadh deal with border security, including threats like those which prompted a three-month Saudi assault on Shiite rebels along the Yemeni border in late 2009 and early 2010.

The better-armed Saudi forces lost at least 109 men in guerrilla-type fighting in the craggy border mountains, and the conflict went on many weeks longer than they expected.

"There are potential roles for the helicopters that are going to the Saudi land forces in scenarios that we saw in the conflict with the Huthi rebels who did cross-border operations," Vershbow said.

Arms sales in the past to Saudi Arabia have triggered concerns from Israel and their supporters in the United States, but the US officials did not expect opposition from them.

"Our assessment is, is that this (sale) would not diminish Israel's qualitative military edge, and therefore we felt comfortable in going forward with the sale," Shapiro said.

Vershbow said US officials consulted with Israel as the deal took shape.

"There have been high-level discussions, as well as working-level discussions. And I think it's fair to say that, based on what we've heard at the high levels, Israel does not object to this sale," Vershbow said."


Moshe Dyan said...

how foolish can they be??

using saudi-iran mistrust, USA and russia are making money.

and which fool will buy 1985, F15s for the next 20 years!!!

"70 Apache attack helicopters, 72 tactical Black Hawk helicopters and 36 light helicopters, thousands of laser-guided smart bombs, including JDAMS, as well as Hellfire and Sidewinder missiles"

old crap in modern standards. contracting to buy these for 20 years for $ 60 billion is such a dumb decision. a profitable way to scrap old US junk!!

obviously israel has nothing to worry about. before saudi gets its "new" F15s for $60 billion, israel will get the latest F35 for FREE!!!

Moshe Dyan said...

i meant 1985 manufactured.

2010-1985 = 25

25 + 20 = 45!!

its worse than buying a 1965 manufactured plane today bcos technology renews faster.

Diyasena said...


The Mahabharat reached its final form in 4th century AD..The Vedic Gupata Dynasty holds power in India and Buddhism has begun to decline..

Konnapu Bandara said...

Chaps, interesting article by Dr. Susantha Goonatilleke.

"Tamilnet" site is best witness to the separatist project being lost

Dr. Susantha Goonatilleke

Tamilnet, the Internet organ of the now defeated LTTE is still banned in Sri Lanka. To access it, one has to go through proxy servers, that is, one needs to put "" in a web page like "". It would have been prudent to have blocked the site when we were at war but blocking the site now is self defeating.

This site today is the best witness to the separatist project being lost. In contrast to the time when it was edited by Taraki as the core mouthpiece of the LTTE whereby its racist claims and glorification of Prabakaran was pushed, it is now only a platform for whining and complaining. All Sri Lankans should now read it.

A few days old headline in Tamilnet is "Colombo takes control of historic Kanniyaa hot wells in Trincomalee". And behind this lies many an interesting tale. The Tamilnet refers to the Government Agent taking control of the site as an archaeological protected one and declaring that a huge billboard saying that it was built by Ravana be removed.

The hot wells referred to are part of the regular local tourist trail. During the CFA to bathe here, the LTTE were issuing tickets with its snarling Tiger emblem. There was no Ravana bill board then. There was also no Ramayana fiction being pushed by the tourist authority.
I was at the Kanniyaa site a few weeks ago and saw the offending billboard which had been put up only a few weeks previously.

The reason was that the archaeology authorities had been digging into the area and were excavating the base of a dagaba when a local Tamil resident had suddenly claimed that it was her private property and overnight had also come the Ravana/Ramayana billboard.

The direct and indirect aim of these two actions was to clearly prevent further excavation which would have revealed one more example of the truth that the Eastern Province was full of ancient Sinhalese sites.


Konnapu Bandara said...


In fact, the other site on the Trincomalee tourist trail is the kovil on the so-called Swami Rock which is actually a recent structure of the 1950s whose concrete floor has prevented the structures below being excavated.

These structures as the Portuguese documented in the 17th century were Sinhalese Buddhist ones - remains of the Gokanna Vihara. Mute remains of the latter in the form of fragments of Buddha statues are still found behind the Police Station in the Trincomalee Fort which hardly any tourists visit. A couple of decades ago a padanaghara was found nearby.

During the period of LTTE control, the traditional homeland fiction falsified the true history of the North and East. As the war has ended, many Sinhalese sites are now being discovered in the Northern and Eastern Provinces as for examples complexes in the Mullativu jungle and surprisingly dagabas in Delft Island.

The most atrocious LTTE distortion was actually done by Jaffna university-based archaeologists in closely collaborating with Peter Schalk, the Swedish LTTE propagandist with whose Uppsala University Jaffna University had a close cooperation.

Peter Schalk is now banned from Sri Lanka but his efforts have gone on. The result was an invention of a total untenable "Tamil Buddhism" restricted to Jaffna and unconnected with the Buddhist remains in the rest of the country.

The most blatant results of such inventions are some publications of Jaffna University as well as the relabelling of artefacts in the Jaffna Museum as belonging to an exclusive Jaffna based "Tamil Buddhism". These Museum artefacts were discovered primarily through a joint expedition of the Royal Asiatic Society RAS in 1917 led by Prof Paul Peiris and C Rasanayagam, the author of "Jaffna Kingdom".

There were Sinhalese inscriptions among the finds and there was no doubt in the article published by the RAS of the finds being similar to those in the rest of the country. The Archaeology Department following up on this preliminary foray started excavations in the 1960s, especially in Kandarodai (Kadurugoda Vihara of the Nam Potha) and unearthed several other artefacts which were also housed in the Jaffna Museum.

In 2005, the labels at the Museum were all changed to LTTE ideology to depict an exclusive "Tamil Buddhism" in Jaffna. This is in spite of a large amount of literature on the Buddhist history in Jaffna being connected to the rest of the island.

Recently on a visit to Jaffna, its Museum employees confided that they were persuaded to falsify the labels by two staff members of the Jaffna University. The museum comes under the Archaeology Department and this unauthorised change was both an act of cultural vandalism as well as an attempt to push LTTE propaganda. Such University staff members should not be considered academics in that they falsify facts and should not be allowed to do any excavations.

Tamilnet is today concentrating not on the past glories of the LTTE but strangely on archaeology attempting to present false history. They have recently published inscriptions claimed to be from the south of Sri Lanka which nobody in the Archaeology Department had seen. There is internal evidence that much of these false publications in the Tamilnet comes from Jaffna University personnel writing anonymously.

The names of these Jaffna University fiction writers are known and the Archaeology Department should not allow them any excavation rights. We can neither afford fiction at taxpayers’ expense nor fictional archaeology that could rekindle the LTTE.

Sam Perera said...


Check this site.

Sam Perera said...

Well said Dr. Susantha Goonatilleke

The names of these Jaffna University fiction writers are known and the Archaeology Department should not allow them any excavation rights. We can neither afford fiction at taxpayers’ expense nor fictional archaeology that could rekindle the LTTE.

I hope that MOD has the information of LTTE fiction writers living in Jaffna now!

Sam Perera said...

The sight of Sri Lankan Army Special Forces always energizes me. This was a vital regiment in turning the tides of war against LTTE.

Konnapu Bandara said...

UN panel of experts call for submissions

The UN panel of experts advising the Secretary General on alleged violations of international human rights and humanitarian law during the final stages of the conflict in Sri Lanka has called for written submissions.

Those who wish to make submissions may make one written submission not exceeding ten pages.

It must include the contact details of witness say the panel.

The panel led by former Indonesian Attorney General Marzuki Darusman will receive submissions until 15 December 2010 and the submissions may be sent to

UN says that submissions made to the Panel of Experts will be treated as confidential.

Chaps, how about spamming this jackass panel's email address with cockamamie stories and real LTTE atrocities so they will be wasting a lot of time trying to contact everybody under the sun. I can in few minutes think of 2-3 different submissions:

1. My relative Peryarlingam Kakkapillai was abducted by LTTE terrorists and forced to dig latrines

2. My relative Sinnalingam Dupepillai was killed by LTTE terrorists and turned into a zombie (living-dead) soldier

3. My sister Vesarani Thanabalasingham was abducted and turned into a sex slave by LTTE. But since all LTTE male terroists were impotent she killed herself out of frustration.

So on and so forth. Create a few gmail and yahoo accounts and flood the jackass panel I say.


Moshe Dyan said...

TEs will get down to work trying to flood the panel with bullshit stories.

so should we.

i recon not to use your home computer. they may trace the IP.

Moshe Dyan said...


thanks for susanth's article.

indeed toiletnet is all about DEFEATISM today.

how good that taraki bugger decided to commit suicide!! LTTE has a bad reputation of encouraging suicide.

Konnapu Bandara said...

[i recon not to use your home computer. they may trace the IP.]
Moshe, old boy, I don't think there anything to worry about using our home computers. What is UN going to do? send their black helicopters to your house?


bIjJa said...

This is what someone should tell UN and LTTE diaspora who is whining about the death toll during the final phase of the war.

Let's say over 10,000 Tamil civilians got killed during the liberation battle.


Killing is what we do in Sri Lanka to bring peace and order to the rest who are not violent.

We did not hesitate to annihilate over 100,000 Sinhalese youth to get rid of JVP insurgency. Where was UN voice and Tamil whining during that time?

How come everyone is trying to give life to Tamils got killed?

Sure, investigations will bring some justice. But, at what cost?

Just call it a day and move on. That is what victim's families of Sinhalese and Muslims have done.

Any investigations towards civilian killing in Sri Lanka shouldn't be racially motivated. Let's find out who killed Sinhalese youth as well.

bIjJa said...

[Konnapu Bandara said...

[i recon not to use your home computer. they may trace the IP.]
Moshe, old boy, I don't think there anything to worry about using our home computers. What is UN going to do? send their black helicopters to your house?


May be I can ask UN to hire my white van -- hik hik!

bIjJa said...

how good that taraki bugger decided to commit suicide!! LTTE has a bad reputation of encouraging suicide. ]

He was a very good Sinhalese Buddhist who was the teacher of the Sunday daham pasala in the community he lives in.

Don't judge people from what they write.

Konnapu Bandara said...

Tissamaharama Tamil Brahmi inscription ‘missing’

[TamilNut, Thursday, 21 October 2010, 19:34 GMT]
The third century BCE potsherd inscription in Tamil language and in Tamil Brahmi script found at Tissamaharama in Hambantota district by German excavators is now missing in Sri Lanka’s Archaeology Department, informed sources said. The inscription found sometimes back was not included in the excavation reports of the Archaeology Department. Photo and decipherment of the inscription was brought out by Iravatam Mahadevan in The Hindu in June this year, followed by TamilNet. Meanwhile, accusing TamilNet for false publications, Dr. Susantha Goonatilleke in an article posted by and published by Daily Mirror said that TamilNet had recently published inscriptions claimed to be from the South of Sri Lanka, which nobody in the Archaeology Department had seen.

Chaps, TamilNut bugger broke one of his wife's pots, scrawled some gibberish on it and posted a photo of it. Now the plonker is claiming it's missing from Archaeology Department.


Sam Perera said...


These Tamilnut jokers are bit out of touch with realities. A few years ago, I wanted to see the famous Panakaduwa Copper Inscription by Vijayabahu the Great. It was very difficult for me at least to find in what museum it was. In my limited time, the archeology department sent me to 6 locations until I could finally and positively place it. However, the procedure to access it was a difficult one and I gave it up at that point. These Tamilnut jokers pretend that they can just check things out as we check a book out from a library.

Sam Perera said...

Moshe and KB,

The mission seems to be back on track with the same theme.

Konnapu Bandara said...

Sam, old chap, as we all predicted the bugger is back under another cockamamie donkey handle.


Sam Perera said...

The JVP terrorist Udula Premeratne seems to be thinking that student union is something with the rights to take disciplinary action against fellow students. I believe that it is high time to bring legal action against these JVP university terrorists. We may have to use some tyres otherwise.

Konnapu Bandara said...

[These Tamilnut jokers pretend that they can just check things out as we check a book out from a library. ]

Sam, old boy, very true. Our Archaeology Department is not known for it's accessibility to the public. This Tamilnut bugger living in some dump of a basement in Norway will certainly not have access to latest unpublished archaeological findings.


Moshe Dyan said...


susantha's article had hit the daylights out of toiletnet jokers.

this is getting better by the day!

Moshe Dyan said...

sam and KB,

OTOH, the said potshed may NEVER have been unearthed in SL although it contained asokan script.

all north east archaelogical sites should be given CDF or SLA protection. eventually they should be developed with responsible persons taking care of them.

Sam Perera said...

Jathiye Pahara Balla-Top Scum of Sri Lanka

Featured Scum of the Day- Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena.

This low life scum sees no end in joint anti Sri Lankan dirty acts with LTTE terrorists. Unable to withstand questioning in the parliament about his latest treason, he screams at everybody and claims his god given right to engage in treason. I simply wish that he had one tenth of energy he uses to defend his terrorist buddies to defend thousands of innocent civilians perished in deliberate LTTE attacks. Due to some unfortunate reason, voters elected this social cancer once again. Unfortunately, we have to wait until the next election to democratically remove this social cancer.

Scum of Sri Lanka

Sarath Fonseka
Ranil Wickramasinghe
Lakshman Kiriella
Ravi Karunanayake
Vajira Abeywardena
Jayalath Jayawardena
Mangala Samaraweera
Rauf Hakeem
Wickramabahu Karunaratne
Kumar Rupasinghe
Jehan Perera
Sunanda Deshapriya
Sunila Abeysekara
Mano Ganeshan
R Sampanthan
K Sivajilingam
G.K. Ponnambalam
other TNA sakkiliyas
Duleep Chikera
Pakiyasothi Saravanamuttu
Rohan Edirisinghe
Mithra Fernando
Tisaranee Gunasekera
Priyath Liyanage
Rayappu Joseph
Rosy Senanayake
Sonali Samarasinghe
Nimalka Fernando
Sirithunga Jayasuriya
Dayasiri Jayasekara
Iqbal Athas
Lal Kantha
Anura Kumara
Malik Samarawickrama
Lalith Kothalawala
S.B. Dissanayake
Brian Seneviratne
Sisira Jayasuriya
Johnston Fernando
Ranath Premalal Kumarasinghe
Sucharitha Gamlath
Jayantha Senevirathna
Nirmal Ranjith Devasiri
Terrence Purasinghe
Chandrapala Kumarage (Attorney-at-law)
Yohan Devananda
Patrick Fernando
Kumar David
Basil Fernando

Diyasena said...

"He was a very good Sinhalese Buddhist who was the teacher of the Sunday daham pasala in the community he lives in"

Dharmarathnam Sivaram was a Sinhala Buddhist. I think hte paymasters have hit shree on the head, for not performing well enough..

Diyasena said...

Sam thanks for the link.


When you are in outside forums discussing matters related to N & E please refer to the towns/villages with their ancient Sinhala name alongside their present Tamilised name

e.g.- Mooladuva/ Mullaitheevu

Tamilised Sinhala place names in the North and East

Being Nobody said...

Diyasena, few more names for the list:


and the list goes on...

Being Nobody said...

"Cultivate positive attitudes, President tells officials "

Amen, this should be part of the constitution.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Can someone explain why the war criminal and mass murderer Solhiem from the racist nation of Norway is coming to Sri Lanka?

Anonymous said...


I am so happy you found that link.

Originally it used to be a geo-city link, with a map and more details. I tried to copy and save all the names but struggled to do so. I did save the map though.

This was two years ago. Recently i tried to find the site and could not, i was so worried it had been shut down. But it seems it has moved.

Really proud of the patriot(s) who went to the trouble to put up such vital information.

bIjJa said...

"Can someone explain why the war criminal and mass murderer Solhiem from the racist nation of Norway is coming to Sri Lanka? "

Wrang Q bro!

Norway is not considered a racist nation, Australia is.

Solhiem is not a mass murderer, rather a playboy womanizer working for Terrorists.

Now, who is saying him Hello when he is in Sri Lanka? Blame the backbonesless admin to accepting him.

Anonymous said...

Mass graves with up to 2,000 Japanese soldiers found on Iwo Jima

Read more:

Sam Perera said...


please visit this site if you are interested in reading inscriptions.

Being Nobody said...

For those who want to be Angel Inverters or those who want a loan to establish a business.

Asithri said...


Finally at Long Last!!!

After I myself, virtually pleaded for this:

[Sri Lanka 'pays PR firm £3m to boost post-war image'

By Saroj Pathirana BBC Sinhala Service

Bell Pottinger helped promote the Sri Lankan foreign minister's recent UK visit
The Sri Lankan government is paying a top British PR firm about £3m ($4.7m) a year to try to enhance the country's post-war image, the BBC understands.

Bell Pottinger Group was recently hired to lobby UK, UN and EU officials.
The government says it employs several PR companies but will not disclose their names or the amount paid. Bell Pottinger also refused to give details....

...Sri Lanka's Central Bank Governor Ajith Nivard Cabraal confirmed that the government had hired a few PR companies. But he refused to reveal the amounts paid.

"So many people are spending huge sums of money to tarnish our country's image. Media institutions are also involved in this. We will do everything possible to boost that image and I believe it is our duty," he told the BBC.]

Way to go GOSL!!! Way to go Nivard!!!

Now, GOSL…

DO NOT forget the USA please. I know how valuable the hard-earned U$ mean to SL, but DO NOT forget the USA – as Tamil racist mommafcukers in the USA are having a heyday here, getting their anti-SL message to the Congress+++ in the USA – and they appear to have measurable success.

Truly, the motherfcuker Tamil racists can hire any PR firm, any crooked lawyer, any money-hungry ex-Attorney General (read: Bruce Fein), etc. to cook up all the falsehood against Sri Lanka, but when SL hires TRUE PROFESSIONALS to counter such vile attacks, wow, it is newsworthy?

Typical of this Biased Broadcasting Corporation uh?

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

[Now, who is saying him Hello when he is in Sri Lanka? Blame the backbonesless admin to accepting him.]

Not quite "backboneless" like your Ranil WesaPonnaya, but I concede you do have a valid question here nevertheless.

In my view, we should have cold-shouldered this Seleheim whore-hungry-dog for what he tried did to SL (i.e. tried his best to break up SL into two pieces) and should not have anything more to do with him and even going a bit further, should have declared that whore-hungry-dog persona non grata long ago.

But hey...

They say you should shake hands with you friends and hug your enemies.

So, I am not too uneasy about least for now.

:)) :)) :))

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

Tamilised Sinhala place names in the North and East

Thanks Diyasena!

This information must be given the widest publicity and I would even suggest Moshey makes that conversion-table a permanent site-feature here.


OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

[Mass graves with up to 2,000 Japanese soldiers found on Iwo Jima]

Damn those ruthless guys in the Sri Lanka Army! See what they do with impunity? I am all in favor of hauling Sri Lanka Army to the International War Crimes court for this horrific atrocity!

:() :() :()

OaO Asithri

bIjJa said...

Asithri says..

"They say you should shake hands with you friends and hug your enemies."

I thought you jail your enemies for 2 years with hard labor.

It appears you flex your logic to white people.
What is your bias? Say hello to Mrs. for me.

bIjJa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bIjJa said...

Can we talk about National Stupidity here? I think it directly relates with National Security.

Lankans have been forced to do grow paddy on their uncultivated fields.

That is a fair request of regions where paddy yield is high. In Colombo district, most paddy fields are not profitable and I can go in to details why. Often, people don't break even.

One guy has given away his land next to a paddy field to a good monk to build a temple. That was a noble donation and things like that don't happen in Sri Lanka since we are always looking at stealing something from someone. You know what the Benz driving fake powerful monk in the nearby temple did? He has asked the good monk not to build a new temple there. The government officials who are friendly to the Benz monk are put the pressure on the good monk not to build the temple on land where people can do agriculture.

Me sinhala apage ratai - aren't we worst than our enemy we claimed sakkili whores?

It will take at least few centuries for Sri Lankans to get smart and develop the nation in a long lasting way.

Meanwhile, we have started a new season to cultivate our national stupidity.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand how the BBC found about the lobbying and i believe such facts should be kept hush hush on the Government side.
As always the BBC is out to attack Sri Lanka and Sinhalese in particular. From the tone of the article it feels like a disapproving mocking of Sri Lanka -perhaps a slight tinge of concern that their maybe success, hence trying to scuttle it as a pre-emptive strike. I really do hate the Sinhala scum who work so willingly for these organisations and spit on Sri Lanka, worst fact being they are mainly Sinhalese that do this like JVP scum Priyantha Liyanage wanted for murder with the only qualification being a male nurse who masqueraded as a “journalist” to escape justice is in charge of the Sinhala section of the BBC (joined at the hip with a converted Buddhist hating Sinhala evangelist –naturally the BBC and the British government “helped” with the “paper work”). Such scum are welcome with open arms as they follow like good pets the BBC’s anti-Lankan, anti-Buddhist editorial policy and extremist leftist sentiments. It is also a great escape route for them where they can say “hey its not our fault, they are Sinhalese working for us!” if/when caught exposed and attacked for their racist biases.

bIjJa said...

"...Sri Lanka's Central Bank Governor Ajith Nivard Cabraal confirmed that the government had hired a few PR companies. But he refused to reveal the amounts paid."

Don't you think the money is well spent elsewhere? We create a bad image for ourselves and then use our foreign aid to cover things up.

Don't you think it is like buying a golden blanket to cover up the pile of shit in the living room?

bIjJa said...

If blood sucking Terrorist motherfuckers are trying to tarnish our Sinhalese image, don't you think somehow we are so stupid and they are outsmarting us?

How can a shit eating hog makes the lion sitting on a lavish couch so bad?

Don't we think we are responsible for majority of the shit directed at us?

bIjJa said...


Here is the perfect video to make our fellow citizens even smarter.

Defence Analytics said...

asithri and pol,

re: PR

great news. i remeber you two made a STRONG case for this!!

with enough spicy words :)

Defence Analytics said...

diyasena and sam,

thanks for the very valuable links.

they have been added to the "LINKS TO DEFENCE MATTERS". so we have them permanantly.



Moshe Dyan said...


india is getting down all impotant politicians from hambantota. sajith was summoned and now chamal.

somthing is happening.

may be india is trying to create an anti-chinese disposition in the area. or trying to get the support of all important politicians in the area to its side.

FukkFace said...!

Who this KuntFace babbling like a parrot high on Ganja?

She is clearly a Ranil Ponnaya supporter and tries her best to tell the pathetic handful of misguided "Colombians" in LA what a sweet deal the CFA was for us in 2002!


Of course, there are a couple more KuntFaces also shooting off their mouths (instead of using them only for blow-jobs on fellow anti-SL, pro-LTTE UriNePeers), but this one at babbling at the beginning is the Queen-Bitch I see.

FukkFace said...


{Don't you think the money is well spent elsewhere?}

No. PR is important and we must be ready to pay a high price for it when foreign professionals handle it for us.

The only other "elsewhere" we might wisely spend money is to buy the latest armaments and KILL KILL KILL your LTTE ammahuka terrorist darlings, but yo, fukk, no such luck for that kinda sport now aha?


FukkFace said...

Yo Ranil-Ponnaya = LTTE = Gonseka Bitchie:

As for:

{We create a bad image for ourselves and then use our foreign aid to cover things up.}

Ada, Ponnafukk, tell me how did we create a bad image for ourselves?

Let me try and help you Bitchie:

1) By refusing to bow down the white-master mommyfukkers who came in/around Feb/Mar/Apr2009 and pressured Gota to cease-and-desist, i.e. stop the final offensive, and let LTTE whores live another day?

2) By refusing the allow the diaspora LTTE whores instigated "war crimes" investigations to be carried out in our country, by a pro-LTTE band of men/women?

3) By refusing to ignore the $$$ millions war-items-purchase corruption from the "general" who was also hand-in-glove and doing politics, while still wearing the Army Commander's uniform, with the pro-LTTE Opposition UriNePee and later, when he was put forward as the "sucker fall-guy aka Common Candidate" when he had indicated to all and sundry that he wanted to be the President of the nation "at any cost," he went as far as to concoct a story that Gota had ordered (to Brig. Shavendra) to kill the LTTE leaders who came forward with "white flags" and that Brig. Shavendra had carried out such order?

Bitchie, go give blow jobs to your beloved Ranil Ponnaya, LTTE Rudra Kumaran, and anti-SL Gonseka instead of talking in cheap riddles here to insult our intelligence!


FukkFace said...

Ranil Ponnaya = LTTE = Anti-SL Gonseka Bitchie:

{How can a shit eating hog makes the lion sitting on a lavish couch so bad?}


The shit-eating hog has a lot of money and using that money, the shit-eater has bought its way into the hearts of all kinds of "Human Rights Advocates" to make it "so bad" for the lion.

Now it is time for the lion also to spend some money and show the shit-eater for what it is - which hurts your "eelam at any cost" plans and that is why you have a bone to pick with it aha?

Nice trym but no fukkinggg way will we let you Bitchie set the agenda for us!


Moshe Dyan said...


please discuss defence related stuff at least in some of your comments. it is unplesent to delete comments but will have to do it if you always deviate from defence.

Moshe Dyan said...


vesy senanayake is just another politician, a dirty one. you cannot expect anything well thought after from her.

ppl voted for her old cunt. just like they voted for anarkali.

Moshe Dyan said...

this is funny!

since there is no evidence of war crimes (bcos there were NO war crimes), toilet madu jokers CREATE war crimes evidence!!!


Konnapu Bandara said...

Here is a favorite trick of Peelam propaganda plonkers. They pay 360 US dollars to a company called PRWeb ( to create fake news and get it pushed out to news outlets like the New York Times, USA Today, San Francisco Chronicle etc. through the Associated Press. Their latest prank is a fake news item generated for a 'press release' from that transexual govt. 'prime minister' fellow about allowing LTTE buggers to give testimony before the tribunal deciding on LTTE ban. Once PRWeb gets the fake item into a reputable newspaper's add section (see example in then all the Peelam propaganda sites push out news items claiming to be published in that newspaper. So this same fake item now is on section titled:
Indian government should hear both sides; 'A violation of Natural Justice' TGTE says
[ San Francisco Chronicle ][ Oct 23 05:21 GMT ]

Hey Presto! Neat trick, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

A most welcome move:

"Newly drafted Defence Ministry regulations

Only five sim cards per person"

By Gayan Kumara Weerasinghe

The Defence Ministry has formulated new regulations which permit a single person to use only five sim cards in his or her name when using cell phones. This law will be put into effect from January 1, 2011.
By December 31, all persons using cell phones will have no option but to register their sim cards, the Defence Ministry has further informed through a circular.
All cell phones which contain unregistered sim cards will thus be disconnected after December 31st by the Ministry concerned.
When contacted, the Director General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission(TRC), Anusha Pelpita said that the Defence Ministry has been forced to take such drastic action taking into consideration the country’s security.
He said that the TRC and the Defence Ministry had already gathered information to the effect that some people were committing large scale crimes by using 10 or 15 sim cards. One way to combat this menace was to officially register sim cards. Pelpita pointed out that some were using such a large number of sim cards to call overseas in an effort to carry out cross border crimes and other offences. The Defence Ministry also has obtained information that several big-time gangsters, underworld kingpins, and drug dealers were using sim cards to carry out their activities. Police say a majority of the big-time drug dealers use sim cards which do not belong to them.
It has also been found that at most of the mega star reality television programmes most of the SMSs have been sent by such persons. Most of those sim card owners had received bills to the tune of lakhs of rupees. From information gathered by police during terrorist and crime investigations in the past, most of the large-scale crimes have been commmited with mobile phones obtained through forged identity card photos. One can obtain five sim cards from one company or he can have a maximum of five sim cards from various companies, Anusha Pelpita said, adding “We too need to get a clarification on that from the Defence Ministry”.
Pelpita noted that for one person owning five sim cards was anyway odd, ‘as a human being has only two ears to start with.’
He maintained that through the official registration of sim cards the TRC would be able to create a data system which contains photos of some 10 to 15 million cell phone users in the country.
The TRC is looking forward to gathering all such statistics which currently stays with phone companies in one database run by the government.Once sim cards are officially registered it will be impossible for any person other than the official sim card holder to use a particular mobile phone -- and if sim cards are to be registered in the name of any unofficial holder, that too will be done by the Defence Ministry.
Also it will be illegal for mobile phone companies to jointly use sim cards from January 1 next year according to the newly drafted Defence Ministry regulations.If there are any sim cards being jointly used by such phone companies by way of group packages, those sim cards are to be registered to the name of their users.
Another regulation that all mobile phone users must adhere to from January 1, 2011 is that they must obtain a certificate from phone companies regards ownership of sim cards.

Anonymous said...

Just found this. Mangy's gay site admits it cooks up news. Whats more comical is their insistence of being a "genuine" news site. The juxtaposition of the two is hilarious. This should be stored as a point of reference next time some moron quotes this site.

"Foreign Minister Prof. G.L. Peiris to resign? LNW Editor`s note


LankaNewsWeb has been contacted by many colleagues, well wishers and critics regarding our news item titled Foreign Minister Prof. G.L. Peiris to resign?

We clearly knew that Prof. G.L. Peiris, formerly a distinguished professor of law whose students include current Supreme Court judges, according to his own admission, would never resign from his lucrative cabinet post.
Our intention was to force the former distinguished academic turned pathetic promoter of dictatorship to respond to the news.
We simply wanted to show that the formerly respected academic whose Oxford contemporaries include current world leaders, is no different to other third class mafia politicians in Sri Lanka.

LankaNewsWeb had no intention to mislead our readers or tarnish our reputation as an alternative news source.

We understood very well his dilemma that he would never be able to deny our news as he would have to admit that the respected academic has now turned to another power greedy man without a proper conscious.

By quoting him that nowhere in the world has a country changed the constitution for one man`s benefit, our only intention was to show how a world respected academic who once promoted democracy and even federalism could be no different to Mervyn Silva.

And by using the quote: I am still respected as an academic and I can easily join any leading university in the world. I am not an apologist on behalf of dictators, we wanted our readers to judge themselves how the dirty politics could even destroy a man of Prof. Peiris` caliber, not to mention similar examples like Prof. Tissa Vitharana.

Diyasena said...


Would you kindly add Ashoka Gandagama and Upul Joker Fernando to the JPB list..

Diyasena said...

Watch out JVP goons.. Sri Lanka's guardian deity is onto your charade

Sec Def's view on student unrest

I think those failing more than one year (without valid reason i.e. medical, family, financial) should be made to pay full fees for remaining at university. This should reduce the number of IUSF troublemakers at unis..

Sam Perera said...

KB that is a very good discovery. We all knew that LTTE create lies and repeat them over and over make it true. However, this particular method is very interesting.

Moshe Dyan said...

GR understands this is a plan by anti-SLs.

they use these poor uni students as cannon fodder. they don't have to care bcos they are sinhala village kids.

using them as bait these MFs are going to discredit SL.

Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...


Can you please give me a link to the revealing work of Ashoka Gandagama?

Diyasena said...


Ashoka Handagama has on many occasions taken collaborated with people on the JPB list in dissing Sri Lanka on alleged discriminations against Tamils. He once refused an award saying he can't reconcile with the GOSL treatment of Tamils.

His movies depcit Sinhalese Buddhists (including SL soldiers) has sex deprived maniacs, who resort to rape and other types of deviation (lesbianism, incest, cross-dressing) all the time. I reckon he works for the broader Eelam agenda, have a read of the link below

Mey magey Sandai - Asoka Gandagama

Moshe Dyan said...

a google search reveals asoka gandagama has produced some crappy films by the name "this is my moon" parts 1 & 2 in late 1990s.

these were calculated at unpopularising joinging the SLA at a time when SLA DESPERATELY needed men.

asoka's other film based on wierd sex fantacies of none other than HIMSELF!! he may have had an abused past, possibly incest setting him against his own mother and motherland!!. click here.

i doubt he was merely cashing in from an opportunity. he has earned a place in hell.

Sam Perera said...

Diyasena and Moshse, thanks for information. I am little bit disappointed that Gandagama the pervert was not in the list early. How did I missed this scumbag?

Moshe Dyan said...


i was weighing the usefulness of creating another blog (reference purposes only) of JPBs. but it may not be in our best interests. obviously bad karma will end their miserable petty lives and we don't want to have a seperate webspace dedicated to these lowlifes. that may even interfere with karma effects on them which we don't want!!!

Sam Perera said...


Yes, I have the same thought.These scum does not deserve extra space in the web, but we have to remind Sri Lankans periodically about their dirty deeds. As you notice, certain politicians who are with the government are still there. They need to repent and apologize the people of Sri Lanka.

Moshe Dyan said...

from cnn.

"From one pig -- bacon and 184 other things"

from tamil elamists -- NOTHING!

pigs are more valuable than tamil elamists.

Moshe Dyan said...

the chola empire is fast spreading in haiti. SL soldiers must be careful.

toiletnet reported the find of a chol(er)a inscription in trinco. it is VERY UNLIKELY of toiletnet not to say what it read and not to give further details.

possibly bcos the chol(er)as were mere invaders, not locals.

Being Nobody said...

I watched Asoka gandagama's "this is my moon" and left before it ended to throw up. This guy is packaging some unfortunate things in Sri Lanka and parade them around the White world.

A typical sold out Sri Lankans like Jayalath J or RW.

Moshe Dyan said...

we keep this arse cancer and complain arseache.

mano gonason's statement.

"The arrest of Bharathi Dasan at this juncture is clearly a politically motivated activity of the government. He contested as our party’s candidate in Nuwara Eliya district under the UNF. Ganesan commenting on the arrest of DPF activist Bharathi Dasan in Talawakella yesterday evening said further that rebel MP Praba Ganesan has formed a trade union in the up-country last week by the name of Democratic Peoples Congress.

Those behind this new trade union consider Bharathi Dasan an obstacle for them in Nuwara Eliya district. This arrest of Bharathi Dasan, we believe is the political reprisal meted to our party for our principled stand. It is one of those recent onslaughts faced by the opposition groups targeted by the government.

Bharathi Dasan joined our party only in February this year. He was a senior member of late minister P. Chandrasekaran’s Up-Country Peoples Front until then. Prior to this he was a member of the CWC under Minister Thondaman. He even contested under the ruling UPFA ticket as the Nuwara Eliya candidate of Minister Chandrasekaran’s party at the 2009 Provincial Council elections. Both the UPF and the CWC are partners in the government then and now. Now suddenly the police have arrested him claiming that he had been to Kilinochchi during 2001. It is obviously a political arrest."

Moshe Dyan said...

when will we learn to nip arse cancers in the bud????

never, i suppose.

now this sakkiliya will travel abroad and discredit SL. how all scums may they be terrorists, anti-SL NGO scums, political LOSERS with vengenece against SLs, etc. sleep together is AMAZING!!

one stands by the others!!

Asithri said...

Indeed, Mano-Gona para sakkiliya said:

[The arrest of Bharathi Dasan at this juncture is clearly a politically motivated activity of the government.]


This motherfucker got caught with a T-56 weapon and when he got arrested, Mano-Gona says it is "politically motivated" !!!

Mano-Gona himself is a known LTTE sympathizer and I agree with Moshey - how can this kind of arse-cancer be allowed to grow & grow in our beloved Motherland?

As for Bharathi Dasan, it is indeed a pity that he did not resist arrest uh? (then again, may be he did but the arresting local Police are a bunch of pussys and just let him have the spotlight instead of bashing his head in - when he, like all the LTTE whoredogs did not long ago, aimed the T-56 at them (self-defense reaction, may be lethal-reaction, is unquestionably pardonable per Internationals standards. But, the question is have our front line arresting law-enforcement officials forgotten it - after digesting pro-LTTE propaganda from various quarters?

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...


Please have Sam's list of JPB list be a useful link/site in this blog.

Please preface the list with a paragraph as to why we consider these to be the low-lives, i.e. are THE JPB scum - the whore-men whore-women of Sri Lanka who have either directly or indirectly connived with the LTTE terrorists' agenda destroy SL.

OaO Asithri

kevin said...

Mano Ganesan says that the state must give the gold that was taken from terrorists to the rightful owners.Being to their areas we haven't seen people who could afford to give a such a quantity of gold to the terrorist.I think that gold was stolen or gifted to terrorists by the privileged diaspora who have the blood of the innocent that died in that tragic separatist and communal war.Therefore the state must utilized that wealth to rehabilitate the victims such as the poor village youth who gave their precious to safeguard the island from the most ruthless bunch of terrorists.

Anonymous said...

"Sri Lanka’s JHU allege massive ethnic-cleansing scandal against North and East Sinhalese"
Mon, 2010-10-25 04:30

By Santhush Fernando in Colombo

Colombo, 25 October, (
Sinhalese families at the Old Jaffna Railway Station In an exclusive interview with the Asian Tribune, JHU Spokesperson, Nishantha Sri Warnasinghe, alleged a massive organized scandal took place during the Cease Fire Agreement (CFA) signed by United National Party (UNP) government, leading to the mass-scale ethnic cleansing and legitimising the chasing-out of thousands of Sinhalese from their original dwelling places in the North and East.

“Nearly 97 Sinhala families who have returned to Jaffna are temporary sheltered in Jaffna Railway Station. They have deeds with them but after 1983 riots they had to leave their belongings in Jaffna and come to south, due to increasing terrorists’ attacks. We have very clear evidence that the land deeds of many Sinhalese chased-out from North and East, have been altered during the UNP CFA,” he said.

Moshe Dyan said...


welcome to SLDA.

"I think that gold was stolen or gifted to terrorists by the privileged diaspora"

very true. these were referred to as "KP's gold" at one point.

when the west banned the LTTE, its front orgs and INVESTMENT arms, it had no option than to look for other investment opportunities. gold was the OBVIOUS choice - high return, inabilty to trace owners, no laws guarding ownership/transfer by banned terrorists.

Moshe Dyan said...


govt must reinstate their rights. if it cannot do such a simple act of justice, ppl will lose faith in it.

Moshe Dyan said...

rid the UNP of LTTE elements-sajith!!!

"UNP MP Sajith Premadasa said some people caused an irreparable loss to the UNP party by saying the soldiers were heading towards ‘Pamankada’ instead of ‘Alimankada’, and ‘Medawachchiya’ instead of ‘Kilinochchi’.

Mr. Premadasa said the UNP should literally be replaced with a new engine and revamped accordingly for future election victories.

“Some political novices and conspirers talk about my politics. They utter frivolous statements about Hambantota politics. Yet, they do not know that I was able to defeat President Mahinda Rajapaksa twice in Hambantota respectively in 2000 and 2001,” he said."

well said sajith premadasa!!

we know who said that. none other than RAVI KALLATHONIYA. take good care of yourself. this bastard will not hesitate to harm you when you visit parliament.

IF SLA went to pamankada instead of alimankada, this kallathoniya would not have survived bcos he is hiding somewhere near pamankada!!!


Moshe Dyan said...

looks like manju wanniarachchi has brought discredit to SL by using PEDs.

the second sample result is due and if it is positive, shame on him.

the problem is his "wanni" connection which was notorious for drug delaers, terrorists, etc.!!


Moshe Dyan said...

excuse me for bringing this up.

bishops from the middle east has criticised israel for using the bible text of "PROMISED LAND of jews" for settling jews and evicting palestinians.

faced with a reducing christian population in the middle east these bishops are playing politics. israel is an easy target for them.

oh the poor red indians, australian aboriginal ppl and others whose resources were plundered by these rightous ppl.

the reality is israel didn't use the promised land verse to do ANY resettlements. true, that belief is there, but it was not exploited to resettle jews. land is a NEED.

aggressive colonization of land actually occupied by palestinian families is not right. it has to reduce. but making it a petty political issue is WORSE.

israel colonizes others' land without any guilt, SL is guilty to recolonize its own land with ppl born in SL!!!!!!

Being Nobody said...

There are lot of similarities between Jews in Isreal and Tamils. They both want their own land at someone's backyard. They both have the financial and lobbying power in the west. They are not subjected to standard treatment on their potion of criminal activities. Only Jews are successful here since they have their kingdom and ability to expand at will.

Sinhalese need to find a way to match Tamil lobbying power in the west.

Swarnajith Udana said...

For Sajith to come to the right path he also has to condemn SF and rather than chasing power he should build a well principled opposition. When the right time comes, then he should think of grabbing without spoiling it for Sri Lanka.

Sajith should think of the country first, then party and then himself. This approach will straighten up the Government in its crooked joints.

Then at the right time he will get the Government.

Sri Lanka first politics second.

bIjJa said...

Swarnajith Udana says

" Sri Lanka first politics second."

Can you give any examples of who is alive and doing that?

Sam Perera said...

Outstanding performance and a great example of JVP losers to follow.

Moshe Dyan said...


"" Sri Lanka first politics second."

Can you give any examples of who is alive and doing that?"

that's the point!

since no one or very few are doing this there is HUGE potential for someone to fill the void.

Moshe Dyan said...

some very positive economic developments following the war victory.

1. end of the LTTE resulted in the LTTE money transfer/exchange operation called the "hawala".

tamil diaspora remitts US$6 million a month through legal channels.

2. a locally assembled PC sells at 30,000 rupees (US$ 250) down more than half.

this is within the reach of MOST sri lankans.

expect a RAPID increase in computer literecy and english.

oh! JVP/pro-tamil madu type devolution communist motherfcukers! your future is sooo bleak! go fcuk marx's mother!!

Moshe Dyan said...

Sri Lanka's Jaffna Security Forces Commander awarded the prestigious Gusi Peace Prize

Tue, Oct 26, 2010, 12:44 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.
Oct 26, Colombo: Sri Lanka's Jaffna Security Forces Commander Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe has been awarded the prestigious Gusi Peace Prize for 2010.
The Philippines based award, recognizing individuals working toward the attainment of peace and respect for human life and dignity has named Major General Hathurusinghe as one of the nineteen 2010 laureates for his contribution to the peace process of Sri Lanka.
Major General Hathurusinghe, who joined the Sri Lanka Army in 1980 as a Cadet Officer, took the leadership as the Jaffna Security Forces Commander in February 2010.
As the Security Forces Commander in Jaffna, he takes leadership in many community development activities spearheading government policy in liaison with all other agencies including building houses and promoting livelihood programmes for the displaced.
In pursuit to higher education and professional development, Gen. Hathurusinghe earned his Master in Business Administration (MBA) in 2007 from Rajarata University of Sri Lanka. Further, he received Post Graduate qualification -Master in National Security Administration (MNSA) from the National Defense College of the Philippines during 2008-2009. Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe received the Gold Medal for the best dissertation in MNSA 44.
The annual Gusi Peace Prize Awards, given to several individuals each year by the Manila-based Gusi Peace Prize Foundation, recognize their exemplary contributions to peace and human rights, science, politics, arts and literature, medicine and variety of other fields.

Moshe Dyan said...

this is fantastic news.

TE propoganda idiots would be shitting.

"recognizing individuals working toward the attainment of peace and respect for human life and dignity"


we congratulate Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe.

the HR abuses bullshitt of TEs is fast collapsing. this is ONLY ONE SMALL example.

from toiletnet.

"[TamilNet, Monday, 03 May 2010, 05:00 GMT]
The earlier decision taken by Jaffna Sri Lanka Army (SLA) Commander Major Gen. Mahintha Kathursinghe to withdraw SLA forces in stages is to be reconsidered as per request of newly appointed Defence Secretary, Gothabaya Rajapakse, the brother of President Mahintha Rajapakse, Mahintha Kathurusinghe told the editors of Jaffna dailies in a meeting Sunday night at Gnanams Hotel SLA base."

kathurusinghe!!! mahintha!!

funniest of all.

"newly appointed Defence Secretary, Gothabaya Rajapakse"!! in 2010!

no wonder the TN editor is on crack.

Moshe Dyan said...

SL-US relations have become normal now.

will a republican win shake things up????

what is the tamil madu crowd upto in the US election??? which arse are they licking??? is it both arses as b4????

bIjJa said...

I wonder Solheim twisted some of balls to get the access to Sri Lanka using HR issues. If that is the case, it is bad to our national security.

bIjJa said...

How many jobs have been created for Sri Lankans from Chinese aid/ loans?

Some says over 7000 Chineese jobs have been created in Sri Lanka.

How are we going to develop our workforce if we are not the ones doing the job?

Think about it.

Moshe Dyan said...


"Some says over 7000 Chineese jobs have been created in Sri Lanka."

do they say all jobs created by chinese investments are for the chinese?????

see the difference. these investments create 7,000 jobs for the chinese for once but create many more jobs for SLs now and going forward!!

recently there was news that 100 SL "farmers" are going to israel to assist during the peak harvesting seaon. they are more than just farmers. IF they are ONLY farmers, they will learn BETTER agricultural practices while earning BIG money and touring another country!

a win-win situation.

IF they are not farmers but some like the "citrus cultivation consultants" from israel who arrived in the island in 1986 following an invitation from GOSL, then it is even better!!! provided we make the best use, of course.

so it works both ways. and many SLs are working in china and chinese investments abroad.

however, the bad side is what SLs can do should be given to them, not to outsiders and this is not the case always. it is part of the deal. its still worth than otherwise.

Moshe Dyan said...

another benefit of war victory.

colombo dockyard sold its second large ship to india for 2 billion rupees.


who thought SL will be into ship building!!

if we had peace with tigers, we would be always replacing "ceasefire" sunk SLN craft.

ship and boat manufacturing should be expanded. SL should be tured to a boating, fishing, underwater viewing tourist destination. no kallthonis, please!

can't thy manufacture submarine with large glass hulls for viewing underwater????

will colombo dockyard gain anything at all from the ship breaking industry in bangladesh???? may be parts for cheap price????

can't our large export companies (excluding hayleys which is already in it) buy ships for frieght??? that will earn bigger profits than just frieght forwarding.

all these opportunities bcos SLDFs managed to fcuk the living daylights out of the LTTE!!

Moshe Dyan said...

war brings real peace!

false peace brings war!

bIjJa said...

Moshe, SL lacks the workplace discipline, lower to middle management experience etc. I wished these projects brought some hands on experience for them.

Since independence, we have been spoon feeding our citizens and have created a big brother depending class. That has to be broken down.

Moshe Dyan said...

yep. that is true. i too hope so.

Sam Perera said...


Moshe, SL lacks the workplace discipline, lower to middle management experience etc. I wished these projects brought some hands on experience for them.

We need to transform the work place, specially the government workplace. We need to introduce the patriotic spirit to workplace also. Great sacrifices of warriors shall be used as a catalyst to achieve this transformation.

Anonymous said...

"Arundhati Roy called a traitor for Kashmiri rights plea"

By Andrew Buncombe, Asia Correspondent

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Author Arundhati Roy has been accused of being unpatriotic

The Booker prize-winning writer Arundhati Roy has made a strident defence of comments she made over the disputed territory of Kashmir after the Indian government threatened to arrest her for sedition.

The authorities in Delhi have taken legal advice over whether to bring charges against the novelist and activist after she said Kashmir had never been an "integral part of India".

Isn't this women the same fiction writer and stooge of the West who was having giddys affairs with Praba?
Anyway check out the comments too:

Moshe Dyan said...


such good news!

i wish india will go ahead with it. it will set a good precedent forSL to follow.

Moshe Dyan said...

this is probably a damn lie. but good if true.

"[TamilNet, Wednesday, 27 October 2010, 16:41 GMT]
An armed gang alleged to be operating with the Intelligence Unit of Sri Lanka Army (SLA) abducted Wednesday early morning the textile traders from Tamil Nadu staying in the lodges in Jaffna town, sources in Jaffna said. The abducted traders had not been produced in any of the court or police station in Jaffna peninsula until Wednesday night. The whereabouts of the abducted traders and their fate remains unknown."

Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...

This is another fantastic work by Lt. Col. Rajapakse. This provides us good ammunition to fight with LTTE Terrorist fibbers

Konnapu Bandara said...

Chaps, if you google this Roy Ratnavel fellow you can see his boastful writings when LTTE terrorists were creating havoc in our country. Now the bigger is in a world of pain. We should make his delusional triangle a square by adding a mass suicide side to it. Wouldn't it be nice if our MI chaps can work on a scheme to get all these Peelam plonkers to commit suicide? It wouldn't be too difficult judging by the state of their minds.

The Delusional Triangle

By: Roy Ratnavel
Courtesy: TamilCanadian - October 27, 2010

As a society we act like we have infinite tolerance for suffering. But such self-assurance underwent a catastrophic change as a consequence of May 2009 massacre. Dunes of emotions dominate our psyche somewhere between howling anger and stunned silence. We give up understanding. We find ourselves picking through the wreckage of the accident we didn’t see coming. Not even the lapse of time has numbed how truly horrible it was.

Now, there’s a palpable frustration with most Eelam Tamils across the world. As we try to cope with the abrupt end to a venerable freedom struggle while longing for a strong, decisive and inspiring leadership; but unfortunately found ourselves stuck in a delusional triangle. Three sides of this triangle are made-up of: some traitorous Tamils, few dubious Diaspora organizations and the romantic Eelam ideal.


Moshe Dyan said...


you brought up a very important topic MOST OF US like to ignore.

roy is not alone. somasundaram is another bugger. this GRIEVANCE is going to be the thing very soon.

there are 2 aspects to it.

1. PR element
2. the ugly, fcuking, shitty, %^&*&(* truth we must face

i leave out #1 for the moment.

if you look at #2, what roy, somasundaram, etc. say is true!!! (to some extent)

we NEED an uncreative, submissive, arselicking ezham tamiz population that does not question SL authority and does not dream about tamil elam, etc.

(despite the HUGE tamil racism/nationalism that is boiling in tamil madu, 40+ tamil racist parties, the GREAT tamil INDEPENDANT history, etc.)

the only way to do it is by keeping them a little bit terrorised, capturing ALL trouble makers, driving into their minds the fear of going against SL.

as i said b4 this is ugly, awful, etc. but this is the truth.

the truth is that tamils will NEVER EVER give up tamil elam. unless we keep them terrorised.

the other option is colonization. if we do colonization, it does not matter how strong the tamil free will for independance is. it will be frustrated in SL by creating a sinhala-muslim-tamil elam.

if we are not doing colonization, there are only 2 outcomes.

1. tamil elam struggle recommencing
2. mild terror over the northern tamil community forcing them not to restart the TE struggle.

if we think development will force them to give up TE, we are living in a fools' paradise. actually development INCREASES the desirability of tamil elam!!!!!!

did i put it in the least nasty way?????

Being Nobody said...

Mega church in USA is bankrupt.
Now the family members are fighting with each other.

Lesson for us in the future?

Konnapu Bandara said...

Moshe, old boy, I think you hit the nail on the head about keeping the NE population terrified of challenging the SL state. They will have the complete freedom to engage in legitimate business, grow rich, educate their kids the way they want, speak in any language, and practice any religion. But the moment they think of challenging the awesome power of our unitary state their innards should turn to water in fear. This should be drilled into their kids from the get go too.

Konnapu Bandara said...

Moshe, old chap, my point was also about the overseas Peelam supporters. It's difficult to keep them 'a little bit terrorized' as you put it. With them the solution is to encourage their mental breakdown to a point where they either commit suicide or give up their Peelam dream all together.


bIjJa said...

One other thing to keep Peelam dream dead is to teach kids in Sri Lanka the right history to everyone.

Now, who has the courage to take up on it?
While economic opportunities taking care of their quality of life, right education will ensure no one can mess up the heads of people in Sri Lanka.

Moshe Dyan said...


for the LTTE diaspora...

"encourage their mental breakdown to a point where they either commit suicide or give up their Peelam dream all together".

works. so far it has worked well.

sentencing of a terrorist recently in USA with the backing of singapore, etc. is a good example of this.

some LTTE diaspora elements that visited SL recently VOWED they will NEVER go back to SL bcos it is such a shitty place now with army everywhere, no LTTE sweeties. soooo heartbreaking.

all part of the game plan.

colonization can spice things up even more.

Moshe Dyan said...


it would work if we have one history. unfortunately history is itself fragmented and contradictory.

but teaching history is a must. although it cannot fully integrate ppl.

"While economic opportunities taking care of their quality of life, right education will ensure no one can mess up the heads of people in Sri Lanka."

this is what MR thinks. i don't agree.

TE is a NEED of a section of a ppl. in the north history taught in class rooms is NOT the history in text books. it is tamil ultra racist history. parents also teach their kids "history". there is nothing to stop this. nothing can stop this.

actually economic development increases the TE appeal!!

the only way is to frustrate TE altogether in SL.

Asithri said...

Southern groups accused of vandalism

Travellers from the South are creating problems for residents in Jaffna said former parliamentarian M. K Sivagilingaum.

He said that the local government administration and the library staff are to meet on Friday to discuss a incident that took place last Saturday.

“A group of people from the South who were denied access to the library as a seminar of medical staff was in progress made their way after arguing with the library staff caused damaged to books and reading material” said Sivagilingam.


See how the racist filth that comes out from these anti-Sinhalese “We-Tamil” Motherfuckers?

Too bad the “people from the South” did not get the chance to go and shit at a LTTE maveera cemetery or haul away some of the LTTE graveyard monuments to be used as stones in their out-house-toilets in our deep-south (as yours truly OaOA would have done if he had the opportunity).

These We-Tamil Racist bithces/bastards must be taught a lesson…a “noteworthy and unforgettable” lesson to reinforce the fact that EVERY SQUARE INCH OF SL BELONGS TO ALL SRI LANKANS and if any MF We-Tamil contests that with word or deed, the the bitch is guilty of SERIOUS RACISM and must be dealt with accordingly - preferably with a permanent "cleansing bath" in our beloved Indian Ocean.

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

Sri Lanka's progress so far needs to be recognized - UN representative

[Wed, Oct 27, 2010, 09:28 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

Oct 27, Colombo: The progress made by Sri Lanka so far in resettling the people displaced by the conflict and achieving the Millennium Development Goals amidst a long drawn-out conflict was commended by the United Nations representative in Sri Lanka.

Addressing the 65th UN Day celebrations on Monday, the United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator Neil Buhne said the "progress made so far needs to be recognized whether it is in terms of the progress towards the Millennium Development Goals, or in the accomplishments of the people displaced as they return and rebuild their lives with the support of the Government, the UN system and international organizations, civil society and the private sector." ]

Just a few days ago I read in a Canadian newspaper a comment from a Canadian reader attacking this NEIL BUHNE and exposing him and the Colombo UN office for pro-LTTE positions and whoa, now we have this?

Proves a point – that pro-LTTE MFs must be attacked and exposed at every turn to show the world that they are not the “independent” “neutral” party that they claim to be.

Then, you will be surprised how fast them MFs tuck their tail and meekly do a 180 degree to show the "other side" of the issue – at least temporarily (which is good enough to get our point across).

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

UNP to strengthen rural vote base

[Oct 29 (SL) The UNP said today (28) that it was important to strengthen the party’s rural vote base. UNP deputy leader Karu Jayasuriya told a press conference on the Grama Charika porgramme that through the party’s latest programme, it hopes to reach out to the rural voter in order to strengthen the rural vote base.]


Fat Chance I say!

Until RANIL WICKREMASINGHE THE PONNAYA, i.e. the pro-LTTE, pro-Anti-SL-NGO, pro-LTTE-Christian church, pro-Anti-SL-Parasuddha, UNP LEADER BITCH stops his RUIN SRI LANKA activities, Fat Chance I say!

Go ahead Karu, go look at the moon and bark, bark again, and again!


OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

Gomin wants Solheim declared persona non grata

[Thursday, 28 October 2010 19:16

A prominent lawyer told the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) today that Norwegian Minister Eric Solheim, a key player in Sri Lanka’s failed peace process, should be officially or unofficially declared persona non grata in the country.

The lawyer Gomin Dayasiri also said that it was a big mistake to have chosen Norway as the mediator in the peace process with the LTTE.”Norway must be severely censured because it did not take any action to further the cause of human rights nor democracy during the ceasefire period. Solheim is the chief culprit for the situation,” he told the Commission.]

Now is this not what yours truly OaOA also noted in this very thread not long ago?

Kudos to you Gomin – for calling a spade a spade!

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

Rajarata looks like war zone: IUSF

[Thursday, 28 October 2010 00:00
By Sumaiya Rivi

The Rajarata University Students’ Union President and three other students have been arrested while nine others have been suspended as 400 policemen were deployed in the university premises, the Inter University Students Union (IUSF) convener Udul Premaratne said yesterday.“The Rajarata University is like a war zone. Even the Anuradhapura Police station does not have 400 police officers. The university has a presence of more than 400 police officers,” Premaratne said. ]

Udul, listen you cocky SomaWesa JVP balu-kukka, did you say “war zone” ???

Well, listen MF balu-kukka you ain’t seen anything yet if you think what you see right now is the “war zone” !

Crank up your anti-SL activities, which are being funded and morally supported by the now bankrupt SomaWesa-JVP which pathetically is now tied to GONSEKA+LTTE+RANILPONNA interests.

MF balu-kukka, do you like smell of used tires?

I suggest you take a good whiff of that fragrance…just so there are no surprises when you crank up your anti-SL = pro-LTTE agenda.

Thousands upon thousands of less-fortunate but NIRBHITHA Sinhela boys did not die in the battlefield for your type of politics-before-SL MF balu-kukka to come forward and ruin the mega-development of SL planned/underway (ruin for cheap political goals that ultimately support the very LTTE agenda that the NIRBHITHA Sinhela boys destroyed).

There is mounting evidence that your protests are well funded with foreign "donations" - some even pointing to LTTE diaspora money that SomaWesa-JVP's DNF got for GONSEKA's legal battles I am told - so balu-kukka here's a word of advice: Just be ready to perish by fire when you play with fire.

OaO Asithri

Moshe Dyan said...

something tells me the university students campaign will culminate in the RELEASE GONZEKA campaign!!!

Sam Perera said...

Kudos to you Gomin – for calling a spade a spade!

OaO Asithri

Not just Solheim the terrorist, we need to declare the man who begged Solheim to interfere in our internal matters, Ranilheimam a persona non grata too.

Sam Perera said...

Thousands upon thousands of less-fortunate but NIRBHITHA Sinhela boys did not die in the battlefield for your type of politics-before-SL MF balu-kukka to come forward and ruin the mega-development of SL planned/underway (ruin for cheap political goals that ultimately support the very LTTE agenda that the NIRBHITHA Sinhela boys destroyed).

Perhaps it is the time to filter out JVP maggots from the universities and introduce mandatory military service to all university students towards earning a degree through public funded universities. Any donkey who tries to mess up with the free education shall be sent home immediately.

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